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Pathfinder Society


Pathfinder Society Organized Play is a constantly evolving mega-campaign played by thousands of players and the adventures you experience are shared by players around the world. If you're interested in volunteering to join the ranks of our esteemed Venture-Officers, please see the requirements posted here.

Regional Venture-Coordinators

Regional Venture-Coordinators oversee large regions of volunteers and report to the Organized Play Coordinator. You can find your local Regional Venture-Coordinator in the list below:

  • Northwest (Walter Sheppard)—Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, British Columbia, Alberta
  • Southwest (Eric Brittain)—California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, all of Mexico, all of Central America and all of South America
  • Southeast (Delbert Collins II)—North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida
  • Midwest (Todd Morgan)—North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Saskatchewan, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Manitoba
  • South (Jonathan Cary)—Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas
  • Great Lakes (Bob Jonquet)—Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Ontario
  • Northeast (June Soler)—Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Quebec & the Atlantic Regions of Canada
  • Asia-Pacific (Stephen White)—Hawaii, India, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Okinawa, China and Eastern Asia
  • Africa-East Eurasia (Auke Teeninga)—Iceland, Netherlands, Denmark, Scandinavia, Latvia, Russia, & South Africa
  • West Eurasia-Middle East (David Harrison)—Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Ireland, UK, Italy, Croatia, Ukraine, Israel, Turkey, & UAE
  • Central Europe (Dan Simons)—Germany, Austria, Switzerland

United States

Alabama—Birmingham Mike Seales Email Venture-Captain
Skot Holcombe Email Venture-Lieutenant

Alabama—Hoover Rocky White Venture-Agent
Tavis Turner Email Venture-Lieutenant

Alabama—Huntsville Michael Tomlin Venture-Agent

Alabama—Leeds David Schusterman Venture-Agent

Alabama—Mobile Shauna Charlton Email Venture-Lieutenant
Richard Harris Email

Alabama—Montgomery Walker Schlundt Email Venture-Lieutenant

Alaska—Anchorage Dylan Brooks Email Venture-Agent
Steven Lau Email Venture-Lieutenant

Alaska—Fairbanks Brendan Green Email Venture-Captain

Arizona—Phoenix Steven Schopmeyer Venture-Captain
Jonathon Ayres Email

Arizona—Yuma Richard Chamberlain Email Venture-Lieutenant

Arkansas Joseph Gilbert Email Venture-Captain

Arkansas—Central Arkansas Justin Coleman Venture-Lieutenant

Arkansas—Fayetteville Christopher Collins Email Venture-Agent
Katie Metzger Venture-Agent

Arkansas—Hot Springs Jonathan Westmoreland Email Venture-Agent

Arkansas—North Steven Owens Email Venture-Lieutenant

Arkansas—Northwest Ravenwolf Silvermoon Email Venture-Agent
Andrew Tillis Email Venture-Lieutenant

California—Berkeley Kyle Hamilton-Lecky Email Venture-Agent
James Anderson Email Venture-Lieutenant

California—Castro Valley Michael White Email Venture-Agent

California—Fresno James Walton Email Venture-Agent
Dana Huber Email Venture-Lieutenant

California—Greater Los Angeles Jon-Enee Merriex Email Venture-Captain

California—Hilmar Darren Rodrigues Email Venture-Agent

California—Inland Empire Steven Lee Email Venture-Captain

California—Lake County Gary Pepper Email Venture-Agent

California—Los Angeles (Long Beach) Ashley Shields Email Venture-Lieutenant

California—Los Angeles (Santa Clarita) Nicholas Milasich Email Venture-Lieutenant

California—Los Angeles (Ventura) Rey Remolacio Email Venture-Lieutenant

California—Montclair Carl Lorraine Email Venture-Agent

California—Riverside Bob Miller-Camp Email Venture-Agent

California—Sacramento Michael Thompson Email Venture-Captain
Jared Thaler Email Venture-Lieutenant
L. Scott Collins Email Venture-Lieutenant

California—San Bruno Angelo Martinez Email Venture-Agent

California—San Diego Joseph Luna Venture-Agent
Mathias Gehl Email Venture-Agent
Joanna Gore Email Venture-Captain
Geoffrey West Email Venture-Lieutenant
Sean Ennis Email Venture-Lieutenant

California—San Francisco Bay Area John Francis Email Venture-Captain
Wendy-Ann Francis Email Venture-Captain

California—Santa Maria Sean Geraghty Email

California—Ventura, LA, Orange, San Bernadillo, Riverside Frank Perkins Email Venture-Lieutenant

Central Europe Dan Simons Email Regional Venture-Coordinator

Colorado—Colorado Springs O.J. Pinckert Email Venture-Captain

Colorado—Colorado Springs Everett Morrow Email Venture-Lieutenant
Rene Ayala Email Venture-Lieutenant

Colorado—Denver Paul Lang Email Venture-Agent
Russ Brown Email Venture-Captain
Christopher Mabbutt Venture-Lieutenant

Colorado—Northern Colorado Brandon Ohrns Venture-Agent
Scott Sinclair Venture-Agent
Todd Reidenbach Venture-Lieutenant

Connecticut—Fairfield County Christopher Wasko Venture-Lieutenant

Connecticut—Manchester Earl Gendron Email Venture-Lieutenant

Connecticut—Newington William Wadhams Email Venture-Captain

Delaware—Newark John Freida Email Venture-Agent
Daniel Rydzewski Email Venture-Lieutenant

Delaware—Smyrna Marietta Messina Email Venture-Agent

Florida—Clermont Betsy Copp Email Venture-Agent

Florida—Coral Gables Monica Taramona Email Venture-Lieutenant

Florida—Hallandale Richard Forrest Email Venture-Lieutenant

Florida—Hialeah Rene Alfonso Email Venture-Lieutenant

Florida—Jacksonville James Apostolou Email Venture-Captain
Mike Eckrich Email Venture-Lieutenant
Patrick Wishart Email Venture-Lieutenant
Thomas Graham Email Venture-Lieutenant

Florida—Melbourne Bill Baldwin Email Venture-Agent
Samantha Dumont Email Venture-Lieutenant

Florida—Miami Rafael Taramona Email Venture-Captain

Florida—Ocala James Levi Email Venture-Agent
Joshua Robertson Email Venture-Lieutenant

Florida—Orlando Shane Murphy Email Venture-Captain
Christopher Reed Email Venture-Lieutenant

Florida—Pinecrest Peter Ovelmen Email Venture-Lieutenant

Florida—Plantation R Sweet Email Venture-Agent

Florida—St. Petersburg Paul Hayse Email Venture-Lieutenant

Florida—Tallahassee Rod Bruce Email Venture-Agent

Florida—Tampa Dominick Trascritti Email Venture-Captain
Matthew Caulder Email Venture-Lieutenant

Georgia—Athens Jim Henneberger Email Venture-Agent
David Shaw Email Venture-Captain
Tiffany Henneberger Email Venture-Lieutenant

Georgia—Atlanta Dan Cornett Email Venture-Captain
Andrew Roberts Email Venture-Lieutenant
Peter Chen Email Venture-Lieutenant
Steve Preston Email

Georgia—Augusta Matthew Hudson Email Venture-Captain

Georgia—Savannah Griffith Coleman Email Venture-Agent
Jon Davis Venture-Lieutenant

Great Lakes Bob Jonquet Email Regional Venture-Coordinator

Idaho—Boise Ebee Roper Email Venture-Captain
Sarah Bull Email

Illinois—Bloomington Sam King Venture-Agent
David Frahm Email Venture-Lieutenant

Illinois—Carbondale Carl Harris Email Venture-Lieutenant

Illinois—Central Illinois Alison Ooms Email Venture-Captain

Illinois—Champaign-Urbana Eric Ives Email Venture-Agent

Illinois—Chicago Daniel Heistand Venture-Agent
Garrett Gottschalk Venture-Agent
Chris Rathunde Email Venture-Lieutenant

Illinois—DeKalb mike venditti Venture-Agent

Illinois—Grayslake Michael Hershiser Venture-Agent

Illinois—Kakankee patrick schreurs Venture-Agent

Illinois—Lisle Michael Lane

Illinois—Love's Park Peter Kies Venture-Lieutenant

Illinois—Marion Megan Jones Venture-Agent

Illinois—Mount Prospect Stuart Tindall Venture-Agent

Illinois—Plainfield Katie Fountaine Venture-Agent

Indiana—Bloomington Mike Bramnik Email Venture-Captain
Alex Mirowski Email Venture-Lieutenant
Joe Ducey Email Venture-Lieutenant
Justin McNeely Venture-Lieutenant

Indiana—Decatur Dennis Gregg Email Venture-Agent

Indiana—Elkhart Sean O'Shea Email Venture-Lieutenant

Indiana—Fort Wayne Emery VanderHart Email Venture-Agent
Matt Shurboff Email Venture-Lieutenant

Indiana—Indianapolis Mark Stratton Email Venture-Captain
James Dinius Email Venture-Lieutenant
Richard Webb Email Venture-Lieutenant
Karl Feldmann Email

Indiana—Lafayette Michael Costello Email Venture-Captain

Indiana—Martinsville Hillis Mallory III Email Venture-Lieutenant

Indiana—Muncie Jay Zicht Email Venture-Lieutenant

Iowa—Clive Brent Tomlonovic Email

Iowa—Des Moines Derek Boobyer Email Venture-Captain

Iowa—Iowa City Sam Baur Schoer Email Venture-Agent
Luke Poeschl Venture-Lieutenant

Iowa—Moline Warren Darnell Email Venture-Agent

Iowa—Quad Cities James Martin Email Venture-Captain
Troy Schnack Venture-Lieutenant

Iowa—Tri-Cities Jason Rosauer Email Venture-Captain

Iowa—Waukee Bradley Mickle Email Venture-Agent

Kansas—Kansas City Scott DeCoursey Email Venture-Captain

Kansas—Olathe Austin Suter Email Venture-Lieutenant

Kansas—Salina Joe Bernhardt Email Venture-Lieutenant

Kentucky—Frankfort Nathanael Broomall Email Venture-Agent

Kentucky—Lexington James Risner Email Venture-Agent

Kentucky—London David Farmer Email Venture-Agent

Kentucky—Louisville Chad Newman Email Venture-Captain

Kentucky—Paducah Tim Heath Email Venture-Agent

Louisiana—Baton Rouge Brett Carlos Email Venture-Captain
Jacob Fusilier Email Venture-Lieutenant

Louisiana—New Orleans James Hazel Email Venture-Lieutenant

Louisiana—New Orleans Robert Reine Email Venture-Lieutenant

Louisianna—Port Allen/Baton Rouge Josh Gremillion Email Venture-Lieutenant

Maryland— Baltimore Mike McKeown Email Venture-Captain
Randall Cronin Email Venture-Lieutenant
Adam Loutzenhiser Email

Maryland—Bel Air Dylan Hemmerick Email Venture-Agent

Maryland—East Christopher Donnangelo Email Venture-Agent

Maryland—Frederick Kurt Schaecher Email Venture-Lieutenant

Maryland—Silver Spring Tyler Beck Email Venture-Lieutenant

Massachusetts—Boston Metro William Donald Email Venture-Agent
R Diaz Email Venture-Captain
Anthony Li Email Venture-Lieutenant
Devon Terpening Email Venture-Lieutenant

Massachusetts—Central & West David Montgomery Email Venture-Captain

Massachusetts—North Shore Lucas Servideo Email Venture-Captain

Massachusetts—Salem Jeff Teig Email Venture-Agent

Massachusetts—Worcester Tim Ryan Email Venture-Lieutenant

Michigan—Alma Eric Clingenpeel Email Venture-Captain

Michigan—Detroit William Jones Email Venture-Captain
Jeffrey Stop Venture-Lieutenant

Michigan—Greenville Stephanie Lafayette Email Venture-Lieutenant

Michigan—Jackson Edward Kabara Venture-Agent

Michigan—Lansing Ian Shafer Venture-Agent
Robert Crawley Email Venture-Lieutenant

Michigan—Mt. Pleasant burt schoder Email Venture-Lieutenant

Michigan—South Haven Jim Tinklenberg Email Venture-Lieutenant

Midwest Todd Morgan Email Regional Venture-Coordinator

Minnesota—Minneapolis Bryce Petersen Email Venture-Agent
jon dehning Email Venture-Captain

Minnesota—Roseville Jeffrey Reed Email Venture-Agent

Minnesota—St. Cloud Jack Brown Email Venture-Lieutenant

Minnesota—St. Paul Hilary Moon Murphy Email Venture-Agent

Minnesota—St. Paul Andrew Christian Email Venture-Captain
Erica Loppnow Email Venture-Lieutenant

Minnesota—St. Paul Keith Apperson Email Venture-Lieutenant

Minnesota—Waconia Rodney Golden Email Venture-Lieutenant

Mississippi—Biloxi Mike Brown Email Venture-Lieutenant

Mississippi—Gulfport Jeremy Lepoma Venture-Lieutenant

Mississippi—Ocean Springs John Grigsby Email Venture-Captain

Missouri—Cape Girardeau Michael VonHasseln Email Venture-Captain
Tim Statler Email Venture-Lieutenant
Tim Watkins Email Venture-Lieutenant

Missouri—Columbia Barry Stoddard Email Venture-Lieutenant

Missouri—Columbus Jason Roeder Venture-Captain

Missouri—Kansas City John Lopez Email Venture-Agent
Seth Brummond Email Venture-Captain
Joshua North Email Venture-Lieutenant
Kelly Brummond Email

Missouri—South Central Missouri Allen Wilkins Email Venture-Captain
Barb Wilkins Email Venture-Captain

Missouri—Springfield Eric Barrier Email Venture-Agent
Bill Loescher Email Venture-Captain
Andrew Herd Email Venture-Lieutenant
Diego Hawkins Email Venture-Lieutenant

Missouri—St. Charles Tamara Kaplan Email

Missouri—St. Louis Roy Lewis Email Venture-Agent
Joshua Hancock Email Venture-Captain
Kevin Hanley Email Venture-Lieutenant

Montana—Kalispell James Van Horn Email Venture-Captain

Montana—Missoula michael lafreniere Email Venture-Lieutenant

Nebraska—Grand Island lucas skrdlant Email Venture-Lieutenant

Nebraska—Kearny Wayne Fuller Venture-Agent

Nebraska—Omaha Rachel Hill Venture-Captain
Mitch Mutrux Venture-Lieutenant

Nevada—Cold Springs James Wheeler Email Venture-Agent

Nevada—Las Vegas Levi Miles Email Venture-Agent
Ethan Cline Email Venture-Captain

Nevada—Reno David Gormley Email Venture-Captain
Mark Crowell Email Venture-Lieutenant

Nevada—Sparks jason liswood Email Venture-Lieutenant

New Hampshire—Bow Willis Sloat Venture-Agent

New Hampshire—Concord Jason Avery Email Venture-Lieutenant

New Hampshire—Londonderry Eric Fortier Email Venture-Lieutenant

New Hampshire—Nashua Chris Marsh Email Venture-Lieutenant

New Hampshire—Raymond Erik Oparowske Email Venture-Lieutenant

New Jersey Jean-Philippe Suter Email Venture-Agent
Art Lobdell Email Venture-Captain
Steven Lawton Email Venture-Lieutenant

New Jersey—Trenton John Reid Email Venture-Lieutenant
Matt Maurella Email

New Mexico—Alamogordo Aaron Rabold Email Venture-Agent

New Mexico—Alburquerque Andrew Mullen Email

New Mexico—Artesia Jeremy Rodriguez Email

New Mexico—Roswell Robert Duncan Email Venture-Captain

New York—Albany Janet Kuhlmann Email Venture-Agent
Sam P Venture-Captain

New York—Manhattan/Bronx/Staten Island David Santana Email Venture-Captain

New York—Nassau County Dan Telford Email Venture-Lieutenant

New York—Queens/Brooklyn/Nassau Billy Darios Email Venture-Captain

New York—South Glens Falls Tim Catlin Email Venture-Agent

New York—Suffolk County Fenris McGarrith Venture-Captain

New York—Syracuse Zack Vanetti Venture-Agent
Eric Stolar Email

North Carolina — Charlotte Aaron Bryant Email Venture-Captain

North Carolina—Asheville John Lance Email Venture-Agent
James Becker Email Venture-Captain
Michael Tracey Email Venture-Lieutenant

North Carolina—Cary Daniel Wheeler Email Venture-Lieutenant

North Carolina—Fayetteville Charlie Bell Email Venture-Lieutenant
Nicholas Fees-Baumeister Email Venture-Lieutenant

North Carolina—High Point Landon Hatfield Email Venture-Lieutenant

North Carolina—Raleigh Michael Eshleman Email Venture-Captain
Casey Clements Email Venture-Lieutenant
Joe Jungers Email Venture-Lieutenant

North Carolina—Winston-Salem Mike Welham Email Venture-Lieutenant

North Dakota—Fargo Monica Belsaas Email Venture-Lieutenant
Zach Klopfleisch Email Venture-Lieutenant

Northeast June Soler Email Regional Venture-Coordinator

Northern Illinois—Chicago Guy Martelle Email Venture-Captain

Northwest Walter Sheppard Regional Venture-Coordinator

Ohio—Akron linda thornburg Venture-Lieutenant

Ohio—Barberton Matt Powell Email Venture-Agent

Ohio—Centerville David Setty Venture-Agent

Ohio—Cincinnati Heather Vigil Venture-Agent
Joseph Blomquist Email Venture-Lieutenant

Ohio—Cleveland Ryan Kappler Email Venture-Captain

Ohio—Columbus Janice Piette Email Venture-Agent
Joseph Chaffin Email Venture-Agent
Michael McNerney Email Venture-Captain
Jim Harris Email Venture-Lieutenant
Justin Ross Email Venture-Lieutenant
Luke Woods Email Venture-Lieutenant

Ohio—Dayton Geoffrey Griffith Email Venture-Lieutenant

Ohio—Mansfield John Messenger Email Venture-Agent

Ohio—Toledo Christopher Waterfield Email Venture-Agent

Ohio—Upper Miami Valley Timothy Withem Email Venture-Lieutenant

Oklahoma—Edmond Ivan Jaczko Email Venture-Lieutenant

Oklahoma—Oklahoma City Michael Kirk Email Venture-Captain
William Warner Email

Oklahoma—Tulsa Kevin Shellhorse Email Venture-Captain
Brandon M Dees Email Venture-Lieutenant

Online Hannes Schunk Email Venture-Agent
Kris Vickerman Email Venture-Agent
Mike Tuholski Email Venture-Agent
Jesse Davis Email Venture-Captain
James McTeague Email Venture-Lieutenant

Oregon—Portland Devin Scheirman Email Venture-Agent
Tom Parker Email Venture-Agent
Matthew Owens Email Venture-Captain
Austin Sullivan Email Venture-Lieutenant
Jeremy Wenrich Email Venture-Lieutenant

Oregon—Tigard William Murakami-Brundage Email Venture-Agent

Pennsylvania—Allentown & Bethlehem Jason Schimmel Email Venture-Captain

Pennsylvania—Camp Hill Joseph Peters Venture-Lieutenant

Pennsylvania—Harrisburg Bobby Harring Email Venture-Captain

Pennsylvania—Lancaster David Jacobson Email Venture-Lieutenant

Pennsylvania—Philadelphia Benn Roe Email Venture-Lieutenant

Pennsylvania—Pittsburgh Andrew Hoskins Email Venture-Captain
Quinn Shannon Venture-Lieutenant
Ronny Gielarowski Email Venture-Lieutenant

Pennsylvania—York Thomas Coolbaugh Email Venture-Agent

Rhode Island—Providence Adam Freed Email Venture-Lieutenant

South Jonathan Cary Regional Venture-Coordinator

South Carolina Matt Polkowsky Email Venture-Captain

South Carolina—Clemson Sam Sampson Email Venture-Agent

South Carolina—Columbia Brian Gambrell Email Venture-Lieutenant

South Carolina—Greenville Brent Gass Email Venture-Lieutenant

South Carolina—Spartanburg Michael Lone Email Venture-Lieutenant

South Dakota—Black Hills Mitchell Kramer Venture-Lieutenant

South Dakota—Mitchell Phillip Goettsch Email Venture-Agent

South Dakota—Rapid City David H Email Venture-Lieutenant

South Dakota—Sioux Falls Joshua Pierce Venture-Lieutenant

Southeast Delbert Collins II Email Regional Venture-Coordinator

Southwest Eric Brittain Email Regional Venture-Coordinator

Tennessee—Chattanooga Micah Gates Email Venture-Lieutenant
morgan hennessey Email Venture-Lieutenant
Todd Mackall Email

Tennessee—East Tenessee Thea Peters Email Venture-Captain

Tennessee—Kingsport Joseph Kellogg Email

Tennessee—Knoxville Stephen Wight Email Venture-Lieutenant

Tennessee—Memphis Robert Thomson Email Venture-Captain
Harrison Wise Email Venture-Lieutenant

Tennessee—Murfreesboro Timothy Travis Email Venture-Lieutenant

Tennessee—Nashville Martin Shelby Email Venture-Captain
Michael Donley Email Venture-Lieutenant
Logan Holt Email

Texas—Austin Kenneth Fisher Email Venture-Captain
Sean Rabun Email Venture-Lieutenant
paul worrall

Texas—Dallas & Ft. Worth Stephen Ross Email Venture-Captain
Kevin Willis Email Venture-Lieutenant
Steven Doll Email Venture-Lieutenant

Texas—Houston Kelly Youngblood Email Venture-Captain
Lindsey L. Long IV Email Venture-Captain
Aaron Reichgott Email Venture-Lieutenant
Jordan Agudelo Email Venture-Lieutenant
Craig Bertuglia Email

Texas—Lubbock Julia Schroeder Email Venture-Agent
Micah Daniel Email Venture-Captain

Texas—Mount Pleasant dekoda rodgers Email Venture-Lieutenant

Texas—North Texas Julie Waggoner Email Venture-Lieutenant

Texas—Pasadena Robert Love Email Venture-Agent

Texas—San Angelo Ryan Joffrion Email

Texas—San Antonio Kevin Daiber Email Venture-Agent
TJ Brooks Email Venture-Agent

Texas—Spring Genesis Miles-Hickman Email Venture-Agent

Texas—Texarkana Delite Leake Email Venture-Captain

Utah—Lehi Nathan Goodrich Email Venture-Agent

Utah—Logan Dave Gerard Email Venture-Agent
Mike O'Donnell Email Venture-Lieutenant

Utah—Salt Lake City Michael Johnson Email Venture-Captain
Curtis Baum Email Venture-Lieutenant

Utah—Utah County Tony Ting Email Venture-Lieutenant

Vermont—Burlington John Wermer Email Venture-Agent

Vermont—Norwich Thomas Slater Email Venture-Agent

Vermont—Springfield Harry Smith Email Venture-Agent

Vermont—St. Johnsbury Bill Tobin Email Venture-Captain

Vermont—Williston Michael Hendrix Email Venture-Lieutenant

Virgina—Portsmouth Bradley McTeer Email Venture-Lieutenant

Virginia—Blacksburg Rebecca Compton Email Venture-Agent
Adam Swinder Email Venture-Captain
Bryan Todd Email Venture-Lieutenant

Virginia—Chesterfield Peter Brown Email Venture-Lieutenant

Virginia—Fairfax Terence Kaden Email Venture-Lieutenant

Virginia—Fredricksburg Lance Hartbarger Email Venture-Agent

Virginia—Glen Allen Rigby Bendele Email Venture-Lieutenant

Virginia—Hampton Elizabeth Oliver Email Venture-Agent

Virginia—Hampton Roads Eric Schier Email Venture-Agent

Virginia—Midlothian Taylor Maynard Email Venture-Agent

Virginia—New River Valley Joshua Clark Email Venture-Lieutenant

Virginia—Norfolk Mary Justis Email Venture-Agent
Shannon Petrosky Email Venture-Agent
Joseph Mathos Email Venture-Captain

Virginia—Radford Jack Saban Email Venture-Agent

Virginia—Richmond Michael Meunier Email Venture-Captain

Virginia—Yorktown Bradley Fiske Email Venture-Lieutenant

Washington D.C. Trevor Burroughs Email Venture-Captain

Washington—Bothell Isaac Mertel Email Venture-Agent

Washington—Ephrata Trygg Monson Venture-Agent

Washington—Federal Way Nichole Hansen Email Venture-Agent

Washington—Kennewick Richard deMorris Email Venture-Lieutenant

Washington—Kent David Light

Washington—Lacey Robin L Email

Washington—Northwest Stacey Buxton Email Venture-Lieutenant

Washington—Pullman Steven Huffstutler Email Venture-Lieutenant

Washington—Seattle Tony Lindman Email Venture-Captain
Dorothy Lindman Email Venture-Lieutenant
Jonathan Ng Venture-Lieutenant
Louis Manko Levite Email Venture-Lieutenant
Sean Cunningham Email Venture-Lieutenant

Washington—Skagit/Island Counties Bill Noddin Email Venture-Agent

Washington—Southwest Lawrence Smith Email Venture-Captain
Pat Lowinger Venture-Lieutenant

Washington—Spokane Preston Hudson Email Venture-Captain

Washington—Spokane Valley Jeremy Mayr Email Venture-Lieutenant

Washington—Vancouver Jay Heinrich Email Venture-Agent
John Andrew Email Venture-Agent
aundrue macdonald Email

West Virginia Matthew Smith Email Venture-Lieutenant

West Virginia—Charleston Andrew Shumate Email Venture-Captain
Jerad Bailey Email Venture-Lieutenant

West Virginia—Huntington Matthew Chambers Email Venture-Lieutenant

West Virginia—Morgantown Randy Saxon Venture-Agent
Tim Broadwater Email Venture-Lieutenant

Wisconsin—De Pere Andrew Pagel

Wisconsin—Green Bay Bryan Hayden Venture-Agent
Craig Steinhoff Email Venture-Lieutenant
Crimson Johansen

Wisconsin—Kenosha Joseph Millsaps Email Venture-Agent
Cody Denneau Venture-Lieutenant

Wisconsin—Madison Zack Nagel Email Venture-Lieutenant

Wisconsin—Menomonee Falls Brian J. Fruzen Email Venture-Lieutenant

Wisconsin—Milwaukee Daniel Ziermann Email Venture-Lieutenant

Wisconsin—North & West Mark Mastej Email Venture-Captain

Wisconsin—South & East Steve Mulhern Email Venture-Captain

Wyoming—Gillette Tarl Johnson Email


Argentina—Buenos Aires Juan Prez Venture-Agent
Fernando Bassini Email Venture-Captain
Franco Emiliozzi Regueira

Argentina—Rosario Victoria Ruscica Email Venture-Lieutenant

Asia-Pacific Stephen White Email Regional Venture-Coordinator

Australia— QLD—Brisbane Michael Clarke Email Venture-Agent
Daniel Flood Email Venture-Captain
Luke Bennett Email Venture-Lieutenant

Australia—ACT—Canberra Bruce Legge Email Venture-Agent
Steve Coling Email Venture-Captain
Adriaan van Wijk Email Venture-Lieutenant
Philip Chappell Email Venture-Lieutenant

Australia—NSW—Burwood Tristian Sullivan Email Venture-Agent

Australia—NSW—Cessnock Jacinta Reed Email Venture-Agent

Australia—NSW—Epping Lachlan Jones Email Venture-Agent

Australia—NSW—Hurstville Jason Williams Email Venture-Agent

Australia—NSW—Newcastle Tim Schneider Email Venture-Agent

Australia—NSW—Penrith Sandra Wilkinson Email Venture-Agent

Australia—NSW—Sydney Seb Mullins Email Venture-Agent
Alistair Rigg Email Venture-Captain
Luke Parry Email Venture-Lieutenant

Australia—QLD—Sunshine Coast Cameron Richens Venture-Agent

Australia—SA—South Australia Andrew Phillis Venture-Lieutenant

Australia—VIC—Geelong James Gitsham Venture-Agent

Australia—VIC—Melbourne Robin Xu Venture-Agent
Jena Wills Email Venture-Lieutenant

Australia—WA— Stuart Knox Email Venture-Agent

Australia—WA—Midland Jacob Helmer Email Venture-Agent

Australia—WA—Perth Callum Prior Email Venture-Captain

Austria—Vienna Beatrice Pscheidl Email Venture-Captain

Belgium—Flanders Kris Vanhoyland Email Venture-Lieutenant

Brazil—Campos dos Goitacazes João Azeredo Venture-Lieutenant

Canada—Alberta—Edmonton Mel Arndt Email Venture-Agent
Paul Holtom Email Venture-Agent
Ross Tait Email Venture-Captain
Aaron E. Steele Email Venture-Lieutenant
Jason Switner Email Venture-Lieutenant

Canada—Alberta—Southern Alberta Ross Jacobs Email Venture-Captain

Canada—British Columbia—Vancouver Alex Ibarra Email Venture-Agent
Dan Wilson Email Venture-Captain
Michael Beck Email Venture-Lieutenant

Canada—Manitoba James Young Email Venture-Agent
Dave Baker Email Venture-Captain
Leesa Coombes Email Venture-Captain

Canada—Manitoba—Brandon Jesse Gilbert Email Venture-Agent
James Hood Email Venture-Lieutenant

Canada—Manitoba—Winnipeg Daniel Johnston Email Venture-Agent
Marc Daoust Email Venture-Agent
Francis Webb Email Venture-Lieutenant

Canada—New Brunswick Deborah Tudor Email Venture-Lieutenant

Canada—New Brunswick—Fredericton David Glassford Email Venture-Agent

Canada—Nova Scotia—Halifax Mike Jeffrey Email Venture-Agent
Todd Clements Email Venture-Agent

Canada—Ontario—North Bay Kyla Palin Email Venture-Agent

Canada—Ontario—Ottawa Jean-Marc Comeau Email Venture-Agent
Glen Shackleton Email Venture-Captain

Canada—Ontario—Toronto Paul Jackson Email Venture-Agent
David Creighton Email Venture-Lieutenant
Geoffrey Peart Email Venture-Lieutenant

Canada—Quebec Michel Lepage Email Venture-Captain
Martin Laflamme Email Venture-Lieutenant

Canada—Saskatchewan—Saskatoon Melvin Ngo Email Venture-Captain

Chile Edgardo Espinoza Venture-Agent

China Dan Sandoval Email Venture-Captain

Croatia & Slovenia Zrinka Znidarcic Email Venture-Captain

Croatia—Osijek Josip Farkaš Email Venture-Lieutenant

Croatia—Varaždin Ivan Cesar Email Venture-Lieutenant

Croatia—Zagreb Adam Mataja Email Venture-Lieutenant

Denmark—Copenhagen David Post Møller Email Venture-Captain

Denmark—Copenhagen Morten Dreier Email Venture-Lieutenant

Denmark—Odense Nikolaj Gedionsen Venture-Agent

Denmark—Ringsted Jesper Roland Sørensen Venture-Agent

Denmark—Silkeborg Ellen Østergaard Venture-Lieutenant

Denmark—SonderJylland Thomas Knudsen Email Venture-Agent

Eastern Eurasia-Africa Auke Teeninga Email Regional Venture-Coordinator

Finland—Helsinki Toni Miinalainen Email Venture-Lieutenant

Finland—Oulu Jani Waara Venture-Agent
Toni Frogell Venture-Agent
Markus Hyytinen Email Venture-Captain

Finland—Tampere Minna Hiltula Email Venture-Agent
Atte Kiljunen Email Venture-Lieutenant

France—Dijon Yoann FAYETTE Email Venture-Agent

France—Lyon Simon Boyer Email Venture-Lieutenant

France—Paris Eric Collins Email Venture-Agent
Florent Fournol Email Venture-Captain
Jim Torbet Venture-Lieutenant

Germany–Hannover Benjamin Falk Email Venture-Captain

Germany— Südwest Wolf Alexander Vituschek Email Venture-Captain

Germany—Aschaffenburg-Würzburg Sebastian Hirsch Email Venture-Lieutenant

Germany—Berlin Lutz Hofmann Venture-Agent

Germany—Cologne Harald Schlang Email Venture-Lieutenant

Germany—Darmstadt Jan Cora Email Venture-Agent

Germany—Hamburg Maximilian F Venture-Agent
Stefan Rohde Venture-Agent
Andreas Forster Email Venture-Captain

Germany—Karlsruhe Heiko Henninger Email Venture-Agent
Florian Broll Email Venture-Lieutenant

Germany—Ludwigsburg David Leinfelder Email Venture-Lieutenant

Germany—Mainz Benjamin Schmidt Email Venture-Agent

Germany—Rhein-Main Nils Janson Email Venture-Captain
Alexander Lenz Email Venture-Lieutenant

Germany—Rhein-Ruhr Markus Richert Email Venture-Captain

Germany—Wiesbaden-Mainz Alexander Bielke Email Venture-Lieutenant

Germany—Würzburg Marcel Kalinowski Email Venture-Agent

Iceland Þórarinn Sigurðsson Email Venture-Captain

Iceland—Reykjavik Brynjar Aron Jónsson Email Venture-Lieutenant

India—Hyderabad Rajmahendra Hegde Email Venture-Captain

Ireland—Belfast William Boyle Email Venture-Captain
Thomas Baird Email Venture-Lieutenant

Ireland—Dublin Brendan Molloy Venture-Agent
Nina Hanzlikova Email Venture-Lieutenant

Ireland—Newtownabbey Andrew Wilson Email Venture-Lieutenant

Israel Yehuda Halfon Email Venture-Captain

Japan—Okinawa Travis Shorter Email Venture-Agent
JaiQuan Eason Email

Latvia—Riga Aleksandrs Zdancuks Email Venture-Captain

Mexico—Tijuana Miguel Rosales Email Venture-Captain
Jose Carlos Springa Email Venture-Lieutenant

Netherlands—Amsterdam Vincent Colon-Roine Email Venture-Lieutenant

Netherlands—Apeldorn Maite Donker Email Venture-Agent

Netherlands—Delft Eric de Vries Email Venture-Agent

Netherlands—Den Haag Alexander Geuze Email Venture-Agent

Netherlands—Groningen Ivo van der Werff Email Venture-Agent

Netherlands—Leiden Lau Bannenberg Email Venture-Agent

Netherlands—Randstad Leon Bronsveld Email Venture-Agent

Netherlands—Utrecht Tineke Bolleman Email Venture-Agent
Simon Kort Email Venture-Lieutenant

New Zealand—Auckland Keith Smith Email Venture-Agent

New Zealand—Auckland Glen Irving Email Venture-Captain

New Zealand—Dunedin Paul Trani Email Venture-Captain

New Zealand—Hamilton Steven Brown Venture-Lieutenant

New Zealand—Palmerston North Matt Dobson Email Venture-Lieutenant

New Zealand—Wellington Chris Sharpe Email Venture-Captain

Portugal—Lisboa Bruno Sequeira Email

Portugal—Porto Bruno Tamames Email Venture-Captain
Raul Moura da Silva Email Venture-Captain

Russia—Krasnodar Yuri Gorshenin Email Venture-Captain

Russia—Moscow Max Nikolaev Email Venture-Captain

Russia—Moscow Alexey de Les'o Email Venture-Lieutenant

Russia—Moscow Kirill Polivko Venture-Lieutenant

Russia—Vladimir Kirill Storm Email Venture-Lieutenant

Singapore Richard Loh Email Venture-Captain

South Africa—Cape Town Leon Venter Email Venture-Captain
Jean Marais Email

South Africa—Durban Vishendra Naidoo Email Venture-Agent

South Africa—Johannesburg Lenus-Nel Bronkhorst Email Venture-Captain
Shaun Murdoch Email

South Africa—West Cape Charlotte Hillebrand-Viljoen Email Venture-Agent

South America Hebert Ricardo Magno Venture-Captain

South America—Uruguay Giovanni Tavaniello Email

South Australia—Adelaide Denzil Lim-Hussain Email Venture-Captain

Spain—Barcelona Gustavo Cruz Mellado Email Venture-Captain
Guillem Piñero Estivill Email Venture-Lieutenant
Victor Baranda Email Venture-Lieutenant

Spain—Igualada Llorenç Foixench Email Venture-Lieutenant

Spain—Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Nicole Álamo Email Venture-Captain
Héctor Magro Email Venture-Lieutenant

Spain—Leon Mario Grande de Prado Email Venture-Lieutenant

Spain—Madrid Tesifonte Negro Venture-Captain
Joan Eric Barroso Cotrina Venture-Lieutenant
Miguel Madrid del Ama Email Venture-Lieutenant

Spain—Mirande de Ebro Francisco Gimenez Email Venture-Lieutenant

Spain—Parets del Valles Beatriz Barroso Email Venture-Lieutenant

Spain—Santa Cruz de Tenerife Adrián González Email Venture-Lieutenant
Luis Manuel Amores Machado Email Venture-Lieutenant

Spain—Seville Antonio Javier Naranjo Ortiz Email Venture-Agent

Spain—Tarragona Josep Maria Serres Borrâs Email Venture-Lieutenant
Roger Corbera Venture-Lieutenant

Switzerland—Geneva Igor Koutzevitch Email Venture-Agent
Benoit Gros Email Venture-Captain
Gaël Aubort Email Venture-Lieutenant

Switzerland—Lausanne Christopher Clark Email Venture-Lieutenant

Turkey—Ankara Duhan Cengiz Venture-Captain
Paul Bora Akcan

Turkey—Istanbul Cemal Kaancan Özsıcak Venture-Agent
Doga Yuksel Venture-Agent
Firat Aytac Venture-Agent
Metin Ünüvar Venture-Agent
Onur Ozdogan Venture-Agent
Can Sungur Email Venture-Captain
Caner Ünsal Email Venture-Captain
Bilgesu Merttürk Venture-Lieutenant
Ege Kirlioglu Venture-Lieutenant
Fatih Tepgeç Email Venture-Lieutenant
Baris Karluvali
Hakan Özduydu

Turkey—Izmir Semih Ugurlubas Email Venture-Agent
Mustafa Buckun Email
Yakup Cakmak Email

Turkey—Kayseri Mustafa Özkan Email

United Arab Emirates Mike Labny Email Venture-Captain

United Arab Emirates—Dubai Andy Staples Email Venture-Lieutenant

United Kingdom—England—Brighton Chris Brockley-Blatt Email Venture-Captain

United Kingdom—England—Chester Matt Lewis Email Venture-Agent

United Kingdom—England—London Eran Aviram Email Venture-Agent
Rob Silk Email Venture-Captain

United Kingdom—England—Manchester Ian Hawthorne Email Venture-Lieutenant

United Kingdom—England—Peterborough Carol Tierney Email Venture-Lieutenant

United Kingdom—Scotland Tom Mannering Email Venture-Captain

United Kingdom—Scotland—Glasgow Chris Stark Email Venture-Lieutenant

United Kingdom—Scotland—Hamilton Christopher Mousdale Email Venture-Agent

United Kingdom—Scotland—Paisley Steven Hurley Email

Western Eurasia-Middle East David Harrison Email Regional Venture-Coordinator

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