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Maximum attendees: 10.

PaizoCon 2012: Slay the Restless Giant

Redmond Town Center Marriott Hotel, Game Room, Redmond, WA

Pathfinder RPG RPG featuring Ryan Costello

After stumbling through an arcane ritual, the Phoenix Diamond brought a different sort of immortality to Gufslay. The hill giant can still die -he often does- but with every death he rises again in an explosion of fire and life. Local warriors and eager young adventurers consider kill Gufslay a rite of passage.
Bring up to three characters, maximum 5th level, and work with your fellow adventurers trying to land a death blow on Gufslay the Restless, a CR 13 hill giant chieftain. Whenever Gufslay is dropped below 0 hp, he explodes and returns to the battlefield the following round fully healed and raring for more. Players are allowed to use one character at a time, changing characters only when their active one dies or flees the table. After the time is up, the player controlling the lowest level character to directly reduce Gufslay to below 0 hp and flee the table alive is declared the winner, winning a copy of Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Giants Revisited signed by at least one of the contributors (Ryan Costello, Jr, GM of the event).

Game Master: Ryan Costello

Age rating: 8+. Game complexity: Lethal. Experience required: Novice.

Prizes will be awarded at this event.

This event is being hosted at a convention or other venue which requires a fee to get in.

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Event # 13433
When PaizoCon 2012:
Where Redmond Town Center Marriott Hotel
Game Room
7401 164th Avenue NE
Redmond, WA 98052
Game Master Ryan Costello

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