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The First Cycle The First Cycle began with the formation of the world. This was a time of barbarism and savagery. Magic and its civilizing influences were as yet unknown. The world's inhabitants dressed in uncured skins and lived in caves, hiding from more powerful animals. ... The Second Cycle...

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A trifold gamemaster screen that also contains a 24-page booklet, featuring important tables from the basic books and a 9-page adventure, The Whispering Temple.

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Terrorism of the most foul and devious kind. Families are left destitute, towns destroyed and livestock slaughtered. All the work of a frightening and ephemeral group known only as the Dark Riders. ... A description of the county of Markstrand, one of the most settled areas of Dolphinia. It...

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Military Races describes the past and present of the military races in the world of Fifth Cycle. It details rules for playing these creatures, and also includes an adventure seed for each race. The military races can be adapted to many game systems, using the stat conversion chart provided.

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SKILLETAN: The wealthiest city in the Viceroyalty. Also the most dangerous. Crime and mayhem are a way of life, and those that come to visit often find themselves unable to leave. ... This unearthed third cycle city survives on a constant supply of excavated artifacts. Here the arena rules...

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A Fifth Cycle Supplement, suitable for any role playing game. ... The Naturalogica is an expansive collection of domestic, wild, and magically created creatures. A must for those gamers tired of the mundane. ... Adventures, Conversion Tables, and Creatures for Fifth Cycle or any game system. Gift Certificates
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