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Our Price: $37.99

Out of print

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Warlands is a turbo-charged miniatures game of cinematic combat set in the ruins of a post-apocalyptic earth. Where the last remnants of Man battle for supremacy and resources against mutants, the dead and each other! Where warriors of the wastelands want but one thing, the black gold, the guzzoline!

In the future the only way to get gasoline is with a gun...

No one can seem to remember exactly how it started or indeed how it ended. But it didE Now decades after the last war, mankind fights for survival on the battlefields of a post-apocalyptic earth. Warlands pits the last human survivors against each other and the unnatural horrors that breed in the wastelands and dead cities. Strap yourself in for high-octane action—from small-scale skirmishes to epic battles, the Warlands sing with the screams of the dying and the roar of machines...

    The Battle Box contains everything you need to begin your fight for dominion over the Warlands:
  • 1 x Weasel Scout Buggy with Spud Autogun and crew
  • 1 x Weasel Scout Buggy with Rocket Launcher and crew
  • 1 x Utility Truck
  • 1x Additional Autogunner
  • Vehicle Accessories (Baggage, plating)
  • Rulebook and Dice

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This product is out of print.

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The game is brilliant

***( )( )

3.5 stars for the miniatures only.

Unfortunately the miniatures need some work. These are presented in 20mm scale, which is around the 1:72 model scale. The vehicles are resin, and have some pour issues, minor flaws, but they definitely detract from the look. And can make assembly more difficult. The Buggies come with a Spud gunner and missile gunner plus the driver. The Utility truck comes with nothing additional. Using Mac's Body shop in core rulebook lets you modify the profiles of the vehicles, I used some old Epic mini parts to trick out my vehicles. The game itself is a blast, Fast, Fun and wait, that's Savage Worlds...Fast, Fun and Ferocious!!

You can read a full review of the Game at my blog
Epic RPG Blog's review of the Warlands Core Rulebook Gift Certificates
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