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It is the near future. The Collapse is over. Years of accelerating decay culminated in a brief and vicious global war. When it came, the final conflict seemed almost an afterthought in the wake of disease, famine, natural disasters, and economic and political failures on a previously unimaginable scale. None of these calamities could have ended the world by itself. Together, they brought the engines of civilization to a grinding, blood-soaked halt. Now, as the apocalyptic Last Year draws to a close, scattered survivors band together against the darkness. You are one of the ten percent of humanity to make it this far. Some would call you fortunate. You're not so certain.

Twilight: 2013 is the licensed third edition of Twilight: 2000, GDW's classic roleplaying game of gritty military conflict and grueling daily existence in the devastation of World War III. This core rulebook provides a complete setting in which players can take on the role of any survivors of the end of the world, from soldiers fighting the desperate last battles of the Twilight War to ordinary men and women struggling to rebuild shattered lives and cities. The staged complexity levels of the Reflex System, Twilight: 2013's all-new game engine, allow gamemasters to balance speed, detail, and lethality according to their own preferences.

Will you raise the flag of a fallen nation in the hope of rallying dreams to rise phoenix-like from radioactive ashes? Walk across half the world to see home one more time? Carry on a fight in the name of causes and leaders you've outlived? Cast your weapons into the weeds and carve out a new life where you now stand? Will you light the watchfires against the coming night—or will you help kindle the pyre of history? The choice is in your hands now. The last words from home set you free:

Good luck. You're on your own.

  • Brand-new game system devoted to realistic modern gameplay
  • Expanded character creation allows for a diverse range of character types, from military to civilian
  • Familiar features of previous editions such as the Character Generation process and Coolness Under Fire
  • A modular ruleset to provide complete flexibility over the level of gameplay
  • Advanced rules for squad-based combat

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****½ (based on 2 ratings)

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An RPG Resource Review


This is a worthy successor to earlier versions of Twilight, keeping the gritty realism and suvival necessities while providing a well-considered ruleset that caters for a variety of play styles, and will accommodate those who are not set upon playing combat veterans as well as those who are!

Read the full review at http://www.rpg-resource.org.uk/index.php?article=4826&visual=4 - far too long to post here, but the book's 350 pages of solid information!

Good game over all

****( )

Well i wrote a huge review and the damn site ate it. So now a short one, if you liked the old game you will love this one. It is brought up to modern times with a new game system

The reflex system has 3 tiers of complexity, tier 1 is very simple, tier 2 is about on par with the previous editions and tier 3 will appeal to war gamers. You can mix and match to make each aspect of the game as simple or complex as you like. It is a very modular system.

While there is a few spelling errors or other errors there if very few that I caught. If you are a fan of the old games or just the genre I highly recommend it.