Council of Thieves

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Infernal Syndrome questions.

Lich shade in "The Infernal Syndrome"

Asmodean Knot one-shot


Modifying Midnight Mirror to fit into Council of Thieves

Some Changes to "Bastards of Erebus" (Spoilers)

luck points instead of fame points

Vassindio Drovenge

Scaling Sixfold Trial?

Additional NPCs

Delvehaven Pathfinders

[Spoilers] The map of the Asmodean Knot [Spoilers]

Halflings in Part 6

Performance Combat & The Sixfold Trial

Alternate Morrowfall powers

Fan or Zulu or certainly Victorian Africa

The Infernal Syndrome F28 Route to Hell

Hero Lab - Council of Thieves NPCs and Bestiary....

Known Active Pathfinder Expeditions *POSSIBLE SPOILERS*

Arvanxi PC

Cheliax Oracles

2-player advice on CoT

The Log of a Children of Westcrown (SPOILERS)

Episode 6 is all about CoT featuring Sean K Reynolds interview

Infernal Syndrome - the session that wasn't (spoilers)

The triceratop tank - what went down during last session

Campaigns of Nethys - Council of Thieves

A thank you for the Sixfold Trial (spoilers)

My CoT campaign resumes - results on the Sixfold Trial

The Shadow's Throat

Foreshadowing NPCs

Crazy PC Antics and Stories - gamer & gm friendly

Infernal awesomeness "possible spoilers"

Help turn a Liability into an Asset

DMs - How did you further tie your players' backgrounds into CoT?

No Context (Possible spoilers for CoT)

Combining CotCT with CoT

Black Monday Murders (Inspiration)

Advice for a party of 3

new character back story tied to Sheraya. Need more Inforamtion if any is available.

Will part 1 ever be in print again?

Extra campign traits

Shadow-themed monsters

A question of guilds

Asmodean Knot (additions & alterations)

Bastards of Erebus: Finding the right tone for the AP

Council of Thieves - PC wealth

Bastards of Erebus - Rescue Encounter

Delour's Accident

Starting a run of Council of Thieves

Shadow Westcrown

Performance Combat?

Cover #29

Council of Thieves Paper Minis!

Music (possible spoilers)

Bastards of Erebus - Forshadowing the Council and Chammady ect.

From Haunting Of Harrowstone to The Sixfold Trial

CoT AP Vol #5

Bringing Bisby Back

Infernal Bastard

Philosophically Speaking.... [Spoilers may appear]

Westcrown Coat of Arms

Westcrown - Spilling the beans on the city

Chelish Crux

Animals? (Spoilers)

Area B3 in the Sixfold trial

Maggot Tree seige & Dark folk

Shadow Mastiffs at the Maggot Tree seige?

Printable Minis Maps?

Music for Delvehaven

Fame points question.

[Sixfold Trial] I think I found a little error.

Hellknight Question

Blog: The Prince of Thieves!

Derailed in the AP.... now what?

The Massacre House - Revisions *spoilers*

Bastards of Erebus sidequests

My Hellknight minis auction

Starting CoT need advice

Lies in Dust or what? Spoilers

#26, Knot, Room of Doors

Child of Infamy background assistance (spoilers)

Hellknight & Paladin confusion

Map packs for Council of Thieves...

How many Wolf Skeletons are in The Bastards of Erebus?

Shadowgarm's Shadow Slime and Bright Light

Favored Enemy in CoT

Westcrown in the Forgotten Realms?

Question about CoT.

Council GM guide?

Fostering the Children

Ride in CoT

Adventure Path question from a noob


Revolutionary Mastermind (possible spoilers)

Players Reading Westcrown section of #25

Pregen Lem Question

Maptool maps

First post :)

[SPOILERS] Dinner with The Devil

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