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I am looking for something interesting to do with the capturing bandit’s side quest in case I need to run it to close the XP gap between levels two and three. I can always just run it quick and simple but I want to make it more interesting than just run to the woods, fight some bandits and come back to town.

I already ran the Bluehood side quest, I made Bluehood an assassin who did not want the PCs to bring her the corpse of a shadow beast but instead wanted the PCs to make a distraction outside a particular house at a particular time of night, this took the form of fighting shadow beasts in front of the house while making a lot of noise. This served to add an assassin NPC that one of my players can learn to be an assassin from.

I will be running whitechin this week just before the party goes after the Bastards as a Willard like goblin were rat who lives in the sewers and is beginning to expand his rodent empire beneath the streets.

Just looking for something interesting to run for the bandits (or something else to run in their stead) in case I need them.

I know it doesn't help with the bandits (I'm still kind of mulling that one over myself), but I added a quirk to Whitechin and his goblins, that being that they are also on a quest to kill off any torble then encounter, given that torbles limit the rat population in the sewers.

It also fits with goblins quixotic crusades against dogs and horses.

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