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The People's Campaign - Team A (Inactive)

Game Master Jacob DeCourcey

Check out the other team running a campaign parallel to this one!

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Have updated sheet a bit - I missed the no traits part. Is that no free traits, or no buying the additional traits feat either?

Also, I was looking at going enhancement school - I want the FX that most of his magic is effectively short term item enchantments, and the enhancement school has that in spades (assuming my touch attack is to give someone a charm).

Here, finally a new version and changed for the Cleric of Shelyn :)

1. Class/profession
Cleric of Shelyn, Art teacher (Dancing, Singing)

2. Rough outline/description

Arwen is already an old man, around middle-age. He has seen it all, traveled world and settled now for a while nearby to the city of Isger. He has gathered vast amount of experience and knowledge of various things. Despite being old, he is still flexible and amazing nimble, although his age has limited his other aspects but despite that he is still hot-blooded and feels the call of wind to move for adventures... but all those he can forget for a moment in front of women. He appreciate the effort, the beauty and the will of women and loves them no matter what or who they are. Free love, free will and openness

3. Rights and wrongs \
During his trips, explorations and adventures, he has seen the worst part of humanity and the world. Diseases, thievery, killing, slavery, piracy, greed, lust, conspiracy... the world is dark but there is light. The moments with your lover, with your parent, the relieved feeling when that someone comes home, to able to support your family, the feeling of security. He was naive when he was young, he was naive and stupid to believe to greater good... and he still is naive to protect those things and using his efforts and gold to promote them while fighting against the evil in the darkest hours of night, protecting those who can't protect themselves

4. Backstory

Arwen was born to family of devoted paladins of Iomedaen. His childhood was spent praying and practicing skills of those who are to come paladins, which was more a wish from his parents rather than his. Their teaching of protection, companion and wrath toward injustice and evil was driven deep in the young boy during these years. However, even if
he absorbed all the teaching, he did understand the reasoning and meaning for those teachings but he could not cope or rather, wanted to life same stoic and metal-like life as the paladins. He wished for something else... His family was famous house where all the generations were paladins but he wanted something else until he saw clerics of Shelyn. That dancing, singing and free spirited of servitude toward their goddess lit a fire stronger than he could imagine to his head. He ached for this form of freedom, spirit and devotion.

He run. He left his family far behind holding the teaching and skills they had tough to him. He wandered and learned, upholding the justice on his own way. During his journey he spent couple of years in Shelyn temple where we was acknowledged as a cleric of Shelyn. He moved again. He did nothing much to further his power or reach new levels of miracles but rather spread the joy of love and freedom with singing and dancing. Years passed and he was now thirty years old. He had seen it all and his believes had not changed. He had determination still to
spread and speak, but there had appeared something along the believes, protect those who can't protect themselves and ease the pain of sick and give comfort to those who need it.

His last stop before reaching Isger was in Cheliax, Korvosa. There he spent more time than anywhere else... reasons unknown and known but mostly affected by one woman who could be called rival to one he was chasing. Isabel was young woman, beautiful on her own way... but sick. She had leprosy and people avoided her, forcing her to live outside the town. Arwen spent time with her, helping her and seeing the beauty inside what was left. He tried to help her but he didn't have the power... first time in his life that he cursed his weakness. He still was able to do something he could not see or understand than later. He changed her life, brought light where was darkness before, the joy of spending time with someone. However this was not to last forever when the demons of Korvosa took her. Unable to help and only able to run away, he cursed and swore to get back at them... the friendship is strong but love is stronger but beware, the wrath of those who has something to protect and they love is... shocking. The demons did chase him in Korvosa and he run to survive but without to notice, his wrath had awoken something inside him: the lightning had burned the demons to ashes long time ago but he had failed to see or feel this...

5. Friends and foes (and woes)
Shelyn - Friend
Isabel - Friend
Demons - Foe
Cheliax - Foe

1. Return the kidnapped people back to their homes. 2. Gain more power to help those in need
1. Overcome the age limit... regain your youth 2. Inspire the message of love and art to the masses: build a church with sculptures, paintings, arts and songs dedicated for Shelyn
Your one and only true goal: gain unimaginable might/power to pursue and reach the two woman you truly love

7. Quirks and mannerisms
Calm. Aiding/Advisor. Women :)

8. Crunch

Arwen Hollower:

Arwen Hollower CR 1/2
Male Human Cleric lvl 1
LN Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init: +1 Senses: Perception +0

HP: 9
Ac: 11 Touch: 11 FF: 10
Saves: Fort: +3, Ref: +2, Will: +7

Attack: Glaive +0 1d10 20/3x [Special] Reach
Speed: +30 feet.

Str:10 Dex:12 Con:10 Int:16 Wis:19 Cha:14
Base Atk +0, CMB +0, CMD 11
Combat Gear: Glaive, Holy Symbol

Improved Channeling: +2 to DC check [1 lvl Feat]

Selective Channeling: When you channel energy, you can choose a number of targets in the area up to your Charisma modifier.
These targets are not affected by your channeled energy. (+2 person)[Human Feat]


Shelyn: Air & Protection domains

Aura: Good

Channel Energy (Su)
Channel Energy DC 17 vs Will
Use: 5/5 per day

Lightning Arc (Sp): 1d6 dmg | 7/7 use [standard action]

Protection: +1 resistance bonus on saving throws
Resistant Touch (Sp): Grant your gained resistance bonus to ally while yours is reduced for 1 min | 7/7 use [standard action]


Bleed Cause a stabilized creature to resume dying.
Create Water Creates 2 gallons/level of pure water.
Detect Magic Detects spells and magic items within 60 ft
Detect Poison Detects poison in one creature or object.
Guidance +1 on one attack roll, saving throw, or skill check.
Light Object shines like a torch.
Mending Makes minor repairs on an object.
Purify Food and Drink Purifies 1 cu. ft./level of food or water.
Read Magic Read scrolls and spellbooks.
Resistance Subject gains +1 on saving throws.
Spark Ignites flammable objects.
Stabilize Cause a dying creature to stabilize.
Virtue Subject gains 1 temporary hp.


Base: [2/level +3 Int mod +1 human] = 6

Appraise (Int):
Craft (Int):
Diplomacy (Cha): +6 (+1 rank, +3 cs, +2 cha)
Heal(Wis): +8 (+1 rank, +3 cs, +4 wis)
Intimidate (Cha):
Knowledge (arcana) (Int):
Knowledge (history) (Int):
Knowledge (nobility) (Int): +7 (+1 rank, +3 cs, +3 int)
Knowledge (local) (Int): +7 (+1 rank, +3 cs, +3 int)
Knowledge (planes) (Int):
Knowledge (religion) (Int): +7 (+1 rank, +3 cs, +3 int)
Linguistics (Int):
Profession (Wis):
Sense Motive (Wis): +8 (+1 rank, +3 cs, +4 wis)
Spellcraft (Int):


Cleric Outfit
Holy Symbol
Back, waterproof
Ink x2
Oil x2 2
Paper x5

My submition, the backstory is not completely done yet but I will finish it later:

1. Class/profession

Druid / Fisher, Shaman apprentice

2. Rough outline/description
Lazy is properly the best description of Chibuzo. He desists manual labour and would rather spend an afternoon enjoying the sea than fishing when on a boat, much to the annoyance of the other members of his community. They are surprised by the commitment he shows towards his apprenticeship. Deep down he cares for all off nature’s creations that being human, animal or plant. However he knows that nature is under constant pressure from human and thinks everything would be better if humans could live in harmony with nature.

3. Rights and wrongs
To Chibuzo moral should further the harmony between human and nature. He recognises that killing might be necessary at times to survive but to him it is only acceptable then. Lying and stealing mostly moves humans away from harmony and should be avoided when that is the outcome. Slavery never promotes harmony and is unacceptable.

4. Backstory

Chibuzo was born into slavery in the Chelaxian city of Ostenso. His parents were captured along with almost everyone from a small fishing community on the Mwangi coastline. During his early childhood the families often starved that combined with the common abuse sparked the flight, which took them to the shores near Augustana.

The adolescent Chibuzo was introduced to the fishing trade like most of the male children, he however never had any interest in the subject and was more focused on the nature of sea and shore. This did not settle well with the community in general and soon he found himself expelled from the community. He travelled to nearby Augustana looking for work but found little, what he found instead was alcohol and lots of it. On his way to rock bottom he meet Morvius a Chelaxian dockworker who also enjoyed to much alcohol. The two of them carried each other home more times than they can remember and saved each others a couple of times.

One day walking on the shores collecting driftwood, he came upon a wounded seal. He nurtured the animal back to health, settling down by the shore during the time it took. Finding this way of life to his liking he continued living of the land and helping animals. Unknown to him Uzochi, the shaman of his old community, had stumbled upon his new home by accident and was pleased with what he saw. He decide that the young Bonuwat had the potential to become a shaman of his people. Chibuzo was much surprised when Uzochi approached him with the offer, but missed his old community and accepted.

There was a small uproar in the community, when the shaman announced his decision. The strongest opposition was from Folami his own brother who fancied himself as the next shaman. However everything came to be as Uzochi had decided. This did not stop Folami from taking every opportunity to oppose the young apprentice each time a little worse than the one before.

One of such times was when Folami suggested that Chibuzo was sent to Augustana to trade fish hoping that he missed the city life and would stay. That did not happen, but Chibuzo found an unconscious Morvius beaten and left to his fate. Chibuzo brought the man with him back and dried him up. Weeks later Morvius left for the city again, where he pulled himself together and stayed dry.

5. Friends and foes (and woes)
Uzochi – mentor, current shaman.
Morvius – Chelaxian dockworker in Augustana, drinking buddy.

Folami – Brother, jealous
Iacobus – Druid of the circle in Arthfell forest

Not accepted by Druidic circles

6. Goals
Short goals:
Free the slaves, primarily the ones from his tribe.
Taste a fine quality spirit.
Meet one of the spirits of the Ocean.

Medium goals:
Quit drinking and become respected.
Become a better shaman for his people.

Long goal:
To see his ancestral homeland, in which he wants to end internal strife and prevent anymore Bonuwat being taken as slaves.

7. Quirks and mannerisms
Friendly, Dismisses peoples trivial complains with “Just smile at the world brother”, Alcohol abuse (drinks when stressed)

8. Crunch


Male Human Druid 1
NG Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init +2; Senses Perception +8
AC 12, touch 12, flat-footed 10. (+2 Dex)
hp 13 (1d8+5)
Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +6
Spd 30 ft.
Melee Old fishing spear, Brace +0 (1d8-1/20/x2)
Sp Icicle, (1d6 cold damage)
Str 10, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 19, Cha 10
Base Atk +0; CMB +0; CMD 12
Feats Spell Focus (conjuration), Toughness +3
Skills Handle Animal + 4(1), Heal +8(1), Knowledge (geography) +5(1), Knowledge (nature) +7(1), Perception +8(1), Survival +10(1)
Languages Common, Polygot, Druidic, Aquan
Combat Gear Old fishing spear(-1 damage); Other Gear Peasant’s Outfit, Sea buckthorn(Holly and Mistletoe), Waterskin, Dried Fish, Backpack
Detect Magic, Light, Create Water
Nature Bond Domain – Water
Domain Powers Icicle 7/day
Nature Sense +2 bonus to Knowledge (nature) and Survival checks
Wild Empathy

9. Starting equipment
Sea Buckthorn(Holly and Mistletoe), Peasant’s outfit, Old fishing spear (spear -1 damage), Waterskin, Bread, Dried fish, Backpack

If it's not too late I would like to join. I have a sorcerer character ready to go but it appears there are quite a few people already applying for that position. Would you allow DSP psionics? I would like to play an aegis or a tactician, which are both from psionics expanded.

So, this isn't a human and it's a third party race/class... but I think you'll like and I think I can roleplay it because of the personality.
1. Class/Profession: Tactician/Goblin Chieftain
2. Description: Bakran is an outcast blue seeking true friendship and a way to increase his psionic power. He is empathetic and charismatic, but becomes withdrawn when mistreated. Anyone who accepts him will be accepted, and people who refuse him will not be treatedany diffenty for it. He knows that many people will be aggressive and hateful towards, but a life of such treatment and made him resistant. He knows that anyone can change and break the mold.
3. Rights and wrongs: Bakran values loyalty and teamwork above all else. He believes in an open mind. He has rarely ever had much need for violence in his life, but he understands that sometimes redemption is impossible or impractical and enemies must be dealt with swiftly. He detests those who are cruel to the weak and unfair to the downtrodden, but he believes that, unless they are violent, he does not need to be.

Bakran's Story
Bakran was born into Pikunt, a small and unimportant goblin tribe with about 150 members. Bakran was a pariah from birth; he was born a blue, a mutant goblin with deep blue skin, enhanced intelligence, and natural psionic talent. Throughout his childhood, he was bullied and beaten for his appearance. Bakran quickly became introspective and anti-social. While the other members of his tribe were cruel and vicious pranksters, as most goblins, Bakran's exceptional intelligence and self-sufficiency, not to mention outcast status, gave him the social and mental flexibility to develop into a very different sort of goblin. He would often leave the tribe for days on end and practice his psychic abilities on animals. He would attempt to mentally link with them, as he desired any sort of the connection that was lacking in his life.
While out wandering one day, Bakran came upon a halfling farm on the edge of the woods. He often visited this farm and watched the small, happy family interact. He would imagine being any of them, vicariously attempting to achieve some sort of happiness. During one such observation, as he watched the children play from the tree line, Bakran felt a strong hand on his back, and he was lifted off the ground. He was held up in the air by a tall, hairy human that stood nearly three time Bakran's own height. He was wearing heavy plate armor and had a longsword at his hip. The man began shouting words that Bakran couldn't understand. He pulled out his sword and started speaking an incantation, filling his sword with a divine light. Bakran slipped form the man's grip and began fleeing back to his home village. Because of his armor, Bakran was able to stay ahead of his pursuer. When he entered the village, he began shouting that there was a huge hairy human trying to kill him. The other goblins simply laughed and began kicking and punching him.
Bakran was furious and scared. He was trying to save his family, and they only beat him for their own amusement. Bakran began to do something he always avoided; he penetrated their minds, and made them see what he had seen. Just as he did, the human pounded into the camp. He began reciting holy words once more, slashing one of the goblins as he did. Soon the paladin was cutting down goblins, some fleeing and some fighting, left and right. Bakran saw that his people would be slaughtered. If he fled, he would have a chance of escape and a new life away from them. He refused this for the opportunity to save them or die trying. He linked minds with several of the warriors and picked up a spear. The connections he forced upon his fellow goblins allowed him to direct and coordinate their movements against the bearded man. As one fell, he would link with another and they would join the fray. Soon goblins he was not connected with began to fight, seeing that success was possible. In a beautiful display of teamwork and community, the goblins surrounded and defeated the paladin.
Finally, Bakran had gained recognition within his tribe. The chief had been killed in the fight, and in a shocking display of unanimity, Bakran was declared chief. Despite being young, Bakran lead the tribe for several years. He began to build a real sense of community. Soon, however, Bakran felt a calling. He looked at what he had achieved, and desired to do it again. Even with the respect he had, there was no friendship. The goblins had, in many ways, been tamed. But they were not yet loving or good. They simply understood that cruelty and selfishness were less effective than teamwork and community for survival. After appointing a new chieftain he trusted, Bakran left the tribe. He still needed something he had never had.

5. Friends and Foes: Bakran has no particular friends or enemies, but he does have a loyal tribe of goblins back hold that he is in command of, although his goal is to develop new connections without needing to rely on his old ones. He would always return to help his people if they needed it. He knows that many people will instantly treat him as an enemy because of his appearance, and he is prepared to changetheir minds
6. Goals:
Short Term: Make a true friend. Understand his telepathic abilities.
Mid Term: Unite a group of people for a common purpose. Expand his psionic talent.
Long Term: Unite his tribe with several others and create an independent, non-evil goblinoid nation. Propagate his blue genes. Master his communal and combat psionic power.
7. Patient and hopeful, but realistic. Lonely.
8. Crunch: Currently being developed. Will be in profile.
9. Starting Equipment: Leather armor, backpack, spear, his chieftain's robe, which is a simple cloak of wolfskin.

Crunch is pretty much done. Also added a light wooden shield and shortbow in addition to equipment listed above. I realize that my health might seems preposterously high for a first level character, but that will even out in a level or two.

@Hob - I meant just no traits at all. Your sheet is all good now. And enhancement is fine.

@Galrian - Looks good.

@Chibuzo - Solid submission.

@Bakran - I'm going to stick to my guns on this one and say that I can't take a goblin. It's just too different. If you want to work that character into a halfling and change the chrome on the backstory I could work with that. Also, I really don't know a darned thing about psionics, and I don't have the requisite sourcebooks, so I guess that character just isn't feasible. Sorry.

Damn (this is Bakran)! I was pretty excited bout that one, too. But I understand. I may post another character if I come up with a solid concept. Are you saying I could play a non-human? That is always a plus for me.

Azten here, with everything but the character sheet done.

Class/Profession: Pyromancer(Herbalist/Mundane Healer)

Outline/Description: Thales is kind and trusting, preferring to give people the benefit of the doubt before judging them. He's always ready to help in any way that he can. Put him in front of plants and he can tell you the uses it has, from a tea that cures headaches, or a paste that seals wounds. He'll teach anyone who wants to learn, but still being and almost not-an-apprentice himself, admits that he doesn't know as much as others.

Rights and Wrongs: Thales believes that if you can help someone, you should. He believes you should also be honest, even if it hurts someone. He hates bullies and pities them, because bullying usually means something is wrong and you're taking out your anger on those who can't defend themselves. Slavery is just another form of bullying to him, and it's something he wants to get rid of.

Backstory: Thales was a kid without a father, but never cared. You can't be sad about something you can't remember, right? Besides, his best friend's father was like a father to him, so there was even less to care about! Derek and Thales grew up doing everything together. Getting in trouble? Several times. Going places they were told not to? All the time! It was this friendship that led to Derek suggesting Thales apprentice to his father and learn the ways of an apothecary. Liking the idea, he asked Derek's father about it and got the chance, alongside a girl a little older than him. Instant rival's, they made each other work harder in their attempts to prove themselves.

Years passed, and Thales grew, becoming taller than even his teacher, who he had thought was a giant long ago. During these years he made two more close friends. One was a lady he had helped move into her house without a word of payment, and the other was a man whose eyes had been scarred by a mug of fired ale during a bar fight. They weren't as close to him as Derek, but who cared, they were friends!

One day, he can't remember why, he got into a fight with Gale, his rival. Something to do with bullies, he thinks. All he really knows is that at the end, sparks were flying everywhere, he felt his blood burn through his body, and he had to run as the shop burned to the ground as Gale screams "What did you do!?" at him. It was not a good day for Thales.

Friends and Foes
Saren Koethar – Friend. A woman who likes Thales' attitude, and has had the occasional drink with him.
Apoc “Lochfriend” Gredilferb the Eighth – Friend. A rather eccentric guy whose sight was saved by Thales' herbs(and lots of luck). Got his nickname because he loves swimming in lakes and hates people trying to ruin them.
Derek Lagallo – Foe. Once a childhood friend of Thales, that ended the day his father's apothecary burned to the ground. He knows Thales is responsible for it, and plans to make him pay for it.
Gale Foresstor – Rival. Competing for the chance to partner with Derek's father as a fellow apothecary, she's the one who people Thales burned down the shop in the first place, hoping he'll get imprisoned for it so she has no competition.

Woe – Thales accidentally burned down the shop of the man who was like a father too him. This weighs heavily on his heart and is one of the very few things he doesn't want to talk about.

Short – Learn how to control his magic.
Short – Contact his friends safely, letting them know he didn't mean to burn the shop down.
Short – Decide to either a place where no one knows him and hide out or to keep moving, so he's not caught and put in prison for arson.
Medium – Become a full-fledged herbalist and healer.
Medium – Do something that gets Dereck to forgive him and let them be friends again.
Long – Convince the world slavery is wrong and that they should get rid of and help those freed.

Quirks and Mannerisms: Thales has a thing for keeping things clean and orderly, a habit he picked up during his apprenticeship. Unless something really important is happening, he'll become absorbed in the habit and tune out everything else until he's done.


Equipment: Artisan's outfit, a sack, 2 uses of a healer's kit(herbs), 2 day's of trail rations, 20 silver and 5 copper.

Let me know if anything needs to be changed.

@Jackissocool - I said halfling since it is similar in size and physical ability to a goblin and also similar to a human. Really, though, if you are going to make a whole new character, just make it a human. Humans have a huge range of personalities that can be played if you are just looking for variety.

@Thales - I like this guy, and the backstory is great! I love the friend turned enemy.

Out of curiosity, how many people are expected to be in the party and possible start date?

Seems like it will be a lot of work for DM to arrange fights for us :P

@Galrian - I will be starting on Thursday night at about 7pm. The party will be 3-5 players, depending on who confirms their entries. the official process for that is as follows:

Everyone pay attention to this

Applications close midnight EST on Sunday.
Everyone who is serious about playing needs to post to confirm with a final submission on Monday or Tuesday.
The party will be chosen out of those who confirm in the order that they originally posted characters.
Wednesday and Thursday I will prepare the first bit of adventure and continue working with the confirmed characters.
Thursday evening the game will start with an encounter with the slavers.

Jacob DeCourcey wrote:
@Thales - I like this guy, and the backstory is great! I love the friend turned enemy.

Thanks. I think I have everything in this profile now.

redid the story tell me if its better or what i can do to make it if it isnt.

1. Alchemist/Alchemist
2. Jack is a very helpful person which at times can have the opposite effect. He is a gifted alchemist and believes that he should use his skill to help the world in any way he can. Those who met him though would call him a menace. Although he likes to help people he’d rather be experimenting or making some new discovery. He would often fail and it would have at most inconvenient effects on anyone near him.
3. Jack believes that everyone should work to make the world a better place and he practices what he preaches. He may at times take things too far in his experimenting but he has never killed anyone doing so. He is a little careless with his experiments and is known to leave dangerous stuff around.
4. When jack was born his mother died during the birth leaving him to be raised by his father. His father was an inn keeper in a port city. He and his father grew to be very close as jack could only rely on one parent and his father raised him as good as he could. As jack grew older he started helping his father around the inn often speaking with the customers. One day he met a traveling alchemist who taught him some simple concoctions in which jack quickly mastered. The alchemist left after a couple of days. After about a year the alchemist once again stopped by the inn and to his surprise he found jack had not only mastered the basics but had started to do more complex stuff. The alchemist seeing jacks talent for alchemy decided the take him on as an apprentice. The alchemist introduced himself as Fredric Wein and asked both jack and his father if jack would become his apprentice. Jack instantly accepted but his father was hesitant but seeing jacks eagerness also accepted. Jack spent a couple years with Fredric but once he couldn’t teach him any more jack left to travel and to find new discoveries and make the world a better place.
5. Friends: Fredric Wein, mentor Gabriel Sayer, Father
Foes: Jacks helpfulness and recklessness has caused him to make a few enemies one of these is during his travels he was helping out at a shop. When a gang leader saw him use a mutagen to increase his strength. The next day while jack was working on an experiment the gang leader stole his mutagen that he left laying around. The man then went to a local bar and tried to rob everyone in there. When confronted he drank the stolen mutagen and instantly felt sick. He was easily caught and was later broken out by his gang. He blamed jack for this and vowed to make him pay.
Woes: reckless with experiments
6. Short: learn new spells, help the slaves, and find a new item
Medium: become a master in alchemy, explore the world and help those who need it.
Long: make the world a better place
7. Reckless, unstable, helpful
8. In profile.

Jacob, does Dannic need more work story wise? What I posted for him was kind of quick and dirty because it was the third time I'd typed it in a couple of hours and the board had been called a few choice words by that time. If you need more for him just let me know.
Also Thursday I will be able to post, but probably not until 11pm or so eastern time. Thursdays are usually really long days for me, just wanted to give you that heads up since that's when you plan on starting.

@Dannic - To be honest, your character is one of my favorites. I really like the "fight fire with fire" angle. I'm excited to you have in this party, which is basically me saying that you're in. I appreciate your involvement by asking questions and giving suggestions, too. JAF0, you also get big points here. Dannic, if you would be so kind, could you arrange the material you have to match the template I gave in the original post, adding some quirks or mannerisms and tightening up the crunch into a character sheet. Also, no worries about the time. We'll just let this thing go at its own pace.

No problem, like I said, it was kind of quick and dirty. I'll get it reposted and a full character sheet set up in the next day or so if that works for you.

Hey, here's my alternate proposal since Bakran is a no-go. I've got lots of background and the required answers requested, but they're on a different computer. I'll be able to post it later tonight. There's a little crunch in the profile.

1. Class/Occupation: Anarchic Sorcerer/former farmhand
2. Description: Varland is a young man without any real connections in his life. He cently discoved his protean heritage, something that seriously conflicts with the way he was raised. He has long viewed people's lot in life as entirely up to them; their failures were theirsand theirs alone. His recent experiences, of chaotic magic beyond his control and simply seeing the lives of other people, has started to change this view. He is deeply conflicted about the relationship between law and chaos, and on how he needs to treat other people. While he is at heart good natured, this is often buried under his conflict with the way he was raised and the way he is.
3. Rights and Wrongs: Right now, Varland's sole goal is to discover just what is rigt and what is wrong. Before, he focused his morality only on a commitment to order. He is now being forced to think about issues far beyond that; gifted with great power antithetical to his religious and familial teachings, he needs to discover the proper way to use it. He is reluctant to commit violence, mostly out of his inexperience with anything beyond the life of a simple farmboy.

4. Background:
Varland was born on a farm several miles outside the city. His parents were staunch followers of Abadar, and Varland was raised to be the same. As he grew, he controlled his childish urges, and when he failed to do so he was punished. Eventually, Varland was the epitome of a lawful, rule-abiding citizen. Inside, however, his very essence resisted this. Varland's inner drive compelled him to break rules and cause chaos whenever possible. The strict, constant discipline of his parents was enough to overpower these sinful urges, and eventually Varland developed his own system of self-punishment. When he would give in to his chaotic nature, Varland would give himself a series of painful lashes across his back. At some point, Varland began to intentionally surrender to his base desires, rationalizing his actions away with the knowledge that he would punish himself for them later. One instance broke this fragile balance, and since then Varland's life has changed drastically.
When Varland was seventeen, his entire family came to his home to celebrate a feast in Abadar's honor. Varland's grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins had all crammed in to the small farmhouse in which he and his parents lived and began to prepare the table for the meal. Varland aided his pretty cousin, Avana, in making a simple pudding dish intended for dessert. He had always enjoyed Avana's company. She knew nothing of his hidden desires for madness and change, as his shame was too great to share them with any in his family. She was an exemplary follower of Abadar; she had a strict daily schedule that she followed perfectly. She prayed, ate, worked, and slept all according to a family tradition intended to honor the glory of law. As they prepared the dish, they laughed and played and flirted. When her parents shot her a threatening glance, indicating she was being immodest, they quickly quieted down and resumed working. Varland planned several lashes for the violation of proper behavior.
As dinner began, Varland was seated across from Avana. He was asked to give the prayer of thanksgiving to Abadar, an honor he rarely received. The dinner was formal and nearly silent. Near the end, Avana's father spoke. "We have an announcement. After speaking with Varland's parents, a dower has been agreed upon and Avana and Varland are to be wed." Avana was ecstatic. She smiled broadly, but restrained from overly celebrating. Varland, too, seemed happy. It was soon stated the wedding was to be in two days.
As Varland prepared for the wedding, doubts filled his mind. He looked at the life he was living. After this marriage, everything would be finalized. He and Avana would raise children just like himself. They would be strict, controlling, and proper. The more he though about it, the more disgusted he became. This disgust led to confusion; an inner turmoil Varland had long refused to face. He looked in the simple, polished piece of tin that he had for a mirror. What he saw terrified him. His reflection was not of a farmboy preparing for his wedding. It looked nothing like him, yet Varland recognized himself. All around him were swirling forms. They whispered chaos and insanity into his ear. Dropping the mirror in terror, Varland stepped back from what he had seen and into a gaping hole that had opened in the floor behind him. He fell for hours, or seconds; time seemed meaningless. He landed without stopping or touching anything and found himself in a maddening maelstrom of shapes and colors.
In front of him floated an imentesh protean. The ambassador of chaos began to articulate in a cool and loquacious manner. "Hello, our chaos seed. I've waited for their thoughts and shapes to align so you could enter the lifeworld. Years from now, I entered the equal realm and found a family of law lovers. I changed my shape to theirs and we lived among them. The presence alone was enough, I could taste you coming. So I returned and waited. And now you have the freedom to escape from them! Thank you, child."
Varland's eyes shot open. He was standing in front of Avana. He looked around, confused. It was his wedding. It was the pivotal moment. Everything was quiet, everyone was expectant. It was his turn to speak. When he tried, his mouth could not form words. Only sounds of incomprehensible chaos emerged. Varland's family began to scream in terror. Acid burst out of his father's eyes. The priest presiding over the wedding froze solid and began to float through the air. Avana grew to twice her normal size. One of the family pigs stood on its hind legs and began to politely ask for directions to the nearest gallows. Varland was terrified and he sensed that whatever was happening was flowing out of his own mind and soul. He fled the scene amid the chaos.
Varland entered the city dirty and shaken two hours later. He had grabbed a small satchel of gold, his parents' savings, as well as several personal objects and purchased a room in an inn. He sat in the bed, unable to think. He looked through what he had in his bag: the dull mirror, a simple wooden carving of Abadar's holy symbol, a potato, the gold, and something he had never seen before. It was brilliant, multi-colored serpent, only a few inches long, made of some beautiful gemstone that seemed to shift color as the light from his candle flickered through it.

5. Friends and Foes and a very big Woe: Varland never had much in the way of friends growing up. His parents were too strict to allow much social interaction. Having left his family just recently, he's seeking friends and his newfound sense of adventure wouldn't object to a few different enemies, either. While he doesn't have any personal relationships at the moment, the discovery of his protean blood has quite literally torn his life apart.
6. Goals:
Short term: Gain some measure of control over his magic. Find a home and friends, if only temporary. Discover more about his heritage.
Mid term: Find the protean he encountered that claims to be his ancestor. Discover his personal balance between law and chaos, and where good and evil fit in.
Long term: Bring this balance to the world, or at least a nation or three.
7. Unbalanced.
8. In the profile. Sould be getting crunchier and crunchier as time goes by.
9. What's listed in the backstory and a morningstar he picked up in the city.

Hey I'm interested in playing! I just whipped this up.

1. Rogue/Shopkeeper's Son (Works at shop)

2. Laqqan is a hands on help the people kind of guy. He knows that the things he does aren't always the right way to do things but he knows that it's the good way. He is extremely charismatic and knows how to talk his way out of almost any situation.

3. Laqqan hates corruption and and crooked authorities. He also hates people who use other people to get what they want without regard for them. He cares about his family and the community and and will steal from the rich only to give to the poor.

4. When he was young everyone was Laqqan's friend because he could always get them what they wanted, and when demands started getting him into trouble he stopped getting people things and they stopped being his friends. This made him resent people like that and now he works his hardest to make sure other people don't get treated that way. Now he will steal from merchants who cheat their employees and customers and makes sure they get what they deserve and they are usually thankful enough to give a little back. He seeks to impress his father with tasks and ends up failing often due to trying to hard. He has recently herd about the slavers and cannot stand to let them go through the town without penalty!

5. Friends: His father is his mentor, he is a trustworthy man with fair prices. He is friends with many people in town and has a small network of people he can go to for information.
Foes: Any local guard that is corrupted and shop owners who charge over the top for items people can't live without.
Woe: Laqqan gets in verbal fights with guards a lot when he sees them mistreating citizens, enough to get him into trouble.

6. Short term: Laqqan wants to make a name for himself in the town, be everyone's friend and make his father profit.
Medium term: He wants to get a local corrupted guards fired and obtain a fancy set of knifes and armor like he has read in books.
Long term: He wants to become mayor of (insert town name here).

7. Friendly, scratches his head with a knives when he is thinking deeply (enough to occasionally cut himself), Laqqan has a big problem with thinking out loud even when he's thinking things that are mean, rude, socially unacceptable and even things that can get him in trouble.

8. Stats: 11, 18, 12, 10, 12, 16
Feats: Weapon Finesse and Two-Weapon Fighting
Hp: 9

9. 2 Daggers, Padded armor, 18g, Fresh bread and dried meat.

@Varland - I like the conflicting nature of of Law and Chaos in your character. It's a neat concept. And the story is fantastic. One thing that would help your character in this campaign is to put a name to a few friends and foes. They don't have to be too serious, but just a name I can use in adventure seeds. How did Varland's family end up? Do they hate him or have they just tried to forget him? What about Avana? Even just a petty rivalry can go a long way towards adventuring.

@Laqqan - Very nice submission. It seems like Laqqan can't stand seeing people taken advantage of.

Here is an ordered list of submissions I have received:

Character - Class - Poster

Masao - Human Magus - JAF0
Arwen Hollower - Human Cleric - Galarian Sho'Ray
Hob Smith - Human Wizard - Harakani
Samant Blath'tan - Human Barbarian - TheChozyn
Tiberius Badaxe - Human fighter - Castarr4
Dannic - Human sorceror - Torchbearer
Garreck - Human Fighter - MJinthePitt
Fellorin Argthwellis - Human Bard - TimFrie
Jack Sayer - Human Alchemist - LilWilly5
Chibuzo - Human Druid - Big OM
Thales Kennet - Human Pyromancer - Dragonborn3
Varland - Human Sorcerer - Jackissocool
Laqqan - Human Rogue - Conman

Remember, applications close at midnight EST tonight.

And, wow, with so many great submission, I'm contemplating...

Does anyone know if it's reasonable to run two games at once?

It can be done, but you had mentioned you're a relatively new GM in your original post. The way you've designed this campaign is going to be a lot of work since you'll be using the characters themselves to design the adventures. If you were using a published adventure where a lot of the work is already done, I'd say go for it, but for a new GM working with a homebrew I'd highly recommend just running one for now and seeing how it goes. If you're still comfortable opening a second one after this one has been going awhile then you could try it.

Considering I'm low on that first come first serve list, I think a second game is a swell idea. Plus, it wouldn't be unreasonable to have some paths cross or even people switching parties. One campaign, two parties.

Here are some friend/enemy ideas:
A paladin named Polm Herept, who Varland ran into by chance. Varland is trying to use him as a guide, but he does not trust Varland's heritage.
His uncle, Avana's father, was a former member of the militia. While he is not wealthy or particularly high level, he has a few friends and right now, any one of them could take on Varland if they could find him.
Varland's family has simply tried to forget him. They are too ashamed to speak of him, and if he returned he would be treated as a stranger. His father's face is Badly burned from the acid.
Avana is traumatized and angry, and supports and actions her father takes against Varland.

Dannic does make a good point, unfortunately for me. I would say go with your gut and do what you think you can handle. If a double campaign seems like too much to handle alone, you may want to try and find a friend who can handle the other half, and do it together. I would normally volunteer but I'm pretty busy with a homebrew campaign, including world creation, myself.

I could actually help some with planning for the other group. The party in the table top game I was running met an unfortunate end, and we're switching GM's. Let me know if you want to try it and we can get something worked out. I'll have the full Dannic story up by late tonight too.

Thanks for your input, guys. I actually have pretty neat system of adventure creation and planning worked out. I got it from this free book: I definitely give a huge recommendation to this book. The adventure creation system in the book is a real time saver.

I would like to try two games, and the idea of two parties occasionally crossing paths is too neat to pass up. All of the same recruitment rules still apply, and we will decide how to break up the parties on Wednesday and Thursday.

Dannic, I really appreciate your offer to help. I think I will start on my own and see how doable this is, and, if you're still available, I will call on you if I need help. Thanks.

Here is the full version of Dannic

1. Dannic-Sorcerer, until recently taking on odd jobs to scrape by
2. Dannic is an affable young man, just coming into his own. He is just learning to deal with his newfound powers. He has taken almost every odd job in town and isn’t above laying it on a little thick to squeeze a few extra coppers from an employer. He can’t stand a bully and delights in embarrassing them. He is generous with what little he has and is always willing to help someone in need. Anger can cloud his judgment when dealing with slavers and bullies.
3. Dannic hates slavery and bullying with every fiber of his being. He is opposed to killing unless it is absolutely necessary, preferring to humble and shame people who take advantage of others. As he has always been a little smaller and weaker than most of the other boys his age, he learned the value of a quick wit and a kind word both. Lying and stealing to achieve an objective is OK as a tactical move or in matter of survival. Using mind affecting magic is acceptable when dealing with slavers and bullies, especially to embarrass them or teach them a lesson or in a life threatening situation.
4. Dannic’s father was captured by slavers when he was 8 years old and he has always felt guilty for being able to escape. He and his mother got by doing odd jobs around town until at the age of 15 Dannic began to display some magical ability. It was minor, for instance, when he wished out loud one day that a particularly frustrating knot would come out of a rope, it did completely on its own.
As his power started to grow he realized he had a knack for compulsion spells (fey bloodline). He decided there was no better way to get back at slavers than to control their minds just as they tried to control another's body. He realized the slippery slope he was walking and vowed to never use his mind effecting magic except against slavers and other oppressors or unless he was in mortal danger. He views his use of enchantments as fighting fire with fire. He has drawn the ire of a local thug, Bildon Greenwold, by dazing him and letting his latest victim get away.
5. Friends: Mother Helena, potentially Tiberius as they share a similar outlook
Foes: Bildon Greenwold
6. Short term goal: Free the slaves in this shipment, cause a dent in local slave operations, embarrass and potentially get Bildon arrested.
Medium term goals: Eliminate slave trading in the immediate area, establish some sort of charity for victims of the slave trade
Long term goals: Help undermine the Chelaxian government and abolish their slave trade.
7. Poor judgment at times, balancing his desire for freedom against his talent for mind control magic
8. In profile.
9. In profile.

Alright, application time is up! Everyone who is ready to commit to a game, please post once more with your final character submission by midnight EST on Tuesday. If you are high enough on the list to be guaranteed a spot in a game, I will start working with you on the final touches of your character as soon as you post.

Consider me posted. I don't think I'll be making any major changes to my character at this point - if there are any changes, they'll be at your direction, or fluff only. - JAF0

I'm in, posted the fluff on him a few minutes ago. Let me know if you want anything changed or fleshed out more. I THINK the char sheet is OK, but might want to check it out, I've changed it a couple times and might be a good idea to make sure I got all the numbers lined up correctly.

im pretty sure im finished i think all the numbers are right.

I'm good to go, although I'll probably have to tweak some crunch. Like spells and such.

Good to go. Checked numbers and other stats to make sure that those are correct but otherwise I am ready.

Tiberius should be ready. Modified a couple things in his backstory and stuff to make more sense and to fix a couple typos, but he's still the same guy. Still considering changing a couple of his feats though.

Tiberius Badaxe

1. Class/profession
Fighter / Bartender, ex-militia

2. Rough outline/description
Tiberius is a military man at heart, happy when he understands what needs to be done and what he can do to help accomplish it. He has a love of both stories and drink, and finds that one tends to enhance the other. He's a good listener who tries to understand people before judging them.

3. Rights and wrongs
Tiberius is a devout follower of Cayden Cailean, believing strongly in individual freedoms and the right of a man to make a living with his own two hands. Although he believes that a good story, true or not, is worth respect, he draws the line at using lies to coerce people into doing things that they would normally be opposed to or to gain power, such as the lies of corrupt politicians. He views anything that takes away a man's rights, liberties, or property unjustly to be evil, and will not support the killing of innocents. Those who violate this code and refuse to change their ways, however, deserve the worst of fates.

4. Backstory
Tiberius's father Tyronius was a leader in the Peoples' Revolt 38 years ago, earning himself the moniker "Badaxe" during the battles, which he kept as his surname in the following years, establishing a tavern called Badaxe Beer in the town of Falcon's Hollow (where he himself had grown up as a logger). Tiberius grew up among the loggers' families in Falcon's Hollow, making several friends. He became particularly good friends with an older girl named Arissa, with whom he shared a desire to see the world and experience new things. Despite being a couple years younger than her, Tiberius was protective of Arissa and would stand up to the other boys, getting into many fights over the years to protect her right to pursue whatever crafts she wanted. She later left the town to become a rather notable cleric of Shelyn.

Tiberius was unable to follow her out into the world, as his father became ill, and needed Tiberius to manage the brewery/tavern. He enjoyed the work, and several years passed, and Tyronius moved on to the outer realms, leaving Tiberius to inherit Badaxe Beer. A rash of thefts and mysterious kidnappings in town caused a citizens' watch to be organized, which Tiberius became very involved in. However, as the investigations seemed to be nearing a conclusion, tragedy struck. He closed up the tavern one night and gathered up his weapons to make a couple patrols of the town. While he was out, the tavern was set on fire by a group of hooded figures. He recognized one of them as the supposed leader of the citizens' watch, Herod Grey! Fearing for his life, he fled town, following the river to the west.

5. Friends and foes (and woes)
Arissa: F Human cleric of Shelyn, childhood friend of Tiberius. Current status unknown.
Garick Blackstone: One of his father's compatriots who acted as Tiberius's mentor growing up. Since he worked at the tavern, his current status is unknown.
Herod Grey: A logger in Falcon's Hollow, he organized the citizens' watch himself, but was seen by Tiberius as one of the people who burned down the tavern. (I think that counts as a woe)
The Scarlet Dagger: The alias of the leader of the growing criminal movement that was taking over Falcon's Hollow. Actual identity unknown. May have connections to other criminal movements in the area.

6. Goals
Short Goals:
Locate allies for support
Find some decent armor and weapons (a greataxe or battleaxe, for instance)
Find what happened to Garick Blackstone and investigate the arson
Medium Goals:
Take revenge for the destruction of Badaxe Beer
Bring down the Scarlet Dagger so he can't terrorize anyone else
Long Goal:
Cleanse Andoran of all corruption and spread its influence across the continent.

7. Quirks and mannerisms
Brash, and impatient when he sees something that he can do to help. Cracks his knuckles and other joints often. Prone to motion sickness (mainly when in/on a vehicle of any sort)

8. Crunch (see below)

Stat Block:
Male Human Fighter 1
NG Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init +2; Senses Perception +0
AC 14, touch 12, flat-footed 12. . (+2 armor, +2 Dex)
hp 13 (1d10+3)
Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +0
Speed 30 ft.
Melee Handaxe +5 (1d6+4/x3) or
Throwing Axe +5 (1d6+4)
Ranged Throwing Axe +3 (1d6+4) (10 ft.)
Str 18, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 10
Base Atk +1; CMB +5; CMD 17
Feats Opening Volley, Quick Draw, Sliding Axe Throw
Skills (with -4 ACP) Climb +4, Profession (Brewer) +4, Survival +4, Swim +4
Languages Common, Elven, Halfling
Combat Gear Handaxe, Throwing Axe x2, Quarterstaff, Leather Armor
Other Gear Backpack, Outfit, Whetstone, Signal Whistle,
Opening Volley: Successful ranged attack grants +4 on next melee attack roll
Quick Draw: Draw weapon as a free action
Sliding Axe Throw: Use throwing axes to trip your opponent.

I'm ready for a good adventure! Just need to add the range of the Fire Orb spell and I'll be done. Why they just couldn't say the spell was like and acid splash that deals fire damage is beyond me.

No changes made since posted earlier. Ready to do this!

Still in for this.

How are spells working? I'm a little confused on that.

@Varland - So, as a sorcerer, you would start with just cantrips, and a list of what your 1st level spells would be if you had them, and I'll add in your 1st level spells through exposition as the adventure progresses. since the martial characters are weakened by their poor starting equipment, the casters are weakened by their limited starting spell selection. By the time we make it to 2nd level, everyone should be more or less on track with standard gear and spells.

Jacob, regarding equipment. If you wanted to ramp back the damage on Garreck's hammer and axe that would be perfectly fine as they aren't necessarily pieces of equipment designed for combat. It's supposed to be just his blacksmithing hammer and the hand axe he uses for chopping wood into bits for the furnace or camp.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

So, as the beginning of the campaign approaches, I see that I have a rather good chance of being in this (I'm #5 on the list, and #4 on the list of people who have confirmed so far). I am now looking at how my character fits into the opening act.

It's kinda a long post, so I'm sticking it in a spoiler to not clutter the thread:

Thinking about geography:
Well, I thought about it some and looked up some maps. I have Falcon's Hollow down as Tiberius's hometown, which puts him at about a week's journey to Perin's Bluff, and then a bit more to the encounter site. Tiberius is on the run, not sure who to trust (he figures that the criminals of Falcon's Hollow decided to put an end his investigations and patrols, and might be looking for him), so he's just putting distance between himself and town. His training as a woodsman would keep him alive and fed during this travel.

He started by heading west upriver, but since there's no towns that way, he would have branched out after a couple days, heading south to Perin's Bluff. Once there, he would realize that he still can't trust anyone and is vulnerable alone and penniless. Skulking around the edge of town overnight while planning his next move, he probably found some sign of the slavers, perhaps from a passing group (the other PCs?) or from a sign (the cast away body of a slave who didn't make it badly hidden in some bushes, deep marks on the wrists and ankles indicating their plight before death).

Either way, Tiberius would track the slavers as they head south (he would move much faster than a chained slave line) to try and take them down. If he hasn't encountered the others already, now would be a good time for that.

Torchbearer, I saw your possible reference to Tiberius in Dannic's backstory. I don't think Tiberius hails from the same town as everyone else (being the only one on the run, based on backstories), so they probably don't know each other already. I'd guess most of the characters to be from .... Perin's Bluff, since it's closest and many of the characters have no real reason to be on the road at the moment.


No problem, I can work in something else. Given your back story it wouldn't make sense. The personalities just struck me as making good friends.

I am definitely in. Looking forward to playing.

@Castarr4 - Way to be on the ball! This is exactly what I'll be working through with the other characters for the next few days. You are definitely in the game, by the way. I'll be running 2 parties of 4 players each.

I would encourage everyone who is definitely in to start working with me and each other to determine who is part of which party and why your characters are at the scene. Since the opening encounter will be the same for both parties, here's the plan: The first party (Party A) will encounter the slavers on Wealday (wednesday), Arodus (August) 14, 4711. The second party (Party 1) will encounter a second shipment of slaves on Wealday, Arodus 21, 4711. These dates are in game time, not realtime. Both parties will be starting their games at about 7pm EST on Thursday in real life. From there, they will proceed on their own paths, which may occasionally cross.

Here is the list of players who have possibly made the cut:

Bolded have finalized submissions.

Masao - Human Magus - JAF0
Arwen Hollower - Human Cleric - Galarian Sho'Ray

Hob Smith - Human Wizard - Harakani
Samant Blath'tan - Human Barbarian - TheChozyn
Tiberius Badaxe - Human fighter - Castarr4
Dannic - Human sorcerer - Torchbearer
Garreck - Human Fighter - MJinthePitt
Fellorin Argthwellis - Human Bard - TimFrie
Jack Sayer - Human Alchemist - LilWilly5

Jack Sayer, you're the only one still on the line. We'll have to wait and see what Hob Smith does. Everyone else bolded is definitely in.

Jacob - not sure how you plan to bring us together as a party. However, if Masao were to hear of a shipment of slaves coming through the area, he would set out, either alone or with other like-minded folks, to stop the shipment and free the slaves.

How, when and where to meet the others just depends. If we know each other from Piren's Bluff beforehand, so much the better. I'm open to work with any of you to set up having known each other before hand.

Masao's background has him a as a resident of Andoran for three years, although I never stated exactly where in Andoran. Since Piren's Bluff only has about 210 people living in it, if we're from there, it would be inconceivable that we DON'T know each other. I get the impression from the map that Piren's Bluff is relatively remote as well.

I'm perfectly content that Piren's Bluff be Masao's current home, however a town of 200 or so is kinda small to have duellists running around, or gangs of thugs either. So perhaps Masao is from somewhere larger and maybe been following these slavers for a while, dogging at their heels, trying to take out one or two of them at a time along the way, winnowing their numbers down a little? Or perhaps he's traveling for some reason and just happens to be in Piren's Bluff by serendipity?

Kind of partially up to you Jacob, a lot really depends on the scenario setup... Please be patient with me, I'm used to TT gaming and this is my first PbP game. Not sure how much liberty I can take with things, and how much needs to be GM-adjudicated.

No matter what you set up, I'm open for some previous interaction with other characters - Masao's complete background is in my Alias as Masao. Please feel free to build off of that if you want to have a pre-game relationship with Masao.

Any questions or comments? Please feel free to contact me via private message or by direct post.

Jacob - I'm sure everyone will want the same here, but I'm definitely up for being in a party with the cleric... ;)

I can see Fellorin having possible connections to a few characters very easily. Guess it just depends on how we end up grouping the parties. Again, Fell travels over Andoran pretty regularly. I have his backstory saying that he is returning from being stranded on the road, so I think logically the only place to put Fell would be the Aspodell Mountains. It's the only place I can see that would leave him closer to Perin's Bluff than anywhere else. Traveling through mountains takes quite a while especially when you don't want to risk the bandits you're running from to be ahead of you on the road.

I'm posted! I don't need to make changes unless you say so. Not sure if i have a chance.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I just noticed that Falcon's Hollow has a fairly large write-up in the Guide to Darkmoon Vale. I completely ignored that in what I wrote, and I don't think I'm going to bother making sure that my backstory fits with it. A couple names of people Tiberius doesn't like might change and that would be about it, if I did change stuff. And probably something about the lumber consortium.

As far as everyone else's backstories, Alvis isn't too far away, and it's known for being the home to the Andoran Alchemical Society. I think the alchemist might be able to work in being from there or something. There's also Augustana further south, or a number of towns and cities east of Perin's Bluff through the forest and over the mountains. There's also small villages and hamlets scattered throughout the nation that just don't show up on maps, I'm sure.

Like anyone else who has hit points, I'd like to be in the same party as the cleric. I also would like to be in the same party as Samant (TheChozyn), because I've RPed before with him and he was a lot of fun, as I recall. To be honest, if you were to ignore Hob Smith and split the list after me, I'd consider it to be a decent split.

Group 1: Magus, cleric, barbarian, me.
Group 2: Sorcerer, the other fighter, bard, alchemist.

The second one lacks a positive energy channeler, but bard/alch can both function as healers in a pinch, especially if the alch picks up Infusion at level 2 or makes potions of CLW (brew potions for free is fairly useful). The magus and sorc could both pick up Infernal Healing if they really wanted, especially with Cheliax so close to learn it from.

Jacob DeCourcey wrote:

We'll have to wait and see what Hob Smith does. Everyone else bolded is definitely in.

Oh, sorry - I PM'd a response to your earlier question, and was waiting on that. Updated Hob's sheet last night. I'm in!

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