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The Hunt for the Horn of Valare (Inactive)


To get the Horn, no matter the cost.

All your life you knew that you had a destiny. You felt it in your bones, in your hair, your entire being. Growing up was painful. Everyday your eyes were drawn south at random times, and as a result you suffered weird looks and exasperated sighs, at worst, a thrasing. When you were old enough, you escaped your dull life. Perhaps you were a farmer, but didnt want to till the same field. Perhaps an apprentice, but smithing failed to give you satisfaction. Or you were a nobleman's son, your days filled with ease, yet unfullfilling. Whatever your life, you escaped. You traveled south, by foot most of the time, by wagon or ship when you could afford it.
As you get closer, you read a sign. "ILLIAN". Seeing this you feel like your coming home. At first, it is a lonely road, but soon enough the path fills with others, all with the same look on their face. A whisper is spoken, slowing raising in volume. "A Hunt". A hunt for what? Unknown.
You arrive in the grand city of Illian, and bypass the sites and head to the center. The place is called "The Square of Tammaz". Others join you, talking, excited. You feel it too. You wander aimlessly, wondering what has drawn you to this moment? You are answered when a man stands atop a podium, pulls out a scroll and begins to read aloud:

To all gathered here: You stand upon the square of greatness. From here, legends are born. Legends made, and legends found. 400 years ago, the call was made, and people answered. Legends were made, but not found. It is time, the wheel wills it. The Hunt for the Horn of Valare begins again.

Cheers thunder around the square as tens of thousands proclaim the Hunt. You listen with rapt attention as the Oath is spoken, laying out your life's quest:

Upon my hope and salvation in the Light, I shall seek the Horn of Valare. I will never waiver in my quest. I will not fear should the quest become fearsome. I will find the Horn of Valare! As you say those words, a chill flows up your spine, as if you are stepping into the roll of destiny.

After the ceremony, you search about, thinking. You have no knowledge of where the Horn may be. Sure, there are stories and rumors abound, especially after the ceremony as everyone proclaims where the Horn is. But without regard, you step forward, thrusting into destiny.

The quest proves to be with hardship and burden. Your coinage stolen, beaten, accused of murder when you defend yourself, you spend more time fleeing than investigating rumor and half-truths. Soon, you feel that familar tug. Something pulling you north. It is slow going. The roads grow lawless, forcing you to spend days in saftey, for bandits prowl relentlessly. Then, suddenly, the pull shifts from the northeast to the west. You bravely step out and head west, unsure why you go that way. Making it into Amadica you begin to feel the change direction, from west, to north, and gradually east. Following it, you are able to make good time. It pulls you past Illian, and into Tear. In Tear, you witness the Stone fall, and hear the proclomation of The Dragon Reborn. Your journey doesnt end there. Haddon Mirk, Far Madding, and eventually travel to Aringill. The pull suddenly comes back, drawing you to Cairhein. You arrive just days after the Aiel free the city. You wander about, listless, and then get pulled again, this time west. You travel west until you reach Caemlyn. There, you feel a purpose. A sense that this is correct. Your time is well spent, learning, searching. The amnesty may interest you, it may not.
After a short while, you again feel the pull. Travel to Cairhein, up towards Tar Valon, then south to Far Madding again. It becomes maddening, all this travel, this incesstant pull. It isn't allowing you the opportunity to complete your quest for the Horn.
Finally, after months of travel, boots with holes, clothing torn, ragged and wanting a proper bed to sleep in, you arrive in Caemlyn. The pull no longer seems to be bouncing about. It pulls you in one direction.


Hello everyone. If you are still reading this, and have recognized the names dropped in the above introduction, then you know that this is a recruitment for a Wheel of Time adventure.

PC creation:
Level 12
attribute Point buy: 25 pts.
Max HPs
Starting wealth is 2,000 Mrk.
All items will be masterwork items, with no added cost added.

i will allow access to the netbook "under the dragons banner, but please annotate what you have taken so i can easily reference it

Access to one of the following ter'angreal
available to non channelers only
warders sword: +2
Headband of wisdom +2
Ring of Saidar or Saidan detection
Breastplate of reinforcement +2
Anklet of speed: +10 to movement
Penara's buckle (WOTRPG 298)
Dagger of Resistance (WOTRPG 296)
something from the netbook UDB, but i have final say

Channelers only
Ring of Saidar/Saidan level 1: Allows you to store Saidar or Saidan inside equal to weave level.
at character creation, roll d100 and see below
angreal 1 01-90%
angreal 2 91-98%
angreal 3 99-100%
something from the netbook UDB, but i have final say

For skills, please see my conversion found here to see which skills translate from the WOTRPG to Pathfinder.

Feats: Feats from WOTRPG are allowed. The netbook feats are allowed, please annotate for my easy reference. Feats from Pathfinder, if it fits with the setting, i will allow it. Please ask before assigning.

Weapons and armor: anything found in the netbook, WOTRPG and the pathfinder core rules is allowed. If you see something in on the pathfinder srd website, let me know and i will check it out.

Any questions, please ask.


Here is my character sheet - - Saecer is from Andor, and he served in the Caemlyn city watch for a time. His dark secret is that he's not actually as good a swordsman as his heron-mark blade would indicate - certainly he has the finesse for it, but he is built like a scarecrow, with all the strength and stamina of one. No, the reason he wins his fights is because just when he needs them to, his opponents stiffen up and his blade strikes true. When he realized that this was not luck, but channeling, he left Caemlyn and headed for the Borderlands, where he thought to fight against Shadowspawn until he died - but again, every time it looked like his luck was up he would almost channel - when there were too many to defeat, his fireball defeated them all. When he was disarmed, a flaming sword rose from his hands. No matter how many Shadowspawn he fought, he survived. And so he surrendered to the inner pull, pulling him towards Illian, where he stayed for a time, exploring the limits of his power.

He is 43 years old, but his apparent age is 33 as per the "slow aging" feature of wilders.

If you have any questions about my sheet or if I've done something wrong, please tell me.

can you give me a percentile roll to land the +1 angreal, skeward?

Isn't it Valere?

yes, it is. i didnt catch that until after i posted.

Just said I'd mention it so that you could change it later if you could. Would love to play but sadly do not have the book or a PDF. I wish you well in the gaming!

1d100 ⇒ 10

Is this still open to recruitment or has it died? If still open, I can have a character up today or tomorrow. If it has died, I shall be sad :(

sure, ill resurrect this recruitment, if theskeward is still on board for this, and if we can get 1-2 more players...

Awesome, I am thinking one of the sea traveling people(Atha'Miere?) sorry cant remember off the top of my head, a male channeler who has a very good grasp of wind and weather channeling, which is very unusual for a male. Went to joing the Black Tower for training so he would not go crazy. Still working on backstory, and will have crunch up later.
Anything you think would help with this kind of concept?

Ring of Saiden roll:
1d100 ⇒ 76

I did have a quick question on how learning weaves before hand works:
specifically, how many weaves do channelers know before the game begins? Are we assuming whatever makes sense pending your approval? Is there a set limit? The book isn't very clear on learning new weaves mechanically, it states new weaves are learned through study with a mentor or in the field after seeing it done.


I would love to make a fighter type who learns how to make power wrought weapons. Anyone point me to some source books so I can bone up on character creation?

I think it is the Age of Dreams netbook where you can select weaves to make power wrought weapons. That said, I am not positive the DM will allow it but that's up to him :P Other than that I thnk there are ways to make weapons, just not specifically power wrought weapons.

*Edit: @Rizzenmagus: Are we using the errata for the WoTRPG core book?


Only reason I brought it up was because in the most recent book Perrin was able to make a power wrought weapon with the help of Aes Sedai and Asha'man. I don't know if it was a special ability of his that allows a weapon like that to made at all or he was simply the channel for all those weaves, but either way it was not simply one side or the other. Whatever the case, WoT pbp sounds like fun.

SPOILER: On Power Wrought Weapons:
The ability to make the Power Wrought weapon was actually that of Neald's, one of the Asha'man, not Perrin. Neald was the one with the skill. The other Asha'man, the Wise One's and the Aes Sedai just provided a circle with which to sustain the amount of power needed to forge it.

(Which, as Neald is on a par to Moiraine (Old un-drained Moiraine) in Power, means that the power needed to forge it, was HUGE! (Moiraine and Siuane were the two strongest Aes Sedai, till Nyanaeve, Egwene and Elayne show up))

A character needs to be able to wield the One Power to make a Power Wrought weapon.

ok. now you guys are getting into an area that i havent read yet, at least i dont think i have. Ive read up to book 11, book 12 is on my hit list, but first i have to finish books 6-11 again, lol. Course, i am just thinking i might skip a bit and do book 12.

Sorry for the Spoiler then. I assumed since you were planning on running the game that you had read till Towers of Midnight! Sorry for that.

Its fine. i know others are at different levels in reading, but itll be fine.

So who is still up for an adventure?

I've been trying to download the PDF of the WoTRpg but I can not seem to find one that will work so, I think I am out. Pity. I love the WoT!

i can help. check your email.


Think you could shoot me that as well? I would totally be down for warder or asha'man or aes sedai.

what time and day will this game be?

be or begin?

i typed be so it will be "be" like to start next week thursday.

is this play by post or actually online?

I believe it is play by post. That is why the GM is confused.

play by post, yes

so what classes are missing? I do like playing barbarian/fighter types. I have also wanted to try my hand at a sorcerer.

It is the Wheel of Time... No Barbs / Sorcerer!

Still making characters?

Yup! Trying to plan how to do it correctly!

anyone need help?

Not at the moment but when it comes to weaves, I might!

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