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The Forgotten Forge (Inactive)

Game Master Doctor Hopeless

6 part Adventure Path through DnD's Eberron campaign setting.

Character Creation:

  • Start Level One Levels will be given out as the adventure path progresses. Start with full HP for your first Hit Die, I'd rather not see any wizards roll a 1 on their measly d4.
  • Standard DnD Classes Including those offered in the Eberron setting. Nothing from a campaign setting other than Eberron, and please source any non-core classes, races, abilities, etc. in character submission.
  • Most Races Allowed Since Eberron is a world where hobgoblins and kobolds are 'citizens' the same as humans and elves, I'm fairly open to 'monstrous' races. Keep them +0 LA and no racial HD, please.
  • Starting Equipment Will be average on GP for classes (Fighter is 150, Wizard is 75, etc)
  • Ability Scores Will Be Rolled Scroll down a bit, I'll explain
  • 3PP Disallowed By default. Cite a specific book and feature, and I'll take a look and decide on a yes or no.

Ability Scores:

I'm a fan of rolling for ability scores, but things don't always work out for players who roll low, so here's the way we'll do it:
Roll 4d6, drop the lowest roll Repeat 6 times. Keep those 6 numbers in a set, and then roll the set again. You'll get the choice of either of the 2 sets of 6 ability scores. If either set qualifies for a re-roll, go ahead and re-roll the set and then take your choice. A set qualifies for a re-roll if the total modifier is +0 or lower (before racial adjustment) or if you have no score above 13 (before racial adjustment)
Example Rolls:
Set 1: 7, 12, 15, 10, 16, 11 (These would stay, and I'd probably use them for my character)
Set 2: 6, 4, 13, 13, 12, 10 (I'd scrap these and roll a second set of scores.)

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