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SeanDM's Return to Brim

Game Master Mur

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Some Useful Information:
The world is divided into three regions: Siberys (known as "The Dragon Above"), Eberron ("The Dragon Between"), and Khyber ("The Dragon Below"). Siberys contains twelve visible moons and a glowing golden ring that circles the planet and provides faint light most nights. Khyber is the underdark realm, the root of nightmares and most evil things that crawl up from the ground. Eberron is the material realm... Magic is a part of everything.

You are currently located in Karholm. This is a small town, a blip in the foothills of the Ironroot Mountains just northeast of Irontown -- Karholm is small enough that it is not found on many maps and only locals would recognize the name. It is on the edge of Karrnath's kingdom, bordering the dwarven lands of the Mror Holds.

A little bit of general knowledge about Karrnath: It is a fiercely proud land, it has a strong military tradition (all citizens must serve at least 2 years), it is one of the oldest human kingdoms in Khorvaire (the continent you are on). Towns tend to be a bit on the dark and somber side, built for military purposes; tombs and war statuary are common -- picture fantasy versions of Eastern European/Russian towns (or at least American-movie versions of Eastern European/Russian towns! lol). Magic is strong in Karranth, it has one of Khorvaire's most premier Arcane Institutes. And Undead are Everywhere -- Karrnathi use undead as soldiers, guards, and laborers... but not all Kharrnathi undead are good!

You are mercenaries hired by House Tharashk, your employer's name is Lorbask Torrn, a large half-orc in charge of the House's interests in the region (and a member of one of the ruling clans of House Tharashk, so he's well connected and somewhat politically powerful). You have direct contact with a minotaur named Codrus -- he has a small dragonmark of finding (the mark of House Tharashk) along his right horn. Cordus seems to be a skilled ranger, generally level-headed and calm, but displays a terrible attitude to all non-house members (typical minotaur behavior).

Click on your name to read more information about events that surround you being here:

One note about your Diety. Ioun does not exist in Eberron, two close concepts to Ioun would be: Io (god of magic and knowledge) or Chronepsis (god of Fate and prophesy). Both are notable constellations in the sky, and both are considered to be Greater Gods of the Dragons of Argennessen. They are not generally worshipped by mortals, but I think it would be cool to have you follow one of them -- it would be a really interresting twist in your character (if you want a traditional mortal god, we can pick one of those out too -- Most humans (mortals) follow the Sovereign Host).
As an Invoker, you have a direct connection to your god (you do not pray like a cleric or paladin). You are actually a small manifestion of his power (don't tell any dragons that, it would not be well received!).
Since your latest incarnation and introduction to being an Invoker, you have been pulled to the Northeast. You have a feeling that your god wants you to follow this path. If you believe in Fate, then everything has already been decided that you should be in this place at this time... if you do not follow Fate, then you are simply following your god's will.

Your search for House Cannith information has lead you past the Mournlands, into Karrnath, and deep into the Northeast. You know that Terris D'Cannith, a low-ranking maker in the House, is in the area looking for something... A few months back a warforged named Spike gave you Terris's name. Terris has some connection to your warforged past. You've followed the trail here to learn more.

Since your rebirth, you have been touring the Kingdom of Karrnath, honing your skills. You just recently found the House Tharashk's calling. The first time you saw the posting for adventurers you had a sense of Deja Vu. The first time you walk into the Finders Guild and see Codrus the feeling repeats. There may be some connection to your past, it may be something to do with the forces that raised you, or it may just be you're paranoid!

Would you have served in the Karrnath army? You mentioned your master made you a slave-fighter, would any of this have translated to a military position before or after? Just curious if you would like to have some notariety or connection to Karrnath's Army.
Storywise, the first time you saw the posting for adventurers your mind ached. It is a similar feeling to the first time you were taught to use your powers, like something awakening... it's momentary and fleeting, but very curious - something to file in the back of your mind for later.

The Finders Guild (a guild sponsored by House Tharashk) has put out a general call for help. Basically, a want-ad for adventurers in the area. It promises a small purse of coins, a mild amount of danger, and just the right amount of excitement that you've been looking for. Details are sketchy in the "job posting", but you know that it involves helping a group of Finders get through an underground digsite. For each of your own reasons, you have responded to a general call for help from the posting and have made your way to Karholm.

You have shown up on the posted date. It's been raining for the past week (not uncommon in this area). You are soaked, the town is gloomy, and there is a general feeling that something is about to happen, like the feeling right before a lightning storm.

The dark purplish moon Dolurrh has hung in the sky prominant above its brothers since the rains started.

It is midday late in the month of Barrakas (roughly August-ish).

You are in a room with about 10 other adventurers (not counting your fellows). Codrus looms at the front of the room talking with a guild page and waiting for any last minute adventurers to wander in.

Two things:
1) Which of you know each other prior to this moment and how? Have you been traveling together long or just for the trip from Irontown to Karholm (just long enough to learn each other's names or long enough to be strong friends)?
2) Does anyone want to do any actions? Make checks? Or do we sit patiently and wait for Codrus?

Male Changeling Artificer

I would of reveald my origin only to characters I might of adventured with(Most likley Rive or Katsuye because they have been around longer). I would conceal my origin from this meeting of course taking the form of a gruff human with no noticeable mark or features. Maybe a stuble to make him look battle worn and enough facial features to not seem too obvious.

As Aurr tries to dry himself from the rain. He gazes breifly at the moon. It stirs an old memory but he push it away. This is the best lead he's had in some time. He tries to focus and look for some allies. He is going to need them...


Possible connection:
Aurr would defintely feel some kinship for the Revenant/asaasin Katsuye because of their common goal of finding out what really happened to their lives. The only diffrence is Aurr remebers much of his. Maybe Aurr offered his services to help finding out more about Katsuye life in exchange for her skills as an assasin? She may may of turned him down but he probably tried again with a different face.

Possible connection:
Aurr defintely knows of Rive because of his battle prowess. I would like to think that they have met Rive previously in some way. Aurr would respect Rive's loyaulty to his companions making him a trutworthy ally.

Possible connection:
Aurr probably just met Atreos on the way to Karholm. He would at least of introduced himself and been good natured. Aurr would be curious of who you are and what you are doing here but not in an annoying way.

Aurr would scan the room and look for a particulary impatient adventurer sitting. He would quickly changes his face to a younger and engage in a conversation with him to try to find out more about the assignment and why so many men.

Hello friend! Enjoying the rain??? I hope the coin is worth it for getting us all here!!! Have you heard anything about this Cordus and what he is leading us into?

Diplomacy roll to talk and get information out of this guy 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (4) + 8 = 12

Ah crap! That is not a good roll...

@Aurr: Ouch... first roll is a four, no worries you've got a good bonus and a 12 isn't that bad of a result for 1st level. Oh! And I like your connections to the other players, especially Rive who seemed prone to loyal companions in his bio and Katsuye who seems to want to find answers. Nice

Aurr's new face may have seemed out of place to the fellow in the guildhall (low roll). But he quickly warms to Aurr's presence. "I've heard this Cordus is one of Tharashk's best trackers in the area. He generally only goes for the really shiney items and shards. Not sure what he's got planned, but when I heard House Tharashk was hirin' I came runnin! Figure there's got to be something worth finding, if'n they're going after it."

He seems genuinely interrested in treasure and convinced that House Tharashk only hunts the best treasures.

Anyone else? ... generally it's a slow start to these while everybody finds their posting pattern...

Male Deva Invoker

"Greetings, Dark One. I do not mind the rain for I have been in worse climes, however, the violet moon still shines despite the rains. I would expect nothing less in a dismal place like this."

"As for the coins, I hope this meager pay will help me with my quest."

Atreos removes his drenched hood from his head, takes a seat near the nearest heat source, and orders a beverage.

An adventuring dwarf that must have shown up for the job snorts in a gruff voice, "Addled giant, he thinks e's in a tavern." Then shocked as if just hit by something, he turns to Atreos, "Actually, if ya find a drink in 'ere, count me in. All this rain makes me thirsty..."

You're located in a guildhall. A simple empty storefront for gathering finders together. It's most likely an old home that has been vacated for House Tharashk's purposes. It will be a short while longer while you wait for whoever may be showing up for Codrus's summons.

@Atreos - do you want to do any actions? Skill checks? Or are you content to wait it out?
When you make a post, right below your post window - on the right, you have the Preview/Cancel/Submit buttons, on the left you have a line that reads:
"Post As Scott Rettelle", it's a drop down menu, you can make it choose to have you post as Areos (something you'll have to do with each post for now).

Male Human Level 1 Battlemind

Rive steps in from the rain and scans the room. He assesses each of the others, skeptical, still wondering whether any of them would be worth saving in a pinch. He lingers on Katsuye -- not for Bide-esque or Erik-esque reasons, but because he senses in her someone who could give him a good fight. He recognizes Aurr -- and moves over to him.

So. Which of these would you say are going to get us killed when we're up to our eyeballs in sh*t?

Male Deva Invoker

Having no luck with finding a drink. Atreos stands to one side of the room then takes a drink out of wineskin wondering how many more finders are going to show in this weather?

Atreos takes no actions.

Rive, did you want to make a Perception or Insight (or both) check to actually eyeball the other people in the room, or was that a rhetorical question?

As the group of adventurers filter into the room, Codrus calls one more House Aid to the front and issues some last minute instructions. The large minotaur appears that he may soon start the meeting.

It looks like he will start the "meeting" today after I get home from work. lol

Male Changeling Artificer

Aurr smiles at Rive, gets up and says "Only you Rive!!!"

Aurr moves closer to Rive (Not for Eric-esque or Bide-esque reasons ) and says "but I heard this Cordus is one of the best trackers around. Whatever kinds of treasure we are hunting we are in for a good fight and hopefully a greater reward!"

Female Revenant Assassin 2

Katsuye's hood is pushed back enough so as to appear relaxed in the atmosphere. She watches Cordus closely (she bites her lip in a human way that contrasts with her decidedly not-human face) but does not fail to notice Rive's entrance and makes brief eye contact with him before returning to her study of the minotaur. The long black nails of her right hand tap restlessly on her knee.

I don't know if you would allow this but Katsuye would have come in early to do her homework. I'd like to do a roll or two to see how comfortable I feel with the locale and anything I can find on Cordus. I don't read people well so it would have been a study from the shadows...streetwise maybe? I will also roll perception.

streetwise - 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (7) + 8 = 15
perception - 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (8) - 1 = 7

@ Aurr:
Are you wearing a face that Katsuye would have seen before?

Katsuye is still shaken by her feelings of deja vu and cannot seem to focus on the details in the room (perception failed). But after having spent a bit of time in Karholm and doing a bit of "urban research" you have found that Codrus is indeed a good tracker, he is well trusted by Lorbask Torrn (the head of House Tharashk in the area). Codrus tends to go after the "big fish" for the House so something important must be at stake. He doesn't trust outsiders and has a temper. It does seem strange that they are hiring help, so either the job is too hard for Tharashk alone or they need a rush on it.

You find three other unconfirmed rumors in town:

For Katsuye:

1) Farmer Teglose has been having trouble at his farm - some trouble with "monsters" or "cave slime" or mayeb he just lost his plow...
2) House Cannith has been sighted in the area -- not the normal tinkerers that fix/improve the magic items in town, but the book-wormy type maybe doing research?
3) Thrane (a "rival" kingdom to the South) has spies lurking in town.

-The Meeting Begins-

Now that everyone has arrived and you take stock of the room, there are just over a dozen adventurers (not counting you), about 4 guild workers/pages, a few guards bearing the Orange Manitcore emblem of House Tharashk, and Codrus. It seems that Codrus is done waiting and has finished whatever last minute business he was conducting.

Codrus steps to the front of the room and his size alone commands most people's attention. Once all the side conversation has ended he begins speaking in his deep, rumbly voice:

"Blessed be Balinor's beasts and the blades of Dol Dorn..."

It appears to be a prayer/rite dedicated to the Sovereign Host. Most people in the room seem to know the rite and begin to follow along and respond at the correct times.

Aurr, you worship the Sovereign Host. You have no trouble following along -- it is a simple/common prayer (you can make a simple Religion check if you want to know more).
Everyone else (Rive, your religion isn't listed ??), you need to do one of the following:
- a DC 15 Religion check to see if you know the rite/prayer and can follow it, if you choose.
- a Bluff check to see if you can fake it (the better the result... the better the fake/timing).
- do nothing and not repeat the prayer/rite.

ALSO. Everyone can make one of the following:
- Perception check to see what's going on in the room.
- Insight check to see what the general attitude/feelings in the room.
- Make the above checks against specific targets (an easier DC, but you need to name your target(s) - like other adventurers or guild pages or ...)

Female Revenant Assassin 2

bluff - 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (16) + 8 = 24

Katsuye settles into her cloak, letting her hood fall more forward. She joins the prayer/rite with enough grace to be convincing but not so much zeal to draw attention.

@ DM:
I would be most interested in watching the following people in this order:
1. Anyone that I think to be a part of rumor #3 (if no one is here or I don't have reason to believe someone is, move to #2)
2. the last person to speak to Codrus
3. Rive

perception 1 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (5) - 1 = 4
perception 2 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (14) - 1 = 13
perception 3 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (16) - 1 = 15

Male Halfling Warlock / 2

My page is all set up but I'm not sure how to add it into the game. I wasn't able to change my avatar name so although my mb alias is Cog my main avatar is still listed as Wolfwhisker which I made when I set up my account. Looking forward to getting into the game.

Cog! Glad you made it. Read through the posts... you'll need to make a couple of skill checks at the end.
Also some information just for you (click to read):

Your natural connection to the land's spirits and the stars' strange powers makes you uniquely open to prophecy and portents. It was about 2 months ago, when you were wandering the northern grasslands of your home (the Talenta Plains) when signs began to point you to Karrnath. There is something important about "a life reborn" <-- you're not sure what it is, but you've taken the journey north to learn more.

Male Halfling Warlock / 2

*shortly before the meeting starts you all see a cloaked halfling who none of you have met enter the guild hall, who looks as though he's been traveling long and not spent many nights if any under a roof. He makes no attempts to shake off the rain and simply pulls back his hood and moves slowly to the edge of the room. After scanning the room for a short time he walks over to the dwarf.*

"Nice to find the path of another I don't have to hurt my neck to look in the eyes. What is the local word my friend?

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (7) + 4 = 11

*as Cordus starts speaking Cog quickly picks up with the group and recites the rest of the rite*

1d20 + 5 ⇒ (20) + 5 = 25

1d20 + 0 ⇒ (6) + 0 = 6

1d20 + 5 ⇒ (11) + 5 = 16

*following Cordus*

Insight towards travelers
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (5) + 5 = 10

Insight towards guild members/those associated with the speaker
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (5) + 5 = 10

@Cog: Clearly the dwarf is too consumed with thinking of drinking after Atreos got him started... he doesn't want to talk to you (low Diplomacy roll).

Katsuye does a great job following the group and without missing a beat is able to keep up with the prayer (maybe a little too well, perhaps your previous life was a follower of the Sovereign Host?). Cog knows the rite and follows well (PS, We'll have to change your deity -- that's a standard 4E god not an Eberron one... I'll email you, but the Sovereign Host is a good choice -- there are a few deities in it that correspond to Malora).

Still waiting on prayer rolls from Atreos and Rive (and Aurr if he wants)

I'll also wait on the results of the perception/insight checks till Atreos, Aurr, and Rive go.
Only one check Percpetion OR Insight allowed -- Cog, I'll use your best one (the general insight check on the room) -- Kat, I'll be using your #2 one, the last person to speak to Codrus was a guild page -- you're eyeballing him... it will take more time to find people that fit into your #1 category -- nobody is overtly displaying Thrane's colors/devices (it will require more skill checks later on to identify anyone).

Atreos - waiting on prayer roll and perception/insight check
Aurr - waiting on prayer roll (if he wants) and perception/insight check
Cog - knew the prayer, 16 insight on the room
Katsuye - bluffed the prayer, 13 percep on a guild page (and she's checking out Rive I don't think in a Bide-esque way)
Rive - waiting on prayer roll and perception/insight check

Male Changeling Artificer


Current face:
His current face is that of a rugged and handsome human. It is one of his favorite face and it never really seems to stand out. You have seen him before trying to hire your skills. Specfically towards trying to infiltrate a House Cannith factory but the conversation was most likly interreupted by pursuing guards and I had leave in a hurry!

Aurr follow the prayer. His thoughts drift towards his "father" and hopes he is still alive.

Religion 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (7) + 4 = 11

Aurr bows his head and follows in silence.
He tries to discern any specific meaning in the prayer and to see which values he is invoking. Perception roll below. If the prayer mentions a lot about Protection and Valor that probably means a lot of danger and fighting?

Perception 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (18) + 7 = 25

Aurr looks at the crowd following the chants with an a passive stare.

Aurr also scans the room for any House Cannith symbols or markings on anyone there.

Perception 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27

Insight 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 19

Man I got some nice rolls there!

Aurr's thoughts of his father cloud him from learning anything significant from the prayer/rite. It is a common enough combination of simple prayers to The Hunter and The Warrior, so he is still able to easily follow it (low Religion roll -- you automatically follow it as a worshipper, but learn nothing new). Aurr also scans the room for signs of House Cannith or the Gorgon Heraldry, and is fairly certain that he finds none.

Cog (a fellow Host worshipper) reads more into the prayer (high Religion roll - natural 20 baby!):

for Cog:

Balinor is the god of the Hunt, the patron god of rangers, woodsmen, and bounty hunters. The prime deity of House Tharashk. Very common to be invoked before a Finders Guild mission.
Dol Dorn is the Warrior. If he is being invoked, then Codrus expects a fight; possibly a big one.
With your high roll you note: It's not too hard to follow the mixture of the two dieties' prayers, but it is a bit odd. Generally you wouldn't need to mix the two gods together - Codrus is clearly a follower of the Host, but he may have other motives for the prayer...

Atreos - waiting on prayer roll and perception/insight check
Aurr - knew the prayer, 27 (nat. 20) perception on the room
Cog - knew the prayer, 16 insight on the room
Katsuye - bluffed the prayer, 13 percep on a guild page
Rive - waiting on prayer roll and perception/insight check

PS... A few posts ago, I had my House Tharashk Device wrong; its Heraldry is a Dragonne, not a Manticore ---- wrong house :( Classic mixup.

Male Halfling Warlock / 2

based on what I read into Cordus from the rite, i.e. the hidden message you posted for me, do I have any sense of whether it would be related to the impending mission or alterior personal motives? if necessary then here is a specific Insight roll based on that particular thought if not already discerned


1d20 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 5 = 13

Male Halfling Warlock / 2

I updated Cog's profile with his description, background and characteristics. I'm not sure if they are accessible by the dm or anyone else but I can send them in an email if folks are interested and can't see them here. I'm still not sure what all can be done on this site but I'm getting into the swing. Have a good one and get those posts in, I wanna nuke some shiznit! hehe

Female Revenant Assassin 2
Cog wrote:
I updated Cog's profile with his description, background and characteristics. I'm not sure if they are accessible by the dm or anyone else...

I clicked on your picture and got to your page just fine. I did not see your description/background.

Katsuye wrote:
Cog wrote:
I updated Cog's profile with his description, background and characteristics. I'm not sure if they are accessible by the dm or anyone else...
I clicked on your picture and got to your page just fine. I did not see your description/background.

Dave, you added it to your Wolfwhisker page profile and not Cog's...

Male Halfling Warlock / 2

Bah! For the love of Melora's teet!

Ok, I did a cut and paste kindergarten style and it should be set to Cog now. Thanks and enjoy! hehe

My apologies for the late post!

Rive leans up against the wall, watching the rite with a very slight sneer on his lips. From what the world's shown him, only a man's own strength and that of his friends has any real power to protect. Religion is magic for fools.

As the rite continues, he scans the room, trying to sort out who he might know from elsewhere, as well as trying to divine the purpose of this ritual nonsense.

Streewise: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15
Insight: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22

Rive clearly stands apart from the prayer/rite -- the look on his face is clear that it's not the particular religion that he objects to, but all religion (an important distinction to some in the room).
Han Solo's :"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid." Comes to mind.

Streetwise is generally used after about an hour spent wandering the streets and talking with locals... We'll say you did that prior to coming into the guildhouse for Codrus's meeting.

Rive, after your successful urban research (and maybe a little mental pushing of the locals?) you have found much of the same information as Katsuye: Codrus is indeed a good tracker, he is well trusted by Lorbask Torrn (the head of House Tharashk in the area). Codrus tends to go after the "big fish" for the House so something important must be at stake. Something different you find: Codrus is only moderately religious -- he offers prayers to his patron god, Balinor... but not much else that you've heard... so this prayer rite is a bit odd (you'll learn more with your insight roll later).

Rive you also learn that a wandering halfling is in the area (Cog) and he is a reliable arcanists and tribal ritualist. You hear that he would make a valuable ally in combat. (Giving you a reason to add him to the group... lol)

You find three other unconfirmed rumors in town:

For Rive:

1) House Cannith is working on some large magical device that will revolutionize farming in the area.
2) Jhorash'tar Orcs have been spotted not too far south 'causing trouble.
3) Thrane (a "rival" kingdom to the South) has spies lurking in town.

Atreos - waiting on prayer roll and perception/insight check
Aurr - knew the prayer, 27 (nat. 20) perception on the room
Cog - knew the prayer, 16 insight on the room
Katsuye - bluffed the prayer, 13 percep on a guild page
Rive - decided to not fake it, 22 insight on Codrus's intentions

I'll give Atreos till this evening and then I run through everyone's results on their checks and get this party moving -- gotta kill something soon :)

Female Revenant Assassin 2
Cog wrote:
Ok, I did a cut and paste kindergarten style and it should be set to Cog now.

Nice! I can't wait to see how the Star Pact plays out. I've only ever played Infernal

Check results:

Aurr: You quickly note most of the details of the room. There are exactly 15 other adventurers, of those 15 a few look rather accomplished. One in particular, a half-elf, sees your gaze and returns it coolly - he gives a wicked smile and continues with the prayer... Most all of the 15 adventurers follow along with the rite, except two -- the two try their best to mimic it (though you can tell that both find it a bit distasteful).

Cog: The room is rather antsy. Hoping to get this meeting started. You get the feeling that some members in the room are faking the rite (you don't know who... it's just a feeling of angst in the room).

Katsuye: You notice that the guild page is bearly following the prayer rite. Instead he is busy watching everyone in the room and taking a few subtle notes on his note pad. He may be counting you-all or he may be making notes as to your effectiveness in the coming bussiness.

Rive: Codrus appears to be acting like your last teacher. Like he's testing you somehow. He is only half-heartedly into the religious rite, he is more concerned with monitoring the people in the room. He's not lying, but he does seem to be holding something back (like a teacher that purposefully says the wrong answer in hopes that his student will correct him...) By the way, Codrus also notices *YOU* noticing him. He does NOT seem angry with your refusal to pray, but he does note it.

Atreos: remains quietly drinking from his wine skin (making a nearby dwarf daydream about his own brew left at home)
Atreos: I'll assume one of two results and you can fill us in when you get the chance. Either 1) You have a good enough religon score, so you would probably roll well enough to know and follow the rite if you wish; or 2) you choose not to follow a foreign gods' prayer and remain silent like Rive. Either way, it won't have an effect immediately, so we can fill-in later.

"... Let the Host watch over us." Codrus finishs.
"And now to business: Earlier this week, a traveling emissary of Karrnath happened off the normal path and right into an Jhorash'tarn ambush. He must have run for cover while his bodygaurds bought him time. He fell into some ruins and witnessed some sort of Device that was powering an unknown portal. Martush, the emissary, sent word via House Cannith to the Karrnathi Crown; Karrnath has asked House Tharashk to find this device and investigate this portal."

"Based on Martush's last communication we are aware of the device's general location, but our miners and hunters have uncovered four possible enterances. Divination has failed to reveal which is the best course, so we will attempt to cover all of them -- that's why you are here. I will set up a base camp and lead a few of you into what we think is the best of the four tunnels. The rest of you will be split into groups and giving a map to your locations."

"Be aware. We were not the first to learn of this Device. House Cannith relayed the information to the Karrnathi Crown, and being what it is who knows what those tinkers have planned or how many others now know of this portal device. So you may have company. Do what you can to persuade other competetors from getting the device. The device is located in Karrnath territory and they have commissioned us to get it back for them -- keep that in mind; know who your employers are."

"Finally, you will be very close to the Mror Holds and the Ironroot Mountains. You may have rival dwarven clans, Jhorash'tar Orcs, or any number of unknown terrors in the area. Be prepared at all times. Neither the Kingdom of Karrnath nor House Tharashk can afford to send in enough guards to clear the area of dangers. If you are too weak-willed to face those dangers please leave now."

"Any questions?"

Codrus is willing to answer any questions you have.
He also begins to have a guild page break the room into groups.

Your group will consist of the party and two others - a guild page and a house guard (who will mostly be using his actions to protect the guild page), don't expect much in combat from him.
Each member will be paid 5gp upon returning, and an additional 10 to 20gp for information on Martush, information on the device or portal, or the device itself.
You can keep anything you find, unless it is deamed part of the portal device. AND Successful completion of your mission will also earn you positive reputation with House Tharashk and the Kingdom of Karrnath.
You will be departing immediately, but still have some time to gather any extra supplies you may need or ask questions of Codrus.
Also feel free to share information with each other.

That being said I need some rolls (Choose One):
- Endurance to help the group negotiate the wilds without getting caught up in hazards (loose rock, cold nights, whatever...)
- Nature to help guild the group
- Perception to help notice trails
- misc... another skill not listed here, but you'll need to have a good way to use the skill and the DC will probably be higher.
Too many failures and you lose healing surges or may take penalties in your first combat, enough successes and you may just surprise any trouble that's up ahead! ;)
Go ahead and decide your rolls...

Male Human Level 1 Battlemind

What do you know of the others who might be hunting the device? What are their capabilities? I like to know what I'm going to be dealing with before dancing the blades....

Rive is looking for any specific intelligence on any of the factions -- kinds of warriors, magic-types, and so on. what classes are we likely to encounter? He'll also roll Endurance to help keep us alive in the wilderness.

Endurance 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (9) + 8 = 17

Male Deva Invoker

Endurance: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (7) + 5 = 12

Atreos stands up, clears his throat (from the wine) and says.

Also, how will be getting there and how far is the journey?

Rive wrote:
What do you know of the others who might be hunting the device? What are their capabilities? I like to know what I'm going to be dealing with before dancing the blades....

"Use that grey mass between your ears human, I can't tell you more than I have."

Codrus has hinted that House Cannith knows about it. Based on your insight roll on him earlier, you know that he doesn't want to say more (openlyg hiring random adventurers in public to hit House Cannith might be bad for politics). House Cannith uses lots of mages and arcane craftsmen.
There may be others involved too... he's not lying on that one, the information may have leaked to any number of Houses or Kingdoms. But you guess that he's probably most concerned with House Cannith.
Codrus also mention rival dwarven clans and Jhorash'tar Orcs -- you're heading close to Dwarven Territory, you never know which clan of dwarves you'll encounter (good/Bad/indifferent); the Jhorash'tarn are savage and tribal orcs, they kill all outsiders on sight (and then eat them).

Atreos wrote:
Also, how will we be getting there and how far is the journey?

"Unless you have other means, we can lend you a horse and cart -- it won't be comfortable, but that's not my concern... and provided you slugs don't get lost in the woods you should be to your destination in a day."

The cart is a glorified plank of wood on wheels... mostly used by farmers and miners to transport goods... but it will get you through the land faster. The time of your journey depends on your skill rolls.

Rive is able to prep the group for the journey ahead of them (1 success). Atreos uses his limitless supply of knowledge to help the group over common road-blocks (2 successes).

I think your endurance check is +6 (based on your character sheet). You still succeed with the result you showed, a +6 just makes you that much higher!

The rest still need to choose one of the following:
- No more Endurance checks allowed -- this skill is closed
- Nature to help guild the group
- Perception to help notice trails
- misc... another skill not listed here, but you'll need to have a good way to use the skill and the DC will probably be higher.
Too many failures and you lose healing surges or may take penalties in your first combat, enough successes and you may just surprise any trouble that's up ahead! ;)

We need a few more rolls...

Female Revenant Assassin 2

Katsuye adjusts her cloak to shield more of her face as the groups get broken down and people move closer together. She says little, prefering to listen to others.

Katsuye would know that she'd be no good to anyone in pointing out a footpath. She's a little lost outside of an urban setting and she would try to bluff her way through it and make it seem like she's giving a helpful response. She would back up anyone that seems to have a good idea.

Bluff 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (4) + 8 = 12

Katsuye tries the old "Do you concur?" move from Catch Me If You Can NICE use of an unlisted skill! I like it!

Katsuye does a good job disguising her lack of knowledge of the wilderness, and comes across as helpful. But the party doesn't seem to gain any benefit from it (had you rolled higher, the next person would have gotten a +2 skill bonus, as is, I won't call this a failure b/c you did roll a DC 12, but it's not defined as a "success" either... it's a "push"/a "tie" - no effect.)

BUT Since Katsuye does a good job bluffing her way through the group, saying nothing, but sounding good at it (I imagine a psychologist, asking open-ended questions, not saying anything but getting the patient to talk a lot), two more skill open up as the group begins to talk through thier journey.

(2 successes gained, 2 to go)

The rest still need to choose one of the following:
- No more Endurance checks allowed -- this skill is closed
- Nature to help guild the group
- Perception to help notice trails
- History to recall the past events of the region and possible geographical significance (High DC 14)
- Arcana to sense a possible trail of the device (High DC 14)
- misc... another skill not listed here, but you'll need to have a good way to use the skill and the DC will probably be higher.

Male Halfling Warlock / 2

Cog would use his ritual casting to supply a safe campsite on the first night.

*Create Campsite*
1d20 + 0 ⇒ (20) + 0 = 20

Cog will also use his Arcane senses to try and sense the trail of the device.

1d20 + 7 ⇒ (11) + 7 = 18

Male Halfling Warlock / 2

I would like to swap trained skills if I can Sean. I would like to swap religion for nature. I think it meshes better with Cog's background and lends more to his ritual casting. I wanted to wait until after the check roll for the ritual though. What do you think?

Cog is able to get a faint trace of either the portal or the device or maybe even power House Cannith Magic... Whatever it is that he senses, he is able to guide the group a bit closer through the woods.

@Cog's Skills:
Go for it. I agree it fits a bit better with his herritage and many rituals do require Nature rolls, so good plan -- plus, I think the group was missing Nature as a trained skill. Good plan.

As for the campsite ritual, I'll give you guys a bonus in your first fight to represent the easy travels and good restful nights that Cog provides

(3 successes gained, 1 to go ... Aurr, it's all you!)

The rest still need to choose one of the following:
- No more Endurance checks allowed -- this skill is closed
- Nature to help guild the group
- Perception to help notice trails
- History to recall the past events of the region and possible geographical significance (High DC 14)
- No more Arcana checks allowed -- this skill is closed
- misc... another skill not listed here, but you'll need to have a good way to use the skill and the DC will probably be higher.

Male Changeling Artificer

Aurr greatly enjoys the trip with his fellow adventures. He tries to be the "life of the party" and tries to talk to everyone. This includes gathring wood for the fire and using his keen senses on the trail

Perception 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11 Ouch! Not so good!

Aurr tries to recal any historical information here that could help since House Cannith is invovled.

History 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (11) + 4 = 15 Just made that one!

Aurr tries to entertain and remove any doubt between party members (if there were any) by telling stories or just all around trying to interesting to the party.
I would like to use Diplomcay to help with the party cohesion as to remove less doubt or mistrust between anyone and maybe gives us an edge in combat and such

Diplomacy 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (7) + 8 = 15

Aurr begins to lead the group a bit off trail (1 failed perception), but after considering what he remembers of the area he is able to get you back on track (final success).

Aurr does a nice job trying to knit the group together (high Diplomacy), it would be a good excuse for how the party knows each-other's backstories -- if you haven't read each other's stories, now would be a good time.

So after a day and a half of travel the group nears their assigned enterance. You are in the foothills of the Ironroot Mountains. The rain stopped this morning but it has left the ground soaked, and you don't expect the clear skies to last. You are well rested and have found the travel easy enough.

The group ends the challenge with 4 successes, 1 failure, and 1 push/tie (not a failure/not a success). Based on the outcome, you will get one surprise round in the first combat encounter. Based on Cog's help, everyone will ALSO start the encounter with 3 temp hp! Whoohoo!

The sparse woods you have been traveling through opens into a grassy clearing, marked with a few trees and puddles from the rain. A fog clings to the north end, you enter from the south, and in the middle of the clearing is a group of orcs. They are clearly a raid group of 7 Jhorash'tar Orcs. They have a camp set up and seem intent on ambushing whoever is coming in search of the messanger/device/portal (located off map to the north).

Roll Initiative!

Orc Soldier 1
Orc Soldier 2
Orc Soldier 3
Orc Soldier 4
Orc Savage 1
Orc Savage 2
Orc Shaman

I'll upload the map this afternoon when I get home to post it.
In the meantime, I'll need general marching orders -- who's in front, who's in back...
You can also indicate any checks you want to make before combat begins.

Male Changeling Artificer

Intiative 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (19) + 0 = 19 Woohoo!

Assuming we were moving single file, Aurr would probably of been in second place. I am guessing Rive would be first. A lot of my powers work only within a burst of 5 squares so I would stay close to the group but not in the back.

Aurr sees the orc camp ahead and starts taking a quick inventory of his ammo and devices. Aurr whispers to the group "Let's make quick work of them. The sooner we are finshed, the better we can find out what House Cannith is up to!"

Male Halfling Warlock / 2

Cog was happy interacting with the group on the journey. It has been quite some time since he has shared company. He was drawn to Aurr's stories and has taken interest in his abilities. He would have shared some personal stories of his past and the abilities he has cultivated and continues to pursue. He would have been candid but honest, and finding a small group of fellow adventurers who can further his journeys in ways he could not alone would intrigue him.

Upon seeing the Orcs, he quietly tells the group he is most effective fighting furthest from melee combat but not to worry as he will not abandon them. He clutches his staff and prepares for combat uttering some words softly to himself (in Primordial speech).

1d20 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 2 = 19

Cog will approach at the back of the group being as quiet as possible

1d20 + 2 ⇒ (13) + 2 = 15

Female Revenant Assassin 2

You would have learned from the short journey that Katsuye does not say much. Her red pupils and still face make her seem distant and so she nods occasionally to show that she is listening. She also fidgets when things are too quiet...she tends to start twirling her khopesh.

At the first sign of combat, Katsuye would instinctively drop to a crouch and begin communicating with hand signals.

Katsuye assumes that people understand her. She would move to the side (west?) of the group and head for a shadowed area.

Stealth 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (18) + 11 = 29

Initiative 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (12) + 4 = 16

Map is loaded (follow the link at the bottom)

On the map, up is North.
Anything green is grass and fine to travel.
Blue (water) are puddles and DIFFICULT TERRIAN.
Trees create cover (if the square is completely "treed" it is impassible).
At the northern side of the map is a lite fog, it creates concealment (Soldier4 is in the fog).


Cog 19
Aurr 19
Katsuye 16
Atreos -- needs initiative
Rive ---- needs initiative

I'll roll these after...
Orc Soldier 1
Orc Soldier 2
Orc Soldier 3
Orc Soldier 4
Orc Savage 1
Orc Savage 2
Orc Shaman

<< MAP -- click here>>
You may have to enlarge the window and click on the image to make it larger... I'm still looking for another way to upload and share maps.
Also, if you're curious about where you are, you can follow
<<this link>> to see a map of Khorvaire and your current (rough) location -- this is a different site for uploading images... which is better?

Male Human Level 1 Battlemind

Sorry! During the travels, Rive would have been taking the measure of his companions, perhaps gradually warming up a bit as he realizes they're not all likely to get him killed the first time things get nasty. When the orcs are sighted, he gives a tight grin, a glint coming into his eyes, and he hisses:
Rive rolls initiative: 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (12) + 0 = 12

Male Halfling Warlock / 2

as a side note oog, the first map opens just fine for me but I can't open the second for the world/regional map. It looks like it requires a Yahoo acount to open the file which I don't have. I could start one if needed but it would be more convenient for me to use the first format. You're the dm though so whatever is better for you to run the game, I can manage and figure something out.

Not to worry, Dave, I can set them up on the other site easily enough. I found a third method that I'll try tonight when I get home to the original maps, rather than trying to upload a copy of a copy.

Alright, I found another way to link world maps. If you want to see the land you're in, click on my name (the purple SeanDM) and follow the links in the information section. It's not a Yahoo site, so you should be able to see them without trouble.

Male Deva Invoker

Atreos rolls Diplomacy for the journey.

Diplomacy: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (3) - 1 = 2

Atreos keeps to himself for the most part, speaking only when necessary.

Now for intiative.

Initiative: 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (16) + 0 = 16

Atreos would be towards the back of the group with implement in hand.

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