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Rise of the Runelord's (Inactive)

Game Master Morphelis

The story begins in the town of Sandpoint, at the Swallowtail Festival. People have gathered from all over the Lost Coast to attend the unveiling of the Sandpoint Cathedral. The original church was burnt down five years ago in a devastating fire that

Okay, I know there are a ton of RotR recruitment threads up right now. But I want to run a PbP campaign and am very interested in running RotR. So, if you aren't in another one of those, apply for mine!

I only ask that you are not familiar with the campaign (or if you are, you are dedicated to not metagaming).

20 point buy
All CR and APG classes (except summoner and anti-paladin)
CR and ARG races
No custom classes/races - unless you link me the specifics for my approval
average starting gold
2 traits
No evil characters

Apply away!

Just curious, would you allow a Strix? I don't have my heart set on it, I've just never played a flying character in a game before.

On a quick glance, I would have to say no. I am not opposed to having flying characters, however, this will be my first PbP campaign that I am running myself, and I think that would add some complications.

That's what I thought. No worries. I'm going to have another character ready for submission momentarily.

Here is the submission for Tanner Nielsen.

LN Ifrit Male
Sorcerer (Fire, Primal) 1

Hair: Red
Eyes: Yellow
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 180lb

You see a well-groomed ifrit man with flame-red hair swept back from his face . His eyes are a piercing yellow, with small flecks of silver near the iris. His skin is the color of hot iron, with high cheek bones, and a strong jaw. He is dressed in a tight-fitting black and gray scholar's robe and with a rust-brown cloak. He holds nothing in his hands and a dagger at his belt. He is quite tall, with a slender frame and straight posture.

Sjurd leads personal interactions with a no-nonsense, business-like attitude that comes from several years of mercenary work. He works hard to overcome his negative attitude to see the good in people, but has been disappointed enough in life to not expect much from those around him. He is loyal and courageous to those who have his friendship - while terrible and vindictive to those who attack or betray him.

Sjurd's family - at least his human side - traces its lineage to the Land of the Linnorm Kings, home of the reclusive and brutal northern folk. His forefathers found ready work as mercenaries, campaigning during the harsh winters and returning in the spring with bounties for their family. This established a tradition of sorts, with each passing generation choosing whether to take up the mantle of 'coin-sword.'

Sjurd's father took a job protecting a flotilla of merchant vessels seeking to deliver a shipment foodstuffs from Magnimar to Korvosa. Unfortunately, pirates attacked the ships just outside of the Mushfens and sent Sjurd's father tipping over the side during the melee. He washed ashore and was found by a passing group of Shoanti, one of which was a fire priestess of Gozreh who took a liking to the fierce northman. After several nights spent in 'adult activities,' he was dropped off in Korvosa. Several months later, he awoke to find a small baby left in a basket outside his inn door. His new son bore the tall frame and angular features of his people, yet he was also marked by the blood of his mother's divine connection to flames.

Sjurd spent many years under the tutelage of his father in the ways of mercenary life and learning his own inborn talents. Striking out on his own, he is eager to make a name for himself in the rough and tumble world. He finds himself in Sandpoint after guarding a merchant caravan carrying furniture and books to the small backwoods town.

Thandion is written for one of those other games you mentioned but all that is required to fix him is remove his horse and military veteran trait. I am running this ap in real life but I am very experienced and have no trouble seperating ic and ooc info. Let me know if there is anything else that needs changing.

What's your stance on gunslingers?

What are your thoughts on Aasimars and Tieflings? specificly with the variant heritages? I have a few builds I've been tossing around in my head with these and thought it might be fun to try, if its allowed of course.

Grand Lodge

Dotting for Interest. I am working on a Dwarf Giant hunter character for this. Will post soon.

Submission for Beardsmith

Jori Stonecleaver
CN Dwarf Male
Barbarian (Titan Mauler) 1

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Height: 4'2"
Weight: 185lb
Age :51

Even with his broad shoulders and a stout figure Jori seems to look like an average sized dwarf. With sword over six feet long swung over his shoulder Jori smiles with a joyful look that most dwarves lack.

Jori smiles almost at all times. Yet even with his glowing personality Jori isnt very good at communicating with other people.Even with all the hardships Jori has been through, Jori seems to find the silver lining in all things. While Jori can very accepting and caring he is not without his wrath. Those who wish harm on him or his friends should be wary of his deceptive smile.

Jori had simple life with his family in Varisia. His father a trader and mother a cook, they lived a less than normal life for dwarves. Living in the wilderness away from most big cities they found peace and contentment. This was until one winter night, when a giant stumbled upon their cottage. Jori's father fought the behemoth long enough so Jori and his mother could get away. It was about a week after the death of Jori's father that Jori's mother was struck ill. Jori was unable to help his mother break her fever, so she passed on. It was from that time on that Jori was on his own. He went back to the broken cottage to look for what he could to survive in the wilderness. Through his searching he found his father's sword. It was much heavier then he expected. Yet as the years past it got lighter and lighter.

Dotting for interest I'll apply when I get a character thought up not sure what I want to do yet..

I see we meet once again Krular.. lol

This is Gardsin.

Here is my submission. Everything should be in the profile, I have one open trait I have not decided on yet.

Here's a fairly standard Barbarian for your consideration. While I've read the beginning and end after getting my copy of the re-release, the middle is a mystery to me!

Armen Corrick, Gnomish Alchemist extraordinaire submitted for approval.

Languaes, equipment and appearence are not quite finished, but the rest is good to go.

background etc included in profile

Liberty's Edge

My submission, an Aasimar Paladin raised in Sandpoint.


I will allow Aasimar and Tieflings. I do not have access to the ARG currently, although I am planning on getting that soon, so I am not familiar with the variant heritages. But I think that would be okay.


Gunslingers will be allow, just be sure to reference it. As with many things outside of the CR and APG I am not very familiar, but if you wanted to play one I would make sure to read up about them to become familiar with it.

Everyone else, looks good so far. I will not make a decision until at least next Tuesday, so you all still have plenty of time!

Oh and hey Gardsin!

Morph I am also using a variant heritage for the aasimar. The information on the heritages is available here and here

Sovereign Court

I'll be submitting a tweaked version of this girl, I'm enthused by the Varisian connection. I'll repost with adjustments this weekend. I know nothing of the scenario except for a certain infamous bit.

I'll be submitting a tweaked version of this character, who I have also submitted in another RotR PBP game. (There are about 20 applicants in the other one). If I'm selected for one, I will drop out of the other one.

Severus is a scholar, a 3rd party class from Tripod Machine's Adventuring Classes: A Fistful of Denarii.

Since this one has a third trait selected, I'll be dropping the History of Heresy trait if selected for this game, though he is still agnostic at best. I will also have to change his gear to reflect average wealth instead of maximum wealth. :)


A native of Magnimar, Severus has studied the Thassilonian ruins and artifacts with an avid curiosity for the ancient lives that once used them. He has studied extensively in many of the schools available there, including the Stone of the Seers. His studies also took him abroad, especially to the Academae and Theumanexus College of Korvosa, though he never saught to amplify his understanding of magic beyond the most cursory and elementary of theories. His interest in the ancient never left him however, and he made his way back to Magnimar to study the Irespan with the aid of scientific books from the Universities of Egorian and Lepidstadt.


Severus' studies into ancient culture have transformed his fundamental beilefs in the nature of reality, particularly the metaphysical and the arcane realities that wizards and clerics have been contesting since the beginning of time. He personally believes the Thassilonians had a very different metaphysical and metamagical reality than what is now commonly accepted. While he does not study magic per se, he believes that the fundaments of magic represent a small part of the foundation of universal realities, and that for some reason or another, the Thassilonian fundaments of reality were significantly different. This has led to his disbelief in the deities of Golarion, and in all things which most magical or scientific beliefs propagate as being permanent or semipermanent. (Crystalin itself represents an anomaly in the real world, one which has piqued his curiosity tremendously.) Towards others, Severus holds mostly good intentions. He hopes to inspire others to use their minds effectively, to uncover truths and to accept them, whether or not they fit in with their current understandings of reality. This has led to quite a few arguments, as most are unwilling to release their stubborn cling on the old ways of doing things, particularly comfortable thinking.


Severus is a man in his early 30s, with dark eyes and long wavy dark hair, a few shocks of white hair are the result of magical experiments gone awry in his early schooling, though he never grasped the mastery of the arcane, too wrapped up in its theory to purchase an apprenticeship. He wears a longcoat suitable for the weather with relatively wellkept shirt and trousers underneath. He occasionally is found reading books of arcane, scientific, or medical lore, but feels quite comfortable taking long strolls and discerning what he can from personal observations. He tends to take rubbings and tracings of many of the ancient stone sculptures and architecture he comes across in his explorations.

The Sandpoint Festival:

The Sandpoint Festival dedicating the Grand Cathedral is a perfect opportunity for travel from Magnimar to Sandpoint. It is not often that a grand cathedral has been raised, especially one dedicated to six deities. While he pretends to be interested in the architecture and historic relevance of such a moment, Severus actually intends to get a closer look at the seven pillars that are part of the sacred grounds around the Cathedral. He personally believes they are part of a much older faith than the religion of Desna, as the recurring septicism (7-centered) of Thassilonian design and architecture indicates that there may be more to the seven pillars than is commonly thought.

Campaign specific information was pulled from the Pathfinder Wiki, so I hope there are not any spoilers in there I should not have known about.

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Interested in this campaign. I've always wanted to play in RotRL. I've attempted to GM it several times, but my groups never made it very far.

So, since we had a few aasimar submissions, I figure this would be a fun time to throw in a tiefling. Say Hello To My Little Friend.

Going to pull out as thandion is now in another game.

Severus is also pulling out, as he was selected in the other game... :) Good luck to everyone.

elf witch, role arcane support, and knowledge, as well as a little healing. information in profile.

Very interested, will work on ideas. Do you have anything against the Sohei archetype for monks?

Dark Archive

Dotting, I am working on a Varisian Rogue (knife master, sanctified rogue of Desna)

I would like to submit Totek-Speaks-With-Thunder for your consideration.

I would like to submit Sergei von Janderhoff, a LN Dwarven Magus 1, for consideration.

Sergei is a bit of an oddity for a Dwarf, typically dressing in flowing red robes, which allow him to move with uncharacteristic grace (for a Dwarf), despite the large axe strapped across his back, which although clearly of great antiquity, is obviously well cared for, with a wickedly sharp edge. He also possesses a long, bushy brown beard, which he usually weaves into a series of plaits, separated by iron beard-rings emblazoned with glowing Dwarven runes (Arcane Marks). Although he has a fiery temper, and a boisterous laugh, Sergei typically forms fast friendships, and greets foes and betrayals alike with swift destruction.

Sergei comes from a long line of stalwart mithral miners and gem-cutters, who made a comfortable life in the mines of Janderhoff. Despite being the third of three sons, familial expectations were nonetheless high; Sergei did, after all, have a duty to his brethren, the family name, and to his honored ancestors. Nonetheless, whilst his eldest brother, Dumasten, was handed the reigns of the family business, and his other brother, Gormangi, was bundled off into Torag's clergy, rising to a position of prominence, Sergei was more difficult to place. He had neither the business acumen of Dumasten, nor the wisdom beyond his years that Gormangi possessed. Although he dabbled in glass-blowing and gem-cutting, he lacked the patience to make it anything more than a hobby, driving more than one craftsman-turned-tutor to despair. The only thing that he truly had an aptitude for was Dwarven Rune Magic.

At a loss with what else to do with him, his parents bundled him off to accompany their regular caravans, nominally to act as a guard, but secretly, they hoped that seeing a bit of the world (and having to fend off those portions of it that thought a Dwarven trade caravan would be easy pickings) would help to curb his 'youthful enthusiasm', and help him to settle down.

Unfortunately, it had the exact opposite effect, kindling within him a fierce wanderlust. This only intensified when he came across some of the remnants of long-vanished Thassilon; he became enamored of the mighty cyclopean ruins scattered around Varisia, and spent time with the local gypsies, learning about their 'tattoo magic'; using flesh as a medium for runic magic was something that never would have occurred to him, independently.

Eventually, when he returned to hearth and home in mighty Janderhoff, he pitched the following argument to his parents: He would go on a sabbatical of sorts; nominally to establish trade negotiations with the owners of the human-run Glassworks in Sandpoint, and to see whether there were any local techniques that could be usefully incorporated into Janderhoff designs.

However, this was but a convenient pretext to allow him to find out as much as he could about Thassilonian Rune Magic...

Full crunch is available via his profile :-)

Still looking for a second trait for this girl, but otherwise she's ready.

Varisian dancer (Urban Barbarian), going to be taking the Rage powers of Superstitious>Witch Hunter>Spell Sunder eventually. I'm intending to RP her Controlled Rage as a meditative state she gets into by dancing. Might later take Bard or Magus.

Dotting for interest, possibly a Human Wild-blooded Arcane(Sage) Sorceror using the Words of Power system, eventually multi-classing into Tattoo Mystic from Paths of Prestige if allowed.

This will be the character I would like to use, if accepted. Background isn't complete yet, but hopefully you can get a feel for what I'm going for.

Courtesy of A Ninja

Okay, so I just got home from a family trip, and I am kinda swamped at the moment. I will go over all the submissions tomorrow. Hopefully, tonight I will post some campaign info, and using that I want those of you still interested to give me some reason for you to be in Sandpoint at the beginning of the adventure (for those who haven't already done so)

Would you take one more submission? This character was accepted to a RotRL game, but right after the game started the DM vanished.

I really want to play RotRL, and I think this character is interesting. He is a former pitfighter who has "retired" to the relatively uneventful life of being a Sandpoint militia member/ sometimes actor in local plays.

Everything including background is in the profile. It's 25 point buy so I'd have to slightly tweak the stats (and probably lower his age a bit, as I made him middle-aged for flavor but with the lower point buy I probably won't be able to do that and meet the prerequisites for the feats I want).


Hey there Krular.

I'm trying to get into a RotRL game right now, but since there's already a Titan mauler present I think I'll leave Magnhildr as a secondary.

Instead, I'd like to run an idea for a ranger I had.

Quick Rundown:
-Devout follower of Desna - hopes to leave her make her founder's mark somewhere close to the heavens one day, but hasn't decided where.
-She's Chaotic Good - She'll never hesitate to help those in need, and isn't above turning a blind eye to a couple of orphans pilfering food, though she'll pay for it to help the baker or grocer.
-Scout/trap finder - Yes ranger is a full BAB class, but I'm planning on taking advantage of the 6 skill points (8 for humans and if you take the Skill point favored class bonus) that rangers get. She'll also have a few other useful skills thrown in there (Perform for distractions, craft for mapmaking and copying, and diplomacy to aid the face and act as back up in case of a temporary split.)

I'll have something up tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I'm too tired to write anything coherent right now.

I'll look over your character. Applications are NOT closed. :)

reasoning for being in sandpoint:

Armen is currently seeking outside opportunities after a... sudden shut-down of his brewery, Lunatic Binge, in Absalom. Perhaps you've heard of it?

The authorities as well as many former employees and customers were so deeply upset at therather abrupt closing, that Armen felt it was best to leave town and seek opportunities elsewhere. He figured they'd be better off picking up the pieces if he wasn't there to be a target for such overwhelming grief. That kind of energy is better spent on more practical endeavors than the violence that can follow in the wake of such a community tragedy, you know?

Sandpoint seemed as good a place as any. Armen figured that the best way to develop new opportunities was to put a good distance between himself and his past business ventures.

Submitting Calendir - half elf ranger. He has been tailored out for a different campaign but I believe with a trait adjustment he should be adequate. Let me know if acceptable.

I'll be working on Kiley so the stats in her sheet aren't final. The ones below are.

STR: 14 (5)
DEX: 15 (7) + 2 => 17
CON: 12 (2)
INT: 09 (-1)
WIS: 14 (5)
CHA: 12 (2)

Do we have min/max stats?

min is 7 and max is 18 - before racial bonuses.

Right - tailoring his stats and traits out - background and flavor stick as they are ;)

Reason for being in Sandpoint

Jori has recently had bad luck at hunting for food the last couple weeks. Tired of failing he decided it was about time he make a trip into the local town of Sandpoint to get a few nights of warm meals and cold brew. While Jori prefers sleeping outside under the stars he does relish the idea of sitting at the local bar and do some people watching.

Respectfully withdrawing my application, just got accepted to a CotCT game.


Okay everyone, thanks for your applications, I have made my decisions and you know who you are! There were a lot of really good applications and it was a tough choice. Thanks again.

Aw man. and I was just getting everything together.

Kiley, I've found that characters get played eventually... wait, you're Adam Warnock, you've got 3000 posts. You know the drill. :) For what it's worth, I liked Kiley.

Noamuth wrote:
Kiley, I've found that characters get played eventually... wait, you're Adam Warnock, you've got 3000 posts. You know the drill. :) For what it's worth, I liked Kiley.

That was more of a "Dang I just got a shiny new book on Varisia and I didn't even get a chance to flesh out the character." there :P

Personally this incarnation of Kiley is one of my favorite characters. I'll get to use her one day.

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