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Mortika's "Citadel of Flame" (Inactive)

Game Master Chris Mortika

This is a PFS-legal campaign for Scenario #39, "Citadel of Flame".

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Hey there.

My name is Chris, and I'm looking for 4-6 people who would like to play through a short Pathfinder Society scenario, the "Citadel of Flame". It was written by Steven Robert and is a terrific adventure, with mysteries, great characters, and some really dangerous encounters.

I intend to run this as a legal Pathfinder Society game, so all the characters will earn PFS Chronicles for their efforts. I ran several Play-by-posts a couple years' back, but I haven't run anything that's PFS-legal, so this will be an opportunity for me to learn some things as well.

If you don't have a Society character, yet, that's fine. You're welcome to build a new PC according to the free Guide to the Pathfinder Society. (If I were to oversimplify, I would say: it's a 20-point buy, 150 starting gold. There are a handful of campaign-specific rules.)

Once I pick a team and check stats, I'll start the scenario in a week or so, with text here on the Paizo boards, and maps through Google or maybe Paizo Game Space, if it gets up and running soon. I'm expecting to get finished by the end of October. To accomplish this, I'm expecting people to be able to post daily during the work week. (More frequently is welcome, of course.)

So, what am I asking you to do here?

1) Introduce your character -- if you have one -- or your intended concept. To give PFS veterans some guidance: "Citadel of Flame" is a Tier 1-5 scenario and I'm guessing we'll be running at sub-tier 1-2.

2a) Experienced PFS characters: Provide two or three paragraphs, in character, explaining the greatest accomplishment, or the greatest disaster, or the greatest lesson, you've experienced during your career as a Pathfinder agent.

2b) New Pathfinder characters: According to "Seekers of Secrets" almost every Pathfinder agent endures a three-year apprenticeship program in the Grand Lodge. Provide two or three paragraphs, in character, explaining why you left home to join the Pathfinders, and what motivated you to join the secret faction that earned your affiliation.

This recruitment is not first-come, first-serve. In a day or two, I'll draw straws, looking to build a well-balanced party. I'll let you know now that I'm likely to be capricious, and I'll apologize in advance to those who won't make the cut.

I am, of course, happy to answer any questions.

Lantern Lodge

I am interested, I will post a background in keeping with your request before the weekend if my current background is insufficient. I think it ties in well with the Lantern Lodge, but I can always expand, re-edit, or recreate. Still level one after all!

The Exchange

Oh, I would kill or die to play in this with you Chris, but, sadly, I have already voyaged to the desert and barely lived.

Good luck on your run.

This is #1 on my all time faves to run. Enjoy.


The Exchange RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16

Yeah, Painlord. I'm pretty stoked.

Tell you what. I plan to run 4-07 "Severing Ties" over November and December. If you have a Tier 1-5 PC, you've got a reserved spot.

Lantern Lodge

If we do well in this, would you consider holding spots for us in the upcoming Severing Ties?

The Exchange RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16

I would certain consider inviting you ...

The Exchange

Chris Mortika wrote:

Yeah, Painlord. I'm pretty stoked.

Tell you what. I plan to run 4-07 "Severing Ties" over November and December. If you have a Tier 1-5 PC, you've got a reserved spot.




Silver Crusade

ThorGN here. I was not planning on joining another PBP, but I can't pass up throwing my hat in the ring for this! I will update with background etc tomorrow. She is a Cleric of Iomedae with the Glory and Sun Domains. I call her my Cleric of Channel-Awesome. :)


This character is going to be in the First Steps series this Saturday. So hopefully she will be level 2 by the time we start this game.
I have GMed this scenario before, but don't worry. I won't spoil anything.

Silver Crusade

I am at your humble service.

Octavius is a 2nd level Wizard (Diviner-Forsight). He is Half Mwangi/Half Chelaxian Human. His father, the Rev. Markus Carolingian, raised him well in the tenants of Sarenrae and Octavius is an adherent follower of the Dawnflower. In his childhood Octavius lived with many halflings, since his father and mother were active agents in the Bellflower network, during their early adult years. Since then he has always sought to help the lives of those less fortunate and grew up along many halflings. His nickname is "Prophet", since from a young age he has seen things right before they have happened. He says the truth often, but knows that words have the power to give hope and the power to break people.

Description: Octavius is a mocha complexioned human standing around 5'9. His athletic build displays that he works his body as hard as he works his mind. He wears long robes of Scarlet and Gold. On his hip is scimitar and he carries a staff with the dawnflower's symbol carved into the head.

2A) It was my second pathfinder mission, and Maj. Colson Maldris and I were having some appetizer together at a party held by Armara Lee. He had known the exploits of my father's work of helping with the Bellflower network a decade ago. He then asked how my father and mother were doing. I faced him with sadden faced and told him the painful truth that my mother was dead, killed by a shadow. I then began to tell him the tale, "It was just my father and I when we returned home from visiting my older brother from the war college in Virgil. Her body was shriveled of all its glorious Mwangi strength and lying in a heap by the door of our house. My sisters and younger adopted half-orc brother had fled to our local chapel. The shadow had been killed by a couple of Pathfinder agents belonging to the Silver Crusade." Colson empathized with my pain. He connected with me by consoling my anger and reminding me that "Undeath is the worst kind of slavery." That point struck home with me and I shocked that I never made the connection before and why the undead stirred in me so much hatred. Not only because the vile things had killed my mother, but because they were the par excellence of slavery.

2B) After my training as a wizard, I was insistent that I should join the Pathfinder Society and become a member of the Silver Crusade. I am forever thankful for them laying my mother's soul to rest but also their tents of doing good where ever they can. Despite the fact that I enjoy Andoran, I wish not to get caught in the politics of nations. I hope to dispel the idea of wizards being selfish bookworms carrying only for their magic and books. That wizards can be kind and gracious and use their power for the benefit of the good.

Sovereign Court

"Greetings my young friend, Maximo Interrestante at your service."

Maximo is a handsome and distinguished man in his middle years with dark hair and beard just starting to show gray. He wears scale armor and a well maintained military uniform common to officers in Taldor, though it is without emblem or rank and is about ten years out of style. At his side he carries a warhammer while across his back hangs an antique greatsword and a kite shield bearing the symbol of the goddess Shelyn.

"Sit with me and share a drink." He says, gesturing to a small table in the shabby tavern he's invited you to. Turning to a middle-aged wench, he calls out. "You there, most beautiful of ladies! Yes, you, with the eyes like gleaming treasure. Be so kind as to bring to us some beverages to chase away our frightening thirst!"

"Ahhh, sometimes the vows I have made to the almighty, all powerful, all wise Shelyn are indeed hard to maintain. Such beauty, such grace," he pauses to consider the wench as she waddles away. "That must be jelly, because jam just doesn't shake like that."

"So, my friend, you wish to hear my tale? My travels have taken me many places. I have forgotten more wonders than most will ever see! You can see I wear the symbols of Taldor, yes? That land is where I was born, many years ago. It was great once, and by my ancestors, it will be so again. It is for that purpose that I have joined the Society, to rediscover lost glory, or forge it anew with heroic deeds! Speaking of which, perhaps you have heard of the recent troubles in the city.. some called it the Silent Tide? Undead, poison fogs, bandit lords. Hah! They were no match for the likes of Maximo of course. Still, it was hardly a glorious event when held up to my other deeds." Leaning in close he slides a page across the table. "This was the true victory. Taken from a code book used by the Black Echelon, this map will lead us to further glory. I am sure of it!"

Leaning back suddenly, he smiles innocently at the wench returning with two mugs of ale. The fingers of one hand, shielded by the other, make shoeing motions to take and hide the paper. "Thank you my dear!" He accepts the mugs with a large white-toothed smile and passes one over. With a wink for the wench, and a mug raised high, Maximo presents a toast.

"Glory to Taldor!"

Dark Archive

Hi Chris. Awesome to see a GM of your experience running PFS through the forums. I'd love to play. Disclosure: I have GM'd the scenario, and it's one of my favourites. Would be great to experience it from the other side of the screen, as it were.

This is Zefini, a sword-and-shield Fighter from Osirion, who - for reasons detailed in his motivation - is aiming for the Living Monolith prestige class. This would be his first scenario.


I am Zefini. I was born a servant, like all the rest of my family. My master - the ancient Pharaoh Jedaltu-Ra - died long centuries ago, and my ancient brothers stand as still guardians to his tomb. Not long into my childhood, one of these guardians was destroyed when fending off filthy tomb robbers. I decided then, standing over the crumbling remains of a statue whose shade I had often hid from the scorching sun in, that one day I would take his place of honour, and stand eternal guard for my master.

So it was that I spent some years in the Osirion military, where I learned to appreciate the weight of a sword in my hand and a shield on my arm. I learned to respect and trust the men and women that stood beside me. I learned to endure the harshest of weather the desert could throw at me, from the baking sun, to the scouring grit of a sandstorm.

When I felt ready, I left that all behind, and traveled across the sapphire-glinting waters to Absalom. What better way to learn to protect my master's eternal rest, than from the most famous and legitimate crypt-breakers of the Inner Sea: the Pathfinder Society. That, and had been left to my own devices as to how to get my hands on an expensive enough gem to begin my transformation with.

Although sworn to the Society, I still maintain my ties to Osirion. I was oath-bound to the Ruby Prince during my time patrolling the sands with the army, and I know that - in this den of discontent and wealth that is Absalom - those of my country will always have my back.

After three years with the Society, my apprenticeship was complete, but I was none the richer. However, from the tales I had heard from fellow apprentices, and the obvious wealth of unearthed riches that bedeck the Grand Lodge in Absalom, it appears that there is much money to be made in this legitimate grave-robbery. I wonder where my first assignment will take me. I hope that it is someplace warm.

Hey Chris, here is my submission. She is re-skinned from a campaign that died several months ago. I don't have it in a PFS alias yet, but if selected, I'll do that ASAP. All the relevant info should be in my profile. Thanks for the consideration.

Silver Crusade


Opal Moonstone grew up in a temple. Secluded from the rest of the world, there were very few outside visitors. She grew up in a life of meditation, study, and fellowship with the small community of Humans and Halflings there. At a young age she earned the right to be a personal guard/servant to the spiritual leader at the temple. All was well, until a small group of Pathfinders knocked at the temple door. After a couple of days they reveled that the spiritual leader was in fact a master of deception, using his followers to evil ends.

Under the guidance of the Cleric who lead the Pathfinders there, an Andoran named Peter, Opal left the temple and joined the Andoran Pathfinders. She seeks to learn much of the world and to stamp out deception, slavery, and the undead.


Opal is book smart, but a bit naive when it comes to the things of the world. Many times she feels like a fish out of water.
She is very comfortable around Humans and Halflings, somewhat uncomfortable around most other races, and downright distrustful of Gnomes and Tieflings.
With undead, evil outsiders, and anyone she knows to be deceiving others she will shoot first and ask questions later.
She will tell the truth, to a fault, even if it’s a disadvantage to her and her party.
She is a Vegan.

Grand Lodge

*Has already played this one.*

*'dots' for interest*

Greetings Chris!

I would hereby offically apply to your campaign :)

I have not run this one before.. I have only run The Hydras Fang Incident as a pathfinder society adventure. However this was a homerun game so no official pathfinder society id created.

The concept of this character should be a magus with some extra attention to melee. So he will start his lvls as a ranger for 2 lvls and then monk. After that he start his journey towards a magus. The late focus of magus is being added in the background where he early had an infinity for magic, though Azatoth himself had not learned what it was.

Background of Azatoth Plaguebringer:

A dark fall had come over the River Kingdom. Yet this day become the seed of Azatoth Plaguebringer. He was created by evil hands when a pair of orc burglars not only satisfied themselves with the wealth they found in the house, but also they forced themself upon Gionna. Gionna survived that night but her mother and father payed a high price in defending their house and even moreso Gionna from these maurauders.

The fall became winter and the winter became spring, during this period Gionnas stomach become larger and larger. Finally at the early summer Gionna concieved a child. The day when Azatoth was born had come.

This bastard child had no easy childhood where the other humans around him teased him for being different. The other children often teased him verbally by saying "Azatoth is a bringer of the plague, just look at him and you will see. No one can look like that without having the plague". That gave him the more commonly name "Azatoth Plaguebringer"

The years went on and soon Azatoth started to grow remarkingly large K9 fangs, this was also the point when the abusive children stopped the abuse, moreso in fear of what would happen if they pushed Azatoth too far.

When Azatoth was 18 years old his mother died and during the funeral his mothers uncle Lothor came to bring Azatoth with him to raise him up in his cabin in the woods. Azatoth learned the way of the ranger quickly since uncle Lothor was not only a wise man, but an excellent teacher as well. Many times had the uncle seen things that surprised him... Azatoth seemed to have a infinity for magic, albeit he had not yet come to know it himself.

At the age of 21 uncle Lothar also met his creator and Azatoth sold the little cabin and with the money he recieved he bought his gear. The nature was calling and that inner voice that had followed him as a little child taunted him to learn deeper knowledge. After some months travelling Azatoth reached Absalom with hopes of finding himself a job. This proved to be a harsh task since being an half orc didn't give him any favors at all. After a few days with no luck he ended up at a tavern and while sitting at a table enjoying his ale a stranger came up to him asking if he could sit at the table. Azatoth welcomed the stranger since this was the first time in absalom where he wasn't met with disrespect. This was the turning point for Azatoth since this stranger soon became one of his closest friends and he was a member of the pathfinder society loyal to the Osirion faction. Soon Azatoth was offered to do some jobs for them and the first job led to another. After while Azatoth was initiated to the society as well and with this said Azatoth soon became ready for new grand adventures.

Best Regards!


The Exchange RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16


Do you have a PFS nimber for Shel?



I presume that Opal worships one of the Empyreal Lords? (I really like the tie-in.)



I'll admit I'm a little confused. Your character is 6th level, which places him out of the Tier 1-5 adventure. Moreover, how did you get him to 6th level in the first place? That would require playing 15 or more Pathfinder Society scenarios, yes?

If he doesn't have any XP, you could play him as a beginning 1st level ranger at the start of his career, if you like.


Interested, need to add some color commentary to flesh out some of you questions

Silver Crusade


Thanks! I got the idea when I ran that scenario as a PBP a couple months back. Peter was actually one of my PCs.

Opal grew up worshiping Korada, but given recent events and her significant culture shock, she has changed to Iomedae as primary patron on Golarion. She still venerates Korada, but the way of Korada is more peaceful than her vendetta against lies, undeath, and daemons will allow.

The Exchange RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16

I just wanted to take a moment and compliment Valanyonnen Arandorian's stats layout. It's very easy for me to check.

Silver Crusade

I will stat it out like his.

The Exchange RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16

Not necessary. Octavius' is fine, too. If you wouldn't mind, though, I'd like to know (a) whether he has a familiar or a bonded object, and (b)what adventures he has already played. (At 2nd level, he has at least 3 XP, yes?)

Sovereign Court

DM, I created the PFS sheet for my submission. I need one more trait if selected.

Silver Crusade

I linked my level 1 character sheet in my profile if you want to take a look. As I mentioned earlier, I hope to be level two before we start. I will update the sheet this weekend.


Trig's not quite complete. But he'll give you an idea of where I'd be going with him. I'll try to finish him up tonight.

My posting schedule is erratic, and travel for work may take me out of the loop for 2-3 days on occasion.

Despite the shortcomings in my application, I can't miss a chance to play with you.

Thanks for your consideration.

Silver Crusade

1) I am Strat Spineshank, servant of the Dawnflower. I have come to do what I can for the Society. What, a little about myself? Not really much to tell. Left on doorstep to temple by father, who died of wounds before he could be saved. Raised in temple. I have spread Sarenrae's words since. Told I can be rough at times.

2a) Most important lesson? Don't light fire to webs when allies inside. Had to attone for that, even if mission accomplished.

Just a note, I did apply to another PFS PBP with Strat as well. If selected for either one, will drop from the other. Just didn't want any surprises.

Sovereign Court

James Younger is a rather dashing looking looking Taldan man, with an ivory smile, well kept hair, and a well manicured strawberry blonde beard. Judging by his mannerisms it is quite evident that this will be his first mission for the pathfinder society. He orders a drink and begins to softly mumble to himself and anyone that will listen.

It’s said that some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, well if that is indeed the case you could say the spoon I possessed when born was made of platinum. My name is James Younger, and I am the result of one of the Dalsine’s royal indiscretions. My mother was never forthcoming as to who sired me and remained tight lipped until the day she died, but I suppose it never really mattered much anyhow. To summarize this part of my life, my mother rest her soul, a “kept” woman to put it as politely as possible was always well taken care of.

I grew up from childhood into my teenage years seated in the lap of luxury; my mother entertained various “suitors”, while I simultaneously learned various things ranging from swordplay to marksmanship from my “uncles” Jacquo, Chalfon, among the countless others. Living this opulent life left me quite the spoiled socialite. As a teenage male that was a member of the upper class, I spent the majority of my nights womanizing, drinking, and generally living in excess. When I was bored I would pay the non-bearded folk to do the most trivial, demeaning things I could think of for my own twisted sense of pleasure.

As sure as the sun rises and sets on Golarion all things change, my mother became ill. She went from being a picture of health, to looking like the epitome of plague in a matter of weeks. It was not long before most of her suitors stopped paying her their regular visits. Well all but a few, among the few left was one Jacquo Dalsine; he enjoyed my mother’s company until the day she passed. Hearing the news of her demise he departed for our abode, wishing to pay his last respects. I had no idea what to expect, I was not ready to give up my lavish lifestyle, I had no contingency plan, I was hardly around to even watch my mother fall into Pharasma’s clutches. I asked the good Baron for support, I asked him to take me in, to save me from my future life of sure poverty. He snickered and gave me two options, he would either sponsor my commission on one of the various corsair vessels operating out of Zimar, or I could accept his sponsorship into the pathfinder society to further Taldor’s agenda in the city. I admit I only chose the latter due to the variety and quantity of women in Absalom, compared to being surrounded by the lack thereof aboard a ship.

The last three years have not been easy. I have went from a life of decadence to a life of near servitude. When my Sponsor Jacquo was killed in a duel, during my first year of study I was ill prepared to have my purse strings snipped. In addition, it did not take me long to realize that I needed to both adapt and overcome my upbringing if I were to pass my final trials in due course. With Jacquo gone the instructors of the society took no time in severing what was once the thread of diplomatic immunity only granted to me due to my sponsor. I have come to learn the teachers are stern but act out of necessity, how many pathfinders die on their first mission I will never know. Of all the teachers I have had the pleasure of studying under, I must confess that Master Marcos was always my favorite, it was he who noticed that I might possess the skill to use a group of weapons called firearms. After strict trial and due examination his hunch was confirmed and I was able to use this strange weapon group with a proficiency matched by no others in my class. I always harbored a distrust for Master Kreighton, most likely due to his ancestry, and the environment in which I was raised. When it comes to the master of Spells, I do not believe that Master Aram liked me, or any other student for that matter. He often seemed perturbed by my innate ability to get the hell out of his spells way.

Recently a rather full figured aristocratic woman named Lady Gloriana Morilla has taken an interest in me. She seems to think that I may be able to further her and Taldor’s cause. I must confess, even though I have learned quite a bit in terms of humility, I still yearn for the prestige of my past, just as Taldor yearns for the prestige of its past. Surely if I can adapt and overcome, Taldor can do the same, and it probably needs someone like me guiding it along.

I will update character sheet of Hadassah to be more like that of Eleanor as soon as I am home. Hard to update on iPhone.

Chris Mortika wrote:



I'll admit I'm a little confused. Your character is 6th level, which places him out of the Tier 1-5 adventure. Moreover, how did you get him to 6th level in the first place? That would require playing 15 or more Pathfinder Society scenarios, yes?

If he doesn't have any XP, you could play him as a beginning 1st level ranger at the start of his career, if you like.

Ohhh I see you was looking at the test character that I added to my profile I assume?? That was just a test :)

I can see why you checked there.. I will directly update my lvl 1 character to that profile.

Sorry for the confusion.. I thought I was to send you a separate character sheet for this specific campaign.

Best Regards!


Updated by profile with a complete character sheet to make it easier for you Chris.


Silver Crusade

would like to play. I don't have any xp to this character so he would be completely new. Will post the background info in a day or two

Joined the pfs now as well and added the character there!

Grand Lodge

I have this Inquisitor who I would love to run this with. I have run him through 1 PFS campaign and would like to get him some more experience. Here is his info:

The allure of Air has called to Gryne Skystone since he was a child. He always had a unique connection to finding forced air fractures in stone and the origin of drafts within the mines. It wasn't until he began to mature that he felt the calling to the surface world. His willingness to volunteer for caravans making trips to the surface were used as research into the Air above the surface. He felt free out there and began to show subtle manipulations of the wind and other elements around him. His brother teased that his lanky build was punishment for this connection to the air(Cha-8).

During a routine trip, his caravan was attacked by Orc bandits. Gryne still learning where his abilities were coming from let loose with an elemental storm of wind and lightning killing the Orc's and saving all but one of his fellow Dwarves. Upon return to his home, he was greeted with skepticism and hesitation. It was decided that his abilities were better served above the Dwarven sanctuary, living in exile for following the ways of the Air rather than the Earth.
Gryne vowed to return to his family a hero to be proud of.

Lanky for a Dwarf. 'nuff said

Armor Class - 15
Touch AC - 12
Flat Footed - 13
+4 Dodge AC against Giants

Fortitude - +3
Reflex - +3
Will - +6
+1 against enchantments
Magic Resistant - 5+lvl = 6 Spell Resistance
CMD - +14
+4 to CMD against Bull Rush or Trip

Melee - +2
Ranged - +3
+1 atk against Orcs & Goblins
CMB - +2

Knowledge Arcana - +4
Knowledge Nature - +4
Knowledge Planes - +4
Perception - +8
Sense Motive - +9
Spellcraft - +4
Survival - +8

Air Domain:
Lightning Arc
Obscurring Mist

Monster Lore

Spells Known:
Lvl 0:
Detect Magic
Read Magic
Create Water

Lvl 1:
Ear Piercing Scream
Shield of Faith
Divine Favor

Loyalty - +1 on saves against enchantments
Touched By The Sky - Stabilize a dying creature with a touch

Point Blank Shot


Masterwork Darkwood Composite Longbow of +2 Strength
50 arrows
Battle Axe
Caltrops (5)

Leather Armor
Armored Kilt
Cold Weather Outfit

Empty Sack
Winter Blanket
Trail Rations (20)
50 ft. Hemp Rope
Grappling Hook
Iron Spike (10)
Waterskin (3)

Gold (43)
Silver (4)
Bolts (50)
Caltrops (5)
Iron Spikes (10)
Manacles (5)
Trail Rations (20)

I'm really humbled and excited about the high level of interest for this scenario.

It's about 9:20 or so in the evening here. I'll put a cut-off of 3 hours from now on recruitment. then I'll pick a party of PCs over the next two days and post my decision Friday evening.

Grand Lodge

i'd like to give it a try...

Lantern Lodge

I updated my character sheet more, and I will continue to refine it. I also sent you a PM answering (I hope) your questions. If I am incorrect in my assumption, let me know.

The Exchange RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16

What sort of character do you have, roger?


Thanks, Akinra. Message received.

Dark Archive

human rogue...

Lantern Lodge

Massively updated character sheet, no information has changed, but now has new and improved linking system!

Background updated with the Why Absalom? Why the Pathfinders? type questions pseudo answered...

Any news Chris? :)

Silver Crusade

Looks like I was accepted into the other game, so I'll be bowing out here. Thanks anyway, Chris!

The Exchange

GM Chris Mortika wrote:
I'm really humbled and excited about the high level of interest for this scenario.

Lolz. You're a 5 star and an all-star.

You'd make my PFS fantasy team. Ain't no accident that people want to play in this.


Lantern Lodge

I think I now have a truly insane character sheet. Almost everything is linked (Will finish skills later tonight...)


All skills now linked.

Silver Crusade

Psh I thought I had a good initiative, it looks like you will be the first like 95% of the time Hadassah.

This is True Chris, you're a 5 star, I have sat under Doug Miles (Who killed my first pfs Character), Bob Jones and Hopefully Chris. I think I am starting to covet the 5 star GMs...

I do hope to be able to sit under Painlord one of these days... A PFS player can dream...

The Exchange RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16

thrilled wrote:
Any news Chris? :)

Still sorting. I know I'll be picking a seven-character team. I'm doing what I can to keep it balanced, and including some people I imagine will find it fun to bounce characters off one another. I should have the final tally in about 13 hours.

Xzeral wrote:
Looks like I was accepted into the other game, so I'll be bowing out here. Thanks anyway, Chris!

Thank you for considering me. I know the other game and the other GM. You'll have a blast!!

Dark Archive

i've also have been excepted to anothere game but i'll willing to play both... as id love to play with an alstar 5 starer...

Chris Mortika wrote:
thrilled wrote:
Any news Chris? :)

Still sorting. I know I'll be picking a seven-character team. I'm doing what I can to keep it balanced, and including some people I imagine will find it fun to bounce characters off one another. I should have the final tally in about 13 hours.

Xzeral wrote:
Looks like I was accepted into the other game, so I'll be bowing out here. Thanks anyway, Chris!
Thank you for considering me. I know the other game and the other GM. You'll have a blast!!

Thanks for the update Chris!

I should mention that I am new to PbP (If we are not counting the old fashion PbM, which I surely played 20 years ago ;) )

Although I am a player with lots or roleplaying experience and I am quite familiar with the pathfinder roleplaying game itself.

Would be an honor if I get selected. I fully understand that it will be a rough process for you to get all this sorted and not everyone will be able to join.

Goodluck to you Chris and keep up the good work!


Chris, for once responsibility trumps enthusiasm. I'm going to bow out, because I'm not doing justice to the PbP commitments I already have.

I wish you the best with this game. Hopefully I'll get a chance to play with you in the future.

The Exchange RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16

thereal thom,

It was an honor to have you look in here, my friend. Good luck with your commitments, and if you ever get a real opportunity, let me know.

Hey there.

So, this is the party that I'd like to invite to my table:

Shel Whispertongue -- Rogue 1
Maximo Interresante - Paladin of Shelyn 1
Hadassah ------------ Witch 1
James Younger ------- Gunfighter 1
Moulini Tankard ----- Rogue 1
Gryne Skystone ------ Inquisitor of Shelyn 1

Please stop by the gameplay thread. Anything your character says aloud, please mark in bold.

To the others: Rene Duquesnoy, the Venture-Captain of Chicago, has offered to run the following through either "Citadel" or some other adventure of your choosing.

Octavius -------- Wizard 2
Opal Moonstone -- Cleric of Iomedae 1
Valanyennen ----- Rogue 1
Zefendi --------- Fighter 1
Hathander ------- Paladin of Sarenrae 1

He'll be by shortly to direct you to his campaign.

Sovereign Court

Thanks for the invite, Chris. Very happy to get to play in one of your games.

One question that I probably overlooked, how many traits are we allowed? For some reason I only have one, and can't remember if I need to add another or not.

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