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DM Barcas - First Steps (PFS) (Inactive)

Game Master Isaac Duplechain

A group of Pathfinders embarks on their first missions, discovering that things in the Society are not as simple as delving dungeons and discovering treasures.

I am going to run the First Steps series here on the boards, coming off this thread. I am an experienced, established DM who usually runs APs. I had to drop two of them for time constraints, but that was largely because of how heavily I modified them. For these adventures, I will be playing them exactly as presented. Take a look at my Kingmaker thread for my style of DMing.

I will expect a few things from my players:
1. A promise to post at least once per day.
2. To email me a copy of the character sheet (or HeroLab file), or the information that I need to produce one or both of those.
3. No one-line or one-roll posts. If all you are doing is responding to a request for a roll, at least put in a few sentences about how your character responds to it. PBP is a great way to get some good solid roleplaying in, and I expect no less from anyone.
4. To follow the basic outline for character sheets, dialogue, internal thoughts, combat, skill rolls, and such things that I will supply. (Bold dialogue, for instance). I expect uniformity, as much as is practical.

In return, I will give you a well-written, well-run experience, and will run all three adventures if the first one goes well.

If you have a character already generated, that's cool. If not, that's cool too. But you will definitely need it to be an official registered PFS character. That means that I will need your PFS number. (If you don't have a PFS character but wish to get one, ask and I'll walk you through the process.)

Who wants in? I will take six players. I have two already from the other thread: Zavac and Dasiki. I will accept on a first-come first-serve basis, but I expect those who wish to play to read the above rules and follow them. I run a fairly tight ship on PBP, since you have a lot of time to actually consider your posts and really create a story. Please, if you only want to roll a few dice and don't like writing flowing descriptions or dialogue, I would appreciate it if you let someone who wants to play in this style of game have the spot.

Very interested, just need to go through the process of makign an official PFS character. I see you have a Ranger and an Oracle, I'd be interested in running a 1.2 orc barbarian. WIll repost shortly once hes created

Grand Lodge

Not finished yet, but profile is started

PFS 23089.

Don't have a PFS character yet. Will generate one ASAP if you could use a Rogue, half-orc Cavalier or dwarven hurler barbarian in the mix.

Have three (non PFS) PbP characters under my alias if you want to see what I've come up with. I try to tailor background to the story.

I'm definitely interested... been looking at trying PFS and the last attempt didn't quite succeed. PFS 41837, but I don't have a character yet. I've been itching to play a bard... I'll try to put one together.

I've only been in one PbP - you can find my gameplay posts here (although it looks like the holiday killed the campaign :-/ ). I'm able to post pretty much throughout the day.

I am posting interest here, and I am working on my PFS character.

It will be a human rogue, and I'll post with the profile when it's done.

Looks like you're full. I checked out the Kingmaker game and was most impressed. Good luck and good gaming to you all.


I've started the profile for Kehl. pathfinder# is 42972

There appears to already be a rogue, a ranger, a barbarian and a half orc, so I'l rule those off my short list. If it fits, I'll go with a human cavalier who worships Iomedae but in his heart is a believer that Aroden is not dead and will return.

If you don't think a cavalier works, I'll pull out of the running for somebody else to come up with a better fit. Will email you Astyannax as soon as I put him together.

I'm at a pc during week days (EST) and access my Nook Color throughout the weekend.

Grand Lodge

Now that i have more time, will get a bit more indepth with his background and personality. Also reading up a bit more on the Pathfinders. I see Garauk as a neutral figure regarding factions and mostly uninterested in any infighting and politics. The Grand Lodge is the firts place he's felt safe, if not quite at home yet. Being an outlaw from his tribe, Garauk is weary of other orcs, as well as those races or communities that have a history of war with orcs.

I'm thinking his father was an orc, his mother human. Raised in an orc tribe, where he was smaller than his full blooded kin. Garauk lacked the extreme beastial nature and bloodthirt of his tribe, and realized just in time that if he did not leave, he would be killed.

PFS # 18676

Silver Crusade

I guess I could use Zavac for this...I shall tailor him up, create him as an "official" PFS character. Shall be done later today.

Silver Crusade

Ok, here he is. Look him over, and I shall change whatever you feel necessary.

PFS # 42271

Our roster, in true first-come first-serve order.

1. Zavac Hawklight - Oracle of Life
2. Dasiki Lekaya - Trapper Ranger
3. Garauk Pathseeker - Barbarian
4. (HolmesandWatson) - Cavalier
5. Kehl Farren - Knife Fighter Rogue
6. (Osuracnaes) - Bard

Okay, let's head over to the OOC thread, which I will be making momentarily.

OOC thread.

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Dammit. I didn't get a chance to check this in time. Missed out on another one. *sigh*

That was quick. Still what this PFS number is all about.

When you join the real-life Organized Play analogue of the fictional Pathfinder Society, you will get a PFS number, and your registered PFS characters will get dash-numbers. For example, my PFS # is 36111, so my first PFS-registered character is # 36111-1. My next one will be # 36111-2.

Grand Lodge

I would also like to join. It seems like almost all of my games have dried up since the holiday seasons and I'm not sure what is going on.

I am, however, deployed in Afghanistan at the moment, so occasionally, (like this week) just do not have internet access for short periods, unexpectantly.

I have a few characters made, one I would like to use (need to return it to PFS legal.

I had been running a PFS Silent Tide game, but no activity in a while so I am going to cancel it officially now.

I have not played any games, but have DM'd Silent Tide enough that I think I do not qualify for it (if that matters). I am fairly familiar with the PFS rules, and have access to nearly every book, though it may take me some time to open them, (deployed).

(I believe I have been in one of your games before, but I'm not seeing it now?.)

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