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I would like to run an adventure set in the Sky City of Shanguang. Are there any existing modules that take place in such setting, be it Pathfinder or 3.5 rules?

I've earmarked Lost Cities of Golarion and Sky Captain's Guide, but I'm looking for encounters to use, as well.

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IIRC, a crashed sky city is the setting for Paizo's GameMastery module J3, "Crucible of Chaos" -- an awesome adventure from Wolfgang Baur (of Kobold Quarterly).

There's also the storm castle Artifact in APG.

The 4e adventure "The Lost City" from Kobold Quarterly/Open Design is set in a crashed flying city in the sand. I don't own it, but I imagine the quality is fairly good. Perhaps someone can describe whether the actual flying city can be reconstructed/visualized from the adventure?

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