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For the longest time, I wondered about the origin of the One-eyed fellow that Erik Mona used as his avatar. I finally went to the avatar board to find the art, and found that they've added features to refine the avatars, as well as citations for the art! Both are excellent features, and I want to thank Paizo for taking the time to add them!


I, too, want to offer a hearty (and heart-felt) THANK YOU for the amazing avatars you offer.

It's VERY COOL that you provide names/classes/monster types/magazines/books the art was featured in--that's such a GREAT idea!

So...thanks again.

I love this new features too, although I'm not sure how my avatar got classified as a female human. Looks like a male elf to me.

I'm glad you're finding use out of this feature! It was definitely a task :)

Laithoron wrote:
I love this new features too, although I'm not sure how my avatar got classified as a female human. Looks like a male elf to me.

We tagged the avatars based on what the content looks like in the full illustration. I assure you that your avatar is indeed female (we have a few of her, actually).

Damn, I've had that avatar since I first signed up 6 years ago too. Even when I do a Google image search, all the results for 'Tyralnadi' point to images from threads I've posted in, or other aliases of mine. :-\

Only one choice I guess...

Edit: le sigh...

Just bought the PDF... There are definitely hills where I expected to find only plains. Gotta say, that's the ugliest elven woman I've ever seen illustrated. >.>

*shuffles off to look for another one

Well at least this one has an eagle helm. Bit better fit for Laithoron at least. My apologizes to anyone who thought I was being purposefully misleading, I truly thought that was a male elf. (How embarassing.)

Liberty's Edge

Ha! All these years I thought you just liked to use a female avatar (I own all the Age of Worms era Dungeon mags, so am quite familiar with Tyralandi).

EDIT: If I do a google images search for Tyralandi most of them come up with the other Tyralandi from Dungeon mag ...

EDIT 2: To be fair, the avatar you were using does not look typically feminine.

No, decidely not. "Laithoron" is the name I go by at ren faires, etc. All of my RealLife™ friends call me "Elf" (instead of Michael) and introduce me as such.

aka Laithoron isn't "my avatar" or a character of mine, Laithoron is ME.

"Mortified" would just begin to brush the surface right about now... :-\

Liberty's Edge

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Sorry man ...

Ah well, hopefully this change will help others avoid such pitfalls.

Appreciate the condolences. Currently trying to numb the Ego Whip with Tower of Iron Rum, but it's not working...

Are there really no hobgoblin or bugbear avatars out there? Coulda sworn there were at least a couple...

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Some gaming or immersion in a good book usually helps me.

I get where you're coming from, but take solace in the fact that the vast majority of people aren't going to notice or care about the mistake.

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Chris, it really can't be said enough, this is AWESOME functionality. I mean, look, it even made Laithoron embarrassed. You can't buy that.


BTW, Lai - I wish my nickname was "elf". That's pretty awesome, IMO.

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