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Bradan Finn wrote:

"I think I'll take 10 of the silver, and 2o of the cold iron. As for your bows, I like the work, but this one is quite special to me. Carved it and helped to fabricate its staves myself, ya know."

Bradan shows the shopkeeper his own weapon, a bow of equivalent craftsmanship and exquisite decoration itself.

"Perhaps I can commission one of the spellcasters in town to enchant it, once I earn enough coin."

"Impressive work. I'm sure someone with Ol'Talbard's crew of spellcasters can help to enchant that bow if you have enough coin."

Bradan Finn wrote:

After they discuss and get acquainted, Bradan heads over to pick up some more adventuring gear, and another 20 or so arrows.

At the shop: "Say, do you have any other kinds of arrows? I hear silver or cold iron are good for certain kinds of critters, wonder if you have any of those in stock."

"Welcome to Quint's Arms." She looks you over and nods. "We have plenty of silver and cold iron tipped arrows. We have some magicked arrows and quivers." She smiles widely, "I just received two really nice longbows and a composite long bow." She guides you to a couple beautiful bows and quivers filled with arrows. "with our recent troubles we have plenty of this type of gear."

She pulls out a half dozen silver and cold iron arrows. "how many do you need.? She continues. "The Mayor said you all may be by and to extend a 10% discount."

Take 10% off the retail cost.

She has as many silver tipped and cold iron arrows for any type bow, as you many need. She has a msw short and longbow. She also has those in +1 and +2. She has composite bows up to an 18 strength on hand. She has an efficient quiver. She does have an assortment of magic arrows (sleep, acid, tangleshot, durable to name a few.) If there is something else you have in mind, inquire. She also has similar gear for small creatures as they get plenty of smaller creatures in this trading town.

Calain wrote:

Stepping in front of the Goblin he hands over three gold and says, We'll take 6. Have a lovely afternoon

The vendor gawks at the coin, "T..T,,Th...Thank you." She composes herself. "If you want any other goods or services, let me know. I know where to get the bestest of everything." She winks.

"For you guud creature this rare treat is only 4 coppers. That includes the choicest tail meat in town."

"The three grappling bolts total 36 GP, and the 12 silver tipped bolts are 180 gold."

light ballista are 10 gold each and weigh 10 lbs. The costs to add alchy silver to ammo is 2 gp but there aren't small arrows, so I bumped up the cost to 5 gp each.

As stated the funds are sent over to the Baron, the docks are bustling as sailors look to join Captain Drango's crew. His reputation, even tainted with suggestions of murdered crew, easily fills his ranks with those seeking wealth.

A merchant appear at the Baron with crate of bolts with silver tips. "I was told you'd need some specialty bolts, there are 12 here." He glances over to the cleric and captain on the other ship. "There are 3 grappling bolts here too."

I have to figure out the cost.

As the crew gets pampered, scrubbed, rubbed and plucked their recent accomplishments starts to settle in. In their relatively short time in Port Shaw - 9 days - they have faced a few ballads worth of adventure and not nearly enough time for relaxation. Live hard but play harder rings true.

"You need fresh water....my my you are a mess."

Cireladwen wrote:
Cireladwen will purchase a courtier's outfit and some nice jewelry, then. :) If that's okay.

"Yes, this fits you splendidly, just a few slight alterations, this necklace and earrings will set off your eyes."

A few more cleric and tailors/dressmakers arrive over the next 15 minutes or so, and soon you have a couple more people to fuss over you Astri. The outfits need minimal, if any, alterations and they all look fabulous.

Sort of perplexed the cleric open the door and waves the fiddler inside. By the time Astri steps inside her items are hanging in a small curtained dressing room. "Your items are in there," she points, "do try them on."

A sales clerk shows up to open up the shop around 9:00 am Astri. To her perturbation there is an unwanted crowd of riff-raft hooting and howling outside the shop. many folks stomping and clapping to blasted fiddle music. "Shoo...shoo, you are blocking the entrance."

"The name will come to you." The merchant states. "Y..yes Lefty owns the shop." Yous see someone's head crane when he hears his name.

The patron that was plunking a the harp in the middle of the room stops and pays attention as do the other clerks and customers. The merchant who was helping you picks up a bouzouki and joins in adding another layer to you jig. Soon the everyone claps.

"You surely have come to the right shop, we cater in the finest musical instruments in the Razor. Yes...yes, I do ...I do have fine fiddle for you." The merchant hands you a fine fiddle and bow. "Make the air ignite in fury."

Several merchants come out and you're magically cleaned before permitted to touch anything. The tailors begin to measure, pin, and take notes. 'Nice...nice. Take in here, let out there." a few hmphrphs later and a "a bit thicker in the waist." and they have you all set to go for fine quality outfits. "they should be ready tomorrow late day." The colors, trends, and fashion style is all in line with what is being worn now. Red and black is fine along with most other colors.

They are able to get Adriel with appropriate dress robes, sash, and bedazzled jeweled belt. Of course several of the female merchants are flirtatious and suggestive when they do the fitting. making sure they are properly tipped. One whispers, "I'll be at the Pig’s Whistle later this evening."

After the formal wear is done they fit you all with causal clothes and the Dontorian special hats. They take care of Dirk and Darius first since he wanted to go wandering.

When all is said and done it takes 3 hours to fit everyone with clothes and the women being satisfied (temporarily) with their purchases.

David "Dirk" Hawkins wrote:

”It could help you with regards to types of armor, maybe; but hey – it’s just a suggestion…”

David is referring specifically to local Parade Armor, if that’s an option.

He thinks a moment.

David will purchase the noble outfit and 100 GP for the required jewels to match it. I’ll have a complete set of details on the style later, if that’s okay.

He will also buy one of the hats that his companions are buying. Specifically one aligned to Diplomacy at this time (250 for a current total of 425 GP).

Meanwhile, while his companions are doing what they’re doing, he’ll use Diplomacy to Gather Information discretely on the status of the man he...

"yes...yes we can fit you ceremonial robes and parade armor is worn by the wealthy. Especially in the Jade district."

"My I touch the kitty?" She reaches to stroke the cat. "It should be no problems getting him fixed up proper attire."

When you get to the haberdashery and fashion shop you see exquisite clothing all finely made.

A pleasant female greets you, "Hello." He eyes run over each of you as she places a finger to her lips. "Yes, yes you do need something more fashionable."

"Alfred we need your assistance they are quite dirty and need your magic."


Use the prices in the CRB and other supplements.

As I said in the discussion, going to buy the following:
-Gold Brooch, clasping a Silk Reversible Cloak (black on the outside, red on the other). Just pick the amount your ant to spend
-Nobles Outfit, in local style but preferably also black and red in color. 75gp
-"Masterwork" Ruby Pendant and a stylish ring. 100 gp
-A stylish wide brimmed hat that matches the outfit (black, red band). Price Varies. [ooc]they do have prices for hats: 10gp for standard, dashing hats -25 gp, Dontorians special design 250gp to 750 GP

"Dang scary wit that pole thingy ya got...Mr."

"Can't sez, I believe it all...known him to steal but never lay steel when he didn't need to." she spits on the ground, "Had half me cargo of tea stolen once by 'im." her eyes sparkle when she says this. "Best robbery in my life."