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In Mists, Nigel has the exact same stats as any of the mad scribes, in his short stat block on page 15:
(use the stats for Kardanik and Yannis on page 9)

IMO, he would remember it, but would also understand that his condition was the cause of the attack, even if it wasn't. So, even after being attacked, follow the Development section for his attitudes.

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As far as I can see, that rule does not apply to lesser restoration.

Lesser restoration dispels any magical effects reducing one of the subject's ability scores or cures 1d4 points of temporary ability damage to one of the subject's ability scores. It also eliminates any fatigue suffered by the character, and improves an exhausted condition to fatigued. It does not restore permanent ability drain.

As compared to resist energy: This abjuration grants a creature limited protection from damage of whichever one of five energy types you select: acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic.

LR does not include any select language, whereas RE does.

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Kevin Willis wrote:

So there's your answer. March 1st to October 14th, 2010.

Anything outside that time frame was a mistake.

Edit: I just reread your original post. As far as anyone has found it was never legal to get more than one chronicle for GMing the same scenario.

Actually, I seem to recall that there was a special rule allowing a second GM credit, once the GM credit was changed to full value, less boons, from the half credit, no boons, rule. But I could be misremembering it, and it applied to taking credit at all if you had run it before, in the no credit days.

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Michael Clarke wrote:

Although a veteran is likely to have played more scenarios and modules, there is thankfully a constant stream of both being added to the available pool.

I've played and GMed lots of PFS games. Although I could replay eight games for credit by using up all the benefits I've accrued for GMing, I've never needed to replay.
Lucky you - I've used my replays almost as soon as they've become available, pretty much every time. I believe I've now replayed 6 scenarios (actually, 5, since I think I replayed Black Waters twice), and I'm now recharging again.

Maybe I am reading the rules on GM Star replay wrong, but I thought you could only use a star to replay any scenario or module once, so GM & play Standard, GM & play Core, Star replay once, for 5 times for credit, total.

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DM Beckett wrote:
The point you are missing is trying to define just what a named magic item is. Traditionally speaking in the context of gaming, a named item is simply something like "Muser's Rapier". It may or may not have any exceptional magical abilities, (being just a +1 Rapier that the folkhero Muser used 362 years ago when he fended off a Goblin horde until he fell to their overwhelming numbers). Its still just a +1 Rapier, but with a name and back story.

And at least one of your examples is something that is explicitly not magic, so it doesn't fall into the named MAGIC item rules.

And, to be honest, "Muser's Rapier" cannot be upgraded, at least, not if you want it to remain "Muser's Rapier". Once it changes from matching Muser's Rapier, in any fashion, it is no longer Muser's Rapier.

And, another thing to remember, is that the no upgrading named items rule is to, yet again, avoid table variation.

For Celestial Armor, as an example, there are several ways to break out the cost, which wind up with different costs for upgrading it from +3 to +4.

So, instead of adding a novel to cover all the possible named magical items, and the costs to upgrade each one in PFS, they just said, "No.".

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Or, in the confusion of running away, she could drop the note/map mentioned if she got killed...

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Not sure if it was already mentioned, but the Bead of Newt Prevention is a 1,000 gp consumable that gets destroyed if you fail a save against a hostile polymorph effect, instead of your form getting changed.

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Michael Hallet wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.
No one actually uses that in conversation. It would just be simplified to game or event. But again, the way I see it, is that a game day should be a day full of games, not just one game.

Michael, your definition would leave my area completely out of it. Totally.

At the store I coordinate for, we are lucky if we get a table 2-3 Saturdays a month, much less every Saturday or multiple slots.

The last local Game Day, an event apparently legally titled as the Las Vegas Game Day, which only had two slots, was something like 3 years ago, now. The owners never really did anything on it, and the person who was actually coordinating it for the last couple of years it ran had to give up coordination due to a mixture of burnout, lost venue, and (IIRC) his wife having another child.

So, right now, we might have PFS as a single slot at a couple of local stores, when we can get enough players. And the local store is not hosting a big event that uses up most of their tables, whether that is a Magic pre-release, or the upcoming Board Game day at the end of the month.

We moved our Saturday start time earlier, because one of our regulars works nights, so we start at 1 pm instead of 4 pm. At the end of the game, since he has to leave to get to work, we wouldn't have enough players available to run another legal table. This past Saturday, I ran Level 7 of Emerald Spire, continuing the sequence I was asked to run, and we had 4 players at the table.

I am worried about what happens when we reach the levels that no longer allow PFS pregens, and someone wants to play, since it is a public game. I am also worried for when I run out of vacation days to take, as I normally work Saturday evenings, but my shift starts at 3:30 pm, and the store opens at noon, so even moving things earlier again won't help in that case. AT least for my once-a-month public game requirement as a VA.

For local conventions, the last true Gaming Convention in the area closed its doors even before the local Game Day got cancelled. Our local VCs have tried getting PFS into other local conventions, but it hasn't been a good fit, and difficult to get tables to go off. Combat Con, for instance, is mainly a martial arts focused convention. Las Vegas Comic Con is comics focused, and have had to move venues. GAMA is not a public convention. ConQuest Vegas happened maybe twice, back in LG days, but didn't manage to really get going. Galaxy Con seems to still be in the initial planning stages, if that.

So, by your definitions, we have no Game Days. So we would never qualify for anything to help encourage our local GMs, other than those of us who participate in online conventions (if they still get to be called that) donating any GM boons we earned to try and encourage our local people to step up.

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Check the Campaign Setting: Guide to Absolom book.

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From the Season 7 Guide, page 21:


Slow Advancement: In the slow advancement track, for every scenario that your Pathfinder successfully completes, you receive 1/2 the XP, GP, and Prestige Point awards. You still receive full Day Job awards.

The choice of advancement is personal to your character, so it is entirely possible to have characters in the same adventuring party advancing at different rates.
Before playing each adventure, you must decide if you will opt for slow advancement.

So, you can slow track two of the three, and become level 8 after the third one.

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Applying for Game Day support:

*Contact your local VO. There is a form for the VO to fill out, which gives the basic event information.
*Provide information about your venue to assist the RVC in their selection. Some good things to know are:

What type of Game Day are you applying for?
How long have you been running PFS in your venue?
What is your average number of tables?
How many unique attendees are at your events?
What is the gaming scene in your community? (to help us see where PFS fits into the bigger picture)
Any other information that gives us a sense of how the Game Day supports the venue/region.

So, how does this apply to those people like me, who are both a VO (VA does count as a VO, yes?) and the coordinator, at least in significant part, for a location?

Also, is there a list , somewhere, defining "types" for Game Days?

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PFS legal option for a bonded item are a masterwork ring, masterwork wand, or a masterwork weapon from the Always Available list from normal materials.

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Heh. My state stands out because there is only one pin in it, so far. Reno hasn't stepped up, yet.

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D. Masters wrote:

Clarification please, Martin. Is not our PFS (player, not character) number only able to be created while we are logged into our personal account. Would not each individual player need to create his/her own Paizo account to then register and get a PFS account number?

Did you mean I could create 10 new PFS numbers (using my player number as the prefix) which my players could use (with the specific character number attached to the character they play in PFS)?

Okay, when you create an event in the Paizo reporting system, which is under the PFS area of yoru Paizo account,

Go to My Account, log in.
Find the Pathfinder Society block, and click on the title or other embedded link, which will bring you to the My Pathfinder Society page.
Click on the GM/Coordinator tab.
If you haven't already, click on the Create New Event button, and fill out your event information.
Once you save that event, a new section will appear at the bottom of the page:
Pathfinder Society Cards
Below that will be two buttons:
- Reserve Ten More Pathfinder Society Cards
- Download Ten Most Recent Pathfinder Society Cards
I am not sure if you need to reserve first, or can just use the Download link right away, but when you can, it downloads a single page PDF containing ten ID cards.
Those cards will have a PFS number, around the middle of the card, and a confirmation code at the bottom.

I print out two copies, one I cut up, one I leave whole, and use the whole sheet to notate who I gave the individual cards to, for you I would just use a paper clip and the card as a piece with the chronicles, so they are all a bundle; and use the whole sheet just as a reminder as to whom you assigned each number. The ten numbers are typically sequential.

Hope that makes sense...

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For running an AP in campaign mode:
No need to use PFS table size limits.
No requirement to use the Pathfinder game system, although it is, usually, easiest.
No need to use the PFS pregens to help fill out the table, you can use a custom NPC, if you need to beef up the party.

Some things to remember:
Most APs are designed around an assumption of 4 PCs, built using 15 point buy, with a probable combat animal as well.
However, if you want to run it for 10 players, suing 50 point buy and Mythic rules, go for it. Or, if you want to use the Amber Diceless rules, or Fudge, or Hero System, or GURPS, go for it. Most of those will require a fair amount of effort on the GM's part, for converting the NPCs and creatures to the game system...
The main rule, if you use a different game system, is that, in campaign mode, you need to retain the flavor of the storyline, it should be recognizable as AP Y to someone else who also played that AP.

If you have players who don't want to join PFS, you can always just not give them chronicles, or, alternatively, once you setup the event in the system here on Paizo, you can get a sheet of 10 unassigned PFS numbers, and just use them for your other players, and keep the relevant card and chronicles together, and let the player know, if they ever decide to try PFS, that you have the stuff for them, especially if they want to start play with a PC higher than 1st level.

Also, as the GM, you also get a chronicle for the PFS sanctioned sections, that you can assign to your own PC, which you can then use at other PFS games, either at conventions, at a local store which has PFS games, or even online via either a VTT or PbP/PbF.

Hope this all makes sense.

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John Compton wrote:
Protoman wrote:

Wow, that's awesome to hear! Thanks for responding, John! :D

Now to work on that vigilante guilt and anxiety-free!

Guilt and anxiety are reserved for the villains who wonder if the vigilante knows of their misdeeds.

Okay, guilt and axiety are also okay for the vigilante, but I think that requires monologues, flashbacks, and pacing in a study while it rains outside.

Don't forget the bat! Never forget the bat.

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Perception as a Skill Unlock isn't a bad choice. Reduces the range penalty by half, so 1/20' instead of 10', and makes it easier to wake up from sleeping, if you run into an overnight adventure.

As a sneak add-on, I like Slow Reactions, since an enemy that cannot take AoOs is easier to gain positional advantage (AKA flanking) on, or prevent from running away.

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Don't forget the other books in the PRD, like the NPC Codex, a bunch of pre-built NPCs you can reskin or use most anywhere, including as party minions, if needed.

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Don't forget that bead of newt prevention. Better to burn a 1K gp consumable than be Baleful Polymorphed into a rabbit or goldfish...

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Found Mike's post on replaying limits.

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Mike Lindner wrote:

On the topic of my dhampir racial variant question.

First off, I had no idea the variants were even republished as I do not own Inner Sea Races. And which way this goes doesn't matter to me since I can use a fitting racial variant either way. I would just like to be certain what the rules are before I bring the character to a game.

More generally though, to the best of my knowledge Paizo doesn't publish errata for the Player Companion line of books in a formal way (only the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game line gets this treatment I think). So if a Paizo developer explicitly providing an "official reply" to "use the following errata" is not sufficient, then it is impossible for a Paizo developer to correct issues in the vast majority of the books they publish in a PFS-legal way while still following their own policies, apart from bugging John and Tonya to fix it for PFS specifically.

Back to this case, I posted to this thread to hopefully have an entry added to the campaign clarifications document or additional resources to clarify whether players should use the errata or not when Blood of the Night is the source for the racial variant.

This issue was brought up a while back, by me, and that is what resulted in the addition to the Additional Resources document that both versions of those racial variants fixed in ISR were legal in both books.

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Added Little Shop of Magic in Las Vegas, NV.

Copy of edit link emailed to our local VC.

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Besides, the ability's text inherently limits the number of times it can be given out; "Changing the bonus feat granted is a swift action." basically strongly implies it can only be in effect once, not multiple times.

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Tempest_Knight wrote:

I'm tinkering with a Lore Warden (Fighter) that is going to eventually have all the "Improved ___" Combat Maneuver feats, and a couple of the "Greater ___" feats for the 'specialties', it is also going to be a good beat stick...

Hopefully it will be well rounded enough to hold its own when not doing the Maneuvers... Also... 7 Skills a level for a Fighter...

2 (Fighter base)
2 (Lore Warden bonus, must be Int skills)
1 (Human)
1 (Int mod)
1 (Fast Learner feat)
7 (total)

Any suggestions on traits?

One of the ones that lets you use Int for a Cha skill. Won't let you spend the Lore Warden skill points on it, but still...

Pragmatic Activator, for instance, for Int for UMD, or Clever Wordplay for Int for Diplomacy...

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Jason Wu wrote:

Implanting them helps with that.

Stings like the dickens though.


Just start with the clear spindle, and it gets amusing...

(Basically, can you fast if you are under the effects of a Ring of Sustenance, or the Ioun stone that works similarly?)

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Scrapper wrote:


N = No Attack, might be wrong as Reach is a bit iffy
R = Reach only
X = Attacker
P = PC
Corners do count.
Also see Flanking.

Not quite sure what you are trying to represent?

If trying to show which squares a medium or small character with a reach weapon threatens, it would be:

Y is where the reach user can attack or take AoOs, N is where he cannot attack with the reach weapon, R is where he is located.

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Eric Ives wrote:

So Stephen, I'm trying to understand your position, so let me start with a specific example: a potion of cause moderate wounds. This is an instantaneous spell with no save. If someone were to imbibe it, the potion description says they become the target and the caster. Are you saying that the spell effect would not do damage to the person unless they wanted it to?

If so, I think that runs counter the statement that the imbiber becomes the target. If you drink a potion of haste you cannot decide to delay the start of the spell duration until you want it to start, the spell goes off immediately; you are not the caster in the sense of selecting the target or deciding when it is activated.

On that potion of inflict moderate wounds, can you drink it, and hold the charge, since it is a touch spell, then use the spell as a touch attack on someone else?

Unfortunately, that is a (very) gray area, especially since it should, indeed, give a Will save for half damage to the target taking the damage. Indeed, if you drink a more common potion of cure light wounds, can you hold the charge to use it as a touch attack on an undead target?

@steelhead: Note that you cannot have a potion of see invisibility, as that is a personal range spell.

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Muser wrote:
Those things are like early robots, tactically. Without adamantine weapons it's time to grapple and hogtie.

Last time I ran them, the party had the high AC meat shield block them, while they spammed non-SR elemental spells at them.

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meesahw wrote:

I just ran level 2 of Emerald Spire and did note that my character only received 2PP.

Am I reading this correctly that the system is slightly flawed and I should still write 4PP on my chronicle sheet?
I get the part about the +2GM credit and I'm fine with that. If I have this wrong please let me know.

No, the GM PC gets the full 4 PP, the Paizo reporting system just has it set so that most anything reported shows GM PP as two, even for the stuff that should be 1 or 4.

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James Anderson wrote:
Murdock Mudeater wrote:

So, thanks to the change, we can now destroy a +1 adamantine longsword with "only" 38 points of damage from a non-enhanced weapon.
That seems really easy.

Not really, except for seriously targeted builds. Remember that that is 38 points of damage in a single attack, not 38 points of damage total.

Otherwise, you wind up nickel-and-diming it, with only what damage per attack exceed 22 counting toward the actual damage accrued.

Which is why, even at first level, caryatids are not all that threatening. 3d6, average 10.5, against a standard longsword, hardness 10, might not roll high enough to damage it.

Voice in the Void:
In this scenario, it gets worse, for the caryatid, since the sub-tier 1-2 caryatid does only 2d6 against weapons used to hit it. 7 damage average against hardness 10? On the rare occasions (3 in 36, 1 in 12) when it does 11-12 points of damage, then it can be painful.

Higher sub-tiers goe back to normal, but it is less of an issue, especially since the target weapon has a chance of being either magical or special material, with a higher hardness.

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Thurston Hillman wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Druma adventure
DRUMA LODGE.... that is all.

Is that the Clerics' trying to Druma up business?

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Pay the 8K difference, but you need the Fame for the full 13195 total value.

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James Anderson wrote:
Thank you all for weighing in. Since it was specifically the Impelling Disarm rage power that inspired me, I think I'm going to back off some on the disarm part (not entirely), and look into a throwing weapon specialist. If you get up next to him, it just happens to be your weapon he's throwing.

It will also vary party-to-party.

A party with a lot of ranged users won't like a trip specialist, since it hurts them more than it helps them. On the other hand, a party with a lot of melee types, especially with a lot of 3/4 BAB classes, will probably love having tripped opponents.

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Michael Eshleman wrote:
Thread title wrote:
The Vigilante's duel identify in PFS?
Why are vigilantes so combative in PFS, constantly challenging people to duels? Maybe we need to pass anti-dueling laws... ;)

And here I thought it meant that they had to get something cast so they could ritualistically fight themselves, at some point...

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The issue here, which is probably why Mike chose the solution he did, is that you are asking for a replacement for a minor bonus that is not universally used, since even many home games disallow Leadership.

You might be better served by making a post like the ones asking for something to be removed from the banned list, in stating what you feel is an appropriate replacement, one that is as minimal as the ability being replaced.

Note that the class ability being replaced for the Sentinel includes adding an actual feat to them as a bonus, so it is not out of line to replace a (modified) bonus feat with a different bonus feat. The Battle Herald gets a conditional bonus to their Leadership score, if they have the Leadership feat.

Best I could see would be making it give a Specialization in Diplomacy, maybe. That makes Diplomacy a class skill if it isn't already, or gives a +1 bonus to Diplomacy.

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It might be the armor instead of the longbow, but it does make for effective low level PCs, if they use their PP wisely.

Given the mention of armor and scrolls, I suspect the PC is either a Druid or Bard maybe a Magus. Given the mention of the longbow, I suspect Elf for race.

If Bard, masterwork chain shirt is only 250, so not bad.
If Druid, masterwork dragonhide breastplate is 700, and only accessible at 1st level via 2 PP purchase.

Of course,m that also means a large portion of his money is tied up in that masterwork composite longbow (Str +4). Then again, it may just be +3 or +2, if he is a caster, he probably doesn't have the 18 Str needed for that +4 setting.

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There is also a source for a couple of tower shields that the module even reminds us can be used as cover against the arrows.

Of course, acquiring those shields is its own problem, of course. ;)

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Maybe he meant, "Anything you say should be limited to a 6 second window, to simulate the length of time a combat round in Pathfinder is set for."

One round is six seconds of in-game time, so some people like to limit anything said to a real-time duration of six seconds, as well.

For what your PC is doing, it will only take six seconds of game time, but, as mentioned, real world time is going to be longer, as describing the action takes longer, usually, than the actual action would take.

"I 5' step diagonally forward and right, and take a full attack with my longbow using cold iron arrows which have been blanched with alchemical silver, using Manyshot and Rapid Shot. The target is now within 30', so another +1 to hit and damage. +2 bow, so also bypasses DR Magic. Oh, and I have Clustered Shots, so DR only applies once, if it applies at all, to my total damage on the target. Let's see, full attack, rapid shot, and Kevin's wizard cast Haste on us, so... 4 attacks." Rolls 4 d20s for to hits, rolls any d20s need to determine if any crit threats confirm, then rolls damage dice as needed, adds up the total damage, GM applies it, relates results, next player.

One bit of advice, hit on tangentially earlier: Always pay attention to what is happening in the game, and try to have your next turn planned out in advance. Keeping an eye on the game lets you adjust your actions, if necessary, for when an opponent drops, or other circumstances change, and this helps keep the game flowing, especially if you are in an environment with a hard cutoff time, whether from the scenario (Bonekeep, for example) or the location (The store closes at 11 pm, with no flexibility).

Grand Lodge

Also remember that a lot of the books are available for about $10 apiece as PDFs, and all you need is either a tablet or smart phone, or printed copies (showing the watermark) for the relevant-to-your-PC rules from said PDF.

You can register here on Paizo's web site for your own PFS number, following the Pathfinder Society links on the top left.

You can just show up with your PC, but check to see if the PFS group has some sort of sign-up system in place. That would (or should, at least) also show what level PCs can play at which table.

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@FF: A couple of issues, though. Since certain fire spells specify that they do set things on fire, the default assumption would probably be that, if it doesn't say it does, it doesn't. YMMV.

And, again, using a fire-based attack against, say, a torch, might fall into a couple of rules where the attack does double damage and can ignore the object's hardness, since fire is so appropriate to do damage to wood....

More seriously, there are ways, I am sure, to do this in Core, even if they are not as simpel as just pulling the Spark cantrip from whatever book it comes from, as a known/prepared spell.

I wonder if that cantrip is on a chronicle sheet, somewhere. Might be amusing to do it with a Rogue using the Minor Magic talent...

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Starglim wrote:
I'll say, though, that nothing in the rules requires a character to own any equipment, so conceivably he could make all his purchases with gold on the most recent Chronicle at his current Fame score.

That one I agree with, it is the feat thing that always gets me. If you look around, you'll see that I was, at one time, on James Anderson's side, but the debate, in one of the threads around here, convinced me otherwise.

But, thanks to using HeroLab, I just make sure to add levels one at a time, make choices at that time, then add the next level, as appropriate. Even if building a higher level character for a specific reason, like for use in a grandfathered module, back in the day, or for other purposes (replacement PC for an AP or module in Home Game mode, for instance).

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Minor nonsequiter:
Minimum Damage: If penalties reduce the damage result to less than 1, a hit still deals 1 point of nonlethal damage.

Back on subject
Dealing Nonlethal Damage: Certain attacks deal nonlethal damage. Other effects, such as heat or being exhausted, also deal nonlethal damage. When you take nonlethal damage, keep a running total of how much you've accumulated. Do not deduct the nonlethal damage number from your current hit points. It is not "real" damage. Instead, when your nonlethal damage equals your current hit points, you're staggered (see below), and when it exceeds your current hit points, you fall unconscious.

Staggered and Unconscious: When your nonlethal damage equals your current hit points, you're staggered. You can only take a standard action or a move action in each round (in addition to free, immediate, and swift actions). You cease being staggered when your current hit points once again exceed your nonlethal damage.

When your nonlethal damage exceeds your current hit points, you fall unconscious. While unconscious, you are helpless.

Spellcasters who fall unconscious retain any spellcasting ability they had before going unconscious.

If a creature's nonlethal damage is equal to his total maximum hit points (not his current hit points), all further nonlethal damage is treated as lethal damage. This does not apply to creatures with regeneration. Such creatures simply accrue additional nonlethal damage, increasing the amount of time they remain unconscious.

Healing Nonlethal Damage: You heal nonlethal damage at the rate of 1 hit point per hour per character level. When a spell or ability cures hit point damage, it also removes an equal amount of nonlethal damage.

Above from the Combat chapter of the CRB/PRD.

Grand Lodge 4/5

A few points:

Masterwork on a weapon gives it a +1 enhancement bonus to hit, no modification to damage.
Adding a +1 enhancement bonus only adds the +1 enhancement bonus to damage, since two enhancement bonuses won't stack, you take the better of the two, or only one of them if they are the same.

That longbow is typically notated as:
+1 darkwood composite longbow (+3 Str)

As a couple of people noted, if the user's Strength modificer is not at least +3, you do your actual Strength modifier instead of the +3, but you also take a -2 penalty to hit, since you are not strong enough to properly pull the bow.

Adding magical enhancements to an item bought for PP still requires enough Fame to enhance it with the normal cost for everything, not using the 0 resale value instead of the normal purchase price.

After the +1, of your PC is planning on ever enhancing, or otherwise increasing, their Strength, you will probably want to consider the Adaptive enhancement (for a flat 1,000 gp) from Ultimate Equipment, which lets your bow adapt to your current Strength modifier, so you won't take the -2 penalty, and can use the same bow for most of your career.

So, as an example:
Fighter archer, Str 16, Dex 18, using this bow.
BAB +1, Dex +4, MW +1, so +6 to hit
Longbow 1d8 (medium), +3 Str

Suffering from a Str drain of two points:
BAB +1, Dex +4, MW +1, insufficient Str penalty -2, so +4 to hit
Longbow 1d8, +2 Str

Remember that making a weapon magical always requires a +1 enhancement, at 2,000 gp, as the first magical step, before anything else can be added.

Edited for numeric typo (+12 instead of +1) Yeesh.

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Murdock Mudeater wrote:
pH unbalanced wrote:

You missed the second part of that phrase. Weapons bought off of approved equipment lists follow the same size rules.

And the size rules in approved equipment lists restrict us to Small, medium and large weapons.

The rules for the cost changes are found in the CRB on page 144, which relate to the cost of the base item. A named magic item does not use a base item, hence the question.

And, until someone with the authority in PFS to do so steps in, unfortunately you would be limited to Medium and Small size versions, since any other size requires GM adjudication.

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Selvaxri wrote:
Likewise. i had just bought my sorcerer Boots of Striding and Springing- i may rescind that purchase for a ring/page of Spell Knowledge and some scrolls.

Yeah, just make one of the scrolls Expeditious Retreat.

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thewastedwalrus wrote:
claudekennilol wrote:

No. He's talking about a Dayfinder (upgraded wayfinder) that's found in the Pathfinder Society Field Guide. It is not core legal.

Contrary to what thewastedwalrus says a basic wayfinder is core legal as you can also find it in the PFS Guide to Organized Play and the contents of the guide are core legal.

Ah, I'd never heard of it. I don't really know what it means to be "core legal", all I know is that the standard wayfinder can't be found within the core rulebook.

I am assuming that he is referring to the newer mode of PFS organized play, called Core Mode.

Core mode uses a very limited list of resources for PC legal material.
Core Rulebook
Web Traits Web Enhancement
Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide
And a list of ethnic languages from the Inner Sea World Guide

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Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
I've always seen color spray rolled by the player, the few times I've seen it rolled. It suffers the same problem of 'fight is over, CdG, duration irrelevant'.

I usually let my players roll it, when it needs to be.

And, oddly, I have seen a situation in an early PFS scenario where the duration was important.

Silent Tide:
The Wizard in the [arty color sprayed the mooks in the cliff scene, 3 of the 6 failed, and then most of the rest of the party went over the edge to go rescue the NPC they were sent to find.

So, here you are, everyone but the Wizard went into the water to save the NPCs who had been tossed off the cliff. Three of the mooks are under the effects of color spray, and the Wizard is now fighting the last two mobile mooks.

Being a Wizard, and having run out of most of his non-cantrips, and having the two enemies attempting to attack him in melee, his options are limited, so 5' step. acid splash, nickel-and-dime the mooks to death.

Unfortunately, this took so long that the three mooks who had failed their saves managed to survive and recover, rejoining the fight. Until one of the martials finally came back up and joined in himself.

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David Hansen wrote:
Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

I'd like to be able to 'try out' a Magus, an Alchemist, or a Cavalier without having to *build* the darn thing first and make a ton of mistakes on it.

That may make me weird, but having a solid viable character I can 'plug and play' when I'm trying things out is kind of neat?

That being said, I'm sure it'll come up someday, just need to hang on until then.

I don't know where you can find the Magus, but for the Alchemist AND the Cavalier, play the Master of the Fallen Fortress. It's even tier 1, so you can play it twice. Or you could even play it 6 times total and also play an Inquisitor, Oracle, Summoner, or Witch.

Edit: Note these 6 lvl 1 pregens are only legal in that module for PFS. Technically if you have a GM that would be willing you can use those pregens outside of that module for non-PFS credit.

David, I don't think those pregens are currently legal, even for use in MotFF, as they are built on a 15 point chassis, not a 20 point chassis.

If you search, though,m you should be able to find a thread by Nefreet with his sample builds for first level PFS-legal PCs for the APG classes, and the Magus, I think. Not sure how many he completed before he got sidetracked with another project, though.

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Interesting typo, Pear of Power. Sounds scrumptious. ;)

But, yeah, Spell Lattices are the fly in the ointment.

One thing to think about, is getting a couple of bandoleers, and filling them with lattices for the spells you are most likely to want. No digging for them, although a handy haversack would remove the AoO...

Whether you can use them in the bandoleer just by touching them, or have to pull them out, though, is probably an ETV.

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They should.

Definitely yes for spells and SLAs, wands are more questionable.

Edit: Improved Grapple and Black Tentacles is in the arena of "I dunno."

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