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PossibleCabbage wrote:

I mean, the reason that it's important for the two "Hell's APs" to take place at the same time is "so that Cheliax is preoccupied and cannot bring their full attention to bear on Ravounel". If you want to justify this via "Abrogail Thrune is busy fighting the Chelish civil war" then that works.

But a few things to consider:
1) How is it that Barzillai gets put in charge of Kintargo? If he's just some zealot cousin of one of the sides of the civil war, he doesn't have a lot of pull.

2) Why would Ravounel seceding from Cheliax in the early part of the civil war have played out so differently from Molthune seceding in the later part of the war? In Hell's Rebels, Ravounel has to take steps to ensure that Cheliax doesn't just send in troops, but Molthune just says "we're our own country" after realizing that Cheliax is busy.

3) Why is it important for Ravounel to become independent instead of just throwing their support behind the anti-Thrune faction?

Unless I’m totally crazy (possible!) I think that you are misreading my 4709 for 4609? 4609 plants it right after the Aroden fall, which is definitely not the period that I’m talking about. I don’t have the books in front of me but I think Molthune gained independence around 4630 so I think there’s a miscommunication here :)

I’m going to be running this in about six months when our CoCT campaign is over and for Reasons i’d like to set this in 4709. Are there any major issues with the Golarion timeline that will be created?

The most obvious one I can think of is that Abrogail II will have just come into power, but that strikes me as a feature, not a bug, especially since I’d rather not have the Glorious Reclamation be a thing.

part of the so called 'curse' of the throne is that no monarch has ever died of old age. is there any information on how past monarchs have died?

Besides providing the requisite starship combat for Book 4, what is the purpose of the encounter with the Fearful Symmetry? My players aren't the biggest fans of starship combat so I feel inclined to cut this bit, since it seems disconnected from the rest of the adventure.

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Paris Crenshaw wrote:

Hey, Folks!

I put together shipsheets for the ships used in the campaign. I'll add pages to it when parts 5 and 6 come out, as well. The stats and DCs for some of the offensive actions on the enemy ships' sheets are based on fighting the Sunrise Maiden as she is presented in the first book.

Dead Suns Shipsheets.PDF


This is awesome, thank you for putting these together!

i imagine that the fashions are constantly changing on absalom station! in my game black turtlenecks are all the rage among the hoi polloi right now thanks to those grim but fashionable eoxians.

edit: wait, I read this as a fashion question, not a mechanical question about life support, but I don't imagine normal folk (meaning your average NPC) are too concerned about life support emergencies in the cultural center of the pact worlds. If anything, such concerns seem very gauche!

Fey foundling is obviously a great feat if you come up with an RP reason for having it and/or your GM doesn't give a shit about that kind of thing. Personally I don't allow it in my games unless there is a character reason for it but YMMV.

Otherwise toughness and improved initiative are both great and have different value based on your build, as stated above, and depending on what level you are playing at / until. Toughness is awesome at 1st level and loses value as you level up, whereas improved init will pretty much always be valuable, at least in my experience.

Just my 2 cp!

If the PCs board the Rusty Rivet to treat with Captain Okwana and wind up killing her crew in any confrontation that may ensue, is anything keeping them from claiming the ship as their own and either running around with two ships or *gulp* selling it?

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seems insane to not clarify that eskolar is unimportant to the written AP until literally half of it has been published. I understand that running an AP without all of it being published has risks, but there have been multiple times in this AP where it has specifically said 'this is not part of the adventure' so that GMs could add to / ignore those sections.

I'm really enjoying Dead Suns, but wow, I feel incredibly irritated to find out that the business with Eskolar is a red herring -- it would've been laughably easy to clarify that earlier than now so that myself and other GMs could have played it appropriately.

right but by playing the class you are making a choice, yes? that choice isn't 'should i or should i not be a giant a+&$$!@ to the people I'm playing with,' or at least it shouldn't -- but there seem to be a lot of people here who HATE paladins (for whatever reasons!) and are going to intentionally force pallys into situations where they feel like they 'have to' behave in a certain way.

I feel that someone who thinks that "being good" is important and valuable and puts that distinction above all has a real place in TTRPGs, just as much as GTA murder hobos who hate being told there will be repercussions for murdering civilians (drifting into the hyperbolic, i know, but it is late and I'm a little fired up!)

*eyes rolling so hard that they pop out of my head and roll away*
because some people love to shout at other people about how they are playing pathfinder wrong, even though it cuts both ways. personally I have encountered a lot more people who get irrationally furious about someone else playing a paladin (therefore keeping them from mindlessly murder hobo-ing their way through an adventure) than paladins who try to govern the rest of the party's actions but I discourage wanton murder in my games anyway so YMMV.

Also having to play within the constructs of the alignment can lead to great story, I feel! It's the classic case of restrictions allowing creativity to flourish. IDK!

edit: lightly ninjaed by possiblecabbage

I don't understand why Ambassador Nor would make the feed of the PC's Acreon exploration public -- or at least, I don't understand what explanation he would give when questioned by the PCs. Is this covered somewhere that I am not seeing?

If the scaling DCs for certain starship maneuvers at high level are your main concern then they are very easily house ruled while waiting for an FAQ, as other commenters have noted. Starfinder is a really fun system, I really recommend you check it out!

As someone who almost always GMs I make mistakes all the time, of course, but if a player doesn't trust me then I do not want them at my table, therefore I do my best to never break said trust by following the RAW and honoring the dice.

*shrugs* I find rolling in front of your players makes it a little easier for them to swallow rules fiat-ing :3

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I feel like Shirren is probably the closest you can get if you are not part of the hive mind, there are probably nuances that can't be picked out of 'the old words' unless you are part of the Swarm.

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yup, seconding outlaw star as well as cowboy bebop

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i'm expecting an azlanti star empire based AP at some point, although it might not be the second one

i'd like to see a 4th lvl caster who is martial based, in the paladin vein but without the alignment restriction

"Inner Sea Gods" has information on a number of gods who are still major deities in the Starfinder pantheon.

i doubt this will make you feel happier/better, but the alien archive box does come with bases, much like the pathfinder bestiary boxes

I've always felt like a natural one in combat should entail more than just missing. Unless/until there are crit/fumble cards for Starfinder, what are you guys doing for fumbles?

you could probably survive without a rogue but a healer might be harder to replace.

book two in particular has a ton of ability damage that might be difficult to heal at those levels without a full time party healer.

with the powerful abadarcorp gun lobby around i can't see the pact council trying to restrict gun trade very much, although individual worlds probably have varying laws.

im not certain that the gap and golarion disappearing are necessarily related, or at least im not sure that they were caused by the same thing.

i left the fusion queen as is and my group handled it pretty easily, although Vrokilayo did knock the Solarian unconscious with his awesome blow ability. Going into the Acreon I am debating between beefing up the akata encounters or adding one or two more encounters to add to the feel of a swarm wearing them down through attrition.

Expecting it to be helpful against the garaggakal!

this is very helpful, thank you for sharing this :)

yeah, im running dead suns now but am interested in converting curse of the crimson throne, waiting for the alien archive as well

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I agree and also don't understand this. A human can move 30ft a round in light armor but an enercycle moves 20ft??

yeah, i am also unsure about this. if a shirren is having a conversation with a ysoki, does it sound to people walking by like the ysoki is talking to himself like a maniac?

Thank you!

In addition to the core rule book that I was getting as part of my subscription, I ordered the limited edition core as a treat to myself for my birthday. It looks amazing and the system seems to be everything I was hoping for. I am very happy! Unfortunately, both copies of the core that I received seem to have issues with the binding. Is there anything that can be done about this or should I go out and buy some binding glue? I also sent an email about this, which included pictures.


the description of Share Pain reads 'Unless the foe succeeds at a Will save, reduce the damage you take by your mystic level and the foe takes an equal amount of damage.'

What is the DC of this Will save? 10 + Wisdom mod + 1/2 level, like spells?

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They have confirmed that more are going to be released, I would expect at least one or two in Pact Worlds

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quibblemuch wrote:

The comparison with O'Hare has got me thinking... you're right, there would be massive public outcry if a plane crashed out of O'Hare once ever 20 days. Yet the equivalent mortality rate (again, with some hand-waving approximations) happens on the highways all the time. And there would be a massive public outcry if you tried to prevent 100 deaths a day by taking away people's cars.

There is only one plausible explanation: Automobiles are sentient aliens, the harbingers of an invasion wherein we destroy ourselves.

this is actually what the movie 'cars' is about

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I'm starting on the shuttle but I'm not sure where it would be coming from. Is the idea that the Okimoro stops at various planets and picks Starfinder Society initiates up like a school bus?

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Leafar Cathal wrote:
Also, If I can recall it correctly (was reading the book before going to bed), there's no 5-foot step.

There is, but it counts as your move action. A 'guarded step' still doesn't provoke an AoO

Joana wrote:
jack ferencz wrote:
Sara Marie wrote:
If you preordered AP #1 and are now (after July 27th) subscribing, ping customer service.
This describes me, unsure what 'ping' means!
Either e-mail customer service at the address at the bottom of the page, or make a new thread in the Customer Service forum asking them to mark your preorder copy as a subscription.

thanks :)

Hi! I preordered the Starfinder AP and then subscribed. Could my preorder be marked as part of my subscription?

Sara Marie wrote:
If you preordered AP #1 and are now (after July 27th) subscribing, ping customer service.

This describes me, unsure what 'ping' means!

the sleazy weasel was surprisingly clean and well lit!

i'm considering only allowing core races and First Contact races, although i would be pretty surprised if anyone in my group wanted to play an 'old' race anyway

Gilfalas wrote:
Jaxom Faux wrote:

So .... back to hacking, i'm in favor of the "one computer skill" and would love any other teasers in relation to such.

also i'm sure somebody is going to ask.... can androids be hacked? cyber arms? etc? are hackers in starfinder going to be as annoying as the random rogue stealing your gear in pathfinder?

Androids and cybergear cannot be hacked. Something about them being in your living field and part of you means they are not hackable.

I am not sure of the reason. I am sure that they cannot be hacked.

the distinction made between artificial personalities and 'true consciousness' lead me to think that the former is hackable but not the latter. Cybergear seems like it should be able to be hacked, just a high DC or something.

Hiruma Kai wrote:

I've already got some FAQ questions:

1) Does the fire damage from blazing orbit trigger for *each* square you enter? I.e. if you enter one square, take 2d6, enter the next, take another 2d6?

2) Does forced movement into those squares, say from the same or a different Solarian's black hole power, which moves an enemy closer, trigger the damage?

Depending on exact numbers, that might be an easy 12d6 from a move (can Black hole move you 6 squares?) and a standard action (is Black hole standard? Full round?) with no resource cost at 6th. Maybe something like 24d6 at 10th. And just for sillies, something like 54d6 at 20th (although maybe you can have faster base movement and pull farther at higher level?) Although I'm guessing Black hole gives a save.

I.e. Solarian is in over his head up front after 3 rounds of combat in and is Gravity attuned, activates Blazing Orbit and moves away with concealment, then draws an enemy through his flames to his friends via Blackhole. Move + Attack damage + better positioning of the enemy at the end. Might not be as good as a full attack in terms of raw damage output, but I could see it being the right move in some situations.

Anyways I'm looking forward to what kind of silly combos one can build between team members.

This seems both incredibly cool and eminently reasonable, especially since the class seems like it will have a lot of battlefield control options

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Name: Scro Varrus
Level/Race/Class: 3/Human/Paladin
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Nualia

The party found the stairs leading to the lowest level of Thistletop and immediately descended, avoiding the cathedral and leaving themselves vulnerable to the yeth hound's bay. Nualia, alerted to their presence, cast obscuring mist, leading them directly into the glaive trap. The ranger was then affected by the hounds bay, leaving the party without their main ranged damage dealer. After a few (pretty successful!) rounds of combat, the paladin, down to 12HP, charged at Nualia, down to 4HP. Pally missed, Nualia went next and crit, and after the party retreated and rested, they went into the cathedral and found the Paladin's corpse sacrificed as an offering to Lamashtu. The party cleric, who also worshipped Sarenrae, was so wracked with guilt that he considered leaving the party for good to try to atone for his failure to protect him.