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1) Dragons - I love the idea of more dragons, my main character finally got to go toe-to-toe with one in a scenario last week. It was clearly an adult dragon and it was questionable whether defeating it was within the capabilities of our group or if we should negotiate with it. The tension at the table made it very exciting.

2) Goblins – I personally love Goblins! I don’t think I could really ever get sick of these little heathens.

3) Orcs – More Orcs would be awesome as well. They’re iconic enemies of humanity and also usually a very good challenge.

4) Drow – I’m indifferent on these guys, if more are featured fine, but I won’t be disappointed if they aren’t.

5) Dinosaurs – I could do without dinosaurs at all. They’re cool, but not really what I’m looking for in PFS.

6) Undead – Oh man am I sick of undead, seems like a constant opponent of the Society. I understand why from a writing perspective, there’s only so many things that can be locked down in a tomb for a thousand years and still be there to put up a fight when the Society busts in. As someone earlier mentioned, if you’re going to use them, give them some class levels or something to make them more interesting.

7) Swarms – Eh, maybe a bit overdone, but any resourceful pathfinder can typically find a way to deal with these. I rarely find them an interesting part of the story.

8) Outsiders - Outsiders are very cool and it would be a fun opponent. Just be careful with trying to squeeze them into low level scenarios. They usually have DR of some sort and spell resistance, which can be tough to overcome for a group of young Pathfinders.

9) Humanoid NPCs – Keep them coming, as mentioned there is such a variety here that they don’t feel like repeats. I love scenarios with the Aspis in them, the PFS storyline has done a great job creating an enemy worth hating.

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That surprise is totally AWESOMESAUCE!!!

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Stonecunning wrote:
James Engle wrote:
Stone, have you actually played any PFS yet?
Yep, no idea why stuff isn't posted to the profile to be honest. Didn't know it did that.

Are you using a pre-registered player's card number with the confirmation code on it? If so, just take a moment to set-up your profile and use the confirmation code on your player's card. Any table credits that have been recorded for that number should then appear on your profile at that point.

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Stone, have you actually played any PFS yet? Looking at your profile, it doesn't appear that you have and I've seen you do a lot of lobbying for changes the last week or so. There's nothing wrong with asking for changes or engaging in debate, but shouldn't you at least try out pathfinder society for a while and see if these rules really are that big of an issue for your "fun" before lobbying for so many changes all at once. It appears from an outsider rather than just trying out this particular brand of organized play and see how it suits your taste, your going out of your way to change it to something that "you" specifically want before you even get started.

All I'm saying is maybe give it a chance before you go into a lot of debate about what the system needs to do to better accommodate certain players.

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FAQ wrote:

Can I re-skin or re-flavor an animal companion or item?

You may choose a specific type of animal companion from any of the base forms listed on pages 53–54 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook or a legal Additional Resource but may not use stats for one base form with the flavor of another type of animal. Thus, a small cat could be a cheetah or leopard, as suggested, as well as a lynx, bobcat, puma, or other similar animal; it could not, however, be "re-skinned" to be a giant hairless swamp rat or a differently-statted wolf. If a GM feels that a re-skinning is inappropriate or could have mechanical implications in the specific adventure being played, he may require that the creature simply be considered its generic base form for the duration of the adventure. A player may not re-skin items to be something for which there are no specific rules, and any item a character uses for which there are no stats is considered an improvised weapon (see page 144 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook).

I have bolded the portion that I believe justifies why I would rule that you do not have the vestigial wings in the hypothetical that we are discussing. You have the right to disagree and I respect that, it does not however change how I would handle the situation.

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You have a right to disagree with what several VOs, including Andrew are telling you. But you keep asking for someone of authority to give you a definitive answer on the subject. While none of us Venture-Captains or Venture-Lieutenants have the authority to make final decisions on rules and are certainly not infallible, I would think that you should take our opinions as meaning something. We have more direct interaction with Mike and Mark than the average PFS player, and feel it is our responsibility to provide appropriate feedback on these subjects so that Mike and Mark can concentrate on their many responsibilities. Andrew and others have stated that what you are asking about, something such as vestigial wings on a character with no mechanical justification violates the rules against re-skinning. And at our tables (I'm including myself as I also believe it to be against the rules on re-skinning) we would likely tell you that your character does not actually possess vestigial wings. You are welcome to get up and leave my table at that point, and I honestly wouldn't hold any ill will towards you, but I also wouldn't feel bad about doing what I believe is appropriate in the PFS setting. You have made your point that you feel the re-skinning guidelines are ambiguous and/or that they do not apply in this situation, several of us have disagreed with you.

As Andrew stated a while ago, you are welcome to attempt to make the character that you are describing, but I think you are likely to sit down at a number of tables that don't allow you to roleplay the character in the way that you envision. Based on that alone, I would suggest you come up with another concept that you would enjoy that would not be at the GM's discretion to such an extent. There are many character concepts that unfortunately are not compatible with an organized play setting (or specifically this organized play setting) and this may just be one of them.

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Cheapy wrote:
Daniel Luckett wrote:
Purple Fluffy CatBunnyGnome wrote:
Drogon wrote:

Haven't we already covered all this? If you want to revisit all these arguments, please just read the beginning of this thread. Or the other five threads that cover the same thing.

Can everyone please just let Mike, Mark, and the Paizo people do their jobs? It's been said before, but seeing as we're all repeating ourselves here: The new guide comes out in a month. Can't we all be patient for one lousy month?

But...but what would I discuss in a meaningless way to help me pass my day?
Gnomes vs Halflings: Who is more delicious?

Depends on the ages involved, but I would say Halflings. They tend to be more plump and get pop-bellied in their old age. Gnomes tend to generally be more jittery and lean, meaning the meat is tougher and stringier. The same reason why beef is more delicious than horse meat. Finally a reasonably question worth chiming in on. I knew following this thread would pan-out if I just waited long enough.

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Todd Morgan wrote:
You're getting the wrong impression James

Fair enough, there only so much meaning that can be conveyed via messageboard posts.

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Todd Morgan wrote:
Actually, I would be in favor of him making the guidelines to stop all the bickering on these boards and show people what happens when you get what you wish for...

emphasis mine

Todd Morgan wrote:
It's not a punishment. It's a clear set of guidelines that was asked for.

I believe it would be an attempt to punish them for asking for something that would have such a substantial impact on everyone. And based on your previous post that I've quoted here, I got the impression you realize it would be a punishment as well.

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Todd Morgan wrote:
Actually, I would be in favor of him making the guidelines to stop all the bickering on these boards and show people what happens when you get what you wish for...

While the first part of this is commendable (wishing to stop the bickering), I take issue with the second part. Responding harshly to prove a point would be an option if it only punished those responsible for the bickering, but an over-arcing rule that negatively (in my opinion) affects the campaign as a whole out of frustration is not the answer (again, in my opinion). Mike has come off as a level-headed campaign coordinator, and whatever decision he makes, I hope it isn't out of frustration just to shut up the people bickering.

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Purple Fluffy CatBunnyGnome wrote:
Drogon wrote:
James Engle wrote:
If the goal of the racial boons is to reward GMs and players for attending organized conventions, I would think Mike using is best judgement is the most appropriate. If the racial boons are intended to encourage players to go out and organize events solely to earn a specific reward then the Black and White guidelines are probably the most appropriate. If the boons are intended to do a little of both things, it may be best for Mike to continue to use his best judgement as he has been doing.


If a black and white guideline is laid out, the effect will be to lower the number of "large" events that are held, as it will actually be a discouraging factor.

I appreciate the fact that people are after some sort of affirmation.

However, I'm confused that, in this instance, the thought process is to cater to the minority of people asking for the guideline. The minority of players are also asking for replay, and they aren't being catered to. What has prompted this sudden shift to paying attention to the squeaky wheel? The attitude shift concerns me.

I'm going to assume that Mike is trying to make a point that if you're squeaky and want to ask for something that affects your area, you had better be prepared for the backlash with out it affects the big picture..

I'm sure Mike and Mark gets tired of us being squeaky and is tryng to show us what could happen...

Yep, I am hoping that this is Mike trying to make a point and that he is not actually making out these guidelines right now, as his earlier post suggested. I was involved in a relatively small (~17 PFS tables as well as numerous LFR and other gaming/board game tables) local convention of this weekend that went great!

I know the GMs really appreciated their boons (myself included) as did the 4 players that managed to snag one of the player boons.

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I think the issue here isn't the normal conventions that were going to exist regardless of whether Paizo supplied PFS boons or not. The people organizing those conventions probably think of the Paizo boons as icing on the cake or a nice perk to help entice players to their convention.

The people that are getting antsy and asking for this sort of thing (meaning a black and white definition of what will get a racial boon) are the players that are trying to organize an event for the sole purpose of getting themselves a racial boon. Let's say random player "Joe Bob" wants to play an exotic race and knows that he may get one if he organizes 15 tables at his local gaming store. He does so and requests Paizo support. Mike obliges and sends him two general player boons to distribute at his event and a third general boon to give each GM. None of the boons sent are racial boons. Since "Joe Bob" organized this entire event for the sole purpose of getting himself a racial boon, he is pissed because he only received general boons and demands to know what he needs to organize in order to get the racial boon. "Joe Bob" wants a "Black and White" guideline so that he can organize an event that gets him his racial boon, it is all he cares about, organizing a gaming event is only the means to an end. Is "Joe Bob" the sort of player we want to cater the convention boon support rules to, in my opinion no, he is not.

If the goal of the racial boons is to reward GMs and players for attending organized conventions, I would think Mike using is best judgement is the most appropriate. If the racial boons are intended to encourage players to go out and organize events solely to earn a specific reward then the Black and White guidelines are probably the most appropriate. If the boons are intended to do a little of both things, it may be best for Mike to continue to use his best judgement as he has been doing.

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I'm very sad to see that experimental gunsmith got the axe :-(

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CRobledo wrote:

We had a secondary discussion on this last week, and yes, what you just described is one of what we think are two solutions:

1) Individual Oaths are treated as archetypes and once selected that's it.
2) "Oathbound" is the archetype and Oaths are more fluid, and only last for either:
2a. One scenario (as indefinite time passes in between, giving you a chance to complete your oath in that time) or;
2b. When the character fulfills the oath in a scenario at the GM's discretion (filled in the effects/conditions boxes in the chronicle sheets)

I personally think that what makes Oathbound paladins cool is that chance to change my abilities with some kind of fluidity, so I would like it to be #2. We have had the argument (some in posts above) that then you would metagame things like the scenario title to take an Oath that is more appropriate. Of course this can also backfire:

** spoiler omitted **
My argument for this not being a problem is that Clerics (and to a lesser degree wizards) get to do this all the time. If they THINK a scenario will have a lot of water combat they might prepare a bunch of waterbreathing or control water spells. If they think they are going to a volcano they then pick Endure Elements. So I don't see this being a problem.

All that said, my Paladin is Oath of Vengeance with no desire to switch. But I can see this cropping up again in the future.

You make a reasonable argument in comparing Clerics and Wizards spell prep with changing oaths, and if the changing of Oaths only granted a different series of powers without affecting the rest of the vanilla paladin abilities I might agree with you. But the problem is that when a Wizard preps different spells for the day, he is not changing any class features outside of his spells, he's just modifying the "spellcasting" class feature. If all oaths did roughly the same thing, like maybe they all changed the mechanics of smite evil slightly and nothing else I think you'd be on to something.

But in my opinion, since each oath has a drastic (and varied) impact on many of the Paladins core class abilities, I think option #1 in your post is really the only one that would work in an organized play environment such as PFS.

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I guess I had not ever really read the text closely enough to even think about this issue. In my area, what few paladins we do have tend to play just vanilla paladins. I unfortunately can't give an official answer or even really a well-supported suggestion on how to rule this, because as best as I can tell it is completely subjective.

My suggestion for PFS play is that the Oaths should be treated as their own separate archetypes (that's the way I've always thought of them anyways). So if you intended to play an Oath of Vengeance Paladin, you would decide that upon reaching 4th level and as far as PFS is concerned, you are an Oath of Vengeance Paladin for the rest of your PFS career. I'm not saying that is how it works by RAW, but that I think would make the most sense for the PFS environment.

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Well-played Ughbash, very well played :-)

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I'm sorry, but anyone who simply disregards Rage Prophet and says flat out that it's a terrible prestige class has completely lost my attention. The most powerful and fun character I've ever played in all my years of gaming was in the Rise of the Runelords adventure path that I just finished a while back, and he was a Barbarian2/Oracle4/Rage Prophet9. I'm not going to argue mechanics with you, but I can tell you the character was incredibly effective (over-powered even), and you gain a lot of awesome stuff from Rage Prophet(like adding your constitution bonus to the save DCs of spells at Rage Prophet 7 and adding your Barbarian levels to CL during moment of clarity at 4th) that make up for the inherent multi-classing weaknesses. He did not have magical knack for the record, though I'm more chiming in to stop this blasphemy that Rage Prophet sucks, because it was fantastic!

Also I play a Barbarian1/Sorcerer7 in PFS that does just fine without Maigcal Knack. I'm not saying that I'm against making the trait legal, I really couldn't care less, but the argument that you can't play a multi-classed caster just because the trait is not allowed is false and hyperbole. Will you be slightly less powerful in PFS because of the lack of Magical Knack, sure, does that mean the character is useless, absolutely not.

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My guess is that he/she has no real interest in doing any damage, it's going to be purely a grapple monkey.

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I will throw my two cents in on this. As Thod pointed out, in general, using arcane mark to get two attacks as a Magus is actually slightly less effective than traditional two-weapon fighting in several ways, and slightly more effect in others. While you can use the same weapon for both attacks thus cutting down on cost in the long run only upgrading one weapon, you take the same -2 on both attacks and should you fail the concentration check have the potential to lose the second attack. Is it a little cheesy, maybe, is it overpowered, absolutely not. I would probably question you about what arcane mark actually does (prior to reading this thread) but after seeing the spell, I would have no problem letting you use it in this fashion.

Optimizing a character is not against the spirit of PFS and it really annoys me with the CharOP backlash that people dish out on these boards. There is nothing wrong with having a PC that is very powerful. I have 8 active PFS characters at the moment, some are powerhouses and some are more mediocre (like my Gnome Barbarian). But I can tell you one thing, when one of my local players is sitting down to play with me and wants to play his Witch (who is about as effective in combat as a wet paper towel) he is always appreciative of me playing my Half-Orc Sorcerer/Barbarian that can pick up his slack.

Having an optimized character is not against the spirit of PFS, having a character with no backstory and completely lacking flavor that is simply a set of numbers on the page, that is against the spirit of PFS. If you enjoy making powerful PCs, go right ahead, I will happily drive into a dungeon with you as long as that powerhouse also has some personality that makes them fun.

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Matthew Pemrich wrote:
James Engle wrote:
I will suggest that if you can manage, weeknights tend to work best for players. Most people have day jobs and won't be able to play until early evening. If you contact the store a lot of times they may be willing to stay open a little later to accommodate a PFS group, especially if the gamers tend to spend a little money in the store. I know our local store tends to stay open an extra hour or more to let us play on Monday evenings.

I'm running into similar problems rescheduling Albuquerque's PFS game day. One of the other GMs in the area runs on Saturdays, and Friday (which we're doing right now) collides with FNM.

I've had a poll up for a couple weeks and it looks like people would be available more mid-week. Tuesday through Thursday. But none of the stores are open past ten (two are only open until seven).

Since the workday ends at around five and if people can only make it by six, that leaves four hours at most for us to play. And that's IF everyone makes it by six and is ready to start.

Our group is scheduled from 6-10 pm and tends to always get done by 10 (sometimes 9-9:30), but the DM's have to realize that there is a time constraint much like at a convention and make sure the players stay pretty focused on the game.

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I will suggest that if you can manage, weeknights tend to work best for players. Most people have day jobs and won't be able to play until early evening. If you contact the store a lot of times they may be willing to stay open a little later to accommodate a PFS group, especially if the gamers tend to spend a little money in the store. I know our local store tends to stay open an extra hour or more to let us play on Monday evenings.

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We played our first PFS game tonight at Warzone Matrix, it was a close call for the party members as three of the four lost consciousness in the final encounter. But did emerge victorious.

We will be hosting our next game, with myself as GM in two weeks time on Wednesday May 16th at 6:30 pm.

If you are a gamer in the Cleveland area and would like to come out for some PFS, check out our website at www.clevelandpathfindersociety.com or send me an email at clevelandvc@gmail.com.

Stay Classy Dungeon Delvers!

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I've got a fresh level 1 monk that I whipped up quickly last night to bring to the game, I'll ask the players what they prefer as I'm going as much (if not more) for their enjoyment as my own.

We are going to be at the table minimum of 4 players, so I wouldn't be surprised if they want me to play one of my better equipped PCs. But I agree that having a fresh level 1 just in case will probably the safest bet. I mostly just wanted to double-check to be sure that it was legal to play with a PC that already has a faction.

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Thanks Chris and Jiggy, that's what I assumed, but I wanted to be sure before I head up to the game tonight.

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We're actually running this for our new game we're starting up tonight in Cleveland.

So I had a question to add, I'm playing mostly just to fill out the table and be there to introduce myself to the new players as the Cleveland VC. So my question is, do I need to make a new first level PC to play in this (we are running part 1), or can I use one of my two first level PCs that each have 2 scenarios already under their belt?

Anyone know how that works?

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By RAW, yes it should apply to the splash damage. Not sure if that makes much sense intuitively, but your minimum damage is increased when within 30 feet, therefore so is the splash damage. I feel pretty confident about that since they specifically list using the amount of damage done on a direct hit to calculate the splash damage in the example.

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Mystic Lemur wrote:

1,000 gp, but feel free to check the math yourself. I'm not suggesting making Rhino Plate, although that would be awesome, I'm just saying the rules for barding are clear. You only increase the price of the base armor, in this case Hide Armor and by 4x.

So it is or isn't your contention that 'named' Mithril Shirt cannot be upgraded? I didn't ask if it was different than mithril chain shirt, did I? No, I think the fact that it's the same was my point...

Ok, your last couple of posts to me sound a little more condescending than I feel is necessary, but I feel the need to step in and clarify something. The reason for not allowing upgrades of named armor is not just that there needs to be an actual gp value allocated to the cost of random enchantments not contained in the list of normal enchantments (this would be the +2d6 damage on a charge with Rhino Hide armor for example). The issue is what would that do to the cost of upgrading the armor further, sure assigning a gp value to that random ability is not very difficult, just subtract the cost of a normal +2 hide armor set from the cost of Rhino Hide. The problem is if I want to upgrade Rhino Hide to a +3 suit of hide armor with the charging ability intact, do I need to pay the difference between a +2 and +3 armor set or a +3 and +4 armor set. As you can see from looking at the list of available armor enchantments, some such as energy resistance only have a +X gp value assigned and therefore do not cause an increase in cost for the next +whatever enchantment; while others such as light fortification causes the overall enhancement bonus of the armor to be considered +1 higher. Nowhere in the core rulebook (or any other rulebook) is that random +2d6 damage on a charge ability assigned either a gp value or a +X enhancement bonus value.

In your home game you are more than welcome to do the math, see the value of the random rhino hide enchantment and assign it as either a gp value or enhancement value as you see fit. However, in PFS society you having this ambiguity is not something desired by an open play environment and therefore not allowed.

Also, your insistence that the cannot be upgrade a "mithral shirt" by this train of logic is not relevant because each property of the "mithral" shirt is clearly defined and is simply a masterwork mithral chain shirt mechanically.

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My apologies Mergy they would indeed stack.

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Mergy wrote:
Ryan Bolduan wrote:
Josh Spies wrote:
When you get the time, I'd like to hear the long answer. One of my players is a huge fan of his lion/tiger(liger?) that uses Rhino Hide barding. I want to be able to explain this to him thoroughly, so there's less chance of him quitting Society altogether, if not just abandoning his halfing druid/ranger/cavalier.
Out of curiosity more than anything; is there a reason this character took three different classes with non-stackable animal companions?
They stack. It just has to be an animal he's capable of riding.

No, they do not stack. Unless an ability explicitly states that it stacks with a similar ability of another class, they do not stack.

A character that had 1 level in Druid, 1 level in Cavalier, and 4 levels in Ranger, would have 3 separate level 1 animal companions. Only one of which could be brought adventuring due to PFS rules.

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If he wants the long answer just use the explanations by numerous people in this thread explaining why it is not legal. Mike just confirmed that we were correct in our assessment of the situation.

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Michael Brock wrote:
James Engle wrote:
One of my local players asked if his cat animal companion could have Rhino Hide barding.
Short answer: No

Thanks Bossman, that was my initial answer to the player, but I wanted to check on here to confirm my answer's validity. And I'm out of here, stick and move :-)

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I'm glad to see that this issue is as clear as mud for everyone else as well. Or more accurately, it is crystal clear to people, but those people have the exact opposite interpretation of the legality of it.

Any chance of an official ruling from the higher ups?

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I agree that if it is legal to have the rhino hide barding, the +2d6 damage would apply to all attacks. Because of this I hope my initial interpretation of the it not being legal is correct, as I feel it is grossly overpowered. Making animal companions even more awesome is not something I want to see, but that isn't my call to make.

If it were at my home game, I would rule that it is probably too powerful and wield my mighty ban hammer.

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I really don't think he/she would mind taking a -1 penalty on attack rolls in exchange for getting +2d6 damage on every attack at the end of a charge. With the "pounce" ability a cat animal companion would get their full-attack at the end of a charge so all of those would have +2d6 damage.

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2 people marked this as FAQ candidate. Answered in the FAQ. 1 person marked this as a favorite.

One of my local players asked if his cat animal companion could have Rhino Hide barding. For those unaware of what Rhino Hide armor is, it is a named magical item:

Rhino Hide

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 9th
Slot armor; Price 5,165 gp; Weight 25 lbs.

This +2 hide armor is made from rhinoceros hide. In addition to granting a +2 enhancement bonus to AC, it has a –1 armor check penalty and deals an additional 2d6 points of damage on any successful charge attack made by the wearer, including a mounted charge.

Craft Magic Arms and Armor, bull's strength; Cost 2,665 gp.

I looked for this answer in the forums and only found an inconclusive disagreement, so I told the player that I would repost the question in hopes of an official answer.

I'm of the opinion that it would not be allowed as it would essentially be altering a "named" magic armor (i.e. crafting) and crafting is not allowed by PFS rules.


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No they can not take them as their bonus feats unless they have the master of many styles archetype.

Although many of the style feats have less restrictive prereqs if you have monk levels, so at least there is that.

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Hmmm, I never thought of that, I don't see why not.

Edit: not sure if this has been discussed on the forums previously. I based my answer on just the rules printed in the PFS player's guide.

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Congrats Del!

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If that is what he meant then cool. I just got the impression from his post that he intended to have Eldritch Knight as his favored class.

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Jiggy wrote:
Enevhar Aldarion wrote:
Isn't this a bit off? If a half-elf were to eventually multi-class into three classes, the first two chosen are not automatically the favored classes unless the player declares so. For example, if the player is going to do a one-level dip as the first or second class for a character, it would be silly to make that class one of the favored classes.
I have a human PC on his way to Eldritch Knight who is very happy that his favored class doesn't have to be the one he takes his first level in. :D

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you cannot select a prestige class as your favored class. From the Core Rulebook on character advancement. (emphasis mine)

"Favored Class

Each character begins play with a single favored class of his choosing—typically, this is the same class as the one he chooses at 1st level. Whenever a character gains a level in his favored class, he receives either + 1 hit point or + 1 skill rank. The choice of favored class cannot be changed once the character is created, and the choice of gaining a hit point or a skill rank each time a character gains a level (including his first level) cannot be changed once made for a particular level. Prestige classes (see Prestige Classes) can never be a favored class."

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Also as he'll be at range mostly, rolling dodge would be a decent rage power as well.

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The hardcopy of your chronicle sheets are the official record of your characters game history, as long as you have those, you are in good shape.

Though it is not a bad idea to attempt to have the online errors corrected by reporting the error to the Paizo website.

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Hello all, I am attempting to expand my region's pathfinder society presence to new locales. We are well established in Akron, but I'm looking to build up interest closer to Cleveland.

If you live near Cleveland and are interested in attending some PFS games at the Warzone Matrix please head to the thread that I have started on the Warzone Matrix website. You'll need to set-up a username and password on their website to view and contribute to the message thread. You can also contact me directly at clevelandvc@gamil.com or visit our gamer website.

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Seth Gipson wrote:
*starts humming the theme song to The Drew Carey Show.*

It's true, it's true, we do in fact ROCK! But we try to be modest about it.

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I O!

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I built the following for my friend's campaign. It is based off of the Dragonborn race that appears in 4th edition D&D. I created it using the playtest rules for the Advanced Race Guide.

Dragonborn race for Pathfinder (based heavily on the version published for 4th Edition) 1st attempt:

Humanoid (reptillian) 0 RP
Medium 0 RP
Base Speed
Normal 0 RP
Ability Score Modifiers
Standard (+2 Str, -2 Int, +2 Cha) 0 RP
Standard 1 RP
--------Common and Draconic for free (seven others available with higher Int.)
Racial Abilities
Breath Weapon 4 RP
--------Gain a 30' cone/60' line breath weapon usable 1/day that deals 1d6 energy damage (chosen at character creation) per 2 hit dice possessed (Minimum 1). Save DC = 10 + 1/2 hit dice + Con modifier.
Fearless 1 RP
--------+2 racial bonus on all saving throws against fear.
Skill Bonus (Intimidate) 2 RP
--------+2 racial bonus on intimidate checks
Energy Resistance 1 RP
--------Gains energy resistance equal to 5 in the energy type corresponding to the damage that the Dragonborn deals with his breath weapon.
Hatred 1 RP
--------Gain a +1 racial bonus attack rolls against creatures of the Dragon subtype
Total RP: 10

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Red Ramage wrote:

What have you done? Have you not heard of the legend of Engle? Lo, he is the most feared GM of the entire Akron area. It is said that when he takes up his emerald d20's, the very stars shudder with horror. The walls of his crypt-fortress are papered with the gristly remains of character sheets he has destroyed.

A dark-cloaked man once whispered in my ear, at the hour of midnight when even the ravens are abed, that Engle engaged the core rulebook in a RAW debate... and destroyed it utterly.

Fools! Fools! Your innocence will be your undoing! Fly now, and pray you may yet escape being TPK'd in the surprise round!

In all seriousness, big congrats to you Jim!

- Andrew Schiraldi

Don't blame me for that TPK, blame Greg Vaughan and those dastardly Xill. Or the party of 3 sorcerers and a witch on a level 7-11 scenario.

And as for the brianwashing, is there punch at least?

Liberty's Edge

Once again thanks for the opportunity Mike.

Currently gaming opportunities for the area can be found at our gaming group's website, here. At present two tables are run on Monday evenings at Underhill's Games in Akron, Ohio from 6 pm until 10 pm. If you would like to join us just head to that website and post a reply in one of the game threads to sign-up for that table.

If you check out that website you will also notice that several other game stores are listed for the purpose of hosting games at their stores. My first duties as VC will be to get in touch with those stores (particularly the ones in Cleveland) to begin setting up tables at stores like Warzone Matrix for example.

I hope that I can help expand the player base here in Northern Ohio and look forward to being a resource to fellow gamers and the Pathfinder Society campaign as a whole.

Stay Classy Planet Earth.