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Greetings, old friends. I was staring at this Magic: The Gathering card, which is a preview from the February 2023 set "Phyrexia: All Will Be One", and I was thinking, "Haven't they used this 'Corrupted' mechanic before?"
Magic:The Gathering card: The Seedcore
...and finally I realized what I remembering was Wrath.

FYI I created a post in the Pathfinder Adventure Card Society forum asking Paizo to tell us something (anything) about the decision to terminate the product line:

https://paizo.com/threads/rzs43e9p?Dear-Paizo-Please-tell-us-why-you-killed -this

I ask that you post comments on that thread, so as to keep the discussion in one place. Thanks.

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Earlier this year Paizo ended the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game product line. The only public indication of this decision was a single sentence at the beginning of this blog post by Organized Play Manager Tonya Woldridge:

Tonya Woldridge wrote:
As we continue winding down our Pathfinder Adventure Card Game program, we’ve decided to end it with a bang!

That head-scratch-inducing line implies the product line's termination had been mentioned elsewhere. (It hadn't.) The fact that the Organized Play Manager posted this in the PACS forum led many to believe that only PACG Organized Play is scheduled for termination, not PACG itself. (In fact, both are).

PaizoCon just came and went with nary a mention of the card game's demise, AFAIK. Now - I know Paizo is an RPG company. But Paizo's near-total lack of communication about this decision disregards three facts:
(1) Loyal card games fans have spent $800 to $1000, or more, on Paizo. MRSP for the complete sets is $820; organized play decks and PDFs push that higher.
(2) Many card game players are long-time Pathfinder RPG players. When an RPG player accidently posts in the card game forum, nearly always a card game player is well-versed enough to answer the RPG question. And, despite having very few friends, even I know more than one five-star Pathfinder GM who plays the card game.
(3) Many non-RPG-playing card game players have now started playing the Pathfinder RPG. Myself included. The first RPG purchases I made in my adult life were for Pathfinder, because I first played the card game.

Paizo's non-communication about the card game's demise conveys a very non-Paizo-like disrespect for customers which is reminiscent of Another RPG Company Which Will Not Be Named.* Dear Paizo: can't you do better?
(*Wizards of the Coast. There. I said it.)

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Peakhope on boardgamegeek.com posed this interesting question:
The Mummy's Mask scenario 5E, "Tef-Naju's Bastion", says:

MM 5E Scenario wrote:

At the end of your turn, you may bury the top card of your deck to move.

At the end of your turn, if the location Five-Pointed Sun is unoccupied, add a monster from the box to the top of that location deck.

The (much beloved) location Five-Pointed Sun says:

5-Pointed Sun wrote:


When you end your turn at this location, each character is dealt 1d4 Cold damage.

Peakhope is playing the Inquisitor Class Deck character Varril and has taken this Knight of the Rose role power feat:

Varril wrote:
At the end of your turn, if you are the only character at your location, you may move.

Peakhope asked, If Varril is alone at another location at the end of his turn, can he apply the end-of-turn effects in this order:

1. Apply the Five-Pointed Sun location effect, thus taking no damage.
2. Activate Varril's power to move to the Five-Pointed Sun location.
3. Apply the scenario effect, thus not adding a monster.

This order is for TWO COPIES of the same small box. Bizarrely the shipping calculator is charging me for two shipments.
Um... wth?
I know we need to support the USPS, but... please ensure these ship in a single shipment. I'll wait if need be. No rush.

Kind of wondering if this problem is somehow on my end, although I don't see how it could be, given that *no one else is complaining*.
I have an order in my Shopping Cart which gives me a 404 (Page Not Found) and the huge golem image if I try to:
-- View/Edit Shipping Details, or
-- Place Order (literally, click the Place Order button on step 4 of checking out)
The last one seems kind of important.
My hunch is: I have something in my cart which is causing the site to throw a 404 when I try to check out.
Can y'all look into this?
(And.... if you find the problem on Monday, can I still have the PaizoCon discount I tried to apply? I spent 20 minutes yesterday and 15 minutes today trying to force this order through.)

Clicking Place Order on my shopping cart (after going through all 4 steps of checkout) gives me a 404 with the big golem.

Can you fix this?

Tried to check out for 20 minutes yesterday. And 10 more today.

Also -- PLEASE tell me you are not shipping 2shirts and 4 little boxes in 5 shipments.


The spell Remove Curse (for example, from Ultimate Magic) has this power:

UM Remove Curse wrote:
Recharge this card to banish a displayed card that has the Curse trait.

Great. Can I use this to remove a Scourge from the Core or CotCT sets? (All MM Scourges have the Curse trait. No Scourge in the Core or CotCT sets has any traits at all.)

My search-fu is lacking; the most relevant ruling I can find about is from the Core Conversion Guide FAQ:
Core Conversion Guide FAQ wrote:

Mummy's Mask scourges don’t work like new scourges.

Use the Core Set’s scourge rules for new scourges and the Mummy’s Mask scourge rules for its scourges. Treat cards that banish scourges as removing them and vice versa.

I read this three times. To me the second sentence suggests that MM cards which remove Curses also remove Core Set Scourges. But I'm deathly afraid skizzerz will come along and tell me it's not so.

But surely Remove Curse can remove any Scourge, old or new, right? Else the spell is dramatically nerfed in Organized Play.

Shouldn't a menu appear when I mouseover the "Adventure Card Game" menu heading on the main https://paizo.com page?
Currently nothing happens.

In the Curse of the Crimson Throne set, is the blessing Achaekek's Claws meant to be an AD3 blessing or and AD4 blessing?
The cardlist says 3, but the card says 4.
(And no, I am not playing AD3. Just counting cards.)

Mild note of concern here: the owner of my FLGS says his primary distributor - which he describes as "the largest in the country" - does not list Dragon's Demand as available for him to order, and does not list Curse of the Crimson Throne, either. (This guy's been in business for decades & I've bought a number of PACG stuff from him over the years.)

Is anyone else having trouble ordering these games locally? Can anyone at Paizo speak to this issue? Thanks.

The (very cool) Cloudburst spell from the Ultimate Magic deck reads:

Cloudburst wrote:
When you encounter a card that lists combat in its check to acquire or defeat, discard this card; if it is a non-villain monster that has a power that happens before you act, ignore that power. For your combat check, use your Arcane or Divine skill + 3d6. After the encounter, you may move.

What if the card you encounter has multiple combat checks? Can you use Arcane or Divine + 3d6 for each one? Or just one? If just one, must it be the first one?

I could argue for either a single check or multiple checks. I think the most straightforward reading of the card is it only permits you to use Arcane or Divine + 3d6 on the first combat check against the card. But I'd like it to pertain to all of the card's combat checks. (I could also make a thematic argument either way.)

Hi --

Today I used a Paizo gift certificate on an order for the first time.
(Order 5056438 )
I typed in the gift certificate when entering payment methods. So, I *assumed* that this gift certificate would be applied to the order. (Obviously.)

But, looking at the order, I am confused. Was my gift certificate applied? or not?
(I just looked at my bank online & it hasn't shown up yet.)

Can you apply the $10 credit to this order, if it wasn't already?
I really don't want to have to pay more money (ie buy something else) in order to use my credit.


I'm not sure what kind of website legerdemain y'all use for this, but usually a PACG-related Paizo blog post like this one displays in the PACG General forum. Except, the post I referenced does not.

Brother Tyler cross-posted the blog post in a PACG forum thread, but we really want the blog post displaying on its own under General. This particular blog post is kinda a big deal in PACG. Thanks.

Can you tell me -- when I search this forum

for this term
Shrieking Plant

why don't I find this thread?
http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2v55q?Are-encountered-cards-still-on-top-of-the ir

Guessingly wildly -- does something create an index (or such) of the forum, and it has stopped harvesting new threads, or is somehow omitting some?

If you like Celtic music, or if you like Metal, and especially if you only like one of these and can't imagine how they could be brought together in a positive and enthralling way, then I encourage you to check out the music of the Canadian Leah McHenry.

You can find a lot of her stuff on Youtube. As an artist, she goes by LEAH. Her website is leahmusic.net.

That would be here

She has a Celtic feel to her music and uses a lot of fantasy imagery in her photos and artwork. I encourage you to listen to her and consider if her work is suitable for your soundtrack for your Pathfinder campaigns.

Leah is an independent artist -- she's a stay-at-home mother of five who homeschools her kids. She's a fascinating person, a real dynamo, and a beautiful singer.

She has put out several albums. As I write this she is about to launch a crowdfunding campaign for her next album -- you can see info for that on her site.

I'm extremely new to RPGs (be it Pathfinder or anything, really), so I've no background for this question. I ran across a reference to Mysty Vander's account of an extremely distressing experience at a Pathfinder Society session:

see here, at Aspiring Halfing

A friend who is more closely connected in the Pathfinder Society assured me the wheels are turning at Paizo to try to address this event (I do realize that whatever Paizo does, there will be a lot of ramifications, so they've got to be deliberative).

But I'm wondering: does this happen often? Have others experienced this?

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In Vic's What would you change thread, Irgy suggested the following:

Irgy wrote:

... the one other, completely unrelated thing I'd like to see is an officially sanctioned method of increasing the difficulty for more experienced players (and, I suppose, the converse for beginners). I know of lots of ways of making it harder, but what's good about an officially sanctioned approach is that:

* It's thought through, and for future sets maybe even designed-around.
* It doesn't feel arbitrary, you can achieve something that you didn't just make up yourself.
* You can compare your experiences with other people.

Personally, I think difficulty is the single most elusive aspect of designing a PACG set, while also being critical to the enjoyment of the game. If the game is too easy, it's boring. If you're banging your head against the wall, it's joyless.

In my groups, we've altered the difficulty in every set to make the game harder (although not in every scenario, particularly S&S and Wrath). This made the game more of a challenge, and much more satisfying than it would have been otherwise. Typical methods we used were: adding 2 locations to a four-player game (which I realize has a nerfing aspects as well, such as increased boon exposure, but which I'd argue is still a difficulty increase); linear movement, similar to that later presented in the Obsidian app; and removing 5 blessings from the blessings deck for a 6-player RotR campaign (this was my teen-aged nephews' favorite method, and yes, we made it work).

I've heard arguments that everyone should play the exact same ruleset, and also that having adjustable difficulty is pointless, because everyone would view the "real" game as the one with the hardest difficulty settings. I think the Obsidian app refutes that. In my experience with other games, many people *won't* play a variant unless it is in the rulebook, but, when presented with options, will gladly chose the ones that fit the desires of their gaming group.

What do people think of this?

I played three seasons of Organized Play with the same three people (and we had a blast). Eventually two gamers decided they were done with PACG for awhile, so we played other stuff (until the group disbanded).

With Paizo's re-evaluation of PACG, I asked one of the nay-sayers for his thoughts on the game. This was his biggest gripe:

Matt wrote:
PACG has too much of a combat focus. If your character was good at fighting, you were strong and could deal with pretty much anything; if your character wasn't good at fighting, you were only situationally useful and could get stalled on a fight you were unable to win. To me, the rest of the mechanics seemed almost tertiary.

Thoughts? (Input from Siwar players would be appreciated.)

A BGG poster asked questions about the last power on the Blessing of Horus (see thread).

Blessing of Horus wrote:
After you play this card, if it matches the top card of the blessing discard pile, you may move.

I played through MM and PluTo, and I don't remember ever using this power. I had forgotten it was there.

A question I'd like verification on is:
If a character at another location plays this card to add a die to your character's check against a bane, and that character chooses to move, when do they move?

Following skizzerz's logic here and applying the "Finish One Thing Before You Start Something Else" rule, I said that the character attempting the check has to roll the check, then take damage (if any), and only then can the character who played BoH perform their movement (prior to the encounter resolving). This could fortuitously bring that character to the encountering character's location to take a second check against the bane.

This power opens up other possibilities like: playing it to aid another character's temp closing check, prior to making any such check yourself, and then moving to an unoccupied location to attempt the closing check there. I can't believe I overlooked this power, although admittedly it only triggers on rare occasions.

Maybe it was something I said, but the "Adventure Card Guild subforum" link on this page: http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/paizoInc/pathfinder/adventureCardGame

(the linking having this URL: http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/paizoInc/pathfinder/pathfinderSociety/ pfsacg)

is sending me straight to paizo.com when I click it (ie the home page).

I just noticed this now, but I haven't been on the site much for a few days.

Co-incidentally the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild link from this page:http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/paizoInc/organizedPlay/pfsacg

(which links to this URL: http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/paizoInc/organizedPlay/pfsacg)

-- that link works.

Please fix.

AND while you are at it.... how about making the Adventure Card Guild subforum itself appear on the page in question (http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/paizoInc/organizedPlay/pfsacg) -- like it used to in the good 'ol days?


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Grazzle in the Oracle class deck has this base power:

Grazzle from the get-go wrote:
At the start of your turn, you may discard any number of cards from the top of your deck. Each other character may shuffle random cards from his discard pile into his deck; the total number of cards shuffled must not exceed (□ 1 plus) twice the number of cards you discarded.

Note how this works: Grazzle discards N cards, and then the sum total of cards healed for all the other players (combined) is 2N (or 2N+1 with the power feat). So, don't do this:

Common Grazzle misplay #1: Healing each other character for 2N cards.

Grazzle's enhanced role power options include:

Grazzle Bone Diviner wrote:
At the start of your turn, you may discard any number of cards from the top of your deck. (□ If any of those cards have the Divine trait, you may recharge a random card (□ or 2 random cards) from your discard pile.) Each other character may shuffle random cards from his discard pile into his deck; the total number of cards shuffled must not exceed (□ 1 plus) twice the number of cards you discarded.

Bone Diviner doesn't heal any more cards for other characters, but does heal Grazzle himself for 1 or 2 cards (most of the time).

Grazzle Bog Medic wrote:
At the start of your turn, you may discard any number of cards from the top of your deck. (□ If any of those cards have the Divine trait, you may recharge them instead.) Each other character may shuffle random cards from his discard pile into his deck; the total number of cards shuffled must not exceed (□ 1 plus) (□ 2 plus) (□ 3 plus) twice the number of cards you discarded.

Bog Medic extends Grazzle's heal to 2N+3, potentially, but interestingly grants the ability to recharge his own cards -- instead of using them for healing.

Common Grazzle misplay #2: Using the Bog Medic power feat to recharge the cards Grazzle is using to heal others.

Bog Medic is written deceptively: the "recharge instead" power grants the ability to recharge any number of Divine cards off the top of your deck. But because the healing power still says "the number of cards you discarded", the cards you recharge don't count for healing. At first, I assumed this was an oversight, and that the intention was they should count for healing. But, on consideration -- that's MUCH too powerful. Instead: the point of the power feat is so that Grazzle doesn't discard his cures.

Even played as written -- is Grazzle TOO powerful?

-- He can start with a Cure, and add Major Cure in deck 3, and Breath of Life in deck 6
-- Not only does he always recharge those spells, with a power feat he can shuffle them into his deck, so he will see them more quickly (if he doesn't discard/recharge them)
-- He heals characters at ANY location
-- He heals multiple characters at once
-- It's conceivable he could heal 12+ cards at once, multiple times in a scenario

I admit I haven't played Grazzle. What are people's experiences?

The barrier Baited Jewel Box in Mummy's Mask is a Trigger with the power:

BJB wrote:
When you examine this card, shuffle a weapon, an armor, or an item into your location deck.

I noticed that two posters on BGG, and at least one on this forum, assume this means that when you examine the Baited Jewel Box you take the boon from the game box and shuffle it into the location. The flaw in this interpretation is: if it worked this way, you could fill the location with any number of boons by examining the BJB multiple times.

The relevant rule is:

MM rulebook p.9 wrote:
If you are instructed to play, reveal, display, discard, recharge, bury, banish, or otherwise manipulate a card, that card must come from your hand unless otherwise specified.

The BJB instructs you to "otherwise manipulate a card". The bait comes from your hand. Even though the rule is clear, the prevalence of the misinterpretation may mean that a FAQ is in order.

When I click my own name at the top of the page, and click on my Posts (or my Threads), and search (for "mavaro", or "gain", or anything really), the page spins for awhile, then I get the big blue golem with the message:

No search for you wrote:

Sorry, there was a problem handling your request. The system administrator has been notified.

Please contact webmaster@paizo.com if you continue to have difficulties.

I just noticed this today, but I don't recall the last time I searched.

Otherwise the site is working fine for me.


The word out of PaizoCon (which I am not at) is the next base set won't arrive until GenCon 2018 at the earliest, and possibly later.

Also: Paizo says:
-- they want to make PACG more accessible
-- they want to include more story
-- they want to reduce the price.

I'm starting this thread for rampant speculation on this news. (Currently, it's uninformed speculation. At PaizoCon at noon PST today there will be a panel where Mike & Co will talk more about what is planned for PACG.)

My initial thoughts are:

I'm in favor of including more story. The adventure paths are rich in story, but we diehard players have looked to Autoduelist & friends to supply story for the card game.

I'm concerning about what would be necessary to reduce the price. The game is $180 for a complete set if you pay full price (but, most people don't; you can find it for $150 or less). That is a lot of money. But reducing this would have to mean fewer cards, in my mind. I'd really regret that.

PACG does need redirection. My gaming group quit after 3 seasons of OP, primarily because two players (not me) thought the game was (1) too easy and (2) too repetitive.


The Mummy's Mask 6C scenario Crypt of Air has the power:

Crypt of Air wrote:
When Sandstorm causes you to move, you are dealt d4 Electricity damage.

The question is: If Safety Bubble or Elemental Treaty is displayed at a location when this occurs, is a character protected when they move FROM such a location, or TO such a location, or both?

I'm thinking: the damage happens before you move, so the SB/ET has to be at a location you move FROM in order to protect you.

Does that sound right?

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Will this forum every appear under the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game forum again, like it used to?

I *really* think it gets more attention from PACG players there, and has more of a chance of drawing non-OP players into OP. The link in the forum subheading is too subtle.


Mogmurch is at a location without any combat option in his hand.
Alahazra recharges a blessing to examine the top 2 cards of Mogmurch's location (this is 0-A & Alahazra doesn't have the ability to re-order, BTW).
Card 1 is a monster with a Trigger that forces Alahazra to encounter the monster. Alahazra also has no combat options & buries a Camel to evade the monster.
Card 2 is a weapon.

We need to shuffle the monster back into the deck because Alahazra evaded it.
But does the weapon shuffle in as well, or stay on top of the deck?

We ruled it stayed on top of the deck.
Mogmurch discarded an ally to explore, and encountered the weapon.

The Mythopoeic Curse is hidden in the cards for Mummy's Mask.

This is an interesting and very solvable puzzle, so do not look at the links below if you want to solve it yourself. (Or, just look at the hint.)

Hint from Vic:
Hint from Vince
Note the (not-relevant) links to other puzzles in that post seem to be broken.

Solution from community:

Mike Selinker said he would write a blog post about this soon. It seems strange if he would give away the secret, so he probably won't, but if you want to solve this completely on your own, you may want to act soon.

The Adventure Card Guild page disappeared from the card game forum.

I find it here:

http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/paizoInc/organizedPlay/pathfinderSocie ty

Does anyone else think it really belongs in the card game forum?

Chime in on the website feedback thread:


Up until very recently -- like this afternoon -- I could go to this url


and I would see FOUR forums:
General Discussion
Rules Questions and Gameplay Discussions
Homebrew and House Rules
Adventure Card Guild

As of tonight, I am NOT seeing the last forum, but instead I find it here:

http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/paizoInc/organizedPlay/pathfinderSocie ty

Is this an accident, or a permanent change?

I strongly urge you to change it back.
The card guild is mostly of interest to the adventure card game players.
Questions from the first two forums often spill over into the guild forum and vis versa.
We want the card game players to be familiar with the guild.
And besides -- I spend about 50% (no lie) of my online time on the adventureCardGame page. It is a major hassle to have to go the society page to see the card guild updates.

Lee Jen wrote:
Sorry I'm a Taiwanese player and I have a question. But I don't know where should I post so I post here. The question is:when I play in the adventure deck 1,should I take the base set and deck 1's cards? And when I play in adventure deck 2 ,should I take what? And Please answer me and thank you so much!

This is addressed in the rulebook:

Mummy's Mask rulebook p.19 wrote:
When you successfully complete all of the scenarios on the adventure card, you complete the adventure, and earn the reward on the adventure card. To move on to the next adventure, add all of the cards from the next Adventure Deck to the box, sorting the cards by type and combining them with the cards you already have.

When you start Adventure 1, add the Adventure 1 cards to the base set cards. Do not take out any cards.

When you start Adventure 2, add the Adventure 2 cards. Do not take out any cards.

As you start each Adventure, you add its cards.

You do start taking out cards when you play Adventure 3. See the Adventure Path card for the rules about this. Basically, after Adventure 3, when you banish a Basic bane, you remove it from the game; you may do the same when you banish a Basic boon (it's your choice). After you start Adventure 5, do the same for Elite cards.

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Cross-post from BGG Con wrap-up:

BGG wrote:
Fun Fact: Mike Selinker says, "There is a puzzle in the game that the Lone Shark Games design team has told nobody about until today."


Scenario 3-2A Raid on the Warehouse is a siege deck scenario. It uses the support card Defensive Stance, which reads in part:

Defensive Stance wrote:
When you are dealt damage, if the damage is not reduced to 0, banish the top card of your location deck and each unoccupied location deck; when a location deck has no cards, that location closes automatically.

This raises the question: if a character is dealt damage, causing the last card to be banished from a location, and the location to close, do we activate the location's When Permanently Closed power? Does it matter if the character is at the location which closes?

For example, some of the locations in the scenario are Warehouses:

Warehouse When Permanently Closed wrote:
On closing, summon and acquire a weapon, an armor or an item from the box.

It has been confirmed that this means the character can attempt to acquire the boon (it is not automatic). But when Defensive Stance causes a location to close, does the character who suffered the relevant damage get to attempt to acquire such a boon? Even if they are not at the location? (Note several locations could close at once.)

It seems the When Permanently Closed power would definitely activate:

Mummy's Mask rulebook p.22 wrote:
When Permanently Closed: When a location is permanently closed, the powers listed here go into effect.

The question is, in this situation is the character considered to be the closer of the location?

The Mummy's Mask rulebook says:

MM Sidebar p.10, numbers added for clarity wrote:


•(1) If you are instructed to attempt a check, you must do so.
•(2) If you are instructed to succeed at a check to do a thing, and
the instruction does not use the word “may,” you must attempt
the check; if you succeed, you must do that thing.
•(3) If you are instructed to succeed at a check or do a thing, you
must attempt the check; if you fail, you must do that thing.
•(4) If you are instructed to either attempt a check or do something
else, choose one of those options.
•(5) If you are presented with 2 or more options, none of which
require a check, you may choose any of those options.

The henchman(woman?) Alu-Demon Sister (RotR, used in SotRu 2-5D) has a power (in a very common form):

Alu-Demon Sister wrote:
Succeed at an Arcane or Divine 10 check or you may not play Attack spells.

This seems to be case (3). So the check is not optional, even if you have no intention of playing an Attack spell.

[A] If Sajan is at the Glassworks, and he encounters the Alu-Demon Sister (this can happen in SotRu 2-5D), Sajan has to attempt the Arcane/Divine 10 check, and (per Glassworks) discard the top card of his deck if he fails that check, even if he was using his hands or a weapon for his combat check.

[B] With a power feat CD Seelah has the power:

CD Seelah wrote:
At the start of your turn, you may examine the top card of your location deck. If it is a boon, put it on the bottom of the deck (X and add 1d6 to your next check this turn).

If Seelah examines the deck, finds a boon, puts on the bottom of the deck, then explores and finds the Alu-Demon Sister, Seelah has to use the bonus d6 on the Arcane/Divine check, not the Combat check, even if Seelah is using a weapon for her combat check.


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