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Hi, I would like to cancel my subscriptions for
Pathfinder Adventure Path
Pathfinder Adventure


So, I've encountered this a few times where a monster specifically is supposed to cast charm on the PCs. The problem with this is that the conditions that this places on the characters specifically says they do not affect player characters. How should I handle this? It honestly feels like this spell just shouldn't ever be listed on a monster because it doesn't affect Players.


I was reading through the Game Master Basics on the Organized Play Foundation page and had a question on Table Variation. My group specifically likes to use popcorn initiative. I was wondering if that would be affected by this point

No alteration of mechanics of player characters,

Technically my players still roll for initiative at the start of the first round and we go popcorn from there. Would popcorn initiative be accepted in a Convention setting?

So, I had a question about how Remove Disease works and was about to post it in the rules section but managed to find my answer in a round-a-bout manner. The rule books could really do a better job of highlighting words that are something in the book. For reference, here is why I had trouble with and was going to ask a question about the spell Remove Disease. The spell description states:

Healing magic purges disease from a creature’s body. You attempt to counteract one disease afflicting the target.

Taking a few glances at that as well as the multiple diseases afflicting one of my players, I was trying to figure out what to do with it. Finally I found that the keyword that was counteract. I really wish they would do something to make it obvious that counteract is a thing you can find else where in the rule book. If the above read as:

Healing magic purges disease from a creature’s body. You attempt to counteract one disease afflicting the target.

I would have known that counteract wasn't just a choice wording there but an actual thing in the rule book. I've come across multiple items like this that could use something to better catch your attention.

I will be running a society mission tomorrow and as part of the mission, the PCs can build rafts and use them to get to a ship waiting for them. In true Pathfinder fashion, enemies lay in wait to attack. The stats for the raft are barely given though. I'm given the following to work with
HP 20
BT 10
Hardness 5
Immunities: Critical Hits, object immunities, precision damage

These are essentially the stats for an item made out of wood. Looking around AoN, I found this page on Defenses. So, using that I interpreted the AC of the raft to be between 19 and 13 based on the stats on that table for level 1 defenses. The critical piece of information I still don't have is what is the speed of the vessel? The best I could find was this page on Vehicles but I still have no idea how fast the thing should move. These rafts can support between 4 and 6 people each. I was thinking 20ft per piloting action would be reasonable with 10ft of continued propulsion the following round. The water is stated to be calm and about 40ft deep.

Anyone care to chip in on this, maybe point me to some slightly clearer resources?

Edit: I do see an entry for a rowboat on AoN. Still would like some input though.

So, the actions listed are
Perform a Trick (single action)
Costar (reaction)
Send in the Clowns (single action or reaction)

Can PCs decide to not do anything with their remaining actions? I don't see anything about it in the book and it would make for a pretty boring circus if the performer just decided to stop in the middle of the show. I'd rule for now that they have to spend all three actions but would love to hear what others think about it.

Hi, I started a subscription to the Pathfinder Adventure Path with Order 13982229 and would like the item in that order to be switched to ship as soon as possible. The item I chose to start that subscription with is

Pathfinder Adventure Path #151: The Show Must Go On (Extinction Curse 1 of 6)

Thanks in advance Paizo Team!


When I made orders Order 8123872 and Order 8224152 I had them set to ship with my subscription items. Seeing that my next subscription item wouldn't be until late January I decided to change them to ship as soon as possible. When I did this my items in Order 8123872 (Pathfinder Bestiary Pawn Box for 2e and Pathfinder Bestiary Battle Cards) disappeared completely.

Order 8224152 (Visions of WAR: The Art of Wayne Reynolds Hardcover—Limited Edition), which I made during the black friday sale, is listed as moving to Order 10401490 but shows that there is not a valid payment method listed with it and I am unable to alter the order to fix this in any way.

I would like the payment method used for my subscriptions to be used for Order 10401490 and to ship it separate from my subscription. When the items from Order 8123872 are restored and available I would like them to be shipped with my subscription.

Thank you and please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide to help resolve the issues.

Hi, I have the Lost Omens Subscription but I don't see the Pathfinder Lost Omens Character Guide in my side cart. What is happening with that?

The 4th level Ranger feat Companion's Cry says you can spend 2 actions instead of one on the Command an Animal action and give your animal companion an extra action. Why would you do this instead of using the Command an Animal action twice?

I seem to recall something from the playtest about only being able to use Command an Animal once per round but can't find anything in the core rule book that says this. The action does has the concentrate trait on it but I see nothing about concentrate stopping you from using another concentrate action and nothing on the command an animal action stopping you from using it twice or more in a round.

So, what use does this feat actually have?

Here are some quick links to each item I am talking about:
Companion's Cry
Animal Companions
Command an Animal Action

I started a subscriptions for
"Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscription" and
"Pathfinder Society Scenario Subscription"

I selected "Lost Omens World Guide" to start with for "Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscription" but it keeps putting "Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Druma, Profit and Prophecy" in my side cart. I would like to start with just Pathfinder 2nd edition items in my cart.

The "Pathfinder Society Scenario Subscription" also has "Pathfinder Society Scenario #10-23—Passing the Torch, Part 2: Who Speaks for the Ten" listed for when I am starting my subscription which I would prefer not to get but understand that based on when I'm starting the subscription it may be unavoidable. Can I get any help with these?

Not sure if this is the right place for this but here we go. I can't seem to find a rabbit avatar. I'm in a PbP on these message boards playing as a witch with an arctic hare for a familiar and I can't seem to find a rabbit avatar under any of the avatar groupings. Anyone know where I can find one?