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I will be running a society mission tomorrow and as part of the mission, the PCs can build rafts and use them to get to a ship waiting for them. In true Pathfinder fashion, enemies lay in wait to attack. The stats for the raft are barely given though. I'm given the following to work with
HP 20
BT 10
Hardness 5
Immunities: Critical Hits, object immunities, precision damage

These are essentially the stats for an item made out of wood. Looking around AoN, I found this page on Defenses. So, using that I interpreted the AC of the raft to be between 19 and 13 based on the stats on that table for level 1 defenses. The critical piece of information I still don't have is what is the speed of the vessel? The best I could find was this page on Vehicles but I still have no idea how fast the thing should move. These rafts can support between 4 and 6 people each. I was thinking 20ft per piloting action would be reasonable with 10ft of continued propulsion the following round. The water is stated to be calm and about 40ft deep.

Anyone care to chip in on this, maybe point me to some slightly clearer resources?

Edit: I do see an entry for a rowboat on AoN. Still would like some input though.

The numbers you have are probably fine. Especially if the enemies are going to be attacking the characters rather than the rafts themselves. If the enemies have some way of preventing the rafts from continuing down the river, that would probably be handled better as a plot mechanic rather than actual stats and rolling dice. Have a skill challenge to have the players roll opposed to the enemies rather than have the enemies roll against the rafts.

The speed of the rafts become important if there is going to be any chase or chase-like mechanics to the challenge. Things like outrunning enemies who are either swimming alongside or following along on the shore, or maybe the players need to get their rafts past a certain point in the water before some number of rounds has passed. Things like that.

Other than that, the rafts would essentially just be terrain. So just like we don't have stats for a road that is being traveled on, you likely don't need to sweat too much over the stats for a raft that the players are traveling on.

Thanks for chiming in. The PCs are going to be on flat water like a lake so the only way they will move is under their own power. One of the enemies does have the ability to attack characters on the raft directly but others don't really have that option without getting onto the raft, which there probably isn't room.

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