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I agree with that. Also if I recall correctly, we have a ring of protection which someone could make use of it.

I'm going out in a trip for a whole week, so I might not be able to post or read this. Sorry for the inconvenience :(

I don't know if I have to step where you are first before starting to apply subjective gravity. Guess I'll wait for the dm to answer before making my turn

Harness didn't move :( do I have anything into melee range?

Don't worry, I have the help I need. This is not the first time, so I know how to manage this. First time was much worse. You're not going to lose me there!

I guess I'll be fine. If needed, you can bot me, and don't hesitate to make proper turns even if it means spending resources. I'll try to post all my turns when needed tho.

Thank you both for the support.

How am I aiding Harness if I'm so far from him? Maybe I missed a rule but shouldn't I be next to him to do that?

Edit: I must say I'm sorry for the very slow posting I'm bringing up. I'm dealing with some personal issues (Mainly depression and the reasons I have it) so dealing with even simple things is an uphill battle. If needed, you can replace me, but I'll try as much as possible to post regularly. No guarantees, as I hope you understand.

Welp, guess we both posted at the same time. Feel free to use your turn instead of mine since I delayed my posting so much, since yours came sooner.

Keep, I was fine with the rules to be honest.

@Oceanshieldwolf as long as he doesn't have total cover or total concealment. Since he's flying, the question is... Is the door opening high enough for Eydor to see him?

I need vision on the creature which I suppose I don't have since there's a door in front and he's flying (Plus all the people in front of me) to cast either daze or magic missile. True strike is individual, and I could cast it on myself for the next round, but we have no guarantees that I'll be able to move forward (And considering everyone but one person is in front of me, I'm probably not even going to fight this)

Not really, besides using light

I guess I cannot do much this turn since I have so many people physically in front on me, so...

I'm going to be less active from the 25 to the 2nd because #travelling. I'll try to at least update a bit from the phone but no guarantees!

I'm sorry for not doing my turn. I had very busy and personal days which made me not really available for roleplay. I think I should be back on track.

It's okay, my only doubt is if I'm flanking or not

Guess I'll wait until Sphen resolves Snyk's turn then since I don't know where he is right now :(

I'll wait until Snyk does his turn, otherwise I cannot do much since he's blocking my path (Plus he's first on initiative)

Sorry guys, had a hell of a weekend. Being a judge in a crossfit competition doesn't give you many spare hours to play rpg's!

No problem, no idea if he'll let you do your move action since you didn't do it yet or anything.

Waiting on Harness to make his turn before I make mine. If he moves away after attacking, I can probably finish him off. But I think Snyk and Harness should have it easy considering they are flanking.

I swear I'm not cheating with the dice rolls, and I wouldn't even know how to do that. :/

I don't have any room to move right now and attack since tessa is right in front of the door, so I'll delay until I'm able to do something useful in the fight.

Looks like the page dies over and over again, that might be a pain for the pbp games, including ours.

It's aliiiiiive

No problem!

Title says it all, I guess! Could you do that for me, very please?

Thanks in advance!

Sphen, by "you get the impression of sleep", you mean I get the impression the sword goes to sleep? Do I notice myself the light that flashed in my eyes? (I guess it went away in an instant)

Sorry guys, I had a few super busy days in a row and I couldn't post. I'll try to post today as soon as possible.


Sorry I'm a bit low on posting those days, but I had an unexpected trip and work is hitting me hard those days. I'll try to post something as soon as possible.

I know the whole group is waiting for my action, just wanted to say I'm not absent. I'll try to post as soon as possible (Probably in 2-3 hours) so we can move forward (I hope to hit him in the face to finish him off)

HP at level 2: 1d8 ⇒ 5

I'm sort of back from the trip, but I'll be busy for a day or two sorting my life again. As soon as I'm able, I'll get everything up to date (Including leveling up), do some shopping with Eydor, and catching up with the roleplay. Sorry for the absense!

Sorry about not posting everyday! To be honest, I was doing what SkaTalon is doing. I check regularly, but if I don't find anything that drives the story, I usually don't post. I'll try to post more regularly after the trip even if it doesn't move the story forward.

It looks, sadly, that we all were waiting for eachother to move the story forward.

Heads up: This friday I'm going on a trip for two weeks. Since I don't know where I'll be for the whole trip (It's is a birthday gift made by my best friend, and he's not telling me where we'll be going) because I'll be travelling around and internet connection might not be available. If needed, bot me for that time!

Looks like Elery dissapeared. Does anyone know anything?

I can use it if the party wants to. Guess the AC for Eydor wouldn't hurt!

Yeah, that's how I (And Eydor) see it. That's one of the reasons he sees Elery as childish and reckless, and I guess the party will pay for it in some way.

I'm... Not sure anymore, but I guess that's what the group is trying... In his own way.

Just to clarify, I'm not at all angry or mad at him OOC, or at anyone. I just sort of agree with Nerak and I'm not that good expressing myself I guess. His idea sounds great.

I took a loot at all the posts made by the GM, and I didn't see any mention of corpses.

To be quite honest, I'm at a loss both IC and OOC. I expected things to go very differently, but this is being such a rush without a care (Mainly because Elery is just rushing all over the place) about nothing around that I'm honestly not enjoying this part of the story. I feel like we missed a lot of things of the adventure already, and that Eydor would probably not go again even near Elery as she is so reckless that borders suicide. I don't even know if he would like to stay.

Personally (OOC), I guess I'm not enjoying this part because everyone is just getting dragged without a say about what they want to do (I can only speak for myself, in any way) and just... Running to smash everything on sight.

Anyways, I guess I'll see what happens from now on.

Don't worry, I think I'm managing just fine, I only had some problems with some name confusions I had (Campaign info helped a lot) and some expressions (Mainly from Elery). Nothing basic, I guess I still need more practice for complex jokes!

Welcome aboard!

I actually was told that there was a "darker" part in the ap close to the beginning (Didn't spoil me anything tho) and I was eager to roleplay it. A shame, but well you decide how this plays!

I'm fine with that, so no problems!

Also, I must say I am quite lost now on the campaign. I've got no clue about where to go or what to do right now (Because for me it looks like we're at an end without nothing else no track or try), and that's why I'm not posting anything. I'm trying to catch up to see if I missed something or there's any clue I've not seen from the recent events or something, so Eydor will say something when I know what he could do right now.

Keep going with the game! He's following the party while I think his next movement.

Oh well. The game is dying fast :(

You'll be fine! Also caffeine will solve all your problems.

Well it doesn't make much sense to do that in terms of what would our characters do, since using that as training would be... Dangerous, at least, and a total mess at worst. Also, Eydor would NEVER, NEVER do that, since he was alive (And survived the event by hiding in a closet) when a group of flesh golems lost control and destroyed half of the twilight citadel before they could be stopped. Let's say he's not really... Happy, about letting uncontrolled undead happen anywhere. Maybe when he learns a spell or two to control undead, he'll be okay with that, with the proper preparations.

Oh dayum, I guess my magic knowledge is not needed yet, Elery dealt with everything. I would say we should keep it for now, we might have good uses for it, and Eydor would be able to control the undead soon I guess.

Also, where's Fela?

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