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In the conclusion, the members of the team are given a specific item if they met certain criteria. That item is not on the Chronicle Sheet. I would like to know if it should or should not be there. If it should not be on the Chronicle Sheet, let me say in advance that is totally silly to gift them the item and then not list it on the chronicle sheet. If it should be on there, thank you. That is a worthy reward for the players.

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I am ready to start running this online as right after Gen Con Online is over with. I enjoyed using Roll20's premade Fall of Plaguestone model and am confident their Slithering module will be just as good. I am also hoping Syrinscape has the audio module ready for it as well.

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Still waiting for the bigger announcement on AcP........

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Calisro Benarry leads the way! Join the Horizon Hunters and expand the Society to new lands!

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I noticed that Fantasy Grounds is now selling PFS2 scenarios along with the Adventure Paths. The availability of the ready to run PFS2 scenarios is something they have just started to offer. One can sync one's account with Paizo as well there. Roll20 offers some PF2 materials and an account sync with Paizo, but has yet to offer PFS2 scenarios.

Will this be coming to Roll20? I would really like to see this happen. Building scenarios takes time which can be spent running scenarios instead. The Online Region is growing and would grow even larger if we didn't have to build the scenarios. I feel like more players would take that step into online GMing if the scenarios were available on Roll20 as that is the VTT that most of the GMs in our region are using.

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I absolutely loved Crit Arena this Friday, November 1st! I laughed all the way through it. This was just a great way to learn the rules while having to pressure at all on the players. It looked like a great way to introduce players to the PF2 system as well. I will be conducting a Crit Arena at some events where a larger audience is expected so that more people see PF2. I feel it will be a great draw for them and I will use it to distribute information about PFS2.

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As the title says, will there be a new PFS logo or emblem for Second Edition? Or will we just continue to use the same basic emblem and have a new season logo like we usually did for the previous seasons?

I'm getting a banner made for the events I organize and want to get the newest PFS logo on it.

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The Absalom Lodge of the Great Rivers Gaming Guild is proud to announce our QuinCon 34 line up of Pathfinder and Starfinder sessions for your gaming enjoyment! The beautiful Gem City of West Central Illinois is your destination July 19-21 to participate in the con before THE CON!

You can sign up at our QuinCon 34 Warhorn page

Check out our League of Aroden blog for information as we get closer to the convention.

Our event is listed on Paizo as QuinCon 34

Believe it or not, but we actually have plenty of GMs on standby who want to run sessions for you. As the tables fill, we will be adding GMs to overflowing tables and opening additional scenarios in slots with full tables.

In addition, this year we are bringing back multi-table specials after a long absence! Pathfinder players can experience 8-99D: The Solstice Scar while Starfinder players can experience 1-99: The Scoured Stars Invasion. We even have extra GMs for those specials.

Come on over to Quincy, Illinois and enjoy our Midwest hospitality and play some Pathfinder and Starfinder scenarios as you get ready to go to Gen Con. Pick up those levels you need for your characters before playing them in Indianapolis. Get that experience and gold, level up, and purchase the items you need to thrive and survive in August!

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I like the idea of using the Achievement Points to earn more PFS1 Replays. That's a good decision.

As far as the Chronicle Sheet goes, there are no spots for Achievement Points, Infamy, and Downtime. Will these be digitally tracked on the Paizo site only? I do realize that DT will not accumulate so that may not need a tracking system, but I think it might be something that should be listed on the sheet if it has different rates of earning for slow progression vs. normal progression.

I really feel that AcP should be listed on the Chronicle Sheets for similar reasons.

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This was posted in an earlier blog post by Tonya.

"At this point, we have a potential rubric. A massive shout out to Chris Marsh, whose original version provided the basis for our discussions. As I don't want to clutter this blog with a conversation about the rubric, I will post it in a discussion thread on our forums. The thread was opened last Friday, May 3 and you can find a link to it here. We will take feedback for one week. After that, we will lock, load, and publish the rubric for future use."

Where is this thread? Some have asked where it is and I have not seen a response. I would like to have the opportunity to look the rubric over and comment on it if I feel I need to do so. Could someone please post a link to this thread?

Thank you in advance.

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Looking Good! Only 84 more days to Gen Con and PF2!

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My question is: Do Unchained Summoners and their Eidolons have to use the same items when they occupy a slot?

I think the summoner can wear a Belt of Mighty Constitution +2 while the Eidolon can wear a Belt of Giant Strength +2 with both enjoying the effects of the items.

One of my fellow DMs thinks they have to have the same items in the slot for them to work.

Also, I say the summoner must have an item in a slot in order for the eidolon to have an active item in the same slot. He says the exact opposite.

Could we get some clarification on how this works? Thanks in advance!

Scarab Sages

In going through the Monk and Zen Archer via the CRB and APG, I see where the APG states that the Zen Archer loses the Monk's normal bonus feats. They are replaced by specific Zen Archer bonus feats. The lost bonus feats would be Improved Unarmed Strike and Stunning Fist. They get replaced with an archery bonus feat and Perfect Strike.

I've got some players questioning this interpretation. The point of the Zen Archer in its introduction is to become one with another weapon entirely-the bow.

Any thoughts?

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Not sure if this is the right place for this, but if not please let me know where to move it to.

I would like to announce the Zaroznia! The Quest for the Teallan Elves homebrew campaign. We play in Columbia, Missouri at Valhalla's Gate. This is a custom campaign using modified Pathfinder RPG rules. We play once a month on a Saturday afternoon/eve. It is an open campaign for players, but all characters must be unique to the Zaroznian world alone.

In this setting, you will experience a world of fantasy where heroes are needed to restore balance to Zaroznia. The actions of the ancient Teallan Empire have triggered events and reactions which have impacted the world. The future of the lands is in the air and no one can say what will happen. The use of magic has become an arms race for the races of Zaroznia as the people struggle to rediscover what once was prevalent. The Free Peoples of the Westlands face the dark shadow of a new Empire even as they grapple with the fallout from the destruction of the old Empire.

The collapse of the ancient Teallan Empire has resulted in an tremendous vacuum as monsters and other beings rushed in and filled the sudden void. The riches of the past lie hidden from the people of the present. The continent of Zaroznia has been physically altered and the lands still shudder from the transformation. New kingdoms have emerged to take the place of the old Empire's rule and each strives to maintain its authority in the face of the multiple challenges that confront each ruler and their subjects.

It is this world, the Westlands of Zaroznia that you, the player, will step into. Will you be one who comes to help the peoples face their challenges or will you let them succumb to the darkness that threatens to envelop all?

Registration is available at

Space is limited and the next session is April 16th. If interested, please let us know. The goal is to have a revolving player base so that no matter what, a game session takes place once a month.

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I am a long time 1e/2e AD&D player and DM. I played Pathfinder at Columbia and loved the game and am now starting to convert my Zaroznia campaign to PF. I would like to play Pathfinder with local groups up here in Northeast Missouri, preferably in the Kirksville area.

I will eventually be a GM as that is what I have done in the past, but I need to play the game some to get a good feel for it and the mechanics. ]

Please let me know if there are any organized Pathfinder Society groups in the area.