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N N 959, I agree with your entire post.

As someone who has heard Tonya's schedule over the next couple months, I am both jealous and non-envious at the same time. She's extremely booked, and I'm sure she'll answer as soon as she gets done emailing both, or all, sides of this issue to get a full picture.

I have no idea what has happened over in Raleigh, but getting upset at Sarah Marie because she is trying to ensure that the privacy of community members is upheld (Especially with all the emails I'm sure you've all gotten about GPDR and such) will not help anyone out. Give her time to get a reply from Tonya, and for Tonya to figure out how to resolve this issue. This doesn't sound like something that any of the PFS staff will take lightly, and I'm sure an official statement will be made. You need to have some patience.

Also, stop spreading to other outlets. Reddit is not a place to take grievances, ever...

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James Anderson wrote:
Apparently one of the other GM's recorded a class of children chanting 'helping' for the skittermander swarm.

That was one of the local Seattle GMs, who teaches a class of young children. His major regret after getting to the con was forgetting to get a recording of "It's not my fault!"

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Judy Bauer wrote:

10. Bring layers! The high will be in the 60s the first two days of the con, and even inside, the level of AC can vary wildly between rooms.

Shorts and flip-flops weather. Bring on all the AC! =D

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Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

When I checked in to the Hilton today, they applied a $300 deposit on the room. ($50/night)

Thought folks should be aware. :(

Ouch. At least you'll get that back, so long as you don't mess up the room.

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Gedden wrote:
I'll be GMing this year and it will be my first time GMing a special. Last year I think they ran the special early for the GMs. Any idea if they will be doing that again this year? I'd love to play the special before GMing it.

There was a session 0 last year, but I haven't heard any rumors of one this year.

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Thursday: Work. (Maybe help set-up if needed in the afternoon/evening)

Friday Morning: Playing - Pathfinder Society Scenario #9–20: Fury of the Final Blade (For Levels 7–11)

Friday Afternoon: Sleeping - (unless needed for something else)

Friday Evening: Playing - Pathfinder Society Scenario #9–19: The Clash in Kaimuko Wood (For Levels 5–9)

Friday Overnight: GMing - Pathfinder Society Scenario #9–14: Down the Verdant Path (For Levels 1–5)

Saturday Morning: Sleeping - (Do not disturb the multi-shirted Monk's meditation)

Saturday Afternoon: HQ

Saturday Evening: Undecided

Saturday Overnight: GMing - Pathfinder Society Scenario #9–16: Fallen Family, Broken Name (For Levels 1–5)

Sunday Morning: Sleeping - (Do not disturb the multi-shirted Monk's meditation)

Sunday Afternoon: HQ

Sunday Evening: Playing - Pathfinder Society Scenario #8-99C: The Solstice Scar Version C (Tiers 10-11)

Sunday Overnight: Gming - Pathfinder Society Scenario #9-18: Scourge of the Farheavens (For Levels 1-5)

Monday Morning: HQ

Afterwards: Assist in packing, and a real meal. Might be talked into a game or something.

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I'm assuming this is the infamous S.W.A.T. group that I've heard about? Wish I could GM for you guys, as I've heard nothing but good things, but this year I've slotted myself as follows: 3 slots for sleep, 3 slots to play, 3 slots to GM, and 3 slots to HQ. I'm debating whether to sleep during the banquet, or what else I might do. It will be a very full con for me.

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The Hype-Train has started it's engines. All aboard!

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Handle Animal

Keep in mind action economy as well.

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MadScientistWorking wrote:
Philippe Lam wrote:
Quandary wrote:

I don't know. They call it a Day Job. Seems reasonable to assume it happens during the day.

Like what else would you call a job done during the day? Night-only bonus would not apply, but this sounds legit.
Crafter's Fortune gets a continued bonus and can be recasted as long as needed. Strength of the Sun works only on half of a day when a Day Job is decided on an identical continued posit than Crafter's. Hence why it doesn't work. How it's worded doesn't open confusion.
The problem with this argument is that it takes a decent chunk of the day to re-up crafters fortune so I just see pedantism at work. That's why I said it works no differently than a dozen other options.

It takes only 1 minute to craft an extract, followed by a standard action to drink it. That can be done shortly before the previous one expires.

Alchemy wrote:

Mixing an extract takes 1 minute of work—most alchemists prepare many extracts at the start of the day or just before going on an adventure, but it’s not uncommon for an alchemist to keep some (or even all) of his daily extract slots open so that he can prepare extracts in the field as needed.


An extract is “cast” by drinking it, as if imbibing a potion—the effects of an extract exactly duplicate the spell upon which its formula is based, save that the spell always affects only the drinking alchemist. An alchemist can draw and drink an extract as a standard action. The alchemist uses his level as the caster level to determine any effect based on caster level.

Crafter's Fortune wrote:

School transmutation; Level alchemist 1

Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target one creature
Duration 1 day/level or until discharged (D)
Saving Throw Will negates (harmless); Spell Resistance yes (harmless)
The target is struck by inspiration and gains a +5 luck bonus on its next Craft skill check.

The reason leadership allowed this spell to work is that it applies to all forms of the Craft skill, takes 66 seconds to make and cast, and lasts days/level. You can literally have it up forever, at level one, at the cost of 1 extract per day. The Alchemy skill's bonus to create alchemical items does not apply to dayjobs because it does not encompass the entirety of the Craft: Alchemy skill, only applying to the creation of alchemical items. Craft: Alchemy also applies to identifying potions, alchemical items, poisons, etc. thus the bonus not being applicable. That said, an optimized Alchemist can still almost max out the dayjob table at level one. 1 rank + 3 Class skill + 5 INT + 5 CF + 2 Alchemist's Lab + 20 on 1d20 = 36

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Slyme wrote:
Steven G. wrote:
I've got 4 small PCs and one tiny sized one.
Out of curiosity, what is the tiny sized character? I didn't know it was even possible to get a permanently tiny character in PFS.

As Ferious Thrune said, it's a Fox Shape Kitsune. It's also know as my familiar PC, since I have someone carry me around in a familiar satchel.

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Slyme wrote:

I very rarely see small sized martial characters. Don't see many small sized characters at all really, people around here seem to have something against Halflings, Gnomes, etc.

Very few of any of the occult classes other than the kineticist,

I've never seen anyone play a Wayang.

I think I am the only person locally who has tried to play an illusion focused character...who I retired after only a few adventures because so few GMs properly understand how illusion magic works.

I think I am the only one locally who has a Vigilante (I have 2 actually)

I've only ever seen an alchemist played via the pre-gen.

I've never seen a Skald, Shaman, Unchained Barbarian, Ninja, Brawler, Arcanist, Ranger, or any prestige class other than Dragon Disciple in the local group.

Our local area is pretty active too...5-6 game stores, 3-4 games scheduled per week, dozens of active/regular players, etc.

Lets see, I have a charging Halfling cavalier with no levels of cavalier, and know of a similar Wayang summoner build another player has played at my tables. I've got 4 small PCs and one tiny sized one, and they aren't too uncommon here.

Occult classes...Kineticist is the most common, and Psychics are only uncommon. Everything else is pretty rare, but I've got an Occultist (that isn't a battle host).

Wayangs, I've got 2. Several other players here have 1-3.

Illusionists are a rare sight, and I don't think I've seen more than one.

I've seen several Vigilantes, including a few warlocks, and one Agathiel.

Alchemists: I have 3, and know of a few more at least.

Ninja I've only ever seen one player with, as a dip for Gnomish shenanigans. Unchained Barbarians are on the rise, while the other classes are uncommon, but not overly rare. Rangers are on the decline due to Hunters and Slayers being better rangers than a Ranger.

For prestige classes, Dragon Disciple and Shadow Dancer are the most common. But I've also seen a Bloatmage, an Arcane Trickster, two Eldritch Knights, a couple Hellknights, a few Envoy's of Balance, an Evangelist, a Living Monolith, a Master Chymist, a couple Mystic Theurges, a Shieldmarshall, and a Winter Witch(archetype)/Winter Witch(PrC.)

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Stephen Ross wrote:
Stephen Ross wrote:
[side chat]... Table Variation is expected on this one. IMO it can be done but costs 8000gp (and has to meet the requirements for the Quality and Wpn Finesse points to penalties for shield use... it's convoluted!) apart from any shield enhancements. I'd expect simple rulings (which is the standard in PFS) just to say no. PFS is a simple game to have fun. ...

If you read that closely you'll notice IMO Agile cannot be put on a heavy shield as it doesn't meet the requirements for the Agile Quality {light weapon as per Weapon Finesse}. Light shields though...

FYI, when I was VC there were a few times I disagreed with the table GM on the finer points of a ruling in the gray area but I supported his position at his table. We all have differing opinions. When you operate in the gray area you should expect to be told no at times, it goes with the territory.

This statement, and a couple above it, is how table variation and gray areas should be handled. I've had similar experiences with my Vexing Dodger and his Limb Climber ability. If I'm climbing on a foe and he moves, am I still on him? Yes or no, I say ok, and plan accordingly for the session.

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Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:
My Life Is In Ruins wrote:

in a practical manner at the end of First level he should have about 1650gp. Probably a MW weapon and misc potion/alchemical items will put the mithril shirt out of reach as most people tend to keep what they purchase and use a few consumables(potion of cure light wounds, antiplague) on the way to Second level.

My advice is to play a pregenerated character for the first three scenarios and create a Second level character with the gold you have. You miss out on Dayjob rolls but the pregens have some free stuff to use.

I tend to make mistakes when I'm tired (UTC -5)... *sigh* being human.

If the pregen has a day job (and several do) then you don’t miss out on day jobs.


That was a change made this season, and many have missed or overlooked that change.

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Serisan wrote:

I have a long history of killing my VC's characters and he never feels all that bad about it. A lot of them just have less-than-survivable personalities. My favorite was a module with a certain gunpowder ooze. His Talisman of Life's Breath triggered some primal magic, dealing fire damage to it. There was a chain of fire cones as the ooze had split.

Yay campaign mode modules for letting me have primal magic just this once.

Played that module with my martial artist and another monk, as well as a ranger and sorcerer back line. primal magic made other monks fist glowy, and he hit the ooze. we already had split it, so we had the fire cones as well. Evasion for the win, except for the nat 1 the other monk got...

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Crafting isn't legal, so why would 'Brew Potion' (Druidic Herbalism acts just like brew potion, but is free) with no cost be allowed?

Druidic Herbalism wrote:

This acts like the Brew Potion feat, but only for spells on the druid spell list. Herbal concoctions are typically thick and sludgy, and their creation time, caster level, spell duplication capabilities, and all other variables and properties are identical to those of potions created using Brew Potion. Herbal concoctions created with herbs that cause special effects when ingested retain those effects as well as the appropriate spell effect.

A druid can create a number of free herbal concoctions per day equal to her Wisdom modifier. Additional concoctions cost the same as creating an equivalent potion using Brew Potion. Druids can sell their herbal concoctions just as if they were potions (though NPCs unfamiliar with druidic herbalism may need some convincing before purchasing these wares).

I'm gonna say no under the item creation rules that PFS implements, not to mention people trying to sell for gold to break WBL.

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Tonya Woldridge wrote:
WiseWolfOfYoitsu wrote:


One thing I noticed is that for the overnight slots, everyone stops previous slot at midnight, then HQ shows up 15 minutes after games start and leaves an hour after the GM slot ends. Shouldn't it read 12:30 AM to 6:00 AM to match up with the other slots?
Nope. I had 1 extra hour each day that I couldn't cover because of keeping slots at 5.5-6 hours. Given that GMs are on duty for 5.25 hours, this is the only way to keep it equitable. I'll cover that hour slot, and I'm much more functional at midnight than 6 am! I'm not expecting mustering for midnight slots to be that difficult (this statement is not a challenge!)

I still don't see how having the HQ staff show up after the games start makes sense, but I'm sure you've got it worked out. As I recall, it still took a few people to muster each night at GenCon. But, since I'm trying to volunteer to GM for those slots anyway, I'll be showing up early enough to help out as needed.

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I'm planning to actually play some this year, so I'm volunteering to run overnights and Monday AM, leaving me free to play the specials and other games freely as I feel. Might retire a couple more characters...maybe.

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One thing I noticed is that for the overnight slots, everyone stops previous slot at midnight, then HQ shows up 15 minutes after games start and leaves an hour after the GM slot ends. Shouldn't it read 12:30 AM to 6:00 AM to match up with the other slots?

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Thomas Hutchins wrote:
Tallow wrote:
Well that's kinda a crappy thing to do as a GM.

Well that's what a lot of GM's do. Just make up some number of minutes their stuff takes (one guy above seems to uses 3 minutes as their default). And unless you're getting into take 20 for searching you'd likely be spending no more than a minute if that in a room. Like detecting magic on 5 items just takes 7 rounds, not even a full minute. So what 2 minutes for 4 people to loot 3 bodies?

So what Ragoz is saying is that he prefers tracking what actions people are doing and using that to decide how long something takes, but he understands the desire some GMs have to just throw out a number that sounded good to them.

This is highly dependent on what the bodies are wearing. If they were wearing heavy armor, that takes 1d4+1 minutes to take off, halved with help. That means it takes 2 people a minimum of a minute, and up to 2.5 minutes, to remove just the armor from that one body. It's 1 minute, or 30 seconds with assistance, for anything less than heavy armor. It takes a move action to remove things from a backpack, so taking out the say 12 items in their pack should take about 36 seconds, and that's just taking it out without trying to figure out what it is. You're right that identifying any magic items is pretty quick, but it's the stripping of belongings that takes several minutes to complete.

To the point of speed-running dungeons, I did Wardens of the Reborn Forge with 2 Monks, a Ranger with a large Wolf, and a Sorcerer. After the first 'level', we said screw it, and just speed-ran the next several 'levels' with Potions of Strong Jaw on the Monks, Fly on the Sorcerer, and Longstrider on the Ranger/Wolf. We looted one item, which set off another encounter, but then went back to collect loot after finishing each 'level'. Doing 7-10 encounters on a 7 minute potion was interesting, as we were chaining sometimes 3-4 fights at once and just wrecking the competition. Doing it with only Greater Infernal Healing ticking, or sometimes a few rounds of wands, was enough to make it a very challenging speed-run. I know we had a few rounds of fainting, followed by waking back up from the Fast Healing 4 a round or two later, as well as one 'almost death'.

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Lynn Elster Jones wrote:

"an airship-shaped air elemental companion"?

Аrе уоu ок?
Sо сhеар... sо... Аrrrgh.... Маке mе unsее this.

When you meet him mid-scenario, you don't realize he's a Druid. The elemental just kinda whispers to him. But it was an interesting bit of added descriptive text at the time.

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Tallow wrote:
RealAlchemy wrote:
On potential crazy builds, I follow the example of a couple of our local VOs. I ask before the briefing, "Is there anything unusual I need to know about?" This can cover anything from a druid with monk levels who turns into a bat and starts flurrying to a half-orc paladin using a feat to ride a triceratops to a sorceror using bloodline powers to hit undead with mind affecting powers to someone doing mounted charges while riding a wasp. This gives me the chance to go over any applicable rules with the player ahead of time. This also makes it less likely that I will surprise the player with an unexpected ruling.


This is probably the single best way I've seen and found myself, to help alleviate that initial, "Wha!?" moment when a player pulls something outta their botuckus...

That still doesn't stop those moments when an AC reaches 40+ at less than level 9 (or 30+ at less than level 5) or ridiculous Witch DCs.

Want a "Wha!?" moment?

I'm playing the front liner's familiar. He can carry the extra 15 lbs.

I grant +4 flanking bonus to ally's adjacent to me, remove concealment from foes when I hit them, and only attack once a round. I almost can't fail to be physically on a foe that I'm attacking. Granted my 1d3 bite attack does 20 to 40 average damage, and usually results in a total of -6 to hit any of my allies and -9 to hit me with no save. I also know 17 languages, but can only speak 4 usually.

Tiny Kitsune Foxshaped Rogue with dips in Brawler and Swashbuckler. Limning Menacing Amulet of Mighty Fists.

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The hand is basically allowing you to cast touch spells at range. It doesn't provoke because it's not actually moving as a creature. Now, a creature can ready to hit the hand as it comes into range, but at lower levels will be very hard to hit/kill. It's got AC equal to 22 + caster's INT Mod, is Incorporeal, and 1-4 hp dependent upon the roll at the casting.

It can be a very annoying spell for foes at higher levels unless they get rid of it. Metamagic low level spells like Shocking Grasp up to a 4th level spell and hit that giant a couple times with 10d6 electric damage from a safe distance and see how fast he takes that hand out. Now, you won't generally be doing this with challenging foes, but it can harry lesser fights rather easily.

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Good news for this thread. The 2017 GenCon Tier 1 GM boon is Rougarou! Tier 2-3 is Catfolk! And Tier 4-5 is Naiad!

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1) The trap is after the cleric. The text describes a double door that he's blocking with his ritual. This is basically the antechamber of the ruin. From there, you enter the ruin itself where the block text says the passageway narrows and encounter the trap.
2) The artwork you're talking about is for Zoagusk. I believe the author stated, in the other GM thread for this scenario HERE, that Glibledring was originally supposed to be a mutant as well and that it was accidentally left in.

With your WTF moments:
1) Grib doesn't use his Enlarge Person Extract since it hurts his to hit and doesn't affect his damage. He has 3 assistants, but doesn't have the Infusion Discovery.
2) They're basically goblin babies, with only 6 HP. What are tactics to insane childen under the effects of Rage Song?
3) Goblins in a 10,000+ year old ruin. What did you expect to survive both time and goblins?

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This scenario is a ton of fun to run. I had a player new to PFS but not new to D&D style games say that this game was the most fun he's had at a TTRPG in years. His paladin came out with a tiny set of dragonfly wings, as well as a thrush (that was brought in by another player) with spider legs replacing it's own that I decided was just following the paladin around for a little more creepy fun. He's now looking for a way to gain the critter as a familiar, and is actually crafting a model out of clay for the monstrosity. I was highly surprised when my whole party voluntarily let Grib experiment on them, albeit with quite a bit of reluctance and inter-party discussion on what they might be getting themselves into.

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Sir Godfrey wrote:

And another question.

The hungry fleshes on both tiers list their reactive regeneration triggering on Acid and Fire damage in the stat block, but retain the verbage of a standard hungry flesh of slashing or piercing in their ability description.

Which one should they be reacting to?

Hungry Fleshes have the Regeneration Universal Monster Ability:


Regeneration (Ex) A creature with this ability is difficult to kill. Creatures with regeneration heal damage at a fixed rate, as with fast healing, but they cannot die as long as their regeneration is still functioning (although creatures with regeneration still fall unconscious when their hit points are below 0). Certain attack forms, typically fire and acid, cause a creature's regeneration to stop functioning on the round following the attack. During this round, the creature does not heal any damage and can die normally. The creature's descriptive text describes the types of damage that cause the regeneration to cease functioning.

Attack forms that don't deal hit point damage are not healed by regeneration. Regeneration also does not restore hit points lost from starvation, thirst, or suffocation. Regenerating creatures can regrow lost portions of their bodies and can reattach severed limbs or body parts if they are brought together within 1 hour of severing. Severed parts that are not reattached wither and die normally.

A creature must have a Constitution score to have the regeneration ability.

Format: regeneration 5 (fire, acid); Location: hp.

Acid and Fire turn this base regeneration off. Piercing or slashing damage heal it as a seperate form of "regeneration". In most cases, they essentially have DR3/Bludgeoning. However on the off-chance you get someone who does less than 3 damage with P/S weapons, they will heal the difference instead. In the low tier, they've also lost the Monstrous Growth ability. In the high tier, they have it.

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Gino Melone wrote:
Another question, should Zoagusk have a bite attack when raging from Animal Fury?

Yes, she should. She's much more dangerous as a natural attacker than a polearm wielding fighter.

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There are no scenarios that go into The First World, but there are many that interact with some of it's inhabitants. We may well be sent there at some point in the future since we've already been on an Asteroid, at least two other planets, the planes of Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Shadow, several demiplanes, a dreamscape, and back in time on multiple occasions now.

With that said, it's completely unknown to the masses where we will be sent in the next season of PFS. The first four adventures this coming season take place only in major areas of the Inner Sea: Absalom, Qadira, Andoran, and Brevoy. With the season title of "Year of Faction's Favor", I believe we will be tying up a lot of the loose ends that our factions have left over from the past several years. Things like the faction splitting from the nations, Grandmaster Torch, and Guaril Karela. But I digress. Until we see where these new missions lead, we're all in the Deeper Darkness...

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It was not clarified whether an animal companion must have 3+ INT to take the Extra Item Slot feat.

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Wednesday: Assist with set up, and maybe play a game a Scotty's.

Slot 1, Thursday AM (0800-1300): OFF
Slot 2, Thursday Afternoon (1400-1900): 8-18 Champion's Chalice part I: Blazing Dangerous Trails
Slot 3, Thursday PM (2000-0100): 8-18 Champion's Chalice part I: Blazing Dangerous Trails
Slot 4, Thursday Overnight (0200-0700): 8-18 Champion's Chalice part I: Blazing Dangerous Trails

Slot 5, Friday AM (0800-1300): OFF
Slot 6, Friday Afternoon (1400-1900): OFF
Slot 7, Friday PM (2000-0100)*: 9-00 Assault on Absalom (level 3-4)
Slot 8, Friday Overnight (0200-0700): 8-18 Champion's Chalice part I: Blazing Dangerous Trails

Slot 9, Saturday AM (0800-1300): OFF
Slot 10, Saturday Afternoon (1400-1900)*: OFF
Slot 11, Saturday PM (2000-0100)*: 8-99 The Solstice Scar (level 3-4)
Slot 12, Saturday Overnight (0200-0700): 8-16 House of Harmonious Wisdom (Round)

Slot 13, Sunday AM (0900-1400)**: 8-16 House of Harmonious Wisdom (Round)
Sunday PM: Help Tear-down and maybe a celebratory game or pass out.

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Solstice Scar (Ver. A) and Attack on Absalom will probably be added after GenCon, but not likely before.

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John Compton wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

When an alchemical item appears on the Chronicle sheet, it's added to the list of things that your character can acquire. Since alchemists can acquire alchemical gear by crafting it, it stands to reason that you could now craft that item.

Speaking with Linda, we're of a mind that crafting would not extend to anything that has a purchase limit—such as "drow poison (75 gp, limit 3)"—as that represents something that your character found. As a result, most poisons on Chronicle sheets would be ones that have to be purchased, not crafted. We're noting this for a future FAQ update.

Excellent addition to an FAQ or Campaign Clarification. Thanks for the input John!

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Jack Brown wrote:

What is the wording on that boon?

Hard to say without that.

From the way this post was worded it is likely just an item on the chronicle, not a boon.

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Sebastian Hirsch wrote:

The guards don't have detect magic, but the players are tested before the race starts:

Page 8 wrote:


The race begins the following
morning, shortly after sunrise.
Just before the racers set out, the race
organizers scrutinize each contestant with
detect magic, just to be certain no one is
wearing a cleverly hidden magic item.

Unfortunately, they don't have a listed will save.

I just read through the early portion before the race again, and saw I missed the line about detect magic. As far as them casting that against the items, it still wouldn't detect them and they get no save against Magic Aura without casting Identify.

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The VC never specifically says do not cheat. He says "I would caution you again trying to cheat in this matter." He also says "It is imperative that the PFS wins the Chalice this year." If it is imperative that the PFS win, there must be some kind of special reason for it. Those were the arguments that I used to convince the Paladin to leave his boots in the pile.

The guards also don't even have detect magic now that I've prepped it. They only have a Perception modifier.

The Fox Shape feat does not say it is an SLA. It falls under the Shape Change supernatural ability, as it written exactly the same way and references your "other forms". This means it has no duration.

As for the map, I've outlined the 8 boxes the race uses for the player handouts.

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From several Seattle players, you hear a shout of "Praise Razmir!"

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WiseWolfOfYoitsu wrote:
Who all else got in on this game? Looking at which PC to bring.

I guess I'll play something I randomly make up day of in the low tier, or my 5th level rogue for the other tiers.

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I played the high tier of this scenario with my 4th level Fox Form Kitsune Vexing Dodger, read "Familiar". My party was a pair of Arcane caster gnomes, a paladin, a Flame Dancer Bard and an Agathiel Vigilante (Raptor). Between 7 Magic Aura castings from the Arcane casters, and the party each picking up to one magic item of importance, I carried our magic items out of the city in Fox Form. Nothing too impressive was taken: My Ring of Eloquence, Boots of Striding and Springing, an Eversmoking Bottle, Spell Component Pouches, a Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2, a bonded ring, and a couple wands. The one spellbook was stored in the Etheral Plane via the spell Secluded Grimoire. Only the Paladin needed a weapon (other than his snapped off tree branch for a club) crafted, which was easily done after the first encounter. All in all, our group was very well prepared for this challenge.

I will be running this scenario twice at Paizocon, and look forward to seeing how other groups handle the challenges they'll face.

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Who all else got in on this game? Looking at which PC to bring.

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Depends on how in depth you get on the roleplay. If everyone has done it before, I've seen it finish in under 3 hours.

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Lau Bannenberg wrote:

Outshyn's thoughts are similar to how it's looking to me now (just played III, will start running I on wednesday).

Another thing to play up is that Jamila said some warning things to the elementals back in Osirion, and they got confused and thought the PCs were prophets. Try to convey to the players that they're the "prophets that Jamila told them about!"

I'm still not really clear on just how the relationship of Hsurha is to the other residents on the plane of air, especially the djinn. Djinn are typically chaotic good, and Armun Kelisk is a city of 6 million people; that's a serious center of power. They have their own sultan. Hsurha meanwhile is a neutral evil demigod. What is their relationship? Is there any political structure connecting them?

From the mission briefing questions:

What can we expect from the inhabitants of Armun Kelisk?
“Armun Kelisk is primarily filled with djinn, but it has a sizeable population of sylphs, gnomes, elementals, and mephits. Sultan Zafer XXXVIII rules from the Sussurran Palace, but the ruthless elemental lord Hshurha commands the entirety of the Plane of Air. Known as the Duchess of All Winds, she rarely interferes with the people of Armun Kelisk. Blessedly, Sultan Zafer himself is far more pleasant a ruler, if a bit epicurean. The city is a metropolis bustling with traders and travelers, so you shouldn’t incur any hostility.”

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Tusk the Half-Orc wrote:
Stupid player question: how do we record the boon for our character? Does the GM for the scenario we are applying it to need to do it as part of reporting the scenario, or is there somewhere we can record it ourselves?

Boons don't get recorded. If you're talking about the replay for credit, even GM star replays don't have a way to be separately "recorded". A scenario is a scenario to the system. It'll say that you've already played it, but the boon attached to that character allowed the replay. That's basically how you keep track of it.

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Mr. Hunter wrote:
May 3rd Blog Post wrote:
No matter what the status, all Gen Con volunteers will receive some communication by weeks end.
So, not so much?

You should have received your schedule today. The team was trying to find a way to keep the tier 1 and 2 GMs from having 15 hour slogs of GMing without only giving 5 hours of rest/sleep to those individuals. Looks like I wont get much time at Scotty's this year, as I got Midnight Madness the entire Con.

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Gary Bush wrote:
Z...D... wrote:
Additional tiers I would like are 16-18 and 19-20. Or just make a tier 16-20. But I think the power level difference may be to much at that point.

For the standard adventure that lasts 4 to 5 hours, I would think it would be extremely difficult to design one for such high level characters.

Maybe they will do can up with double slot adventures.

We've been doing the 12-15 tier scenarios at roughly 6 hours, with about 2 hours of food and chatter mixed in. It's been a blast, but I think it'd be incredibly hard to keep scenarios to a 4-5 hour limit. Some combats take over an hour to run in those tiers.

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I say give it till Monday for the PFS team to deliberate on the subject of refunding the gold. They may allow it, they may not. Even if it's just a bow re-build, its better than a simple +1 to hit/dmg for several of the enhancements.

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Lawrence Smith 2 wrote:

Received two notices this afternoon and evening announcing the scenario was available and later that it had been updated.

However, it is still unavailable for download and prep for running it at PaizoCon. Is there a date when it will be available?

I just downloaded it. It's not listed under Season 8, so do a search for the word "Solstace".

Also, The Overseer stuff is seperated now!! My recommendation to Tonya made it through! Huzzah!!!

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Paul Jackson wrote:

Ran it tonight. I have to quote the player of the Gunslinger, who did essentially nothing all session

"I personally want to kick them in the dick for this"

I had a group of 4 characters, L1, 2, 3, 3. So literally as high tier as you can be and still be clearly low tier.

They didn't get the weapons cache and had huge difficulties with all the combats. If not for the 2 level 3s they'd almost certainly have failed with at least some deaths. Heck, if I hadn't been softballing some of the combats something fierce they'd have lost characters.

The biggest problem with this scenario is that different groups are going to be affected to wildly different amounts depending on the individual characters. If your group is significantly affected then some of the battles are going to be QUITE brutal.

I'd expect a group of first levels to just die, unless they're all unchained monks or something.

This is now the second Season 8 Low Tier scenario that I will NOT run for new players

In this case, you should have looked at the party make up and recommended they play down. This is a fringe case specifically called out in the RPGG. If they ignored the recommendation, it would be on them. I am running this at Paizocon. Getting heads up info like this thread is helping me plan what to do there.

Roleplay Guild Guide, Page 10 wrote:
In the fringe case where there are no PCs that are high enough level to have reached the subtier level (such as a party of six 3rd-level characters), the group can decide to play the lower subtier.

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SCPRedMage wrote:
I mean, why limit it to this? Why not start selling boons, too?

This is a touchy subject, as it has happened. The people in question have been identified and banned from the campaign. Charity events are one thing, but selling them for personal gain is an outright bannable offense.

As to the original question of this post, the answer has been given multiple times. As a GM for PFS we are required to follow and enforce all PFS rulings from campaign management. Until Tonya's (or a later OPC's) team revisits it, Mike Brock's post stands as a PFS ruling. At this time, the subject is closed. Getting closer to personal attacks on one another is not the way to handle this type of thread. I ask for every one to take a step back, take a breath and calm down. There is no need for the aggression I've read in this thread.

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Just found this thread. First, let me add the quote that allows you to change the bonus feat for those who do not own the book as of yet:
A scaled fist (see page 14) can add these style feats to his list of bonus feats, in place of Dragon Style, Dragon Ferocity, and Dragon Roar. If he adds Linnorm Style, Tatzlwyrm Claw Style, or Wyvern Fury Style to his list of bonus feats at 1st level, he automatically adds the second feat in each style chain to his list of bonus feats at 6th level, and the third feat in the same chain to his list of bonus feats at 10th level.

You could use Wyvern Fury Style on a trip based character. You'd need a level in Brawler, the Dirty Fighting feat or INT 13 to pull this off. As you already stated, you'd also be in a feat intensive build. With the two feats you've specified and going full monk, the earliest this build goes off is 11, assuming INT 13.

Use the one attack you get from the style to trip a foe at 15ft away, with Ki Throw to drop them prone next to you and continue your flurry. If you did a DEX build instead of STR, you could go Greater Trip/Vicious Stomp and get two AoOs when you trip them while adjacent.

1- Steadfast Personality
M1- Wyvern Fury Style
M2- Dodge
3- Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Whip)
5- Incremental Assault
M6- Wyvern Sting
7- Weapon Focus (Whip)
9- Whip Mastery
M10- Improved Trip
11- Ki Throw

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