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hello Friendly Paizo Peopels

It is with a heavy hart that I must request that all my subscriptions be canceled at this time. Up coming medical expenses will require a good portion of my discretionary income for a good bit unfortunately. I will gladly sub again when things improve. I have greatly enjoyed your products.

Thanks again for all that you do.

Hello Friendly Paizo Peoples,

It looks like there was a slight snafu with order #36369994. I never received the previous order which was Pathfinder Adventure Path #163: Ruins of Gauntlight from #Order 36325095. After contacting you guys a replacement item was placed in my sidecart to be shipped out with my next Subscription Order but I just received notification of my latest order shipping and it looks like the replacement for Adventure Path 163 is still sitting in my sidecart and did not ship with it. Is it to late to fix this? if not can the replacement for issue 163 be shipped out as soon as possible?


Hello friendly Paizo peoples. As the title says though it looks like the shipment made it as far as Urbancrest Ohio I have not received this order and its been over two weeks since I have seen any movement on the tracking of this order. If you could look into this and find out of it was lost and how we can resolve it I would appreciate it. Id really like to receive this as I was planning on running this with a new group.


Please cancel my Pathfinder Special edition rule book subscription. I will be starting a regular Pathfinder rule book subscription once it can be started with the Advanced Players guide.


Hello Friendly Paizo Peoples.

Unfortunately I also have an issue with this order. Despite being subbed to the special edition core book line a copy of the Bestary II did not generate with this order. Any assistance you can give would be appreciated.


Hello Friendly Paizo Peoples

I have not yet received my physical copy of the latest last months Pathfinder adventure path. I see that it shipped and made it to Detroit processing center in the 27th of last month but has not moved or updated sense then. Any help with this would be appreciated.


Hello friendly Paizo peoples,

I previously ordered a Special Edition Game Masters Guide and it is currently in my side cart. I have now subbed to the special edition rule book subscription starting with the Game masters guide. I just want to make sure I am only shipped one of these book as I do not need a duplicate. Thanks in advance.

I appreciate all your help.

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Ok so just saw this! First let me say AWESOME! been hoping for something like this. However this does bring up some questions.

One, if you already bought the Pathfinder Core Rulebook & Bestiary special edition do we get free pdfs of those if we sub? I was waiting to sub to the RPG line after the Gamemaster Guide as I really wanted the PDFS but also wanted the special editions so figured I would top there.. now I dont have too.

Two If I have the Special Edition Gamemastery guide already orderd and in my side cart will the system know to remove it and replace it with this one assuming I start with that product?

Hello Friendly Paizo peoples,

With the holiday season approaching and finances needed elsewhere, I unfortunately have to cancel my Starfinder Adventure Path & Starfinder RPG subscription. Please leave my Pathfinder Subscriptions intact.

As I am a Pathfinder legacy adventure path subscriber it is my understanding that this should be unaffected. Please let me know if this is not the case. I do understand that this will remove my eligibility for the free society adventures.

I love all your products and will be resubbing as soon as I get past the holidays / birthdays and events that make the end of the year fun but demanding.

Hello Friendly Paizo peoples,

I am curious. I see that I have received PFS scenario #0 & PFS scenarios #s 4 and 5 but I never got scenarios 1, 2 or 3. I am unsure when my Pathfinder advantage / 4 subscription bonus would have kicked in so im not entirely sure which of all these I am entitled too. If you could check for me and make sure I am good to go I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for helping me out.

So just downloaded my PDF and love what im seeing so far. However.. Why can't I grab the images of the maps off either the Adventure PDF or the interactive maps pdf..

I have never had this problem before. Usually its simply select the image, right click copy and paste. I REALLY need access to this for setting up my maps in Roll20. Its always been a simple process before this.

Is this a new change or simply a error in the PDF?

If there is some way im missing to extract these images please let me know.

Hello again Paizo peoples,

It was my understanding that by subscribing to the Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscription before July 3rd & receiving adventure path #144 & 145 the discount would be grandfathered in to function as it did before the change.

It does not appear that my Pazio advantage discount was applied to either my deluxe edition Core book or my Deluxe edition Bestiary.

If you could please fix that on my order I would be very appreciative.


Hello Friendly Paizo Peoples,

I noticed last night that Pathfinder Issue #145 no longer shows up when on my manage your subscription page in my upcoming shipment. It shows my limited edition Core Book, & Bestiary & adventure path issue #144 but not #145. Prior to last night it showed both issue #144 & 145 and I just wanted to be sure everything is fine and I will receive both #144 & 145 in my up coming august 1st shipment along with my other books.


According to the blog post if I am subscribed before July 3rd and I receive Adventure path issue #144 then my Paizo advantage will be grandfathered in to function as it did before the new changes. Please change back my Adventure path subscription to allow issue #144 to be sent as well.


Hello friendly Paizo peoples,

Ok so this might be a bit long so bare with me but I want to be sure how all this is working so I can make sure I have this set up to my best advantage.

Currently I am subscribed too: Pathfinder Adventure Path, Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Adventure Path

However because the Campaign Setting Book got pushed back to late august as well as my Starfinder stuff the only thing shipping for me August first are my Limited edition Core book, Bestiary & issue 145 (the first book of the 2nd edition adventure path). I have my Campaign setting sub & Adventure path sub set to both start with the first 2nd edition books.

So when exactly does my Paizo advantage kick in? to me it looks like it wouldn't until my late august shipment when the delayed Starfinder and Campaign Setting books ship. However your blog post mentions that if I am subscribed to the Paizo adventure path line before July 3, and receive Pathfinder AP #144 as part of my subscription, you’ll lock in the 15% Paizo Advantage discount and that discount remains in effect regardless if I am subscribed to 4 subscriptions or not so long as I do not cancel my pathfinder adventure path subscription.

Is this correct? if so in my case, by my figures it would make the most sense to allow AP #144 to come along with #145. I still save 5 bucks over all & I get to lock in Paizo advantage regardless of the number of subs so long as its not canceled. This would mean all my August 1st & late August subscriptions would benefit from Paizo advantage as well correct?

If this is indeed the case and I would receive the benefits without having to wait for my late August shipment then please allow Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscription to start with AP #144 so that I will count as subscribed to it before the July 3rd deadline and lock in my Paizo Advantage discount benefits.

Thanks in advance for helping me understand all this. I love your products.

So I went ahead and subscribed to the Pathfinder Adventure path & World Guide subscriptions. However as I pointed out in my bug report the 1ast 1st edition products of both lines are now in my side cart instead. Could one of you lovely Paizo peoples please remove those and replace them with the first books of the 2nd edition line instead?

I had also pre-ordered both books previously and it looks like it replaced them with the first edition books. I do only want one copy of each.

Currently my cart should show and want to stay per-ordered for the limited edition Core book, Limited Edition Beastery and then subscribed to both the 2nd edition World Guide and 2nd edition adventure path lines.

Thanks for your help!

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Hello there friend Paizo peoples,

I would like to subscribe to the Pathfinder Adventure path & Campaign setting subscription services. However despite there being a button that says start with X when I click it for either one it defaults to the last book of the First Edition Subscriptions for both. Once in my cart I see there is a option to once again tell it I want to start with the 2E products but even when selected there what shows First Edition product as the books that are going to be placed in my side cart.

What is the best way to go about placing these orders? Should I just subscribe to both and then ask you to kindly remove the First Edition books and swap em for the Second Edition ones?

Let me know whats the best way to proceed.

Thanks in advance!

Hello there,

I recently added the Starfinders Beginer Box to my side card and was hoping to use the winter discount on this item. I read that you are unable to use this for such things from other manufacturers besides Paizo but was unclear if this also applied to Paizo Preorders.

If this is possible can someone apply the discount for me or let me know how? if not then thats fine as well just wanted to take advantage if possible.

thanks in advance.

With the Biohacker being able to make Serums the first question my players asked was if they can be used in Injection weapons? I know there has been some debate on the forums about this but I don't believe there has ever been a definitive answer.

So as my player is eager to test run the class and make use of anything and everything that can be shot out of a injection weapon some clarification would be most welcome.

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Really a great expansion to the game as it filled a lot of often requested must haves in terms of races and added a bunch of new ones. The world feels a lot more complete with what this archive brings to the table. Well done!

With Alien Archive 2 well underway I am kind of struck by the lack of any commentary or news in regard to what else we have to look forward to for Starfinder. While I know the Beginner's Box is coming and we know what the future holds for the next couple of Adventure Paths beyond this there has been an unsettling amount of silence in regard to anything else from the rule book line.

While my wallet will appreciate some downtime, I guess I was hopping to hear some sort of road map or some indication of what the release plan is for next year.

Personally I hope its more than a Beginner's Box and Alien Archive 3. While the archives are very nice there is plenty of ground im chomping at the bit to see explored in terms of setting, factions and rules expansions.

Anyone heard any whispers of what comes next and if not what is everyone hoping to see as the next rule book release for Starfinder?

As per the title please only cancel my Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Scenario Subscription. I would like to keep my Starfinder Adventure Path and Role-playing game subscriptions as is.

I enjoy the society content immensely but need to tighten my budget for a bit.


A question came up recently in my home game. Though its not specifically called out. I would assume that you add the bulk of the grenade / missile launcher to the weapon its attached to to determine its final bulk?

The text mentions that the capacity is reduced implying that maybe the bulk of the launcher would be reduced as well but it never specifically addresses bulk in anyway.

Can't wait for this as im excited to learn more about the Azlanti Empire. I would also like to voice my support for higher lvl APs as well so that these can be chained together. My group resist re-rolling and it would be much nicer to be able to weave several mini campaigns together on their journey from 1-20.

This is going to be by far my favorite book so far. Just waiting for the ole shipping notice to spawn so I can finally crack this puppy open! My players are going to love the new options. I hope we see more character expansion in future books.

I need to change The card associated with my Pathfinder II pre-order, order #4782531. The replacement card for this order is the one I have recently associated with my Subscriptions. The last 4 digits are Redacted.

If someone could get that switched I would very much appreciate it.


So we ran into a situation running the first book of the adventure path last night. I had a PC who was injured multiple times by an Akata and failed his save multiple times.

Does a PC's condition worsen each time he is injured by an Akata's void bite ability and fails a save or once he is afflicted the disease only progresses as he fails further saves once the appropriate frequency period has passed?

I did not see anything regarding this in the core rules so I thought I would reach out for clarification. If it were poison it seems like it could be fairly believable to get worse with each injury as more of the poison enters the system but with a disease I just wasn't sure and without anything in the rule book to go on I just left him at the initial staring point for the disease until I get more clarification on the issue.

can a soldier use weapon specialization with his Hammer Fist ability? the ability is very vaguely written. So far ive pieced together that their unarmed strikes in Power or Heavy armor count as a battleglove with an item lvl matching their own. They count as armed and threaten squares if my reading of various other threads is right. The question then becomes are the strikes considered a battleglove when interacting with feats.

Due to the loss of my card It has become necessary to change the card associated with my subscriptions until a replacement is sent out. I believe I have added and selected a new payment method correctly for my pending transactions but if one of you kind customer service folks can take a peak and make sure everything is good to go i would be very appreciative as I would hate to delay my April shipment with any snafu on my end.

Thanks in advance.

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A discussion came up as a result of the crafting rules regarding UPBs. Originally we assumed that UPBs were reusable and recyclable. Make something with an amount of UPBs = to the credit cost and recycle found or old items back down into UPBs = to 10% of the value of the item. This all seemed to line up with the perception that they were these wonderfully unique very useful wonder items and that function really seemed to click but upon further inspection we see the rules we misread read as 10% of parts to create a similar item.

Anyway this all lead to the discussion of where do UPBs come from? if there is no in game mechanic to create them are they a result of some uber corporate endeavor thats basically printing money? do they just show up in neat little packages from Triune? We love the idea of UPBs and the idea of them as the underpinnings of the credit economy but there really isn't much about how they are made and who makes them or how they are introduced into the economy or how that is controlled.

In addition, After looking at the rules again as written and comparing to our previous assumptions I realized that allowing players to recycle items down into UPBs = to 10% of the value actually changes nothing. Either your converting credits to UPBs = to 90% of the value then salvaging items for that last 10% or salvaging items down into 10% of the value and saving them up to build stuff. In terms of hard mechanics the are essentially the same as the same amount of economic units are expended either way. In the end we decided to roll with our original assumption as it gave our players a theater of the mind reason for UPBs to stay in the system and reinforced their wonder material nature. For us it felt right and as it changed nothing balance wise was a win.

Regardless it spawned a interesting discussion. How do you handle UPBs and what are your thoughts on their origins and creation?

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Id like to first say the new book is by far my favorite so far. its damn good and I love to see all the new options and info. That said one race in particular stands out as needing quite a bit of clarification.

I have a new player wanting to play the SROS but we need some insight into a few of their racial traits.

First the cyberware provided by the Integrated Equipment trait. Its clear the Com unit, Data Jack & "other" piece of cyberware the player can choose are free at creation. Its also clear that the data jack and com unit can be upgraded later at cost. Whats not clear is the cost of upgrading the "other" piece of cyberware. The rules state:

"An SRO has an additional builtin cybernetic component with an item level no greater than half the SRO’s character level (minimum item level 1). Each time the SRO gains a level, they can swap out this piece of equipment at no additional cost to represent internal reconfigurations"

So is the "other" piece of cyberware the player chooses at character creation free to upgrade each time you lvl or do they pay the cost to upgrade it?

My second question is with the Robotic Trait. It states:

"SROs can be affected by effects or spells that normally target only humanoids, but receive a +4 racial bonus to saving throws against such effects."

What spells is this referencing specifically? it seems to imply that if it can affect a humanoid and require a save they get a +4 to that save which seems a bit OP.

any insight would be appreciated.

Is this scenario available yet? It appears that it may be but if so I do not have it in my downloads yet as a SFS subscriber.

Is it me or did they completely over correct the DC's of Starship combat. So far my players have zero trouble hitting them. In fact its so generous at low levels that beyond a fumble here or there or and extremely low roll of 5 or less success is a forgone conclusion for most of the actions.

Is this really intended? I dont mind them being somewhat easy to do but as it stands now there is almost no tension what so ever in starship actions. Its simply choose whats most optimal for each turn and do it.. which is kinda lame. I much prefer some risk and reward.

I am considering going back to the DC's as originally written. Once you take into account computer bonuses and bonuses from other ship actions the DC's still seem very doable. What happened?

Hello all,

Unfortunately I discovered this week that the binding on my Limited Edition Core Book has the same binding issue as other core books have been having. It had been stored on my shelf until this week when we started our first Starfinder campaign and I was going to use it while I let my players use my regular core book and discovered the binding had completely let go of the white fabric backing. Please if possible I would like to arrange for a replacement to be sent out. I love the game and your products and appreciate any help you can give me in this matter. I have sent a email with images of the damage for your records as well.

Thanks again for any assistance in this matter.

As has been the case with all my Starfinder society subscription adventures 1-06 has not showed up in my downloads. Its not even showing as pending on my account page despite being a subscriber. If someone could poke it into my downloads I would very much appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

it appears that Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Scenario #1–05 is available for purchase. As a subscriber it should be in my downloads but a order was not even generated for this item. If this is indeed available can someone kindly poke around and see whats going on? I have yet to receive any of my society scenarios without having to put in a request to customer service. I hate to clog up the system as im sure you guys are busy.

Thanks in advance

Oooh pretty! I might just have to pick these up.

Hello there, it seems that for some reason the most recent release of my Starfinder Society adventures subscription failed to deliver to my downloads. I see the authorization charge went through so not sure why it didn't process and is still showing as pending. It was released today so it should have charged my card and been in my downloads. Can someone poke around and see whats up with my Starfinder Society Subscription?

Thanks in advance


I have a question about using more than one credit card on my various orders. Currently I have my subscriptions set up with one card I like to use for reoccurring charges. For various reasons I would like to use a different card for the occasional one off purchase. I have two different payment methods saved in your system but when I go to purchase things it wants to use the card I have associated with my subscriptions.

Is there a way to select a different payment method without messing with the default payment method already associated with my Subscriptions?

I may be overlooking something so I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question but figured I would ask.

Thanks in advance.

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I just recently started reading through my Starfinder Core rule book and noticed that the pages are very loose and are completely separated from the spine / backing of the book. As this is my first subscription experience with you guys I am unsure how to proceed. For reference my order # was 4390468. As I really look forward to using this book a lot I am very concerned that this problem will only worsen and as a avid collector I try to keep my books in as good of condition as possible. I am hoping to arrange a replacement and any help you can give me on this matter would be very much appreciated. I have e-mailed pictures of the issue to customer service as well and hope you guys can help me out. So far I have been very pleased with your service but really hoping we can work this out.

Thanks for any assistance

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It has been brought up in various other threads but bringing it up here to get a consensus or perhaps some developer insight.

There is no mention of just how long a Starship combat turn is. A PC combat turn is 6 seconds. I have seen various people put forward that it is left vague on purpose which would be fine except that it interacts with several items that do have defined and finite times.

First there is the Drift drive. This takes a full minute to fire up. just how many Starship combat turns does this take? Seems like a fairly important piece of info to have

Another that seems to lend support to a 6 second Starship combat turn is that it takes 1 minute per size category to warm up a ships engines and ready it for flight. If your PC's are fighting there way off the station that seems pretty definitive that they are going to have to hold off the opposition for 10 turns unless they radioed ahead and had a pilot hanging out as the getaway driver.

Regardless the need for a definable time for a Ship Combat turn remains once the chase is on and for sure once the ship combat turn interacts with a normal PC combat turn which will inevitably come up.

Ive seen people put forward that well you can just make it whatever you want but what real benefit does this provide the system with this being left ambiguous? It seems like a oversight and was hoping for some clarification on whether or not leaving it ambiguous was the intention and if so why.

Very cool, I think each of these get better and better. I think they all fit the flavor of the setting very well.

I recently ordered the Limited addition Starfinder Hardcover and noticed that my august subscription orders mentioned in the subject line are no longer in my side cart. The Limited edition hardcover is there but the other items have moved to pending orders.

I see that my pending subscription order has pre-authorized the payment on my credit card, which is fine, but there is no mention of the Limited edition hardcover and the shipping total has not changed.

I just would like to confirm that my limited edition hardcover will go out with my first August Subscription order and not be delayed.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Huh. You usually never see the Greys in settings where they are technologically on par with the civilizations they are trying to infiltrate.