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Dear Customer Service:

I write in regards to my experience with PaizoCon 2019 in that it was a very disappointing and infuriating experience in regards to scheduling accountability. To elaborate, I signed up for overnight events this year with the expectations they would be occurring. (It was also convenient as I didn't have to ruin my sleep schedule due to regularly working graveyard.) However, my experience has proven otherwise. Of the three overnight games I signed up for in advance (and was ticketed), none of them launched. I signed up for seven games in total over the course of the weekend. Therefore, nearly half of the convention didn't happen for me.

I could forgive a misfire happening once, but not three from a large publishing company behind the organization of their own event for each night (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). I drove several hours to attend this year along with paying for my own room and board at the DoubleTree Hotel where the convention was to be held. Save for a couple bright spots, my experience was utterly ruined and I seek recompense.

Looking to trade into this slot. I have a ticket for The Journals of Tular Seft on Friday @11am, but I'm not certain I'll make it in time. If anyone is able to trade and wouldn't mind doing so, please let me know.

Looking to trade into this slot. I have a ticket for The Journals of Tular Seft on Friday @11am, but I'm not certain I'll make it in time. If anyone is able to trade and wouldn't mind doing so, please let me know.

Looking to trade into this slot. I have a ticket for the same game on Friday @11am, but I'm not certain I'll make it in time. If anyone is able to trade and wouldn't mind doing so, please let me know.

Was there ever any clarification how (or if) you can use Choke Up in regards to letting go with one hand on a polearm outside your turn? I ran into an issue today with it and I'm not exactly sure how I understand it.

Just to clarify, I do understand that there are limitations to when you can take free actions. I'm more interested if there's a consensus if it works something similar to along the lines of talking (or dropping a weapon) or if its something treated like Combat Expertise, where you have to declare you're doing it for the round for a benefit.

I'm back again and feeling like running something out of the blue once more. This time it's 6-15, The Overflow Archives. As per the usual, click here if you wish to sign up and follow the instructions as per the usual.

Please note that this is a standard campaign table. You've been warned. ^_^

I'm looking for a specific trait although I can't remember the name or the source it comes from. Mechanically speaking, its on par with giving you uncanny dodge without actually giving you uncanny dodge. Does anyone know the trait I'm talking about?

(aka Fishing for Suggestions)

It took nearly a full year, but I'm getting close to the 4 star mark. Honestly, I set out with the goal of being a 3 star by next PaizoCon because I thought it would look good on record if I volunteered to GM this coming year.

Needless to say, I've shattered my own expectations. Table #98 is today which is being run locally. After that, I've nothing planned. I thought about running a module for the last two credits to 100. I'm kind of looking for something a little on the "epic" side though.

So what did you run for table #100?

**WARNING: Spoilers contained below. I will not be taking the effort to conceal anything via spoiler tag**

Taea, the Transmutation Occultist
Character sheet

DISCLAIMER: I only had a couple hours from the time I found that this playtest had started to the start of the game, so the possibility of errors of play exist here as I basically had two hours to learn the class and roll up the character.

The party consisted of (from what I can tell) a cavalier, warpriest, mesmeric, one other unknown, and myself. It was a Tier 1-2 game.

After getting our briefing and doing introductions, we proceeded towards our investigations into the forest. Before long, we came to the lumberer's camp and found it to be under siege by diseased wolves. Unfortunately for the sake of the playtest, (but fortunately for us) the fight was over fairly quickly between the charging mounted cavalier and the warpriest pressing forward to hold the front line. I stayed back while one of my allies cast Enlarge Person on me. This fight was pretty much over by the time the spell resolved and I could move. Silly me realized that I could've used a swift action to use Sudden Speed to get into the fight and contribute after it was over. I chalk it up to still learning how to play this class.

After discovering that these creatures burst with some sort of infectious disease, inoculating two of our own, we befriend a lumberjack named Vanick who explains to us what had happened recently to lead the camp to become infected. He explained of a grove that he found that had druids cultivating it. He offered to take us there in exchange for taking him to see an herbalist at Falcon's Hollow. The party agreed and we were off.

When we finally arrived, our party attempted to parlay with the cultivators in hopes of coming to an amicable resolution. Instead, they took out slings and began pelting us with rocks. Initiative. (We temporarily lost our cavalier presumably to connectivity issues just before this fight and did not rejoin until afterwards.) Our party began to return fire with ranged attacks. I had cast my own Enlarge Person and used Sudden Speed to drastically close the gap all the way to the back of the map. Eventhough I'm wearing medium armor, a movement speed 50 is remarkably handy. Unfortunately I contracted the disease moving through the flower patch because of my increased size. Still, my increased threatened range stopped a cultist or two from using anymore ranged attacks, which allowed the rest of the party to quickly close the gap. The remaining cultists were quickly subdued by the rest of the party.

We kept one alive for interrogation and learned that Falcon's Hollow was going to be targeted tonight. Our group made haste for the town but got distracted in the herbalist's shop, getting wrapped up in finding a cure instead of focusing on securing the safety of the town. Our combined efforts to assist Laurel in finding a cure proved successful. However, the villians of Urgathoa were already spreading the disease in town. Our party sprang into action once more, again, I used Sudden Speed to double move around the cart and next to a cultist, all while helping scare off some kids whom the cultists were trying to infect by giving them the deadly flowers. The cavalier and warpriest quickly closed the gap with me while the rest of the party provided ranged support in the form of artillery fire. Again, we interrogated one of them and learned that they had a map of a grove that pointed to where we needed to go. Eventhough it was now very late in the evening, we decided to press on before the cultists could escape.

We arrived at approximately 3am with time to prepare to crash the cultists party. For better or worse, I won initiative for the round and boldly charged ahead again using Sudden Speed, intending to draw agro. My plan worked too well as one of the cultists scored a critial to my face with a dagger, maximizing the damage output to 12 points, just enough to drop me in my diseased state to -1. Our warpriest quickly caught up however and graciously provided me with a cure spell that brought me up to 9hp. The cavalier was busy running down any cultists bold enough to fight while the mesmeric and archer (class unknown) provided artillery fire, which saved me from a cultist intent on finishing me off. My trouble wasn't over as a plague zombie moved next to me on its turn. I went total defense but it didn't save me from still being hit for 7 more damage. My allies made that zombie go pop and I got slimed but was already diseased. After some jockeying for position, we finally cornered the head priestess and was able to subdue her, thus recovering the basin for the Society and provided the cure to all the inflicted fey.

I built my Occultist to be somewhat effective as a low-level tank, which for the most part worked. In retrospect, taking an Abjuration implement over a second Transmutation implement for Warding Shield would've been a noteworthy investment. Overall, I felt effective for what I was trying to do at 1st level, which was to be an imposing presence on the battlefield.

Got a character you built for the Occult Adventures Playtest and want to try it out? Well here's a perfect opportunity!

Click here to sign up on Warhorn!

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That's the question that comes to mind as I'm looking through the classes of this playtest. Personally, I thought Dreamscarred Press did a great job redesigning the original psionic classes from 3.5 and taking it a step further by expanding upon it, adding even more classes and options.

I just don't see the range and diversity I would've liked if Paizo ever did their own take on the topic. Still, there is a couple classes that do pique my interest for the purpose of playtesting, namely the Occultist and Psychic. Reminds me alot of Psychic Warrior and Psion respectively.

Up for a spot of spelunking through some ancient Thassilonian ruins?

Come join me on an adventure through a millennia-forgotten temple and search for its long since forgotten secrets contain within. Who knows what you'll find!


Click here to sign up!

Who just broke into three star territory and is holding a celebratory party?

(^_~) <---- This guy.

Come join me for an adventure fresh off the presses! We're delving back into familiar territory in Absalom again, getting to the dark underbelly of the city's more uncouth practices!

Interested in playing?

Click here to sign up!

So after months of leveling and prepping a character in addition for months of searching for a game, I finally got to take my level 7 aasimar cleric into Bonekeep 1. Just to state this now, yes, I had read/heard many of the horror stories of Bonekeep here on these boards and off, so I came prepared as best as I could knowing it would be difficult. Yes, I did survive unscathed...except for a slightly guilty conscious.

Spoilers/issue to follow:


We were playing Tier 6-7. Our party consisted of the following:

Inquisitor/Rogue/??? (feint, trip, sneak attack with a whip build)
Paladin (Tank)
Fighter (Archer build)
Oradin (Paladin/Oracle)
Ranger (TWF finesse build)
Cleric (Tank/Support build)

Not the optimal, well-rounded group I would've liked. It's PFS though. Not the most optimized of characters either, but I digress.

Our party had finished dispatching the four constructs in the initial room with only having one weapon destroyed amongst us. I could only speculate as to why a lvl 5 paladin didn't have a magic weapon, but at least two of us (myself included) had adamantine weapons. We also managed to find the loot and hidden button that dropped the portcullis that barred the passage to the left. As a result, I think the group decided to go left first based on the assumption that if it's barred off, it had to be promising.

The next room, we discovered the skeleton lords and thought that maybe we could lure them into the entryway room, it would save alot of us from having to take 2d6 cold damage every turn. When it was later revealed that this plan wouldn't work, the ranger and myself with him leading the way. He quickly discovered that his TWF tactics stacked alot of Spiritual Weapon (4 in total). The ranger decides to stand his ground knowing that I was right there next to him while the majority of the party was ready to leave the room. To be honest, I was also considering the same.

Sadly, it isn't long before the ranger gets dropped into dying with so many attacks going against him in a turn. Stuck in a narrow corridor, I decided to call for help dragging him out while I stepped over him in his unconscious state as a stepped into his space to try to protect him. In order to grab the skeletons' attention, I cast Holy Smite.

Here's where the issue starts.

I targeted the spell in the room without really considering if character alignment would be a problem. To be completely honest, I was meeting all of these players and GM for the first time save for one, whom I had played with/GMed for a few times in recent past. The ranger player himself had leveled up the character through GM credit, so it literally was his first time playing it. However, he forgot to write down an alignment. As a result, the GM decided to rule it as if it was a "worst case scenario" and his alignment was true neutral.

In short, I inadvertently killed the ranger as ruled by the GM. I know the ranger wasn't happy about this and I certainly wasn't either. I had no intention whatsoever of killing a comrade. In fact, it was the exact opposite.

The spoilered incident happened with a VO GMing. I did go back and check out the Season 6 PFSOPG and did note that you can't voluntarily kill another character. At the time of the incident, I did state on the matter to no avail. That player left the table shortly afterwards clearly displeased, begrudgingly taking his death sheet as he left.

As a person, not only do I feel terrible, but I just flat out completely disagree with the way that this was handled altogether. Yes, there were alot of things that could've been done differently. So I put it out to the community, are there any references or statements in regards as how to handle friendly fire?

Hey everyone

We're playing 0-08, Slave Pits of Absalom. We already have 2 players, we'll start in 1 hour, or sooner if we have a full table. GM re-using another player's game setup, so ignore that there are 10+ players and come anyway.

If we've already started, please feel free to join!

I've been digging through the Organized Play Gude and even the older Field Guide, but I can't find anywhere exactly that states you're restricted to only buying things on the Generic Rewards Chart (not taking into account for special boons). The rewards chart has the example of one free item at 750gp for 2pp, so would I be able to assume (after doing some math) that I could spend PP to obtain items not listed in the generic rewards chart?

Greetings, I'm looking to start up a table and am in need of some players.

Ideally, interested players should already have familiarity with Pathfinder and Maptool. I will be using a framework to manage the heavy number crunching (see "System" below for the framework).Familiarity with the framework would be a great benefit, but not required. I would be willing to teach new users about the framework as long as you're willing to commit to learning how to use it.
We will be using Skype as a means to communicate outside of game. Be advised that in-game is text only! You do not need a mic to play in this game.

System: Pathfinder (via Maptool b89; will be using this framework)
Player Count: 4-5
Style of Play: Linear progression; will mold game to fit the players
Allowed Content:

  • All non third party Pathfinder books
  • Psionics and psionic resource materials
  • Archtypes

    Character Creation:

    Backstory: The initial hook revolves around you knowing Gaedren Lamm and being a citizen within the city of Korvosa. Tailor backgrounds around the setting. See “Other Notes” for more information.
    Experience: Starting 1st level
    Wealth: Max starting wealth
    Ability Scores: 25-point buy
    Hitpoints/Health: Max 1st level, half rounded up each additional level
    Alignment: Any non-evil
    Traits and Drawbacks: Two traits allowed, may take a drawback for an additional trait
    Races: Any allowed up to a 15PP curve.

    Other Notes:
    Campaign Player's Handbook <--- Must Read
    Pathfinder SRD
    Pathfinder Point Buy Calculator

    Interested players, post below with a character sheet (mythweavers, pdf, or otherwise). Questions may also be posted below, sent to me via PM, or message me via Skype (ID: tsriel) and will be responded to accordingly. Game is planned to begin on February 1st, which should give people plenty of time to build characters.

    Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon!