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Does this spell function as Quivering Palm where you don't need direct line of sight for the attack to connect or do the crows only fly within the spell's range when it was cast?

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So is the final word for brass knuckles is they DO NOT allow monks to use their unarmed strike damage?

I know that having both will enable you to reload one of the single barrels on the weapon, but will it enable me to make full round attacks?

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Say I have Craft: Alchemy to create things like Tanglefoot Bags and such. Is there any way I can increase the base DC in anyway or what I see is what I get?

Starting a campaign that puts us at 17th level. I chose a Barbarian because I thought it would be fun to see what they could do at such a high level. It's 17th level gold (410,000), and was wondering what kind of items I should be going for?

I am getting an Adamantine Breastplate and will be using a greatsword for sure. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Can you take Signature Deed twice to have it apply to different grit features?

I recently had a character die in a game and decided to roll up a gunslinger/alchemist. The concept seems very interesting to me, I can deal pretty decent damage relatively easy and still be able to create utility potions to aid the party.

I'm currently going with Gunslinger 5/Alchemist 2 and I am using the base archetypes for both classes.

Human character, feats are: Point Blank Shot, Rapid Reload, Iron Will, Extra Discovery, and Iron Will. Deadly Aim is my gunslinger bonus feat.

I have a pretty good idea how to play the gunslinger, but was looking for some advice regarding the alchemist and if there were any must have feats. I'll be using him as a bomber (obviously) and the bombs will be serving more as a utility thing. I took Extra Discovery so I could have Stink Bomb (it's so good). Any advice is welcome.