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So a little over a week ago, I put out the Engineer v3.1. Thanks to feedback and some playtest data I was collecting, I came to the conclusion that the whole damn class needed to be hit with the "Fix-It!" hammer. It wasn't necessarily bad, per se, but the whole thing was a little...dry. And there was definitely room for improvement in many areas.

So that's what I did! And now we're back, with new abilities and an overall-cooler feel, methinks. Hopefully, you will, too! Here's the basic rundown of what you're looking at:

  • d8 HD, medium BAB, Good Ref and Will saves, and 6 skill points/level.
  • A construct companion known as an Automaton that can be upgraded using construction points. At high levels he can wear it as a suit of armor.
  • A special tool known as the Omni-Tool, which gains functions as the engineer increases in level. Functions range from emulated weapons to damage-soaking overshields.
  • Customized armor, granting things like DR or emergency healing.
  • The ability to create a number of nifty gadgets, which range from a cloaking stealth suit to clockwork servants and spies.
  • For those of you searching for an artificer substitute, I have included the Artificer archetype, full of magic-crafting goodness!
  • ...And more!

    And, as always, here's your handy-dandy pdf, readable and downloadable via google docs: The Engineer v4.0

    For those of you who have been keeping up since the beginning, I suggest you read this copy thoroughly. There are some MAJOR changes in how the class functions in comparison to earlier editions.

    As always, constructive criticism and all forms of feedback (especially playtest data) are much appreciated.

    ...Catch Phrase,

  • Charge Beam mentions the gunslinger. Traveler is missing the climb version that's mentioned in the fluff.

    I think functions should follow the magus arcana progression of 3rd level and every 3rd after that. This guy got a nice boost, and that would help.

    Also, nix Self-Repair or give it a limit of rounds per day. Keeping it fully healed at no cost is not a good idea.

    Farg! I always miss the small stuff like that.

    Small Stuff Fixed: Engineer v4.0

    Re: 3-level functions: I've been thinking about that as of late, and I'll definitely look into it. I'd like to get some playtest data before I do anything else to the class, however, as this was a pretty major revision.

    Re: Self-Repair: If regarding engineer's grand function: It's based on the alchemist's Fast Healing grand discovery, so I'm cautious to give it that.

    If regarding the Automaton's upgrade: Also cautious to remove/modify it here, as it's based on the Fast Healing evolution granted to the eidolon, and takes 4+ construction points to utilize.

    I will, however, take it into consideration during playtests.

    Thanks Cheapy. I can always count on you for strong feedback.

    ...Catch Phrase,

    Liberty's Edge

    I really like what you've got here so far. It'll give me something to use if I want to make a mechanically inclined character.

    Sovereign Court

    Going to try and use this as one of my iconic playtesting PC's when testing out my campaign as the "Unique 5th Character". I'll let you know how he does versus a Steampunk/Sci-Fi/Space Horror Adventure!

    I like the class a lot and will try to cajole my group into letting me play it.

    Grand Lodge Contributor

    I had my GM saying yes to an older version of this, but not 100% sure how he'll feel about this one. I've got a few concerns:

    The automation doesn't have very many construction points, compared to the summoner's eidolon. I see it's got a higher base armor (by +2) and skill points (by +2), plus the ability to get omni-tool functions. As a creative type player who loves designing things, I think I'd rather have the freedom of more construction points, but then have to buy the extra skill points and/or armor. Also, if you made omni-tool functions purchased with construction points, that might make for some interesting balance.

    Automation Base types: these seem super similar right now, not quite as divergent as the eidolon base types. How about some really wildly different base types: humanoid, insectoid, wheeled, beast-like. Humanoid would be what you've got now, basically. Insectoid could get an armor bonus and a levitate ability (which leads into multiple levels of flight construction available). Wheeled getting a bonus to overland speed and/or bonus to damage while charging, but difficulty with rough terrain. Beast-like is your 4-legged animal type with perhaps the option to use it as a mount.

    Lastly, I'm not sure what to make of sharing functions. I don't know when/how I'd really use it.

    Great work so far! I can't wait to try it out.

    Grand Lodge Contributor

    I meant less skill points... heh.

    Also, I have an idea. Construction options for mount and... overland movement: doubles all move speeds for out of combat movement.

    I sense an antomaton clockwork-cycle in my future.

    Thanks for the input, d20filmguy, and I'll definitely put some thought into the various automaton suggestions (buying functions is definitely an interesting thought).

    Until I do, however, I have created the next version of the Engineer, version 4.1!


    ...Catch Phrase,

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