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Lizardman Summoner Godzooky and his eidolon Godzilla ;-).

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
With the new spells that have come out since the corebook is there a comprehensive list somewhere of what can be made permanent?

Same issue with Shapechange. The RAI is pretty clear that it's supposed to allow you to freely assume any form, but because it's a core spell it doesn't include the newer morph spells like Undead Anatomy.

Skill focus might be the obvious choice, or even the Focused Study alternate human trait. The Charming social trait would seem typical also.

Any dragon blood, regardless of colour might be the reason you failed the tests, isn't Mengkare trying to make superior humans? My theory is that he's taking the best of humanity and trying to bring back some version of the Azlanti.

My guess for the transgendered iconic is Lini. Shapeshifting druid, can wear the skin that suits her etc.

Are there any printable floorplans around for Thistletop? Ideally I'd like to print them onto card and lay each room out for my players as they arrive.

EDIT: Nm, found this link

Xavier319 wrote:

+4 Con? I thought Azlanti just got +2 to every stat?

Hmmm alright, now here's a non-rules question, but more of a conceptual one. The character is a Samsaran, and to him, the player has said that the reincarnation and rebirth cycle the Samsarans go through is extremely important. Would being transferred to this new body, prevent him from being reborn again, if he should die? Effectively preventing his continued reincarnations? In his words "He would never give up an eternity of reincarnated lives for one different life", and would most likely leave the party, doing his absolute best to find a way to reverse this process before he dies, and loses his birthright. So would being put into this clone body essentially deny him his reincarnation? (not the spell, but the background fluff for the Samsaran).

Azlanti do get +2 to every stat, but as Samsarens get -2 Con, +2 Int and +2 Wis I gave the overall changes.

In my opinion he'd return to the Samsaren rebirth cycle if his new Azlanti body died. He's essentially still a Samsaren soul in an Azlanti body. Pharasma won't be fooled by his temporary flesh and bone cage.

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I'd say yes, he does lose the abilities and spells he gets as a Samsaren. He also loses access to any racial feats (though I'd let him reselect feats). Sorshen's brain is Azlanti, not Samsaren, it doesn't function in the same way and doesn't have the needed parts to access those past life memories. In return he gets +2 Str, +2 Dex, +4 Con, +2 Cha, a bonus feat and +1 skill point per level. Seems like a fair deal.

Also, he should be 6th-7th lvl at that point in the campaign? While his character may no longer be able to follow his planned build, adjusting to unexpected events is part of what makes the game fun. It might make his life a little more interesting, but character destroying is maybe a bit strong.

I vaguely remember somebody trying this with a "Planar Cannon". Basic idea is to create a long cylindrical demiplane with double gravity and no atmosphere. Place a portal at the bottom which opens at the top. Drop your weight into the plane and leave it to stew for a few days/weeks/months.

When you want to trigger it just redirect the bottom portal over or at your target.

No idea if it would work, but at least it sounds cool :-).

Quiche Lisp wrote:

For spells, this is much more restricted: my current understanding is that if - for example - I wanted to know for sure exactly which spell(s) was (were) affecting one particular individual, I'd have to use Greater Arcane Sight (a 7th level spell)... any other identifying spell would leave me guessing which spell was used on this particular subject.

Have I missed something ?

Since identifying specific spell effects is exactly what Greater Arcane Sight is intended to do, I'd be surprised if there was a lower level method to do the same thing.

I've been very wary about allowing Gunslingers into my game, specifically due to the touch AC rule. I'm allowing them into my next campaign with the following changes:

*Gunslinger changes – No Pistoleer Archetype, Firearms do not attack touch AC by default. Deadeye Deed changed to the following:
Deadeye (Ex): At 1st level, the gunslinger can resolve an attack against touch AC instead of normal AC when using her firearm. Performing this deed costs 1 grit point per range increment including the first. The gunslinger still takes the –2 penalty on attack rolls for each range increment beyond the first when she performs this deed. This deed cannot be combined with Dead Shot. The Grit cost for this deed cannot be reduced in any way.

I'm well aware that I might be being overcautious, but I'd prefer the gunslinger be weaker to start and adjusted upwards if necessary rather than the opposite.

I've loved the Meteor Hammer since Kill Bill, that is one cool weapon. Fire Meteor displays are amazing too.

I've also got a soft spot for the humble Longsword. It was a beast back in AD&D and it's depressing that it's been left by the wayside by todays players.

Don't forget that extending your lifespan beyond what is normal for your race also attracts the attention of Marut (Maruts? Maruti?).

My Elf (Orc) sorcerer has a heavier build than usual, a thick bristly beard, and he's pretty aggressive.

I know D&D/Pathfinder orcs arent normally depicted as bearded, but I like the look of some of the beardier Warcraft orcs :-).

Fayteri wrote:

I only dislike wands of CLW because wands of infernal healing are so much more cost effective for out-of-combat healing.

10 rounds of in-combat bleed proofing are nothing to be sniffed at either.

Stalarious wrote:

Please explain how CHA less useful stat? If you have a wizard and a sorcerer in the Party your sorcerer is the face which is a crucial out of combat role to have. So I am alittle lose on why you would say it is a less useful skill when that is subjective to the situation.

It doesn't help that Sorcerers don't have the skill points to spare. Adding Diplomacy, Bluff and Sense Motive to the usual list of Perception, Spellcraft, Knowledge (Arcana) etc really stretches those 2 points per level.

Don't know, but looking forward to finding out. I thought the pdf's were getting released today but no sign yet.

I always thought Karzoug looked like Richard E. Grant. Great pics though.

ElyasRavenwood wrote:

Torquar.... So that's what those pesky Mind Flayers were up to rewriting time! I played through A Darkness Gathering, and the beginning of Masters of Eternal Night...but never got to Dawn of the Over Mind. We knew about the stars going out....and we suspected that the Illithids had something to do with it.....Thanks!

Theres a pretty epic running battle in Dawn of the Overmind that has the players fighting through the Illithid station that circles a sun. They get there on an Illithid spelljammer ship and have to move through the station section by section, while all around them a battle rages between the Illithid and an army of Red Dragon mounted Githyanki.

I remember an Illithid based AD&D campaign where the mind flayers were gradually extinguishing the sun and stars. They were using them to power a reality altering device that would rewrite time so that they never lost their (galactic) empire.

Is there a particular reason why there isn't a Still Spell rod?

I get that you need a free hand to use the rod which might be seen to negate it's purpose, except for the fact that Stilled spells ignore arcane spell failure from armour and shields.

Azaelas Fayth wrote:
Monk(Really weird on that...

You can pass off pretty much the entire Monk class as "Super Android Powers". What's not to love about an Android who can run like the wind, punch holes through walls, turn aside blows with his bare hands etc...

If anything it's the archetypal Android class.

Sorry to necro this, but do the extra skills granted by the Headband of Vast Intelligence also get applied to the familiar? For example, if my headband grants me my level in ranks of bluff, perception and sense motive do they count as "master's skill ranks" for familiar purposes?

You could have the story told as a play or opera, like the tale of Carcosa. Or maybe as a song (I once had a GM base an adventure on "Hotel California").

A full group of Dhampir with a spontaneous inflict/channel negative cleric would be pretty strong. If they could stop moping around long enough to get anything done that is ;-).

Wouldn't something like that be pretty difficult to use since you won't have any wrist control? An opponent using a regular sword will fence rings around you I'd have thought.

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HangarFlying wrote:

Just did a quick read-through.

What is General Stom's motivation for helping the PC's? Usually there is a remark or two about why a "bad guy" would help, but I didn't see one. Did I over look it in my haste?

Bully job, Pett!

Stom wants rid of Chief Jubbek and his followers. She doesn't so much help the pc's as agree to take her followers and leave if they kill Jubbek & co.

joe kirner wrote:
if the party has see invis. & magic missile that will help too. make the spider move to get to you so it can't phase back same rd it attacks.

When I ran this the spider never attacked on rounds it had to move. The party bunched up and readied actions, their resident greataxe wielding loony eventually did enough damage to make it flee.

Smug Narcissist wrote:
Be a shadow sorcerer and its 100% real.

The Shades spell doesn't seem to be covered by the Shadow Master ability. No 100% real shadow demiplanes for you :-).

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So, the Staff of the Magi, unlike other staves, has a listed save DC for a number of its abilities.

Normally, a staff uses the wielder's ability score modifier, but is this the case for the Staff of the Magi?

I know this question has been asked before and the general consensus is that the Staff of the Magi should follow the regular rules for staves, and that the listed DC's are simply a holdover from 3.5, but two things make me question this.

1. The Staff of the Magi is an Artifact, not in fact a "Magic Staff". It doesn't follow the listed rules for staves in that it has 50 charges instead of 10, and it uses a different recharge method. Aside from the fact that it has "Staff" in its name, it doesn't otherwise behave as a staff.

2. The Staff of the Magi was printed in Ultimate Equipment with no changes to its listed DC's. I'd have thought that Paizo would have taken the opportunity to correct this issue if it was in fact an error.

Rynjin wrote:
I don't think it's too short. If you were in good shape (and any adventurer will be) you could leg it 30 feet in 6 seconds and have time to smack a guy probably.

But could you shoot 6 Longbow arrows?

Just got my PDF and had a quick flick through, does it seem to anybody else that it's VERY possible for the players to lose the Shard of Envy?

If Ardathanatus is killed before the Doomsday Door is closed, his body is claimed by Yamasoth and dragged to Sekatar-Seraktis. There are suggestions on how to prevent this, but in the heat of battle players might just miss them. This puts the shard beyond their grasp and effectively ends the campaign. There's no mention of this possibility in the "Concluding the Adventure" section.

Swamp him with weak undead 'till he's out of channels, then send in the Shadows. Once he's become a Shadow, keep him very very safe :-).

Bladebound Magus with blindfighting maybe? Your sword has normal sight and hearing, and a telepathic link to you so you'll at least know which squares enemies are in.

Or an Oracle of Life, you'll eventually get the Lifesight ability. #TOC-Negative-Energy-Affinity-Ex-

It does what it says on the tin. Dhampir are still alive, negative energy affinity doesn't mention that it protects against emergy drain, so I would say your player is wrong.

Afaik negative levels are always caused by negative energy, so the Dhampir wouldn't need a specific resistance to level loss if their affinity already covered it.

An issue is that a staff is a double weapon. Unless the black blade is only one side of the staff (which seems a bit daft) you are effectively getting two magic weapons.

gourry187 wrote:
Winterwalker wrote:
gourry187 wrote:
I had a similar discussion with someone inregard to breastplates and dragonhide.
Care to explain the relevance to this thread? Wouldn't mind hearing what the problem there was.
The description of a breastplate says it is a "single piece of sculpted metal" where as dragonhide is presumably not metal. Much like a wooden weapon made of metal, this was a metal item made of leather/hide.

It specifically lists breastplates as one of the armours that you can make out of dragonhide.

Wouldn't an adamant staff be pretty heavy?

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The reduction in popularity of the old stalwarts, the longsword, shortsword and greatsword.

Non-composite bows, why do they even exist?

You could try a Musket Master based on a Tanegashima wielding Ashigaru or Samurai.

Depending on the campaign you might be making your way to Alkenstar to learn their secrets, or making your way back to Tian Xia having already learned them.

I wonder if these things work on creatures with unusual dietary requirements like Ghouls and Vampires.

I like the idea of a monastic order of abstaining ghouls, or a vampire hermit :-).

mrofmist wrote:
Elamdri wrote:

I dislike that moving diagonally isn't always 5ft of movement. I houserule that in my games.

I also wish I could have back the HOURS of my life lost waiting for people to calculate their movement using the standard rules for diagonals.

It's based in math though. The diagonal of a 1 inch square is 1.5 inch. Since there isn't a feasible way to calculate a half-inch is d20 then every other square is worth 2.

What you're allowing is for someone to move 9 squares (distance equivalent) with a 6 square movement speed. In your game I would never move straight.

Bring back Hex mats, all is forgiven :-).

Averages in my game, most of the games I play in though use straight rolls.

Maybe dragons shed their skins, and enterprising dragons sell their old skins to help bulk up their hoard.

Win initiative.

Arizhel wrote:

I have no idea how you are getting 3 mwk items at level 1, even with rich parents.

Gunsmithing feat allows you to convert the gunlingers starting battered pistol to a masterwork pistol for 300gp, it also makes your powder and shot cheaper.

Shuriken Nekogami wrote:
the eldritch knight who bound his soul to a suit of large magic adamantine full plate didn't have to worry about spell failure because the suit of Armor WAS his body. it's like giving a golem spell failure just because he was a construct.

Warforged wizards with the armoured body feats do get spell fail fyi. Those Plate fingers just dont have the flexibility I suppose.

Polearm Master archetype has abilities for dealing with this, but of course it's fighter only.

DM Barcas wrote:
Citizens of Alkenstar should have a thick Texan accent. Especially the Shield Marshals.

Except Alkenstar's population is 90% Keleshite and the rest are Garundi. I have no idea where Alkenstar's "Wild West" theme comes from. I don't even think there's a picture of a Keleshite gunslinger anywhere yet. Lirianne's colouration suggests her human side is from north of the inner sea, same with the Shieldmarshal.

LazarX wrote:
Add 3.5 feats to Pathfinder characters (who will also get more of them) and measure the meter again.

Second this. I play in a game where one of the players has a fighter with 4 arms and the 3.5 Multiweapon Attacks chain and all the supporting Two Weapon Fighting feats. With 13 attacks per round plus assorted extra effects he can one round anything while the rest of us wait for him to work out the math for his damage.

So Shape Change included all of the "Polymorph: self" type spells from the original rulebook.

Should the newer Monstrous Physique IV and Undead Anatomy IV spells be included in Shape Change? I get the feeling that if those spells were printed in the core rulebook instead of Ultimate Magic they would have been included by default.

Enlarge Person doesn't give the full benefits of being large. I think a normal medium > large increase gives +8 str and +4 con, -2 dex, 10' reach, -1 to hit and ac, and a minus to stealth.

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