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A Mimes Life- A whimsical picture book of a mimes life as depicted by the mimes author. This book is often the subject of ridicule amongst most social circles, but is enjoyed by children.

Too a victim just out of reach, " Come on down, it's your turn to play the bite is right."

431. Some drunk tugs on your dwarven wifes beard

I enjoy firefly but didn't know it existed until after it ended. My brother turned me on to the series. For me it's a good go to show for background noise while working on a project.

Schlotzky's was my go to sub shop, partly because a gamer buddy worked there and got us group discounts. We spent crap tons of money there, kinda got burned out for subs after that.

I don't like disney, will have a hard time convincing myself to see star wars at the end of the year.

My favorite race to play is halfling, either as a bard or sorcerer.

If you end up doing this, and I do like the idea, perhaps have some negative consequence. The more souls you have trapped in tattoo form the harder it is to ignore their cries for release. Perhaps even having to make the occasional save vs madness. Or even possibly the tattoos cause you to do something reckless so you get killed and they can find release. Some instances could be attacking a group of guards, walking off a cliff, to stop fighting mid combat. Just a thought is all.

I played in a campaign where the gnome cleric was carried in the half-orc pack. I honestly don't remember the character casting many spells beyond healing to help the tank of the group. I think if he cast anything beyond that he was out of the pack.

I belive it was mostly for the novelty, as well as not slowing the party down by a character with a lower walking speed. But that was about 15 years ago.

I mostly homebrew when I get a chance to play these days. I make sure to give particulars of how I want to start the 1st campaign that brings them together. We all have a get together and decide what country they want to be from and the classes they want to play. I give them any relevent information on the particular town/city they are from such as ruler of city, the guards standards if any, a few shops/inns/taverns they would probably know about etc. This way they could build their pc with a few extra flavor things.

I think collaboration is important and wouldn't change a backstory unless it was something that would be completely disruptfull. I haven't had to do this thankfully.

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Rynjin wrote:

You could have saved a whole lot of space by just writing "I'm a hipster", you know.

Lol! I don't like hipsters, oh well should have seen that on coming. Just don't consider myself a follower, I like something or I don't. I think I am more just curmudgeonly, defenatly not hip by any means.

I don't like 98.956% of whats on television, I don't like 98.99% of what comes out of Hollywood. I hate remakes, re-does, and the attitude of "Lets throw money at it, have explosions, and sensless nudity as well as dumb stoner type humor" to make a good show/movie.

I don't like "my way is the only way to play" type attitude. I have allready mentioned my dislike for multi-dipping classes to get that numerically superior pc. I think role play and roll play can work.

If the masses praise something as being super cool prior to me seeing, reading, or listenimg to it then 98% of the time I will dismiss it as dung. If someone likes something a lot then I would love to hear why they love versus "OMG, you gotta llike this because well the other sheeple do."

Okay enough of my rant sorry folks

Trekkie90909 wrote:
I like riddles if they're well implemented. Most of the time they are not. If you're in the forgotten temple of the snake god for example your riddle should not be about a modern card game. It's been a few years since I've seen one in a game, and I'm not sure I've ever seen one that was well suited to the scenario.

I agree, though I generally as a player suck at riddles, the players I dm are pretty good. I try to make sure the riddle is relevent to the dungeon they are in. As far as the 10 int commoner vs the 18 int wizard on solving riddles early on shouldn't be a problem of who's smarter on paper. I can easily see the common folk to help pass the time during the drugery of doing common chores and trying to out riddle each other as a form of entertainment. Jusr my opinion.

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Hmmm so that's what a nat 1 to slice bread looks like. Just saying.

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If all else fails L.A.R.P. it, I do like Scythia's above suggestion as well.

Listening to another mix of the following bands.
Switchblade Symphony
Black Tape For a Blue Girl
London After Midnight
Eva O
Gitane Dimone
Skinny Puppy
Legendary Pink Dots

Scythia wrote:
Thorazeen wrote:
Another confession; I have a severe dislike of all things mmorpg. Button clicking and uber optimizing stats to be the ultimate cross class xy and z has zero appeal to me. I prefer the social aspect of rpg's with pencil, paper, dice rolls........ has to yell at some kids to get off my lawn.

When I used to play MMORPGs, I never optimized. In Ragnarok online (where I first used this name), I put stat points into each stat when everybody else said Strength and Stamina only. In vanilla WoW, I used a hybrid talent approach on my Paladin ("hardcore" players would rant about how bad that was).

I spent alot of time socializing and helping new players.

I guess what I'm saying is, it's not the MMORPG, it's the choice of the players.

That's refreshing to know that there is someone out there that doesn't do the uber optimization

Jaelithe wrote:
Thorazeen wrote:
I hate when players stop mid game or hold up a game because Star Trek is on...
We used to do this constantly.

I probably would have pulled my hair out but that's okay, I know there a lot of fans out there that would probably pull their hair out because I am not a trekkie or trekker.

Another confession; I have a severe dislike of all things mmorpg. Button clicking and uber optimizing stats to be the ultimate cross class xy and z has zero appeal to me. I prefer the social aspect of rpg's with pencil, paper, dice rolls........ has to yell at some kids to get off my lawn.

For myself, as well as the people I game with we roll dice exclusively. We hate point buys, but that is the style of play we prefer. Do we get sucktastic rolls from time to time? You bet we do, but overall we have decent characters. The roll system we use is 4d6 drop the lowest and assign them where we want. If there are two rolls 9 or under then they get to reroll one stat.

I don't like the fireball spell, I prefer lightning bolt.
I hate when players stop mid game or hold up a game because Star Trek is on ( this happened to me as a player. I only stayed for one session.)
I hate Star Trek

That's it before I suffer fron an anurism.

Mykull wrote:

The Short Version: Almost always.

** spoiler omitted **

I have a similar naming system as well and is very cultural in nature

Very rarely do I ever not give a character or npc a last name. My players have even sugested names for people as well as possible professions, and where in the game world they think that they would best fit in. That has always been really helpful for a couple reasons.

1) The obviouse is that it lessens the work for me.
2) The players like knowing that they helped shape the world beyond the aspect of being a pc.

Of course as a general rule they know that any npc they create isn't a guarantee that they will meet that npc in game to interact with.

I was watching the bride with white hair before work so rudely interupted my movie watching time.

On occasion (as in very rarely) I would use tokens that I had borrowed from a friend. My players hated using them so I never saw the need to continue using them. My players would sometimes use dry erase mats and they seemed to like that.

I guess I am in the deep minority when I say neither.

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I tend to in the case of falling in lava, or even falling from the back of a flying creature at extreme heights that the character will die. That is provided they do not have some sort of spell like feather fall, or fly, and even some item to let them glide to safety they are given a chance to survive a fall from great distance. My players enjoy that aspect becaise they know that even at higher levels they aren't yet gods.

Obviously others have different playing styles as posted above, in the long run it's about the playing style that a person enjoys.

Just out of curiosity I am wondering how many out there in the rp community either as a player or a dm give their (n)pc's last names or even a title of some kind. I for one with the hombrew world I have been running for 13 years now give many of the npc's that inhabit the world a last name. Yes it's very time consuming, bit it is another element that my regular players really enjoy.

Are there others out there like myself that either feel the need to or failed their compulsion save to add extra flavor by giving (n)pc's sir names or titles to make the world more interesting. As an example of a title I submit a random name like Elcarr the Red. That could describe his hair color, the color of the clothes he wears, or even a derogatory name because he has a skin condition like exzema or he blushes really easy.

Would love to hear other peoples thoughts.

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91 The forest of the albino lords.

A cursed forest once ruled by less than benevelant elves. The gods cursed them and all that resides in their domain from flora to fauna suffer from albinoism. It is unknown if the elves still live here, those who stay within the confines of the forest for extended periods of time ( a month or longer) begin to slowly develop albinoism. If they stay long enough and become changed into a full albino the effect becomes permanent. Their gear even becomes completely white. Any animal or plant eaten from this forest that is completely white has little to no flavor and is bland at best.

I have run small parties of two and even one PC, it was a little more work on my part but here are some suggestions.

1) Run more urban settings, granted you will have to put more work into npc's as well as interacting with them. The larger the city the better. I am very new to Pathfinder so there are those here who could point you in to the right direction far better than I could at this time.

2) Play up to their streangths. If they are playing martial classes then let them hire out as caravan guards. Of course at low levels you will have to tone down a bit on the number of adversaries that attack said caravan. Or give them a chance to team up against the leader of (insert villain group) while the npc guards take the minions. Let some of the npc guards die so they dont rely on them for help to much. It's a fine line but rweek with it to see what works in your game.

3) I generally homebrew so I don't know of any mods you could play. I will leave that up to those who do, to offer any suggestions. You might find something that you could alter slightly to accomidate the small party size.

4) the opposite of suggestion 1 would be to start them in a small town or village that is being threatened by low lvl bad guys. Allow them to possibly negotiate first with the baddies. Or you could follow the 7 samurai route and your characters could help train the villagers to defend themselves. If the village wins than accolades all around to the pc's. If it goes badly they may have to slink off in shameto get away from angry survivores or their guilt for getting every one killed.

5) Of course you will have to find a balance for running such a small group. There will be some trial and error. Good luck I hope this helps some.

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Thorazeen wrote:
Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Here's my entertaining understanding of the situation.
Wow what a bloody idiot this guy is.

I know, right?

Thorazeen wrote:
(Not kobold cleaver, the mamby pamby complainer from the post)
Oh. Well, still true.

Ouch I suppose I should have said the person in the link that kobald cleaver had referenced. My bad.

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Here's my entertaining understanding of the situation.

Wow what a bloody idiot this guy is. (Not kobold cleaver, the mamby pamby complainer from the post) I may or may not see the movie in the theatre, part of it is due to work, and other life stuff. I just don't have the time to do many movies.

I will have a hard time watching it because of charlize theron, I am not a fan of hers as an actress, and not because she plays a strong female character. That's never been an issue for me.

If I find the time, I will try to make it, or at least buy it on dvd to watch it when I have the time.

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Currently listening to my composers mix, mozart, chopan, beethoven, sousa etc.

As a general rule I hate!!!!!! Remakes, reboots, and what not. There are very few exceptions to this rule. With this being said, I have seen some previews and this mad max looks like it could possibly make that small list. I hope this movie is as all and more than what the previews show.

Books, film, not so much video games but I do play once in a while, world building etc.

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Had a player use mage hand to move a knights helmet blinding him.

As I said, it's my opinion wether people like it or not. Unfortunatly my nooks volume control is broken so I wouldn't be able to listen to the video for the big lebowski. Haven't seen that movie so I have no frame of reference to the video response that you linked to. I am sure people will be upset over not having any interest in watching the dude as much as I like the cast in referenced movie.

Maybe someone wants to out dumb Lucas after the whole who shot first debacle or Jar Jar Binks. I am no fan of disney by any means, so we will see how far the can cram the star wars sagas down the crap hole.

Just my opinion of course, and yes I know Lucas made the I-III craptasticness so it may be possible that Jar Jar Abrahms can pull a rabbit oit of the hat Rocky. I have extremely low expectations for this movie to be honest. (Waits patiently for all the follow up hate posts.)

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Paralyzed in a a dungeon that inspired tentacle hentai.

In an episode of "keeping up with the kardashians, hosewives of (wherever), shark week".

Lord Vukodlak wrote:
Bandw2 wrote:
... and so one of my player's is carrying around ghoul dust in his pocket, do you think touching this stuff would/should be enough to have him roll fortitude saves?
Answer me this if you didn't rule that destroyed undead turned to dust what would be the effects of clubbing someone with a ghoul femur? or stabbing someone with a ghoul's sharpened humerus

I would put it under the improvised weapon ruling, unless there would be a better game mechanic.

Sam Defoe wrote:

Like what about vampire dust? Would that increase the temporary hit points a bit of Vampiric Touch? (Like 1d6+1) if a wizard ate/drank it*.
*: Like a powdered drink.

I could see the flavor text for this... "Come and get your wizard Tang"

Let me know if you want more ideas, if you are getting pm advise from Inlaa then whatever I might contribute from here on out could be redundant or irrelivant to what you want.

I had played a rogue in 3.5 who was more an information broker than your average rogue. Much like a bard minus the musical apptitude etc. Though I had never come right out admitting I was a rogue I was straight forward letting them know that spellcraft and meat sheilding was not my forte.

I used my knowledge to find them the cool dungeons, the right officials to bribe, or the places of which we or I could get some choice information. They suspected that I could be a rogue but didn't go around doing rogue like things, pickpocket, lockpicking, etc. They knew enough of my character to realize that having me around was better than not.

OOC I had told them I was a rogue after about 4-5 sessions and some money changed hands as they were taking bets. Some thought I was a bard, one thought I was actually playing one of the DM's npc's, Ranger and Bounty Hunter was even thrown out but only one said rogue.

Though they didn't know my full role in the campaign group until much later on, I played it so they at least knew I was useful.

"They didn't have all the components you asked for but the shop keeper assured me that these substitutes would work just as well."

"So I was cleaning your summoning chamber and I scrubbed all those scribbles off the floor and walls."

"My names A. S. Modius, I'm your new assistant."

Perhaps something along the line of an elephant graveyard. Instead of elephants perhaps dragons, you could have it on an island seeing as they can fly. There could be some treasure there from stuff falling from their scales. If you don't want dragons than substitute it with something else that would draw adventurers there.

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"Hey I have an idea..."

Overheard mumblimg while hunched over a jar of eyeballs, "All in favor of getting the paladin killed? And the ayes have it." Nervous chuckle before noticing the party staring at him. Clears throat "Um so I have an idea where we could go next."

Pulls skull from inside robe "I would like you to meet Bob, he's my second cousin thrice removed from my mothers side."

To the barbarian of the group holding a parchment and a quill "So just make your mark here, here, here and here. No worries this is just a standard agreement that says in the eventuality of your death we ship your stuff off to your family. This way the Paladin can't steal from your corpse."

"Do you guys remember that orphanidge we passed three towns back? No? Oh well I was just curiouse if I was the only one to donate to their cause."

"Who's funeral are we going to? Ohhhh your mothers, I better go sto.... erm I mean I better go get my assistant so he can properly pay his respects."

"Your ex wife's here, I'll put tea on"

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481. An epic battle between a god of good and evil. After a final blow the evil deity rips the good deity out from the outer planes and they fall to the mortal plane as an infant. Find and save this good deity to their formal glory and reset the cosmic balance.

Could have a Valley of Lost Souls: This valley holds a forgotten artifact from the abyss. It draws in spirits, souls etc. and traps them ther in turn twisting them into something evil. The party could retrieve said artifact and free the trapped souls by either destroying it or they could keep it. The artifact would eventually turn the owner evil (slow like the one ring of Tolkein fame). The spirits in the valley would still be trapped but eventually become good. The artifact coukd attract low level spirits trying to attack the owner, with higher levels brings stronger foes. Doesn't have to be an artifact, could be a necromancers failed experiment that has gone awry.

Valley of Raidos: a lost world deep in the mountains with barbarians, shamans, dino's, and low technology items eg. Stone weapons, rudimentary bows, obsidian tipped arrows. The barbarian tribes have totem animals that lend streangth to particular tribe(s).

A large stone maze, minotaur may or may not still be alive. Rumored treasure, a place that could be overrun by say kobolds. Low lvl critters that would be a nightmare if they have lived in the maze and decked it out wit traps etc. Perhaps the 'stone' minotaur in the center is under a spell, reverse that spell and turn loose on kobolds. Could then the pc's be caught between a rock and a hard place.

Some flavor text you could throw in.

The occasional bounty poster that would relate to the afore mentioned smuggler den. You could have an entire town dedicated to house the criminal element. These criminals would sell stolen, illegal goods or even information.

I almost played one of the recent Star Wars incarnations, had a character, background, and then real life got in the way as I was transferred to another state for work. Those are the breaks I guess.

...I was told I would shoot my eye out (hope that wasn't used yet).

I enjoyed the white wolf games but of those I was partial to Werewolf the Apocalypse.

I know that this solution I am about to offer might be unpopular but here goes nothing or everything.

1) Discuss with the said DM the pro's of allowing you to play this class. Be prepared to counter his/her cons to the class without being argumenetive. There's no quicker way to get someone to dig in their heels than being argumenative for the sake of wanting to get what you want. You come off as being whiney and most GM's don't want to knock heads with a player because they feel butt hurt. If you need help creating your case discuss it with other players to help you make your point. This by no means will be a 100% victory for players but if the GM is still unconvinced than accept that this is something that won't happen at this point.

1a) If option 1 is unsuccessful than ask if at sometime in the future, if the GM would be willing to allow it in the future. Perhaps the GM is unprepared to deal with the Samurai at this time. Perhaps they just don't like the mechanics of the class, or they just don't know enough about the mechanics. Either way, it could be disasterous in the long run.

2) If 1 or 1a don't work, find another GM to suit your needs. I know it's difficult to jump ship and find a new group or GM but if a GM is that unwilling to work with you than chances are you're not having fun.

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