100 Books Found in the Strange Library

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530. The Last Testament of Norgorber Roughly a third of this 200-page novel is composed of letters written to or by Norgorber himself, in the months preceding his apotheosis. The remainder is theological discussion by the editors and historical analysis by various experts, as well as some digressions on how the texts were obtained and the evidence that lends credit to their authenticity.

If the text is indeed authentic, the church of Norgorber would likely be very interested in keeping it out of the public's hands...

531. The path to Godhood This 300 page text describes how to use the quotations of Norgorber to inspire your journey to god hood. The author's name is somehow erased and replaced with "Wormlord" because this is the Pathfinder edition. The Open Grave ritual is described in the epilog.

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532: I'm a what? A guide to accepting your new life in your new form applicable to polymorphic and reincarnation situations by Leafytree, aka aka Fluffy, Nutterbutter, AKA, Grock Doubleaxe, aka Beardy beerstein aka cuddles.

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 32

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533: A phrenologist's guide to oozes.

Filled with spidery handwriting and scribbled notes in the margins, this book is bound in badly stained leather and many of its pages have been torn out.

This book is so inaccurate that anyone using suffers a (secret) -5 penalty to Knowledge: dungeoneering checks made to identify oozes and their special abilities. Failure by more than 5 on such a check provides misleading information.


Book bound in human skin found in Harvard library.
Just a Twitter Image

Full Article.


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534. Let's Get Kraken!

This large novella, constructed mostly of darkwood, is buoyant enough to be used as a flotation device if need arises. It is written in Aquan script carved very elegantly into the smooth grains and the numerous illustrations are composed of whale bone firmly embedded.

The author of this work was the once highly respected half-orc Hunter named Numo Gomes. At some point in his career Numo was kicked in the head by his elk animal companion and was unconscious for six hours. When he awoke, he first dismissed his tempermental ungulate and then went to work on this book. He was determined to be the first person in history to aquire a Kraken as an animal companion.

The book details in agonizing detail his plan to reverse the spell Awaken and render a Kraken dumb enough to become a proper companion. The book ends with Numo entering a the ocean at the eastern edge of the Eye of Abendego screaming madly. The back plate is a masterfull drawing of a tearful elk that looks extremely guilty.

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535. I AM NOT CRAZY!!!!!

That's what's written on the cover, just like that. It's otherwise a journal written by Bobby Joe Eastin. He claims that the Glorion was created by Gamemasters for beings known as players. He claims people are spontaneously taken over by these players and made to go fight monsters for their amusement. His father(according to him) was a bookbinder, who suddenly went off to work in some hero's factory making books that grant permanent ability score increases. Several pages are dedicated to what ability scores might be. It ends with ranting about he feels like one of the players are taking him over.

536. The Path To Godhood

This heavy, leather-bound book, its page edges guided with gold was supposedly written by a very old attendant from the Starstone Cathedral. The book supposedly gives detailed steps, maps, clues, and rituals that must be performed in the cathedral in order to succeed at the Test of the Starstone. Those who have seen any portion of the book each claim to have read a portion that is unique to their reading. The book has been seen being carried by potential test takers, but none who have carried it into the cathedral have ever reappeared, infused with the divine.

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537. 'Magical itches and how to (safely) scratch them.'
Written after the 'covert curse outbreak' the book is a self-defence guide to avoid the worst of the physical symptoms.

538. '(In)famous erotic magic items and the stories behind them.'
Possibly mere erotica, the book contains the legends and lore of erotically significant magic items.

539. 'Arcane Mark: the definitive catalogue.'

Scarab Sages

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540. Cleaves of Grass: A thick book of poetry written by an anonymous Elven warrior. Though much of it seems very lighthearted, hidden within the verses is the author's extensive knowledge both of battling vegetable monstrosities and making fine weapons out of wood and other vegetable material. Reading the book in full takes 1d4+2 months, at the end of which they make two separate DC 25 Knowledge (Nature) checks or DC 20 Intelligence checks. Success on both grants the following benefits: Favored Enemy (Plant) as a 1st-level Ranger (if the reader already has this class feature, increase the bonuses by +1) AND a +3 bonus to Craft checks made to make weapons and the ability to make any weapon from special woods (like darkwood and wyroot), even weapons that must normally be made of metal. Success on only one check grants the reader their choice of one of the two benefits.


541: The Curse of Angel's Blood: The Memoir of Nualia Zantis

Silent Saturn wrote:
541: The Curse of Angel's Blood: The Memoir of Nualia Zantis

Is the book blank?

When someone tries to research the name, do they only find out about women named Natalia?


Goth Guru wrote:
Silent Saturn wrote:
541: The Curse of Angel's Blood: The Memoir of Nualia Zantis

Is the book blank?

When someone tries to research the name, do they only find out about women named Natalia?

My apologies. It's actually the name of a prominent character from one of Paizo's AP's. I won't say which one for spoilers, but various details of the AP itself get cross-referenced in so many other materials it always seemed to me like that AP basically is "the story of Pathfinder", and Nualia Zantis comes up in the first book, so I figured most people would recognize the name.

Actually, I've probably spoiled way too much already and now I feel bad.

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542: The Lovely Orc Ladies Calendar Collection!

Liberty's Edge

543:A Grand Book of legends, Constantly updating. Every week it is out on the road, the book gains 1lb in weight as new legends are added to the book. The weight resets every 4 months. Every action a party character takes is recorded. as are the actions of every famous figure they encounter.

544: A wig of dreadlocks, with many individual strands down to the floor. Upon further examination, each strand actually has dozens, if not hundreds of knots. It's a relic of a Vudra mahajanapada, and using a priestly language, details the lineage of its rajahs (in which a Vudran character might find someone they know...).

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Lessons from the Vault: A Journey to Axis
Author: Sig Silvershield

This rare 148 page reference tome tells of the authors journey to Axis in the year 4685 AR to visit the First Vault. Sig, a dwarven accountant and economist of Highelm, was granted the journey by Abadar after 80 years of the dutiful counting of money and gems from mining, and the banking and circulation of that vast wealth to create economic growth. On his trip to Axis he learned new ways to account for money, new ways of circulating it and news ways of generating tax which are set out in as '14 Golden Rules' in chapters 1-14. He spoke to some of Abadars highest priests and had a brief audience with the Master himself.
Price: Rare, 50 gps from collector

Any follower of Abadar reading this book for 1 hour every morning gets a choice of either a +2 bonus on Diplomacy checks that day; or a +2 bonus to appraise checks when identifying the cost of found items.
After 6 bonuses, the boon is exhausted.

My books sub-system for special books.

DMs: Some shops contain boon books. Where indicated in the shop description that there are boon books in the shop, roll on the following table to identify the book category.

Book Categories roll d8
1 Magic
2 Nature, flora, fauna, peoples
3 history
4 religion
5 geography
6 esoterica and arcana
7 Crafts and sciences
8 Misc

Then roll on the category lists you have written up and select the book(s) in the shop available for the PCs to buy.

A PC can only read a book in a language they know. After the time reading has elapsed, consult and inform the PC of the 'after reading' boon.

Each book has a reading time.The reading time depends on intelligence score which gives a base reading time which reflects not only reading but understanding and memory, which are then modified depending on the book’s size and complexity.

Intelligence score/Base Reading Time
8-10 25 hours
11-14 20 hours
15-17 15 hous
over 18 10 hours

For each book, mark the hours needed to read it on the character sheet and when they have spent x hours in downtime reading, count it down. When zero, they have read it and the boon takes effect.

Some books are reference manuals and have Reading Time: special. These books can be read as reference books and give small boons. Reveal the boon to the PC after the book has been purchased and the boon takes effect immediately with the assumption that information in the book is to hand for the PC to consult.

Boons can be bonuses to skills relating to the type of book, for example a gazetteer on the River Kingdoms gives that PC a +2 bonus on Survival checks to avoid getting lost in the RKs.

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The Mischievous and Marvellous Adventures of Perikin Puckledown

Author: Perikin Puckledown (Translated from Gnome by Elias Cropkin)

This lavishly illustrated autobiographical tome tells of the travels and adventures of the gnome author (pictured in the inner sleeve) throughout Golarion to put off his bleaching. Part travelogue part treatise on life and love, and full of anecdotes, this 217 page book is a delight to read. In fact once the reader starts reading they cannot put it down! (it contains an unbreakable fascination spell) and must read it at all opportune moments when it can be whipped out from a backpack and read.

Langague: Common
Reading Time: Standard
Price: 3 gps

During reading, when the reader has read the stated % of the books reading time:

30% of reading time: The reader is affected by a reduce person spell until they read to the next %. They have no way of knowing when or if this effect will end.

60%: The reduce person ends and the reader becomes invisible. There is no way of ending this state until the next %.

85%: The reader is effected by a powerful Fascinate spell which means they spend the next remaining reading time finishing the book, including not sleeping. There is no way to end this effect.

100%/Last page: The spell ‘Heroes Feast’ comes into effect immediately after the last word has been read, wherever the reader happens to be physically.

This was Perikin’s thank you for reading his book.

Kobold Traps Vol I

Author: Val Randerson, illustrated by Jrdak
This book describes the trapping methods and 20 common traps deployed by the kobold tribes of Avistan and Garund following extensive travelling research by Randerson talking to adventurers who have encountered kobold lairs, and more than a few personal fieldwork encounters with kobolds.

Reading Time: Normal
Price: 2 gp

Once completed the book gives the reader a +2 Perception and +3 to Disable Device checks for locating and disabling traps in kobold lairs.

The Prezell Book of Puzzles Vol 2.
Each book contains 10 puzzles made to test the mind and stir the intellect. Solving a single puzzle requires at least an hour and a successful DC 12 Intelligence check after that hour has elapsed. Failure and you cannot solve that puzzle.

Price: 5 sps

After Possessing:

Once you solve a puzzle, for the next 24 hours you can choose to roll twice on a single Disable Device, Knowledge or Sense Motive check and take the higher result. You must then solve another one to have this bonus again. Once all the ten puzzles are solved, the book is useless, though you can purchase another puzzle book with different puzzles.

Parables of the Unconquered Dawn

Author: Esculus Vrellus
A slim book, with a cover embossed with a gold image of a rising sun. It consists of advice and life lessons based on the teachings of Sarenrae. Each chapter is headlined with a quotation from her holy scripture, and explains in detail how this aphorism applies to the everyday life of the follower.

Readng Time: Special.
Price: 1 gp

After Possessing:

If a follower of Sarenrae studies this book for 30 minutes at dawn (not before or after dawn, but at dawn), once that day as a standard action they can emit a flash of light from their holy symbol. One or more creatures of a combined HD up to that PCs character level are blinded for 1d4 rnds unless they succeed at a Reflex save (to shield their eyes in an instant) v the PCs highest Spell Save DC.

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545. Where's Will-o-wisp?

A children's book written by an eccentric mage. Each page has an elaborate illustration containing a difficult to find glowing skull with a cute red and white striped hat hiding somewhere in the picture (DC30 perception check to find on each page). Anyone who finds the glowing skull on every page is blessed with True Seeing as a permanent effect.

Silver Crusade

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546.- Physics and Magic by Sir Frederick Schaum

Sir Frederick compares the properties by which magic power can modify physical theories. The book gives a +2 in Knowledge (Arcana,Engineering) when trying to answer the question "What the hell has just happened" (does not work on spellcasters).

The book has a small dedicatory to Mr. Io and Archmage Sunder.

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547. Breaking the Bones. This small book is boring in appearance, other than the presence of one or more bones along the spine as reinforcement. Different copies use different bones. This work was created centuries ago by a now-defunct militant Pharasmin sect, the Life-Enders. Despite the name, they were actually rather friendly and easy to get along with-if you were alive. They were dedicated to putting down undead wherever they went. As a secondary function, they served as the militant arm of the faith. The ranks were primarily filled by militant clerics and inquisitors. This book is worth 250gp as a historical reference to this order, and likely twice that if sold to the church of Pharasma. It details the basic structure and beliefs of this order, as well as basic battle tactics against the undead. Someone reading the book and studying the methods therein gains access to the Bless Equipment feat from the Undead Slayer's Handbook, or another feat that uses Bless Equipment as a prerequisite if they already possess that feat. This is a bonus feat.

548. The End of the Spiral. Unlike the previous work, this one is considered a great embarrassment or even heresy to the Pharasmin church. Pharasma's clergy will take any copies of this book they can find, paying exorbitant prices for them, or destroying them if they must. This tome is approximately the size of a wizard's traveling spellbook, the cover made of some unusual leather, the pages old and crackling parchment. The leather is reputed to belong to a Spawn of Rovagug that somehow was destroyed in the long ago times before the rise of Azlant. The pages of this book contain a history dating to the war of the gods against Rovagug. A reader will learn how the gods united to face this threat, how they fought the Rough Beast, which gods fell, and other tales of these early days. At the end, however, comes a story not found elsewhere. It says that as Rovagug was forced down into Golarion's core, his last vile act was to instill a portion of his own dark power into the molten rock and throw it out of the wound in the world. This piece of the world became aware as it fell through dimensional boundaries. It was tainted by Rovagug's very existence and grew animate, moving across the planes and wreaking havoc. Finally, Pharasma found it in the Astral Plane and talked to it. In time, she came to an agreement with it and it came to exist in the skies over her Boneyard. For the animate rock was none other than Groetus himself, brought into existence by Rovagug to redress a cosmic balance that was disrupted with the Rough Beast's imprisonment. It also suggests that Pharasma knew that Groetus would be formed by the imprisoned Rovagug, and let it happen. Anyone reading this book must make a DC 25 Will save or be affected by an insanity spell as cast by a 20th level caster. Followers of Rovagug, Groetus, and Pharasma gain a +2 bonus on this saving throw, while Saranrae's followers take a -2 penalty. Rovagug's few worshippes also despise this book, as it insinuates that Rovagug would not be the one to herald the end times, and will go to great lengths to destroy it. The one benefit of the book is that a reader who manages to avoid going insane gains a +2 bonus on Will saves against confusion effects, including the confusion and insanity spells. Whether or not this tale is true has yet to be determined, as Rovagug and Pharasma aren't talking, and Groetus couldn't care less. Yet despite the book's known destruction on several occasions (including a known copy being burned in the conflicts that ended with the ascension of House Thrune in Cheliax), the book still turns up. Maybe it's as indestructible as the Spawn the cover is made from? And maybe it contains secrets to ending the Spawn, which is why many have sought it.

MuertoXSky wrote:

546.- Physics and Magic by Sir Frederick Schaum

Sir Frederick compares the properties by which magic power can modify physical theories. The book gives a +2 in Knowledge (Arcana,Engineering) when trying to answer the question "What the hell has just happened" (does not work on spellcasters).

The book has a small dedicatory to Mr. Io and Archmage Sunder.

It does work with triggered traps, allowing you to reset them freeing trapped individuals. Thus +2 to disarm traps that went off.

Silver Crusade

Goth Guru wrote:
MuertoXSky wrote:

546.- Physics and Magic by Sir Frederick Schaum

Sir Frederick compares the properties by which magic power can modify physical theories. The book gives a +2 in Knowledge (Arcana,Engineering) when trying to answer the question "What the hell has just happened" (does not work on spellcasters).

The book has a small dedicatory to Mr. Io and Archmage Sunder.

It does work with triggered traps, allowing you to reset them freeing trapped individuals. Thus +2 to disarm traps that went off.

jajajaja, exactly, you grabbed the exact point of the book.

Here, have a version signed by Sir Frederick himself, signed with his left hand since he lost his right in a triggered trap ... well at least he understood how he lost his arm.

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549.Beard care for the suddenly bearded, or my adventures as a man.
A book written by a female adventurer who put on a girdle of masculinity/femininity and their dealings with the fallout of not having to sit to pee, grooming of facial hair, and the male elf no longer being interested in her.

550.How to hit things good! A primer on [insert weapon name here]
Surprisingly detailed drawings of a single exotic weapon, with handy diagrams showing which end to hold and which to hit things with.
Anyone who spends a day examining these drawings will gain a new weapon proficiency with a single melee weapon.
(useful for GMs who have that really nifty weapon, and no one who can use it due to lack of weapon proficiencies.)

551.101 things to do while the finger wigglers rest and recover spells.
A book written by a spell caster for his bored melee companions. Unsurprisingly its written as if for a child and is extremely insulting. Any spell caster will find it funny, and gain a +1 morale bonus. Melee characters will not.

A Mimes Life- A whimsical picture book of a mimes life as depicted by the mimes author. This book is often the subject of ridicule amongst most social circles, but is enjoyed by children.

553.Willy the Wyvern
Colored ink drawings and common illuminated printing make this deceptively like a children's book. It starts with the egg hatching through to the Willy being polymorphed into a book by a noted transformationist mage. The rest of the book is Willy's last 10 kills caught at the moment of death.

As the reader reaches the moment of transformation they become mentally linked with Willy. Willy will tell them to give him creatures to devour or he will kill creatures they care about. Willy will not kill anyone who provides buffs to him when he's 'hunting'. Sometimes Willy will want a female creature as a mate, and this is the source of some sorcerers with the Wyvern bloodline. If Willy is killed or even destroyed he fully regenerates when someone reads his book. There are three ways to be freed of Willy. Get someone else to read Willy's book, and get Willy in their head instead. To remove the curse requires an 8th level spell or better. You could become irretrievably dead. If you get raised before someone else reads the book, Willy will be back in your head. Reincarnation will free you because you are not the same person.

Goth Guru wrote:
553.Willy the Wyvern

In what way does Willy manifest to "hunt?"

As he is coming through the readers mind, he can unfold out of thin air above the readers head. He expends a move action to appear within 20 feet of the reader. The GM should describe it as they see fit. Maybe having him seem to draw himself on a wall and jump out attacking. You could have the reader dream about being Willy, and upon waking find the remains of a bear or something he killed in his dream. While he cannot manifest in a space too small for him, he can appear outside any cage the reader tries locking themselves in.

He cannot appear in the surprise round, but if he feels the reader might be in danger, even from officers of the law, he might go on a rampage. Note that if 2 people choose to fight to the death over the book, he will allow that because the new owner will definitely read his book.

How about he can fully manifest 3 times a day up to an hour each time.

He can appear only to his reader as often as he likes, possibly appearing as an animated tattoo or intruding into some graffiti.

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554. Eyes of the Waking Dawn
Written in an ancient dialect of Celestial, this book is one of the oldest tomes penned by the forces of good. It details the journey of an angel lost in the positive energy plane, who stumbles into one of the great gardens of the jyoti. Under a tree, he meets an old man who tells him of great cosmic secrets. This is also an early depiction of the manasuptras. Reading this book gives you a +2 bonus on all knowledge checks regarding the positive energy plane

555. On Quintessence
This hefty book is about quintessence and potentiality, which is a potent source of primordial energy. It gives insight on how to tap into it, and allows the reader to use the empower spell metamagic feat once per week.

sorry for the necro, I just rediscovered this thread and wanted to post

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556. The many deaths of Kenny. An ongoing narrative of the many deaths of an apparently regenerating but very unlucky hero named 'Kenny McCormick'. Contains adult language and themes, very basic artwork.

557. Cats, what B*stards. Written by a druid, Ribo Suttar, who had a penchant for shapechanging into rodents.

558. Saving seconds means saving maidens! An organisational planner and guide written by the Paladin Sir Mordent. It shows how good organsiation can clip vital seconds from your day and possibly increase something called 'action economy'.

Shadow Lodge

Your Ten Tentacled Friend and You: A rousing discussion of your favorite cephalopods and over 100 uses for them. From cthulhian transformations to the most mundane of gear to how to incorporate ground squid beaks into you aqueous orb spell this book has it all. In the back is a hastily scribbled notation about including the dried pink tentacles of the rare Minkai reef squid in the casting of the spell unnatural lust that supposedly extends and extremely modifies this spell with... odd results. These notes are considered to be either a hoax by the previous owner or a terrible inscription by a follower of Slandrais meant to lead readers towards his foul faith.

Dark Archive

Wow, this thread gets Necro'd a lot.

560. The Madman's Prophecy
While the earliest editions of this tome are nothing more than incomprehensible ravings, blank, torn or missing pages and nonsensical drawings, the dozens of later editions have slowly become more clear and understandable over time. Written in a multitude of languages and always written in different writing styles, each new edition that has been discovered predicts in increasing clarity the appearance of a being of unknowable, unfathomable power appear in the world and the subsequent carnage their arrival will bring. Certain pages even suggest that the means of bringing forward such an individual are hidden within the book or that the one who discovers the means to do so will actually become said being. The most recent edition was discovered only a year back and it is the most complete edition yet, with less than a handful of pages yet to deciphered.

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561. The Lusty Lizardfolk Maid This cheaply printed book is worn and has most of its pages dog-eared. On closer inspection, it contains a single poem about a Lizardfolk chambermaid discussing bread making with her Prince.

562.Is our world real? This is the tattered journal of a madman, detailing how our world is really just a fantasy creation by creatures of another plain. Most pages are ripped out, and the ones that remain have notes scrawled everywhere. The last page has the phrase "Is our world real?" in big, bold letters.

563. Fun with Earwax and other Bodily Secretions by Globeth Fluurg. This beautifully bound leather book is gold embossed and expertly bound. Most of the pages are stuck together by various bodily secretions those that aren't stuck together are perpetually wet. If the book is opened the smell that the book gives off requires a fort check dc 16 to not be nauseated for 2d4 rounds.

Mage Evolving wrote:
563. Fun with Earwax and other Bodily Secretions by Globeth Fluurg. This beautifully bound leather book is gold embossed and expertly bound. Most of the pages are stuck together by various bodily secretions those that aren't stuck together are perpetually wet. If the book is opened the smell that the book gives off requires a fort check dc 16 to not be nauseated for 2d4 rounds.

Wring it out and make oil of slipperiness. :p

Shadow Lodge

Foundation, Second Foundation, Foundation and Empire Three classics on ruling.The Foundation is self control and self mastery. Second Foundation is about courtly intrige and picking deputies. Foudation and Empire covers logistics and military matters.

Dune A guide to the wildlife of Osirion with particular attention to the flora and fauna of the deep desert.

564. Monster Scents: a Scratch and Sniff Guide.
565. Animal Companions: Know your Axe-Beak from your Auroch.
566. Levitation Made Easy.


567: Castles of ash:tells how Chorral claimed the people of issia and rostland, conquered them and unified them under his banner. A nation that used to be divided came together to form Brevoy. The book is Chocked full of philosophical debate of whether his murderous conquest was the best thing to ever befall brevoy.

568. The Obscure Prophet: A Look at the Works of Mananamnon with Commentaries

There exists a figure in the histories of Golarion, an elf whose name is mentioned across many disparate journals and scrolls: Mananamnon. The Gold Dragon, Mengkare faintly recalls conversing with such an elf. Geb and Nex each had their own dealings with an arcanist matching Mananamnon’s description as well. The Pathfinder Society recognizes the name amidst their membership, albeit one of forgotten repute. He attained the title of maven at the Arcanamirium, and was noted for his lecture “On Planes, Predestination, and Prophecy”. He might have attained the rank of arcanscenti had he not departed shortly afterwards. Amongst the other figures he may or may not have met over the course of his life are: Iomedae, Caedan Cailan, Aroden, Baba Yaga, and others.

For all of his travels and massive accumulation of research (which disappeared with him long ago), he only ever published a single essay, Arcane Divinations, which asserted that the prophecies of divinities were but potential futures that they most preferred and a true definite future could be predicted via arcane and alchemical research. It also contained a number of predictions he claims to have discovered using his method. The work itself was declared heretical by most religions of the Inner Sea and criticized by his contemporaries as unsubstantiated and thus faded into obscurity.

Fifteen years ago, this book examines the life and writings of Mananamnon. The anonymous writer also analyzes the prophecies of Arcane Divinations and expounds on how they relate to events in the recent the history of Golarion. More audaciously, the author asserts that the Obscure Prophet successfully predicted the Death of Aroden, the Civil War of Cheliax and the Ascendency of House Thrune, the Opening of the Worldwound, and more.

A DC 20 in Knowledge (history) or Knowledge (arcana) Check reveals that this book has infamously led to resurgence of interest in Mananamnon's prophecies among fringe scholars who believe that his writings serve as the only guide post for civilization in the Age of Lost Omens. Skeptics point out that his prophecies could be interpreted to any number of events and that even if there was any prescient merit to his works, they are worded too vaguely to serve any informative capacity until after the fact and thus defeating the point of prophecy in the first place.

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569: Robes are not dresses!

A copper reinforced book, bound in chemically treated leather.
An intricate sculpted quartz eye is embedded on the front cover.

It contain a 350 page dissertation about how robes that certain arcane caster prefer are not dresses. The book contain a large collection of facts and historical anecdotes about robes and dresses. There is also about 20 pages of Various depiction of epic wizards fighting dragons and all sorts of monstrosities present in each chapter of the book.

If the book is held facing a garment that is either a robe or a dress the book will shout:



570:The Joy of Necromancy! By Negis Domomus.
A knowledge history will tell you he was once the dean of the school of necromancy. This book is bound in his skin, harvested then regenerated. The forward stresses that Necromancy strictly means predicting the future by questioning the dead. It contains speak with dead and greater speak with dead. While predictions from the dead are dire, the author tells how you can use being warned as a way to turn the predictions around against foes. He tells how you can help spirits get closure and in return they can get you the information you need. There's a whole chapter on how you can get your self fulfilling prophecy to win out against someone else's.

Greater speak with dead. 4 levels higher and only requires a small piece of the deceased. It calls up the spirit who tells what they know and suggests dire outcomes.

The Exchange

571:Monstrous book of Monsters

This book is strapped close by dragonhide bindings. Should the bindings be removed, the book grows 2 paws with claws on them, and lashes out at the reader.The reader can either make a wild empathy check DC 20 to calm the book down, or attempt to dodge the claws (DC 15 ref save) every round as he reads the book. The claws inflict 1d4+2 dmg automatically if not dodged successfully. Reading the book grants a +2 bonus on knowledge nature and knowledge arcana(magical beasts only) checks.

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572. Book of Knowledge Not Meant to be Known.

Weighing in a good ten pounds, this hefty tome is rather plain. Leatherbound, no markings on its outside, it is noteworthy on sight only because it is quite thick and large. Opening the book, the first page has only these words: 'You have been warned'. Mysteriously, they appear in the reader's native language. It has also been noted that the language changes based on the reader and that the page is blank if an illiterate person tries to read it.

Moving beyond the title page, the first pages of the tome detail little secrets of the reader's life, things they'd rather forget and weren't known. The identity of the paladin's first crush, who turned him down at the Harvest Dance. The name of the acolyte the cleric always foisted off cleaning duties to. Where the fighter kept a stash of whiskey while away in the field fighting in the army. And so on. If the reader makes it to the end of the first chapter, their greatest secrets come to light. The facts are always spelled out plainly and as objectively as possible, but this information could end careers and lives.

The next chapters detail the closest friends, companions, and associates of the reader in the same manner. As the book is read, it ranges abroad to the organizations, churches, nations, and guilds the reader belongs to and their secrets. Reading to the last pages details secrets of the very universe itself. This requires a full 8 hours to do.

Anyone reading the book's first chapter must make a Will save (DC 20) or become paranoid. Making it through the middle chapters requires a second such save or else be hit with permanent insanity. Finishing the book requires one last save at DC 30 to avoid 4d6 points of Wisdom drain.

There is a payoff for making it through this book, however. Anyone who manages to read all the way through gains the Iron Will feat as a bonus feat for stubbornly trying to grasp things that they really weren't meant to comprehend, as well as a +2 inherent bonus to their Intelligence score from the mind-opening materials they've now read.

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