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Just out of curiosity I am wondering how many out there in the rp community either as a player or a dm give their (n)pc's last names or even a title of some kind. I for one with the hombrew world I have been running for 13 years now give many of the npc's that inhabit the world a last name. Yes it's very time consuming, bit it is another element that my regular players really enjoy.

Are there others out there like myself that either feel the need to or failed their compulsion save to add extra flavor by giving (n)pc's sir names or titles to make the world more interesting. As an example of a title I submit a random name like Elcarr the Red. That could describe his hair color, the color of the clothes he wears, or even a derogatory name because he has a skin condition like exzema or he blushes really easy.

Would love to hear other peoples thoughts.

I have been rping since d&d 1st edition had come out in the 70's. I as well as many but not all the people I have gamed with have played single class characters. I have played a few computer rp games but prefer table top ones instead. IMO milti classing just seems like number crunching for the sake of having that godly character.

If that's what other people like to play but don't view it the same way as myself I would love to hear why. I am no way saying single class doesn't number crunch either