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TOS 2ᴺᴰ PRO edition has been updated with 3x more sourcebooks:
1️⃣ Absalom: City of Lost Omens
2️⃣ Lost Omens: Travel Guide
3️⃣ Lost Omens: Impossible Lands

These bring the total number of source books supported to 18!

TOS 2ᴺᴰ PRO edition is the powerful Excel Character Manager for Pathfinder 2ᴺᴰ edition.

Check Nonat1s's video here for a quick overview of the tool (based on the older v5 edition) and/or the home page (link below) for more details.

Happy Gaming!
The Only Sheet

The Throwing Knife is defined in both the:
Lost Omens The Grand Bazaar (p.107)

and the
Extinction Curse - 01 - The Show Must Go On (p.77)

Can I safely assume that the one that actually HAS the thrown trait is the correct version of the throwing knife, or am I missing something?


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The Pathfinder 2ᴺᴰ dynamic Character Sheet TOS 2ᴺᴰ PRO edition has been updated to version 15. This Excel based manager now features content from both the Dark Archive source book (including the Psychic and the Thaumaturge classes), as well as content from the Lost Omens: Knights of Lastwall source book.

As of September 2022, the TOS 2ᴺᴰ PRO edition character manager features content from these 15x Paizo source books:


  • CORE Rulebook
  • Advanced Player’s Guide
  • Book of the Dead
  • Dark Archive
  • Guns & Gears
  • Secrets of Magic
    LOST OMENS series of books:
  • Ancestry Guide
  • Character Guide
  • Gods & Magic
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Legends
  • Knights of Lastwall
  • Pathfinder Society Guide
  • The Mwangi Expanse
  • World Guide


    A Beginner’s Guide video (based on the v5 series, which only had 5x source books at the time), demonstrate how TOS 2ᴺᴰ PRO edition is easy to use, and how it can facilitate the creation and maintenance of your Characters. The video also will also cover how you can use it dynamically during a live gaming session; You can use the Dashboard sheet which allows you to activate many effects on the fly. You will be able to focus on the game, and not on book keeping!

    The many Battle Forms spells found in the rules can be applied dynamically as well; The How to activate a Battle Form video based on v12 series) will demonstrate this time saving ability of The Sheet.

    Are you a Pathfinder Society players? If so, you are well served, as PFS is fully supported; This video (based on v7 series) examines the Society support in TOS 2ᴺᴰ PRO edition.

    TOS 2ᴺᴰ CORE edition is FREE. If you meet the requirements (modern version of Microsoft Excel on a PC), use the CORE edition to create any Pathfinder 2ᴺᴰ Core Rulebook characters. Create as many CORE PCs – or NPCs – as you need. TOS 2ᴺᴰ CORE edition can be downloaded here.

    Visit our discord channel if you have any queries regarding this Pathfinder 2ᴺᴰ dynamic Character Manager or any of The Only Sheet products.
    The invitation link is: https://discord.gg/Kvx4YkD

    For full details of this and future updates, check out the Release Notes.

    Happy Gaming!
    The Only Sheet

  • Dear Paizo,

    The Keep Pace feat is both defined in the Advanced Player’s Guide and in the Quest for the Frozen Flame - 01 - Broken Tusk Moon adventure.

    Both have different definitions, different prerequisites...

    I highly advise against doing this! Feats should be unique - and not have multiple definitions. Right?

    TOS Admin
    The Only Sheet

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    I am happy to report that content from Book of the Dead has been added to the latest build of TOS 2nd PRO edition!

    The new Skeleton ancestry is now available, as well as new archetypes from Exorcists to Zombies.

    This marks the 13th sourcebook supported by this powerful Character Manager! Check it out at The Only Sheet.com.

    For any queries, join our Discord server; https://discord.gg/Kvx4YkD or ask on our community forum.

    Happy Gaming!

    TOS Admin
    The Only Sheet.com

    Query: While looking at Orcus & Set from Book of the dead, I noticed their entries do not have a "Divine Ability... Is this an error or are these the first deities to completely ignore/not use Divine Abilities!?


    TOS Admin

    Is it permitted to re-create maps of location in Golarion, using my personal graphics assets, and then sharing these on the Web for free?

    For example: Can I recreate the town of Sandpoint and post the image file on the web or on forums, free of charges? How about a Dungeon from the Rise of the Runelords AP?

    Please enlightenment me if this is legal of not. Thanks!!

    TOS admin

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    TOS CORE, the free character manager for both 3.5/PF1e has been updated.

    Paizo Product page: https://paizo.com/products/btpy93d5

    This major update brings a complete overhaul of the Customize sheet, which is now using a similar layout to the other Managers! Highlights are used to let you know which sections need your input, so you can focus on these as you build your Characters - and ignore the rest.

    As always, report any issues on the Community Forum - there might be some hiccups, as MANY aspects have been touched upon for this improved version.

    Have a question?
    Ask either on our Community Forum or on our Discord server (invitation link: https://discord.gg/Kvx4YkD)


    The Only Sheet

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    TOS CORE, the free character manager for both 3.5/PF1e has been updated.

    Paizo Product page: https://paizo.com/products/btpy93d5

    This major update brings a complete overhaul of the Customize sheet, which is now using a similar layout to the other Managers! Highlights are used to let you know which sections need your input, so you can focus on these as you build your Characters - and ignore the rest.

    As always, report any issues on the Community Forum - there might be some hiccups, as MANY aspects have been touched upon for this improved version.

    Have a question?
    Ask either on our Community Forum or on our Discord server (invitation link: https://discord.gg/Kvx4YkD)


    The Only Sheet

    If I have Raging intimidation and that grants the Intimidating Glare feat for FREE, what happens if my Background (Warrior) is already gifting me with the Intimidating Glare feat?

    Can I get a replacement feat, of it is just granted TWICE and ignored the 2nd time?

    What is the official Ruling on such a situation?

    Thanks for the clarification!!

    The Only Sheet

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    Regarding the wording of the Automation Lore:

    Enhancement: Your gain greater understanding. Increase your proficiency rank in either Arcana or Crafting, as well as Automaton Lore, to expert. If you were already an expert in the chosen skill, increase your rank to master instead.

    Does the last phrase (in bold) also applies to the Automation Lore skill if it is already Expert rank?

    Thanks for the clarification!

    The Only Sheet


    TOS 2ᴺᴰ PRO edition, the powerful dynamic character manager for PF2e, has been updated to version 11.

    It features content from a 11ᵗʰ book:
    Lost Omens: The Grand Bazaar (PF2e)

    This new edition includes the new Poppet ancestry, as well as three new Archetypes (Captivator, Spell Trickster and Wrestler) and an impressive amount of new items and gear.

    Here are a few ways to learn more about this powerful character manager:
    • Beginner's Guide video: https://bit.ly/2G6Fm0h
    • Try the FREE TOS 2ᴺᴰ CORE edition: https://bit.ly/3jrxQxH
    • Ask on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/Kvx4YkD

    Happy Gaming!

    The Only Sheet

    I am happy to announce that TOS 2nd CORE edition for the Pathfinder 2e system is now FREE for all PC Excel users!!

    You can grab it here.

    Check the Beginner's Guide video (based on the PRO edition) for more information on how to use The CORE edition.

    Join us on Discord here.
    Happy Gaming!

    The Only Sheet


    TOS 2nd PRO edition version 8 series released!

    This major updates adds support for the Lost Omens: Ancestry Guide book, which makes this the 8th book supported by this powerful Character Manager.

    From the Android to the Strix, TOS 2nd PRO edition has your covered.

    The Only Sheet

    I've not found such a thread, so here it is (sorry if this is already someplace else on the forums)

    On page 139;
    It gives the Wish Knife as doing 1d4 P.
    In the Weapon traits, it add: versatile P

    TOS Admin

    As a 3rd party publisher, I've had an idea... but don't have the time nor resource to allocate for it. A quick search did not find any, so I am assuming this does not exists at this point.

    So I'm sharing this idea here in the hopes that another 3rd party publisher wishes to RUN with it! (All I ask if that you credit TheOnlySheet.com for the idea AND send me a free copy!! If you do, I'll gift you with an Ad for your product in my next Newsletter!!)

    I have the hardcover Core Rulebook for PF2 (the first printing). What would be VERY VERY useful, is if I could UPDATE it with the Erratas that came out. It would really be COOL if I could get little stickers to place all over the book, near the rules that needs to be 'errataed'!! They woul dhave to 'fit' where they need to fit (either by overwriting an existing rule, of expanding on it - I presume that some stickers would NOT be square, but have a shape made to fit!

    Obviously, these stickers would have the corrected rules on them and be in a similar text size as the CRB...! (with a different font from Paizo to avoid copyrights issue and use good glue that won't dry out after a couple of months!)

    AND in time, you could cover OTHER rulebooks... :)

    Sounds like something your Company could handle?
    Have Fun and please send me a copy! HEHHE

    TOS Admin
    P.S. If this is something YOU would be interested in, let your voice be heard below to show interest for this!! Perhaps a 3rd party publisher will take on this idea!


    After adding support for Pathfinder Society Characters in the previous version (see video), TOS 2nd PRO edition has received yet another powerful update.

    The Battle Forms of many 'Polymorph' spells have been integrated!

    This works with any of the Polymorph spells listed below. After selecting your Form, the Dashboard will automatically be updated with the statistics of your NEW form. This includes all aspects, from the Armor class, speeds, temporary HPs, Weapon load-outs etc...

    For more information about TOS 2nd PRO edition, check out the Beginner's Guide video or the Website

    The Only Sheet

    Polymorph Battle Forms supported:

    • • Aerial Form
    • • Animal Form
    • • Avatar
    • • Dinosaur Form
    • • Dragon Form
    • • Elemental Form
    • • Insect Form
    • • Monstrosity Form
    • • Nature Incarnate
    • • Pest Form
    • • Plant Form
    • • Primal Herd
    • • Righteous Might

    It has been reported elsewhere that the format of the Spider entry for Insect Form is not the same as the other entries with the Speeds listed in the Melee section...

    BUT it has not been reported (as far as I can search) that the WEB attack should be using DEXTERITY for the attack, and not the STRENGHT, as the spell suggests for the other attacks.

    Specifically, this phrase:

    These attacks are Strength based (for the purpose of the enfeebled condition). If your unarmed attack modifier is higher, you can use it instead.

    Perhaps this is an oversight!?

    On a second note, the WEB attack of a Medium Spider is listed as 20ft...
    The rules do not specify if the Web attack increases in distance as the Spider Form grows to Large, or Huge...!

    The Only Sheet


    I am happy to report that the powerful character manager TOS 2nd PRO edition v.7 now supports Pathfinder 2e Society Characters!

    The Tool features a sheet dedicated to tracking your Society information, School and school items, Reputation for each Factions and the Boons you may apply to your Character. Boons with limited use can be tracked as well and boons with permanent effects see their effects applied to the Character.

    A Tutorial video has been released to demonstrate the use of this new Society sheet, which can be used either Dynamically (the Level Bump updated on the fly in the video is an example of Dynamic use) or printed to PDF/Paper.

    You can also check the Beginner's Tutorial video for a small demonstration of TOS 2nd PRO edition.

    Happy Gaming!
    The Only Sheet

    P.S. Does anyone knows how a link to this new tool can be added to the list of Digital offering on the Pathfinder Society page?

    If my PFS spell caster character received a Level Bump, he gains multiple bonuses, one of which is "spell damage': So if I use a spell that does 1d6 fire damage, this would become 1d6+1 fire damage. So far so good.

    What happens if a spell has multiple sources of damage, with different types? How is the level bump spell damage applied in this case?

    EXAMPLE: Look at the Chilling Darkness Spell 3: It deals 5d6 cold dmg, plus another 5d6 evil damage if the target is a celestial (assume that IS the case here) - How is this handled in regards to the +1 dmg granted by the level bump?

    Is the damage 5d6+1 cold plus 5d6+1 evil?
    Or just 5d6+1 cold plus 5d6 evil damage?
    Or 5d6 cold plus 5d6+1 evil damage?

    While this is but one example, there are other spells that incur two types of damage... (like Tempest Touch)
    I would like to know the official ruling on the Level Bumps's bonus to spell damage!


    The Only Sheet

    SITUATION: A PC failed a WILL save to be panicked. His companion casts Owl's Wisdom on this PC right away.

    QUERY: Does the PC gets to roll a NEW WILL Save to avoid the Panic condition (as his Wisdom bonus changed )?

    Thanks for clearing this up!



    Critical Success: The target takes 6d6 bludgeoning damage and is knocked back 10 feet.

    Success: The target takes 3d6 bludgeoning damage and is knocked back 5 feet.
    Heightened (+1): The damage increases by 2d6.

    How exactly is the Heightened Hydraulic Push works when you roll a critical success?


    I am trying to understand how the Burn It! Goblin feat works.

    Your spells and alchemical items that deal fire damage gain a status bonus to damage equal to half the spell's level or one-quarter the item's level (minimum 1). You also gain a +1 status bonus to any persistent fire damage you deal.

    Would it be accurate to rephrase this to:

    Anytime you deal fire damage through a Spell or Item, gain a status bonus to damage equal to half the spell's level or one-quarter the item's level (minimum 1). You also gain a +1 status bonus to any persistent fire damage you deal.

    Basically, I am trying to ascertain if a PC that receives/purchasses an Alchemical Fire (i.e. he did not make it himself), would gain the fire bonus of this feat

    Thanks for clarifying this!



    I am happy to announce that FULL support for Pathfinder Society Characters, season 1&2 rules has been added in TOS 2nd PRO edition v7.

    Featuring content from the Pathfinder Society Guide, version 7 (meaning it features content from 7 source books) allows users to create a standard character OR one for Pathfinder Society play.

    Boons and limited boons can easily be added to deserving agents, and the high level of automation means players can focus on playing! Level bumps are automated, allowing you to focus on the fun, not on the computations aspects.

    School selection with free consumable, reputation tracking for each faction is all there to properly setup your Character.

    TOS 2nd PRO edition v7 is arguably the most powerful Tool ever made available to Pathfinder Society players!

    Check out the Beginner's Guide video produced by the Youtuber Nonat1s (this was for version 6, but still applicable for character creation!)

    Happy Gaming!
    The Only Sheet


    I am adding compatibility to Pathfinder Society 2e into my electronic product (TOS 2nd PRO edition)

    I see that characters can buy Boons, but also gain Boons from playing scenarios, making it possible that a higher level PC has A LOT of Boons!

    My question is:
    In the new rules of PFS2e, is there a LIMIT to the number of Boons a player can access for his character during a PFS gaming session?

    OR does his Character have access to ALL the boons the Character currently gained in all its previous sessions (even if that is 20, 30+ boons possible)?

    Thanks for the help!!

    TOS Admin
    The Only Sheet


    The excellent Youtuber Nonat1s has created a Beginner's Guide video for TOS 2nd PRO edition, showing off how to use the most powerful tool for Pathfinder 2e available to players and game masters.

    Check it out HERE!

    The Only Sheet

    The Ring of Stoneshifting (Extinction Curse - Life's Long Shadows) is tagged as "light" for the bulk... That is the first ring I see that has light bulk.

    This sounds like a typo, right?!

    Also: Where is the best place to report such (suspected) errors in adventure path books/modules so that Paizo can be made aware of these?


    The Only Sheet



    Your soul is warded against the power of undeath and plague, as well as that of the evil former psychopomps known as sahkils. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to saving throws against death effects, disease, and all effects from undead or sahkils. This bonus increases to +2 against an undead or sahkil’s death effect or disease.

    I can't see the difference between the conditions that grants the +1 bonus, and the condition that grants the +2 bonus...!!

    What am I missing?
    THANKS for clarifying!!

    The Only Sheet

    I ran the Black Magga encounter in my last game session and it was quite fun! The PCs were able to drive the creature back to the Claybottom Lake!

    But this would mean that the creature now lives in the Claybottom lake...

    Having such a creature in that lake would be quite a dangerous for the fishermen of TurtleBack ferry...!

    No followup about this is provided in the Adventure Path... and I am quite sure my smart players will have this on their minds...

    Any ideas on how I should handle this?
    Your input is welcomed!!



    In my next gaming session, a Manor will be set on fire in a big city (Magnimar to be precise). I am wondering:

    HOW would a big city such as this combat fires?
    Is there any information on such anywhere?
    Do they use horse-drawn wagons with water tanks and manual pumps?

    Or do they have a more 'fantasy way' of taking out fires in cities?

    THANK you for sharing your knowledge and ideas on this!

    The Only Sheet
    3rd Party Publisher

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    TOS 2nd PRO edition is a very powerful PF2 Character Manager.

    Unlike the CORE edition which features content from one book, the PRO edition features content from four books:

    * Core Rulebook
    * Lost Omens: Character Guide
    * Lost Omens: Gods and Magic
    * Lost Omens: World Guide

    Check the Home Page for all the details.
    Happy Gaming!


    P.S. If you prefer the CORE edition, it is available right HERE on the Paizo store!

    Page 111 of LO:CG



    Price 200 gp
    Usage worn belt pouch; Bulk L
    This unobtrusive belt pouch is popular among Pathfinders who operate in places where the Society is not welcome. It is constantly under the effects of a 3rd-level magic aura spell to appear non-magical. The pouch’s normal space holds as much as an ordinary belt pouch, but it also has a small extradimensional space that holds up to 1 Bulk of items. A creature actively inspecting the pouch in its ordinary state discovers the existence of the extradimensional space only on a critical success to Search the pouch (see the Concealing an Item action of the Stealth skill), though when the extradimensional space is active, it’s obvious to anyone examining the pouch that it is more than it seems. Activate [one-action] Interact; Effect You switch the pouch to allow access to its extradimensional space instead of its normal space, or vice versa. This lasts until you next activate it. Items in the other space are inaccessible and hard to find until you switch the pouch back.

    Is the CONSUMABLE tag an error?

    How is a pouch consumable!?

    Thanks for the clarifications!

    The Only Sheet

    In the Character Guide, we have (on page 58):



    Your have honed your claws to be deadly. Your claw attack deals 1d6
    slashing damage instead of 1d4 and gains the versatile (piercing) trait.

    Ok so this establishes that we add "Versatile (piercing)" to the trait(s) list of the Claw...

    But WHAT exactly ARE the starting traits of a claw attack anyways (IF any)?

    Is this defined/specified anywhere in the rules?

    I would think it has the Unarmed trait at least... but where is the ruling on this?

    All the Monsters I saw in the Bestiary lists Claws with the Agile trait...

    Thanks for clearing this up!!

    The Only Sheet



    Your Hellknight training teaches you to terrorize others into compliance, but you also study the structure and hierarchy of Hell. You must survive painful tests of your body and mind called reckonings, which steady your mind against all sorts of trauma. You gain resistance to mental damage equal to 1 + your number of class feats from the Hellknight Armiger archetype and other Hellknight archetypes.

    Does this mental resistance also needs to count the Hellknight Armiger Dedication feat itself?

    I.e. 1 + 1 (for Hellknight Armiger Dedication) + x for the other Hellknight feats?

    OR is that initial 1 actually accounts for it?!?

    THANKS for the clarification!!

    The Only Sheet

    I am unsure if this post goes in this section... but anyways.

    In the Fires of the Haunted City adventure path (PZO90148) on page 63, it says:


    Toil Domain

    The toil domain is an alternate domain (described fully
    in Lost Omens Gods and Magic) and can be selected
    using the Expanded Domain Initiate feat from that book

    I am not finding anything more about the Toil domain in Gods & Magic, if only this note:

    † Pathfinder Adventure Path #148 at the upper right in the APPENDIX, tagged to the "Toil" domain entry (Mammon Archdevil for instance)

    What am I missing here!? Why do they say that in the AP, since it already lists all the details for that domain!?

    Thanks for the clarification!
    The Only Sheet


    Energy Attacks

    Energy attacks deal half damage to most objects. Divide the damage by 2 before applying the object’s hardness. Some energy types might be particularly effective against certain objects, subject to GM discretion. For example, fire might do full damage against parchment, cloth, and other objects that burn easily. Sonic might do full damage against glass and crystal objects


    If a Caster sends a Fireball in a room, where a BOOK is laid out on a wooden table, the table & book would take the fireball damage (probably 100% of it and not even half).

    In any case, what happens if the Fireball is converted into a "cold" ball (ie. dealing cold damage)

    Or if you send a SONIC attack which happens to hit the tablke + book?

    Can a table or a book even be damaged by a Sonic attack?

    Was there any clarifications on this Energy Attack vs Objs rule?

    THANKS for your help!

    The Only Sheet

    I am not seeing the Areas of Concern for the goods/entities located in the Appendix of the Gods & Magic book...

    Are these elsewhere?
    Have they been omitted?
    Are these entities/gods not concerned by anything? (heheh)

    THANKS for the clarification!

    The Only Sheet

    I am trying to figure out a few things:

    Regarding the Foxglove Townhouse:
    #1: If the PC are able to grab the Townhouse for themselves, HOW MUCH TAX would they need to pay per month?
    #2: If they decide to sell it, HOW MUCH could they get for it?

    Regarding the Foxglove Manor:
    #3: How much would it cost to repair the whole building and how long would that take?
    #4: If they wish to sell the Manor, HOW MUCH would they get for it UN-Repaired?
    #5: If they DO repair it, how much would they be able to sell it for?

    As I understand it, the Manor also comes with some Land surrounding it...

    THANKS for the help!
    The Only Sheet


    I updated the TOS FIVE Demo to version 1.20.2, in response to changes made by Microsoft in their Formula Language!

    You can grab this free DEMO version in the Download section of my website.

    Happy Gaming!
    The Only Sheet

    As the titles says... !

    As a 3rd party publisher for the second edition of Pathfinder, I would like to inquire if it is (will be) possible to get a pre-release version of the Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide, in the same manner as we received the 2nd edition rules 3 months before release?

    Is there a link already up for 3pp to apply for access?

    I am looking to support this new APG for TOS 2nd CORE edition!

    Thanks you for your time and happy new year!

    The Only Sheet


    AVENGE IN GLORY [reaction] FEAT 1

    Access mountain dwarf ethnicity
    Frequency once per day
    Trigger An ally within 30 feet gains the dying condition.
    You honor your ally’s life, gaining temporary Hit Points equal to your level for 1
    minute. As long as you have these temporary Hit Points, you gain a +1 circumstance
    bonus to attack and damage rolls.

    Is the Dwarf required to have ALL of the Temporary Hit Point to gain the bonus to attack & damage?

    For example, if he had 2 Temp HPs and loses 1, does he lose the bonus?

    THANKS for clarifying!

    The Only Sheet

    While building the level 5 Amiri in TOS 2nd CORE edition, I get +8 to survival, but the level 5 PDF from PF2E Iconics Pregenerated Characters bundle claims +7.

    So for Survival:
    Trained: +2
    Level: +5
    Coyote Cloak: +1

    For a total of +8.

    Funny enough, the PDF says:

    Coyote Cloak: This dusty cloak grants a +1 item bonus to Survival checks (factored in). If you critically succeed at your Survival check to Subsist, you can feed twice as many additional creatures.

    So I submit to you that it is NOT factored, irrelevant of that claim!

    Am I mistaking?

    Also the BULK I get in TOS 2nd is 6.8, while the PDF says 7.8 ... (yes, the Large bastard sword has a bulk of 2 in TOS 2nd!)

    The Only Sheet

    I am creating the level 1 Amiri character from the Community Use Package: PF2E Iconics Pregenerated Characters bundle in TOS 2nd CORE edition Character Manager.

    At level 1, Amiri should have these skills as trained:

    Athletics (from the Barbarian Class)
    Survival & Tanning Lore (from the hunter Background)
    3x more skills (from the Barbarian Class)

    As is, the Amiri level 1 PDF is showing these skills as Trained:

    Acrobatics (class bonus)
    Athletics (from class)
    Intimidation (class bonus)
    Tanning Lore (from background)
    Survival (from background)

    So only TWO of the 3 bonus skills are present... thus missing ONE!!

    If I am not mistaken, then this should be Errata'ed !

    The Only Sheet

    Please confirm:

    I created the level 5 Ezren from the Community Use Package: PF2E Iconics Pregenerated Characters bundle in TOS 2nd CORE edition Character Manager.

    TOS 2nd lists the attack at +8 for Ezren's +1 Striking Staff, as opposed to +7 in the PDF.

    I suppose that is an error in the PDF, as the attack bonus would be:

    Trained: +2
    Level: +5
    +1 Weapon Potency rune: +1

    For a total of +8 to attacks.

    Am I mistaken? Did I miss something?


    The Only Sheet


    I am working to create the level 5 Ezren character from the Community Use Package: PF2E Iconics Pregenerated Characters bundle in TOS 2nd CORE edition Character Manager.

    In the level 5 Ezren PDF, 3 skills are tagged as Expert: Arcana, Diplomacy and Society.

    According to the Core Rulebook:


    Skill Increases 3rd

    At 3rd level and every 2 levels thereafter, you gain a skill increase. You can use this increase either to increase your proficiency rank to trained in one skill you’re untrained in, or to increase your proficiency rank in one skill in which you’re already trained to expert.

    So a level 5 Wizard should have a skill increase at level 3 and one at level 5 - thus TWO Skills could be upgraded from Trained to Expert.

    So, why does level 5 Ezren has 3?
    What is the source of the third skill increase? (i.e. where is it from?)

    THANKS for clearing this up!

    The Only Sheet

    While working to create the level 5 Ezren character from the Community Use Package: PF2E Iconics Pregenerated Characters bundle in TOS 2nd CORE edition, I can't locate the 6th class feat they are using...?!

    These are the feats I see listed in the PDF, applied in TOS 2nd:

    ANCESTRY: Feats Feats
    Cooperative Nature
    Natural Skill
    Natural Ambition

    GENERAL: Feats
    Ancestral Paragon

    SKILL: Feats
    Assurance: Arcana
    Courtly Graces

    CLASS: Feats
    Reach Spell, Wizard
    Widen Spell, Wizard
    Bespell Weapon, Wizard
    Cantrip Expansion, Wizard
    Hand of the Apprentice

    TOS 2nd tells me there should be Six class feats... so what is Ezren's sixth feat? I am not seeing it :(

    I doubled check the math used to count the number of Class Feats and it gives me this:

    Level 4: +2
    Universalist school: +1
    Natural Ambition: +1
    Metamagical Experimentation: +1
    4th level Metamagical Experimentation: +1

    THANKS for the help/Clarifications!!

    The Only Sheet

    While TABLE 11–4: MATERIAL HARDNESS, HIT POINTS, AND BROKEN THRESHOLD on page 577 gives a general rules on the Hardness, Hit Points and Broken Threshold of materials, only the WHIP, the CLUB and the SWORD weapons are actually listed on that table.

    1- Is there a more specific place where one can find the exact H/HP/BT of all weapons? Or are we supposed to eyeball it for all items? (each one individually with his/her own opinion on this topic)

    2- Do Magical weapons have the same H/HP/BT as their non-magical versions?

    Can someone clarify?

    The only Sheet

    Where exactly can I find the Hardness, Hit Points and Broken Threshold for ALL the weapons in the CRB for PF2?


    The Only Sheet

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