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I thought this was a thread ranger vs rogue archers; not the validity of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party.

To the OP. I believe you will have more fun with the Ranger over the rogue. Rogue has a hard time hitting and with ranged attacks a hard time getting sneak attacks. Ranger will be getting more attacks at a better bonus.

Ranger has a lot of skill points for near the versatility of the rogue.

Isn't there a magic weapon enhancement that does that?

It was mentioned above, but I want to reiterate: Druid with Monkey Domain. get extra skill points via human and intelligence. I believe there is also a human only feat that gives you another skill point (in addition to the HP for favored class). ranged ledgerdomain, bonus to sneaky stuff, familiar to aid another. its good stuff.

There is always the ring of spell storing (greater), but Wow! is it expensive. 200,000 GP. makes a nice reward for the PC's to fight over at the end of the fight.

I played a knife fighter. it was fun. As he went up in level the d4 damage became irrelevant. Straight class fighters really dish out the damage.

Dex to damage would be nice since the 2 weapon fighting feats are dex intensive.

Probably built that way to make tracking loot easier. Hard enough to track consumables; but having to track not only the Spell Name, but the CL and DC?!

So much easier to be able to assume that barring any expensive material components all scrolls of a given level cost the same.

My personal favorites:
Plane Shift/Gate
Moment of prescience
Silent/Minor/Major Image
True Seeing
Direct Damage Spell/Shadow Evocation/Greater/Disintegrate
Save or Die/Lose/Suck
Mind Blank/non-detection
Overland Flight (already on your list)
Polymorph any Object/or other polymorph
Legend Lore/Vision

Honorable Mentions:
Summon Monster #
False Life/Greater
Wall of force/fire/stone

You have some tough choices ahead. Hard to pick just 14. I would love to know what you decide to go with.

#1 - Perception. It is the gift that keeps giving. couple that with almost all high HD animals have skill focus perception.

All the ones that Gauss mentioned + diplomacy.

In my home campaign Disable Device and Use Magic Device get some very high targets. YMMV

Scrolls are great for utility spells:
protection from alignment
water breathing
treasure stitching
lesser restoration
delay poison
Raise Dead

things like this. Combat spells almost always need either CL or save DC - neither is good for scrolls.

First off, can they get flanking bonuses?
If so, are the positions they need to be in the same but moved back a square?
-Basically. Attackers need to be on opposite sides - a line between 2 attackers must pass though opposite (non-adjacent) sides. Can be frustrating when on the corners because you can only flank from opposite corner.

Second, weapons that threaten 5 ft. around the character, also threaten squares that are diagonal in relation to the fighter, two squares diagonal from the fighter counts as 15 ft. of movement, so where does the reach fighter threaten diagonally if at all? One square away is 5 ft which is to close, and two squares in that direction is considered 15 ft. which is to far.
-check the FAQ. There is a special case when 10' reach threatens the 2nd diagonal.

Third, if I am fighting a large a large creature and I am standing adjacent to it with a reach weapon, if the square I threaten is one which he is occupying, since he takes up a 10 ft. square, but he is still adjacent to me can I attack him without moving?
-Yes. While you can't attack the enemy square that is adjacent to you you can attack on of the 'deeper' enemy squares as appropriate to your reach. Read up on the rules for reach and how cover is treated. Unlike ranged attacks there is no way to reduce the TH penalties (that I know of) for melee-reach-cover (such as having an ally between you and the target).

How does that work? do you have dry-erase labels attached to a magnet?
My GM often has several different groups of bad guys so I would need some flexibility.

Good luck. I LOVE the idea of the arcane trickster. I hate the mechanics of trying to play with one.
You end up with a BAB less than a wizard; so even flanking you aren't going to be able to hit with a melee attack.
At higher levels (when the build starts to hit it stride) it is hard to get sneak attack damage from invisibility as more and more enemies can see through it. And it is hard to get ranged sneak attack.

YMMV. I am part of a gaming group that has been playing weekly since 3.0 came out, so we tend toward 'effective' builds since we have been doing it for so long.

Between delayed actions and readied actions tracking initiative is tough job...that involves lots of erasing.

- The Party Clerk

I haven't looked recently, but I remember trying to find the most cost effective constructs for mass production.

Golems are SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive than ordinary constructs. Some people say "golem" but mean "construct". Clarify what your GM means.

The Terra-cotta constructs are cost effective, but might be a little weak for CR. search through for the durability and cost you are looking for.

Great question. There has been a little bit of informal discussion at my table.

It all hinges on whether you think when Wild Shaped with Wild armor - do you feel the armor at all?

Good luck getting an official answer...

To me Wild Armor, in essence, a glorified Bracers of Armor. It gives you an armor bonus (and potentially other mods too). I don't think it encumbers the Druid in any way (once Wild Shaped). Since there is no physical restriction one wouldn't take Armor Check penalties and would be entitled to the various Monk Class Features.

Magda Luckbender wrote:

Your first step is to decide

P.s. The best way to get the entire party stealthy is for everyone to take the teamwork feat [url=""]Stealth Synergy. This feat would allow a clumsy dwarven cleric in full plate armor to sneak with the best of them .

I talked my gaming group into taking this. It has been a lot of fun. The best part is the bigger the party the better it works. Never again will we have the ability to skulk around like we do now...I am going to miss this in every future campaign.

What's funny is that since person with the lowest modifier drives the group stealth check there will almost be a 'stealth arms race' to not be the lowest. In our party it went back and forth between the Barbarian and the Cleric cohort.

If you can get them to commit to a feat and a skill point each level you will have a blast (some people may want to grab a trait to get it as a class skill).

Ciaran Barnes wrote:
The Bald Man wrote:

They meet the casting requirements of the spell. Valid target, range, etc.

Make Whole references the mending spell which states: All of the pieces of an object must be present for this spell to function. So you could make a case that because page(s) were specifically removed the spell doesn't work.

I see 3 results - GM's call:
1) Spell fails because a piece is missing. Too strict for my personal liking - devalues the spell.
2) Spell works and the diary is fully restored to its original glory including all text, even on missing pages. Probably too generous especially if it is a plot hook.
3) The present parts of the diary are restored to pristine condition. The cover is clean and free from defects, it looks new, not 800 years old. Any pages that were smudged from water damage and the like are restored and the print as fresh as the day it was penned. BUT missing pages are still missing (or are present, but blank).

Bottom line is GM call. I like option 3.

Option 2 might be viable if preceded by a potent divination spell.

Yes! That would totally work in my game.

They meet the casting requirements of the spell. Valid target, range, etc.

Make Whole references the mending spell which states: All of the pieces of an object must be present for this spell to function. So you could make a case that because page(s) were specifically removed the spell doesn't work.

I see 3 results - GM's call:
1) Spell fails because a piece is missing. Too strict for my personal liking - devalues the spell.
2) Spell works and the diary is fully restored to its original glory including all text, even on missing pages. Probably too generous especially if it is a plot hook.
3) The present parts of the diary are restored to pristine condition. The cover is clean and free from defects, it looks new, not 800 years old. Any pages that were smudged from water damage and the like are restored and the print as fresh as the day it was penned. BUT missing pages are still missing (or are present, but blank).

Bottom line is GM call. I like option 3.

Ruske Bell wrote:
The winning condition is "You must wish the opponent dead" correct? How rule literal is this world you're in? I don't know you're gm, but thinking outside the box all you might have to do is say "I wish he was dead." Not cast it, just say it. I highly doubt it would be that easy though.

Not that easy...but if the opponent were already dead...and somehow I were out of 9 level spells...I might be able to get away with it.

Adept_Woodwright wrote:
Does the opponent actually need to be dead in order for the Wish to stick?

No, but they don't get a save if dead. It would be a will save, so while reliable in the the long run, I might not survive his initiative.

prismaticsoul wrote:
Assuming you get to go first, I think the best way to shut down a caster would be to Wish a small stone with Silence cast on it into their stomach.

As mentioned by Adept_Woodwrigh that isn't going to work due to the 'rules of magic'.

Adept_Woodwright wrote:

Hit the vicinity of the caster with Persistent Mage's Disjunction. (2 slots). This will take down Prismatic Sphere, which at worst is 20 ft from caster center (Mage's Disjunction has 40 ft radius) and will continue effecting spells inside. (After all, it will hose anything inside if it manages to take down Antimagic Field, and Prismatic Sphere is no Antimagic Field) Use Quickened Wish to Wish him dead when your opponent has no defense against it.

This seems like the opening salvo of choice.

mplindustries wrote:

I would not require one to roll SR, but in the case of a creature immune to spells that were subject to SR, that would include immunity to the Dimensional Anchor effect.

So, the Golem would be affected as if by Dimensional Anchor, but it would be immune to it.

Are Golems immune to the extra damage from a flaming weapon or Bane Weapon? I would say no.

Also, with that magic immunity you are going to have a hard time teleporting one anyway.

SiuoL wrote:
The logic behind this is because spell is so powerful doesn't require to hit. So it's much easier to land a spell. That's what spell resistance for. As for weapon, because it requires a hit and there are many ways to avoid a hit, for spell resistance doesn't work for weapon.

I think this is an excellent point that is hard to convey.

While Dimensional Anchor (DA) does require a touch attack I get your point. There are 2 defenses to DA cast as spell: Touch Armor Class and Spell resistance. Touch AC is very easy to overcome.

With the weapon you have to overcome normal AC. Much harder. I think there is a parity there.

Continue to believe that no SR applies.

Adept_Woodwright wrote:

A lot of my strategy hangs on the question of whether Dueling Counter is a thing or not.

Can you ask your GM if that will be a thing, possibly linking to this page for a description of what it is?

Spell Duels

If it is a thing, then you can completely shut your opponent down, no matter what he does, with counterspelling -- barring forgoing magic and smacking you in the face -- but this is a *spell duel*.

It is not a thing.

Adept_Woodwright wrote:
Can you counterspell in the buffing round?

No. Can't interfere during spell-up period.

Adept_Woodwright wrote:

Walking in, I am holding a staff of the master (school unimportant).

My first spell to cast in the buffing minute is Mindblank - quickened using charges from Staff of the Master (6 charges remain). I then use a Time Stop scroll (scroll so I don't use up a 9th level spell slot).

Scroll use is legit. Mindblank defeats arcane sight and the like. Timestop prevents spellcraft of the spells while they are cast. In lieu of, or in addition to we were considering Prismatic sphere. Among other things it will stop the spellcraft-during-casting also. Also gives you a safe haven - at least briefly.

Adept_Woodwright wrote:

I complete a number of critical buffs that you don't want your opponent knowing about (In order of precedence for me: Aroden's Spellbane (scroll), Greater Arcane Sight (to see his active item effects if he hasn't already gotten Mindblank up), Greater Spell Immunity (scroll) Spell Resistance, Bestow Grace (scroll), etc) while unobservable in Time Stop, Liberal use of Staff of Master + your capstone + (possibly quick draw and an efficient quiver (Edit - Quick Draw not necessary - your not moving around while this tactic is in effect).

Borrowed Time + Lesser Ring of Inner Fortitude is great if you have an immediate action to use (like Dueling Counter!)

Make sure you ask for Spellcraft rolls for each and every spell you can see your opponent cast.

Have your familiar sharing your longer duration buffs via Improved Share Spells.



Great ideas. I'm not sure the GM will let Spellbane fly as a spell that exists in the world.

notty235 wrote:

This is what this character needs but I want some more stuff.

1. Able to handle characters that can fly
2. Able to handle lvl 5 caster with save or die spell
3. Have more than 65 HP

Does anyone have some advice or build. Thanks.

1. Ranged attacks

2. Good Saves
3. Toughness, Favored Class bonus, Constitution

My suggestion is a Dwarf
-Bonus to Con and Wisdom -> +1 to will and fort saves, what is what save or suck spells target
-Also get a +2 bonus to saves vs. spells and spell-like abilities.
-I think they even get access to a feat the adds another +2 to teh racial ability.
-The +2 to con gets you 5 points closer to your magic 65 HP.

My suggested class is:
Monk - Zen Archer
-Monks get great saves.
-Zen Archer can use Wisdom instead of dex for attack rolls.
-With d8 HD you will have to work to get 65 HP. Assuming average rolls, favored class going to HP, and the toughness feat you still need a 16 con (after the +2 racial bonus). Without toughness...ehhh...18 con...hard to do even with the racial bonus.

Alternate classes:
Ranger or Fighter.
-With d10 HP they don't need toughness to hit 65 HP.
-5th level cap works against martial classes because they are so close to their 2nd attack and probably favors the prepared casters who have their 3rd level spells. That said Fighters get weapon training which is nice. Rangers get a couple of spells and their 2nd favored enemy. If you know the race of your opponent having a +4 TH and damage is AWESOME!.
-both have weak will save, so might be worth trading that Toughness feat you didn't have to take for Iron Will.

I don't think wishing the lava would work. GM would probably invoke the conjuration rules that require the material be summoned on something capable of supporting it.

Looking at the Teleport Object I see 2 flaws. 1 is that it teleports objects away from you. And second, at caster level 21 it is only about 7 cubic-feet of lava = 2' cube.

And, of course, as 20th level Gold Draconic Sorcerer is IMMUNE to fire.

Amrel wrote:

The text states that you are "affected as though by the dimensional anchor spell for 1 round."

If someone casts a spell on you and you make a save, then the spell doesn't affect you (or at least not fully). If someone casts a spell on you and your SR kicks in and the spell does not beat it, then the spell doesn't affect you. Since the text says you are affected, it seems as though the wording has already bypassed the saving throw and the SR.

If the rules instead stated that you are "affected as though the spell dimensional anchor had been cast upon you for 1 round" then I could see an argument for a player getting SR and a save.


Riuken wrote:

Rules forum says: the spell works as normal, the shadow rolls a will save, and the shadow taking half again less damage from the spell due to being incorporeal (if the spell deals damage). Note that the shadow is not immune to the spell, since illusion (shadow) is not listed within undead immunities.

IMO: ignore the shadow's incorporeal state as it interacts with that spell. If you want to remove the "quasi-real" from the spell, thereby eliminating the will save, you should replace it with a reflex save for half.


You asked this on the rules per the rules. There is no rule the discusses that particular interaction.

In my home game the monster and the spell would be made of the same stuff so there would be no will save or incorporeality because they are in 'phase'.

Cap. Darling wrote:

I don't want to be a "conjurer". Between the different Wizard Schools there's only 3 really good ones: Teleportation, Foresight, and Admixture.

I decided to go with the Teleportation school due to the swift action "Shift" and standard action "Dimensional Steps". Since most of the time I won't be able to Quicken a spell I'll be free to use "Shift" and it can help get out of grapples or full-attack range easily. Also helps to move into range, cast a spell, and "Shift" behind a wall to avoid be targeted.

I agree - those are the the 3 best.

Since you are taking the teleportation school I suggest the feat: Dimensional Agility so you can act after you slide.

Cap. Darling wrote:
I have Potent Magic which already puts me on the same playing field as someone with Spell Focus and Greater Spell Focus. Albeit it doesn't let me qualify for Spell Specialization or Varisian Tattoo, but I'm not "worse" than any caster with just those two feats.

Spell Specialization doesn't help most "save or suck" spells as the caster level isn't much of a factor so you aren't missing anything there.

Cap. Darling wrote:
If I went the alternative route instead of a Familiar I could take the Bloodline exploit and I've already read it. It does grant me access to an Arcane Bond and I can cast only a 1st level Sorcerer spell but if I spend 1 Arcane Point I can cast a spell of any level known. 1 Arcane Point for a 5th or 6th level spell? I'll gladly take that.

I would too.

Sorry I haven't been on for a while.

A Lot of good advise.

There were a lot of questions bout the duel rules:
1. No pre-existing spells including 'hanging spells' like contingency and clone. Simulacrum was deemed to fit into that category.
2. 1 minute prior to cast any non-attack spell. Summons are fine, but they can't attack until the spell up period is over. Can't move from your square.
3. Duel proper starts in a cleared area either 1,000' radius or 1,000' diameter (I don't remember which but probably sufficiently large that it doesn't matter which).
4. Duel Ends when the loser is wished dead by the victor.

The duel is adjudicated by the Goddess of Magic. So cheating is...perilous.

Turns out I was wrong...the opponent (current Sorcerer-King) is Draconic (Gold) Bloodline. Someone mentioned using knowledge History, various divinations, and other means to do some leg work and that really paid off. Knowing that he is immune to fire is good to know. His previous tactics involved casting gate to get powerful outsiders on his side (Aeons). Unfortunately, harder to know what lower level spells may have changed since he has the resources of the country to pull on (in our campaign you can Wish (or Limited Wish for low level) a spell known swap.

With Spell Turning and similar abilities single target spells become very dangerous; then with Rod of Absorption.

FrodoOf9Fingers wrote:

I think one of the biggest defensive things you can do is to become untargetable.

Magic, CRB wrote:
You must have a clear line of effect to any target that you cast a spell on or to any space in which you wish to create an effect. You must have a clear line of effect to the point of origin of any spell you cast.
So, you may use a stone wall to prevent the other caster from targeting you.

That cuts both ways.

no way around the duel. Our sorcerer is challenging the sorcerer king of a country. this is how leadership changes hands. You win they duel when you successfully wish your opponent dead...which is much easier when they are already dead. Both sorcerers start without any spells active. Magic items of all sorts are allowed. [Adept_Woodwright I don't know if this matches the rules in Ulitmate Magic]

With the various buffs it seems unlikely that a single round is going to end the fight. In our campaign Casters expecting trouble often have Moment of Prescience up - ensuring they make their first serious save. Contingency is also likely to prolong the battle somewhat.

I like the idea to wish yourself "first in initiative"
Clone, Mindblank with Improved Invisibility, feeblemind (sure to use their MoP) are all good ideas.

Avoron wrote:

Here's a potential plan:

1. Boost initiative in as many ways as possible, to ensure going first.
2. Cast Time Stop with a metamagic rod of maximize spell.
3. Use some spell or another to surround your opponent in a 5' radius nonmagical hemisphere of stone.
4. Use some spell or another to fill that hemisphere with nonmagical lava.
5. Cast Mage's Magnificent Enclosure with a metamagic rod of reach spell, centered on the sphere. (If that spell is not available to you, stand by the sphere and ready an action to cast Antimagic Field as soon as Time Stop ends.)
6. Once Time Stop ends, wait for your opponent to die from the 20d6 damage/round.
7. (optional) Resurrect your opponent if they weren't supposed to actually die.

1. boost initiative: Not much comes to mind here, but there is probably something that can be done.

2. Time Stop: Can do
3. non-magical containment: Wall of stone does that - right? Can do.
4. create non-magical lava: I don't know any spells that do that.
5. Antimagic field: can do

The sticking point is creating the lava that won't wink out of existence as soon as the anti-magic field in created.

If you were a 20th Level Sorcerer going up against another 20th level Sorcerer in a spell duel what would you plan to do?

What notable spells would you want for buff?
What tactics would you use?
Attack Plan?
Defense Plan?
Contingency Plan?
Other Thoughts?

-A reasonable period for buffing before the duel.
-Opponent is Imperial Bloodline (immune to death and energy drain)
-You are an Arcane, Shadow, or Imperial bloodline.
-Both sorcerers must have Wish as a spell known.
-Opponent is over-equipped vs standard wealth by level (epic stat array, +5 inherent for each stat, etc.)

Both have valid points. next campaign with my group I plan to play a blockbuster evoker with inscribe tattoo.

Craft wondrous items is better in virtually every way.

You need an INT of 14 to have a 4th level spell slot.
Save DC = 10 + 3 (3rd level spell) + 2 (INT 14) = 15
Number Excluded = INT Modifier = 2.

I believe that if you comb through the staves listed in the book you will find some that also function as a magic quarterstaff or spear. Very little stretch to make it another weapon - especially a hafted weapon.

I have thought about a sneaky wizard before. So an arcanist isn't far off. One thing the wizard has going for it is the shared skill with the familiar. Until the ACG comes out we won't know if there is a way to get a familiar, but I see that as a key class feature.

Personally I would drop acrobatics (between dimensional slide and other spells you shouldn't need it). I like to pick up UMD with an int item (won't be UMD'ing in an anti-magic field anyway).

I am coming across this late...have you already made the character? How is it working?

This is not for PFS.

I agree and am concerned about losing caster level. Traits may be the way to go to get the class skills I want.

Looking for Trapfinding, expanded class skill list, Maybe a rogue talent and evasion from Rogue dip .
Trapfinding as a trait? What trait is that?

Supervillan: I'm looking for a creative alternative to a Rogue PC...which sets the bar pretty low for combat effectiveness. ;-) Boon companion wouldn't do much since the Monkey domain grants a familiar instead of an animal companion.
I was leaning toward a "Caster Druid" that can cover some rogue ground. Your comment though makes me think about a "Combat druid" that multi-classes to Rogue. This could bolster the Combat Druid effectiveness into the higher levels where they struggle to keep up. Thanks.

I think at least 1 level of rogue is needed to expand the class skill list and trapfinding. Once you get the first rogue level, a second level get you evasion, BAB, and rogue talent.

But on the other side straight class druid keeps caster level up...which is pretty much a necessity if you are going the summoning route.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

The monkey domain caught my eye and I started to think about the viability of a Druid-Rogue. The monkey domain gives you a monkey familiar for aid another, bonus to several rogue skills, and ranged legerdemain.

Anyone try this? Thoughts on how to make a feasible build?

Combat Reflexes (eventually get pin down - a great feat - better than step-up)

Cleave As a straight-class fighter (lots of static damage bonuses) you don't get much out of vital strike. Cleave would be a better use of a standard action (and feat) than vital strike.

We just finished a mythic campaign. Mythic really lives up to the name.

The power jump granted by the first mythic tier is HUGE. Bigger than any single level in any class.

The first mythic tier is so significant that you will overshadow the non-mythic PC's even considering a 1 level deficit. Especially if you choose your feat and path abilities carefully. For a class like the Magus that can take advantage of the best of both the martial and caster paths it can get crazy.

I know this isn't what you wanted to hear, but if balance is critical at your table you shouldn't do this.

Mythic vital strike is all you need. Don't waste feats on rapid/many shot or cluster shot. If you go with vital strike then go musket
I don't know what the machine Smith class is.
If everyone is that powerful then expect a lot of saves. Might want a few more of the save feats. If human then look at the human specific feats.

Back on topic.

I have been thinking a lot about the Preferred Spell (Heighten Spell prerequisite) vs. Greater Spell Specialization (Spell Focus and Spell Specialization prerequisite).

While we largely agree that Heighten Spell isn't the best there are some advantages:

-After Spell Perfection one could heighten for free up to 9th level spell/save.
--Then you can add Dazing Spell (to Fireball) making it a 5th level slot. That's pretty cool. Add in Persistent to kick it all the way up to 11.

-Persistent Spell is available at level 5. versus 9.

-Persistent Spells are still only a standard action to cast. Leaving you with a move action. Tactical movement is important in combat. Stay close to the Cleric, stay close to the other PC's you are buffing. Stay close to the martial's who will keep you from getting grappled and eaten.

-Finally, Spell specialization loses a lot of its value at high level - so ultimately becomes a feat tax much like heighten.

There are 2 sides to the story and there are plenty of reasons to go with the Gr. Spell Specialization.

Happy Blasting

Deliverance wrote:

Wouldn't be too far fetched to just allow Quick Draw to allow quick sheathing as well. Its not exactly the most exciting feat as it is.

We play the same way. Quick draw allows quick sheath. It is a house rule, not RAW.

This has come up before.
Very frustrating because you either:
-Ready an attack for when opponent comes within reach in which case the enemy charges you.
-Brace against a charge in which case the enemy moves then attacks.

Breath of Life
Limited Wish

As mentioned above Wish, Time Stop, and Disjunction are all SOLID choices that none will question..

But...for a little twist: Shades. It says: This spell functions like shadow conjuration, except that it mimics conjuration spells of 8th level or lower." you can cast heal. If you have a solid divine caster then maybe this isn't a bid deal. Conjuration has a lot going for it.

I tried to find a good way to take advantage of the Mountain Druid's ability to shapechange into a giant...But didn't' come up with anything compelling. I felt like the high performing feats that would get me to 12th level with wild shaping would lose a lot of punch once I was a humanoid again.
Maybe someone else can make it work.

Generally speaking casting focused builds don't multiclass well.
After you hit level 17, and consequently have access to 9th level spells you don't lose much. But before then you delay access to higher level spells.

Know the limitations of them. 20 pounds of force. 15' movement rate and close range.

2-handing a weapon on your turn then quick-drawing a shield a shield for the enemy initiative is cheesy. I know there are people who will argue tooth and nail that it is RAW.

I like the buckler and the 1-handed weapon option. You get the AC from the buckler as long as you don't 2-hand the weapon. So you have it when you are casting - which you can do while still wielding the buckler and weapon.

Archer cleric with the Reaching metamagic is fun. I am playing one now. It is feat intensive.

Just beware. As much as you plan to wade into combat I have found there is always someone in the party falling unconscious that needs healing. You will probably spend a lot more time casting spells than making attack rolls - especially as you go up in level. By end game all those combat feats will be wasted.

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