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OK yes I have done a search but most of the talk seems to be several years old.

I've seen lots of photos of people using TVs built into their table.

I have one player who is out of town for the next year but still wants to play.

I was curious as to what programs people use and why.

Are there any programs that have downloadable maps etc for the adventure paths. (we are playing kingmaker at the moment)

anything that integrates herolab into the mechanics etc.

Curious to see what everyone uses to run the TVs built into their tables.

Advice would be greatly appreciated.


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OK as the header says. Starting a kingmaker campaign ( I have run it once before with a LG Cavalier in in charge)but this time the players wanted to go with an evil Magocracy. I thought what the hell.

So far:


They have slaughtered the bandit camp to a man.

Made allies with the kobolds.

and started setting up their kingdom.

They have a Necromancer (Arcane) for a ruler, a half vampire Ranger, a blood thirsty Barbarian as the General and an Evil Monk.

Kingdom rolls have had a few interesting results that definitely added some flavour.

Of note: They had squatters appear. They were given the choice of building a house for them or not building the house which would gain them 1 point of infamy and a few turns of unrest.

As a roleplaying option the ruler decided to murder them all and grind their bones up to use as a construction material for a section of housing that he will give to hard working residents of his city as opposed to squatters. This section of housing now has an eerie howl that echoes down it on some nights. It is now known as "Howling Alley"

Also they had a roll of vandalism destroying one of the Inns. He had the ringleader killed and reanimated his skeleton which now sits in a cage at the front door of the new Inn he built. Called "The Dancing Bones Inn"

As a result the citizens are scared of the ruler but also kinda respect him. He upholds the law very strictly and protects the lives and interests of his citizens provided of course they tow the line.

The group want to build a nation that is very high in magic. But has no rules against dark magic. They want a nation where undead such as skeleton and zombies etc are used as a slave labour force and evil clerics and wizards are welcome and free from persecution as long as they provide something for the community.

Any ideas on how I can help accomplish this?
Ideas both positive and negative as to how the kingdom would function etc.
Ideas as to how this will affect the Kingmaker storyline.


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Digging through my old stuff.

I found some sealed booster packs of old TSR. 2nd ed D&D trading cards from 1992.

Any idea where I could go online to find out what these are worth?

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Ok my thread just got locked after a couple of hours and a lot of abuse was thrown in my general direction.

First of all. My comment was not intended to be a serious question nor was it intended to be an insult and I am sorry that it was taken that way.

The entire thread was a question concerning some of the element of the APs. They're elements that I and my group don't much care for. I never said that none of you wouldn't like them. In fact that was the whole point of the thread ....to find out how many people liked the slightly left of centre experimental ideas and how many, like me prefer traditional fantasy. Liking my fantasy traditional does not make me have any less of an imagination than anyone else. It just means there are some APs out there that I won't purchase and some that I will. I am sure there are many like me out there.

Personally I think paizo are doing a wonderful job.. Kingmaker has been one of my favourite so far. But yes I've also got rune lords, jade regent, second darkness, legacy of fire, and on and on.

I thought I would voice my opinion on the elements I would prefer less of. It is not a criticism of paizo writers abilities or talent. Merely a statement of my preferences and I was curious as to how many agreed with me. I'm sure paizo would also be interested in hearing which elements of the APs people like and which they didn't.

So in summary. I am sorry if people took offense. That was never the intention.
But seriously, the abuse I copped because of a misunderstanding tells me that you need to have a hard look at yourselves. At least my insult was unintentional and was intended as tongue in cheek.

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Curious as to everyone else's take on things.

There have been a few APs that I have been very interested in ....until I read some of the plotlines.

I like my gaming to be fairly stock standard fantasy genre stuff.

Reign of Winter and Mummy's Mask both had me very excited. Until I read about travelling to Earth during WW1 to find Rasputin and Giant flying Pyramids.

I was just curious as to other gamers expectations.

Do you want more of the crazy ...out there ideas like the above or do you feel they're just getting a little too weird and would you prefer more standard stuff.

curious as to others opinions on the matter.

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Ok a witch has made a wax voodoo doll of me that still has a few uses left. Since that time I turned into a werewolf. While under the effect of the transformation will the witch still be able to control me with the wax doll. Keeping in mind it now looks nothing like me.

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Ok starting a new campaign at level 1 maxing out at level 7.

What are my best options for building a character that excels at combat manoeuvres.

Disarm trip reposition. That kind of thing. I have other fighters in the party. I dont need to be a damage dealer. There are others in the party for doing that.

Monk seems like the best route. But not sure cause I haven't done this type if character before.

What do you suggest for an optimum build.

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Interested in resubscribing to the new AP and rule books and companions. If I do it all at once will I get the discount on the other books? I remember reading somewhere that the first volume has to ship before the discount kicks in. But I don't want to wait before adding the other subs in.

Any way we could get this all on the first shipment?

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Running river into darkness. Where can I get more detailed info about blood cove?
Is it presented in any more detail in another source book somewhere?

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Ok. For all you fans of Raymond E. Feist. I'm trying to make my favourite fiction of character of all time come to life in pathfinder.

Help me stat him up. He is such a mishmash of archetypes I don't know where to start.

For those that don't know him. He is a chaotic (slightly mad) old man wandering the world. He is essentially a skilled martial artist, (wanderer archetype seems a prime choice) he can also cast spells , mainly illusions. He is a trickster and con man. And he is a vast wealth of knowledge always able to pull out lost bits of ancient lore.

Where do I start?

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Ok building a Druid / rogue pirate character for skulls and shackles.

Looking for advice on optimising build. She is to be first mate aboard the ship.
Primarily spell caster with a kick ass monkey(ape) animal companion.

Took a few levels in rogue just to round out the skills and weapon choices. Plus evasion can never hurt.

Fairly new to pathfinder. So what feats and spells should I be looking at and how should I optimise her.

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Anyone know how big this product is compared to a standard mini?

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Ok. Building an undead hating cleric of pharasma. Currently 7th level. Race will be aasimar.

He is going to be a spell casting cleric. Not an up front fighting cleric. Picture an old man with low str. I can't wear much armor let alone swing a sword effectively. I want to be able to hurt/turn undead and be able to protect and buff my colleagues.

What feats and spells etc should I be looking at?

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Ok I have a multi class paladin cavalier in my game an he has been acting in a manner that I don't consider lawful good. Wanted advice on what sort of penalties etc to impose or am I being too harsh? He is the king in a kingmaker campaign.

In combat the other night they were involved in a siege. He and 2 companions teleported out to destroy some trebuchets. They successfully destroyed the drugs engines but then got bogged down in a fight with the leader of the enemy army ( an anti paladin and his sorcerer companion) the fight was not going well for our good guys so they decided to bug out. He was the first to teleport out. Leaving the others behind. Which almost resulted in one pc dying due to the fact he was left alone. The only thing that saved him was the use of a plot twist card. Should it be expected that a paladin would first ensure everyone else got out first? Isn't that sort of what paladins do? Protect everyone else?

Another instance involved him recovering a family heirloom sword that belonged to a family allied to his. Rather than just giving the sword back and saying" here. This obviously belongs to you" he instead insisted on selling it back to them. Arguing that he needed the money to get better magic items for himself so he could better fight evil.

Am I correct in assuming this is not LG behaviour. Would stripping him of paladin powers be too harsh. Or would you consider this acceptable until he atones.

I just feel he has taken the levels in paladin purely for the feats it provides abs not because he sees himself as a paladin.

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Can we please cancel my order of talisman dungeon. There is no way I am going to pay $50+ in shipping costs for a $30 game.
It was originally going to ship with my subscription I didn't realize it was going to go on back order. Now I have cancelled my subs and really don't want to pay that much shipping. Thanks.

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Please cancel all my subscriptions after the final installment of skulls and shackles ships.
I do not wish to start the shattered star adventure path.
Nothing wrong with it I just have enough material to keep me going for a little while so I thought I would give the credit card a much needed break. No doubt I'll be back sometime down the track. Keep up the amazing work.

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Running kingmaker at the moment. One of my players has a Druid who has just reached 12th level and still has his original animal companion. He looks after his companion. Doesn't put him into unnecessary danger. The companion died once and rather than just get a new one the Druid paid to have him resurrected.

Was looking for some ideas to reward him for looking after his animal companion so well.

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Got an email 11days ago saying this order was about to be shipped. It is still pending.
Any idea why it's been held up?


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Hi guys and gals.
Please cancel my subscription to the pathfinder rpg line and pathfinder tales after advanced race guide ships.

All other subscriptions to remain in place.


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I have the hard cover but was wondering if there is a PDF available as well?
Makes it much easier having a hard copy plus a version on my iPad.

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Hey guys and gals. I was charged for 2 greenvise vine minis but only received the one. If it is still available would love a replacement added to my next delivery pls.


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As a gm how do I get around a player with a massive AC.
One of the players in my group has a much higher AC then the rest of the party members.

I either have to bump up npcs attack rolls, which means that l the other pcs pretty much get auto hit or i need to roll 20s to hit the one pc.
Eventually even he is starting to get tired of npcs always targeting him with area effect spells. His saves are also massive (paladin)

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Got a new player wanting a tomb robber type character. Good at traps and break and enter etc but has the skills etc to be able to deal with undead guardians.

I was thinking cleric/rogue. Which Golarian gods would be ok with the idea of this kind of lifestyle and would provide the right bonuses spells etc for this class.

Are there any other options you might recommend?

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Suppose I'm pushing my luck. But any chance the PDFs are included?

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Hey guys I just subscribed to the pathfinder novels but forgot to click add to next shipment.
Could we please adjust my order so that it comes with my next monthly shipment instead of paying the extra postage. Thanks.

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Is there a reason why my order has been split into 2 parts, with I am assuming 2 separate shipping costs?

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Anybody got any news on this product?

Basically I am running a Kingmaker campaign and am after something to flesh out their castle etc. Let them have some say on layout and additions etc. Basically a detailed Castle/Keep building set of rules/options.

Is that this product?

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Hey fellow Paizolanders..Mature aged (40) gamer with lots of experience looking for a local game to play in, fortnightly or even monthly.

Would prefer a regular campaign either homebrew or a campaign arc. Not really interested in PFS play as I would prefer to work on character development.

Currently GMing a group so I would prefer to actually play rather than GM anybody else.

Love to hear from you fellow BrisVegas pathfinders.

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In my opinion, if you use language in a way unacceptable to the owners of a forum and they tell you not to, you shouldnt continue nor take it up with 'the general public'.

Send them an email if it really bugs you, imo. Internet forums are not democracies.

EDIT: It's a bit weird having my response appearing as the OP. Perhaps the whole thread should be deleted?

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Hey Guys,

This supposedly shipped on the 8th July but I still haven't received it. Any ideas whats going on?

estimated shipping time 12-20days

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Could we please reinstate my adventure path subscription with the beginning of Jade Regent. Thanks.

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After some advice which program to get.
Instead of having to draw maps I would like to place an led tv on the tabletop and connect it to
Y laptop.
I need to be able to easily load maps from the adventure path PDFs and blow them up to size for miniatures. I also need to be able to easily create my own maps to use.
Fog of war is needed, also the ability to show illumination from light sources would be nice.
Dice rollers and hit point trackers etc not necessary as we are happy with our own hard copies and don't mind rolling real dice.

Cost is not too much of a factor for the right product. Any suggestions?

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Hey guys and gals, just got my Humans of Golarion and it's missing pages 9-24 but pages 2-8 and 25-32 are repeated twice. Any chance of getting a replacement with the proper pages in it ?

Thanks in advance

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I saw a company that was readying a high level campaign about a kingdom in the north that was cloaked in perpetual darkness that was spreading down south. Turns out it was a kingdom ruled by vampires etc blah blah blah. When you oredered it you could choose if you wanted in in 3.5 or pathfinder rulesset.

My problem is.......I have lost the link and can't remember the name of the company or the campaign.

Can anyone help me out, was fairly sure I got the link from someone on the paizo site and have tried searching various keywords etc but just cannot find it.

Is there anyone out there that knows of the company/campaing and can point me in the right direction as I would dearly love to order a copy


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Any idea when or if the dungeon decor stuff will be available again?????

Keen on purchasing quite a few of the sets

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I sewar I have seen a pdf floating around with all the icons for the buildings on it but...lots of the more useful ones like houses etc and less of the less useful ones.

Anyone point me in the right direction for that? I'm not great with editing tools and I don't want to have to print that page out 50 times to get 50 houses etc cause I'm not going to need 50 cathedrals or 50 castles to go with it.

Any help greatly appreciated

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I am wanting to run a Kingmaker campaign that I extend out with a bunch of player story focused side missions etc to last a lot longer.

I am wanting a game however where magic items are rare, but generally more powerful. I am tired of the game where every captain of the town watch has a +1 sword and half the NPCs are literally bristling with magic items. I want a game where magic items are rare. the sort of item that is cherished in the family and passed down from father to son etc. I am tired of having the PCs just head down to ye old magic corner store and rattle off a wish list.

I was thiking of still having magic stores but their selection is very limited and prices are at least doubled probably tripled. They make a profit by buying items at the regular game system list price and might then hold onto the item for years before finding the right buyer who is willing to pay the right price.

Getting rid of basic +1 items etc most items are multi purposed. eg won't find a +1 sword...ever; but might after lots of searching and rumours etc find a '+1 frost sword with resist cold/5 and wall of ice 1/week' You know...the sort of thing that is talked about in legend and becomes a family legacy item.

Also looking at dramatically altering the way items are identified. Probably doubling DCs and even then it will only give hints as to one of the items ailities. Most stuff is discovered through roleplay.

What problems can you see arising with the game system in general from adopting this approach?

Can you suggest any changes with the city building system that might need to change?

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Hi guys love your stuff really do. But we still haven't finished playing Legacy of fire yet. So I have more than enough to keep me and my players occupied for quite a while.....Keep up the great work.

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Hey guys and gals, sory to be a pain in the A but I didn't receive a printed receipt with my order. I was wondering if you could email me a copy pls as my players and I use it to divi up the costs between us all so it's nice to have a copy there....Thanks and keep up the great work

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I can't ind it anywhere but I am probably just not looking in the right place.

It says an animal with 1 Int can learn 3 tricks and 2Int can learn six tricks. Ho about my paladins mount with 6 Int.

Also how many tricks is it to be war trained? I assume it takes all available tricks to war train. But then once again if he has 6 Int can he be wartrained and then learn more?

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Are any options from the gazeteer available in PFS play. I could not find it listed under the allowed books etc.

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Hey, never played PFS before just homegames. Looking at playing a few sessions at GenConOz. I have a nice concept for a cleric of Pharasma but I am worried that he won't be terribly useful except as a support character. Little armour, just a dagger, no Str, more of a pure spell caster with a few social skills.

How important is it in PFS to be optimised and how much is character flavour? I know in RPGA you would just about get shot for coming to a con with a non combat orientaed character.

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Is there at least a regular PFS meeting in Brisbane?

If not I guess I will have to be having a serious chat with some PFS players at GenConOz. Surely we can get something organised.

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Hi could you please cancel my AP subscription after you ship the final Legacy of Fire.

Nothing against it, it looks amazing but I already have enough material to last me the next 9 months or so.

I will undoubtable be bak for the next AP though.

Thanks for everything keep up the good work.

So looking foward to the fianl PFRPG rules. My group already has 5 copies preordered from our FLGS.

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I was going through some old books like my Gazeteer etc and noted there are some rules that are designed for 3.5 and not for PFRPG. Are these going to be changed and will the old books be reprinted or will there be some sort of erratta to update any old rules to fit with PFRPG?

eg of what I am talking about: Optional cleric build allowing you to have only 1 domain but be able to swap out memorized spells for your domain spells as per swapping out healing spells. Only problem PFRPG doesn't have spells for domains it has special abilities instead?

Has anybody else noted discrepencies like this one and any idea on how they will be rectified to mesh with the new rules?

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Hi, I live at Caboolture (Brisbane Australia Northside) Was looking for a regular pathfinder game to join maybe once a fortnight or something.

I have been gaming for 23 years and have a regular group that I GM for. However I am looking for a regular organised game to play in. Not really interested in society play, definitely more interested in character development as opposed to min/maxing combat.

Anyone out the in BrisVegas area looking to start up a group?

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As it says in the title. Perhaps we could set up a section in these forums. Ie I live in Northside Brisbane, Australia and am looking for a pathfinder game to join.

My local gaming store sells a little pathfinder but they are basically aligned with the RPGA so they have lots of those games organised every fortnight.

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I notice of lot of these requests have been made with the previous map folios. I was just wondering if they have been acted upon.

ie one map per page and larger to fill the whole page

player friendly maps without secret doors or info the players should not know about.

On another note I would gladly pay much extra cash to have these redrawn into battle map scale.

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