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Wonderful advice from all. Thank you.
A special note of thank you and going out to pennywit. Wow. I will definitely be using a bunch of that.

So far campaign going quite well. Only one death so far and that as the monk in the fight against the owl bear.

Thank you all for your advice.

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OK as the header says. Starting a kingmaker campaign ( I have run it once before with a LG Cavalier in in charge)but this time the players wanted to go with an evil Magocracy. I thought what the hell.

So far:


They have slaughtered the bandit camp to a man.

Made allies with the kobolds.

and started setting up their kingdom.

They have a Necromancer (Arcane) for a ruler, a half vampire Ranger, a blood thirsty Barbarian as the General and an Evil Monk.

Kingdom rolls have had a few interesting results that definitely added some flavour.

Of note: They had squatters appear. They were given the choice of building a house for them or not building the house which would gain them 1 point of infamy and a few turns of unrest.

As a roleplaying option the ruler decided to murder them all and grind their bones up to use as a construction material for a section of housing that he will give to hard working residents of his city as opposed to squatters. This section of housing now has an eerie howl that echoes down it on some nights. It is now known as "Howling Alley"

Also they had a roll of vandalism destroying one of the Inns. He had the ringleader killed and reanimated his skeleton which now sits in a cage at the front door of the new Inn he built. Called "The Dancing Bones Inn"

As a result the citizens are scared of the ruler but also kinda respect him. He upholds the law very strictly and protects the lives and interests of his citizens provided of course they tow the line.

The group want to build a nation that is very high in magic. But has no rules against dark magic. They want a nation where undead such as skeleton and zombies etc are used as a slave labour force and evil clerics and wizards are welcome and free from persecution as long as they provide something for the community.

Any ideas on how I can help accomplish this?
Ideas both positive and negative as to how the kingdom would function etc.
Ideas as to how this will affect the Kingmaker storyline.


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Once again. I'm not saying these things are bad. Not at all. Just not my cup of tea and was curious as to what percentage of the paizo community liked the traditional fantasy and how many liked the idea of crashed spaceships and aliens in their fantasy game.

The only people I chat to are my local gaming groups. We all tended towards the traditional fantasy style. I guess like minds attract.

A lot of people still seem under the assumption I hate these things. This is not the case. I was merely curious as to what the feeling in the general community was.

I am deeply sorry for any unintended insult I may have caused. That was never ever my intention.

Thank you Brandon for your response and thank you for all your contributions to the wonderful world we all love to play in. Without the tireless work of yourself and others, none of us would have this place to escape to using only our imaginations.

Snow Crash.

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My opinion is that unless it is a gross and obvious violation of you gods beliefs then it should take more than 1 violation before you are stripped of all your powers. The warnings should also take place over a period of time, not 12 seconds.

I also don't believe this was a violation of Pharasman beliefs.It might warrant an alignment shift over a period of time. Again, it should take multiple evil acts before you are forced to change you alignment to evil. 1 act would not suffice. Imagine if an evil character was forced to become good simply because he saved a drowning child one time.

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Sorry, Kalraan, I had to jump in and fill in the details that were left out. As a player who was at the session this is how i saw what went down. (and no I'm not the cleric inquestion)

We are in a village that is way off the beaten track, investigating an evil cult that we tracked here. When we arrived in the town all the locals spat on us and told us we werent welcome and to bugger off except they were not that polite abot it.

we tried to get a room at the Inn but the inkeeper didn't want us and tried to charge triple the going rate, we intimidated him down to standard fair rate. Whwn went to our rooms he ran to get the sherrif.

The Sherrif tried to bully us out of town, we of course refused. We told him to the reason we were here. The gain told us to leave immediately. We replied we'll leave when our work is done. He and his cronies then drew weapons and attacked us. We knocked the sherrif out and his cronies ran off.

Tied the sherrif up and interrogated him. He refused to cooperate. He was asked by the cleric to repent his sins in the name of Pharasma. He told the cleric to F off and spat in the clerics face. The cleric then slit his throat (GM asked him at least twice "Are you sure you want to do that" Player asnwered yes. and then cut his throat with his Pharasman Dagger

At that point the Sherrifs Cronies came pouring out of the church with the local clergy in tow. ( clergy that we susspected of worshipping an evil god but we had no proof) the were disguised as clerics of a different god.

They shouted a challenge to us. Told us to surrender and come down. We refused and accused them of being false.

At this point the GM gave us an option of escaping out the back door. We went nah, we can take them they dont look that tough.

Clerics attack.

Turn 1. buff spells
Turn 2 PC cleric is told he had trouble casting that spell but not given a reason why.
Turn 3 PC cleric is surrounded and goes to channel energy. PC is told his channel energy does not work neither will his spells his god has forsaken him and he is now an excleric until he atones.

Player says "well theres no point in me playing then and gets up and leaves.

On a side note it turns out we were corect, the NPCs were actually an evil cult prentending to worship a different god.

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Laithoron wrote:

In case anyone else needs a map of Windward Isle, feel free to make use of the one I came up with.

Windward Isle: Gridded | Non-Gridded

Note: Be sure to click on the map until only the map is displayed in your browser, otherwise you'll just be downloading a low-res copy. Full size is 3,840 × 2,160 (i.e. HDTV×2).

Awesome work...Thankyou very much.

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The problem with optional rules is that they are shiny and new and everyone wants to use them.

It's not until after you've played with them for a while that you start to find the flaws in them. By then it's too late. If I spend money on a product, I expect the product to be polished. Especially when the rules in question re pretty much essential. Ie kingdoms building rules in kingmaker. I really felt they'd just been thrown together. My players and I felt like we were play testing them. Unfortunately in our opinion they were too broken for a couple of house rules to fix. They needed a complete rewrite. And that in itself would then need to be tested. Not something you want to do in the middle of a campaign.

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One more option. When you add up all the costs of printing these maps out in collie etc on large sheets it comes out to quite a tidy sum after a while.

For under $400 you can buy a fullhd LCD tv between 32" and 40" lay it flat on the table put a sheet of protective plastic over the top and connect your computer to it. You have all the maps in the world now. At the touch of a mouse pointer. Works out cheaper in the long run and looks mega cool.

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Oh goody this discussion again :-)

My2c worth.

Paladins are Lawful Good but can be for a God/dess of any alignment.

Lawful means you follow strict rules. Paladins are a member of a militant arm of their church. Being part of a military they must adhere to strict rules, follow a chain of command, do as their superiors tell them etc. Therefore Paladins are a part of a Lawful militant order of their church.

Good means doing things for the betterment of others rather than your own personal gain. As long as the paladin is putting aside their own personal fortune and prestige in order to better their church's goals and look after their church's followers and interests then they are good.

One of my players had a LG paladin of Calistria and I have so far not had a problem with it. She is a prostitute of the church and as long as she puts her church's interests ahead of her own and does what the church and her superiors demand of her then I have no problem with it.
She overseas disputes and puts peoples rights to revenge at the forfront. An eye for an eye. She promotes lust and polygamy among the populace. She sleeps around and she tries to right any wrongs she sees being done by helping those avenged to seek a suitable revenge in fitting with the slight against them.