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I'll add that I'm leaning toward making it a1/day item and disregarding the slotless item adjustment. Which would put it around 16,000gp. Still seems a little high but maybe not too far off. I'm using the robe of useful items as a reference for pricing.

Just a quick right up for a tattoo I'm thinking of allowing a player to use. The problem I'm having is coming up with a reasonable cost using the item creation rules.

traveler's tattoo:

Traveler's tattoo
Price: ? Aura: moderate conjuration
CL 9 weight -

This tattoo allows the bearer to create a mundane piece of equipment as a standard action.The item created must be one that can be easily carried, weigh no more than 5 lbs, and be made of stone, basic metals, or vegetable matter. The created item appears in the bearers hand and is outlined in a faint shimmering light. It is otherwise of masterwork quality and lasts for 1 hour before dissappearing. This power can be activated 3 times per day.

Construction requirements
Inscribe magical tattoo, major creation

Pricing formula below
Command word: 5th level spell X 9th level caster X 1800gp = 81,000gp

Charges per day: 81,000/5 X 3 = 48,600gp
Slotless item: 48,600gp X 2 = 97,200gp

It seems way excessive. Even if I make the item 1/day usage I still end up with 32,400gp. Thoughts?

Also feedback on the quickly generated item is welcome.

Please cancel my adventure path subscription. Thank you.

Tonight we had the chance to run a one off adventure using the new classes. This was a very non-optimized party since we ran.. We Be Goblins Too.

Goblins are obviously not ideal races to build a playtest around but it's what my players wanted. The characters were very flavorful and everyone had fun role playing (not something they're good at or do that often).

We actually ran 6 players so I modified all the encounters slightly to account for the increased players. We had a Cleric and Sorcerer plus the Bloodrager, Skald, Brawler, and Shaman all at level 3.

The Bloodrager was basically a barbarian at this level. He chose the elemental bloodline (fire) for his character. With no spells there wasn't much of anything to distinguish him from a regular barbarian. I thought blood sanctuary would come into play with all the shenanigans that came with playing Goblins but it unfortunately never came up. There was also a question on whether at later levels why a fire based elemental bloodline would be able to take the form of a water elemental and whether that was an oversight or not.

I start off by saying I think the Brawler was hurt by being unable to obtain a high strength do to being a Goblin and not having access to Rage. Many of the problems stemmed from this issue alone. The Brawler had serious problems inflicting any reasonable amount of damage. The upside, Martial maneuvers is cool but it would have been nice to be able to use it more than once a day. Twice/day would have been nice given the amount of combats involved.

The Shaman was one of the more useful party members alongside the Cleric and Sorcerer. I'm not one to go on about caster non-caster disparity but they felt stronger. The Shaman wasn't as useful as the Cleric in melee Combat and without wildshape or an animal companion it felt kind of like a Druid without it's key Abilities. The Hex's didn't bring much to the table (flame spirit) but she did make use of Touch of Flame. Also having a Pig familiar wreathed in flame was good Goblin fun. Not really a complaint but it felt weird having a Shaman wearing breastplate.

So this may have been the most disappointing class of all. It was played by someone who normally runs barbarians and he went through feeling very unimportant throughout the whole night. He opted not to use his Rage Song much because he wanted to save it when it was important. When we finally faced the owlbear he activated his Raging song and everyone but the Brawler declined to accept it. Even with the bonus the difference it made with the reduced bonuses was slight. The declines were repeated again during the final encounter vs Pa. In other fights he struggled to be a relevant combatant compared to even the Cleric and relied on casting Bard Spells. His big moment of the night cane when he successfully cast Hideous laughter on Pa but it wasn't enough for my player to feel as if he contributed. Plus it was a Bard Spell.. Not a unique ability to the Skald. That I think is the big takeway. None if these classes felt like they brought anything really unique to the table.

Overall it was an enjoyable night but we all walked away feeling a little let down by the classes. The Bloodrager is fun in the sane way a barbarian is fun. But it really needs a better way to distinguish itself. I'm not pushing for early casting but it needs something less.. barbaric.

The Brawler might actually be okay if a higher strength could have been obtained. Maybe a little more use out of Martial maneuvers.

The Shaman was fine power wise. Not too powerful not too weak. But it's missing something. Not sure what really.

The Skald probably has one of the most flavorful Abilities of all. But with the drop in bonuses at early levels he seems subpar in Combat still even with the Martial proficiencies.

guamae wrote:
The limits on Studied Strike seem too extreme to make it very useful (unless you have 18 Int [very expensive with point buy...] you only have 1 round to make your hit...

They did a revision and now it lasts your intelligence modifier in rounds rather than 1/2 modifier. It has been stated in the first post of the revised investigator thread.

JRutterbush wrote:
So, it has even fewer spells per day than the Sorcerer now, including having fewer spells per day than a school Wizard. And it still has a limited pool of points to use on its abilities. Yes, it can refresh that pool... by spending spell slots, or inefficiently consuming magic items (150g for a scroll that adds 1 arcane point), or risking losing points to gain the ability to maybe gain a point or two.

There aren't many abilities that require expending spell slots. But it may be okay where it's at. Which is why we playtest!

I love the direction of the new class but it does seem strong. I don't want to lose any of the flavor though. Maybe a good limiting factor would be to make more of the abilities require expending a spell slot in addition to a point from the pool.

The question wasn't being asked about the Skald's ability to cast spells, but a Bloodrager, a completely different class that has the ability to cast under (blood)rage. RAW the answer is no. Whether that is intentional from the designers is unknown. If not, the wording would need to be cleared up a little on these abilities.

I think Scion fits the concept for the bloodrager personally; but might be to "spellcaster" sounding and not "I'm angry and metal" enough.

I suggested in another thread replacing Improved uncanny dodge for the ability to apply a metamagic feat as a Swift action once per rage. obviously that seeks strong in thought but I'm not convinced it would be that overpowered.

If the Armor is already magical you can give it greater energy resistance. A +2 plate can become a greater energy resistance plate Armor +2. Which would be a total Bonus of +7. You still work within the +10 enhancement cap.

The idea is to encourage the use of spells during bloodrage a little more. Currently the incentive to cast compared to just be a Barbarian is low. Also the loss to Fortitude and temporary hit points is intentional as right now the Bloodrager might actually be a better Barbarian than a Barbarian. I can tell you one of my players is going Gaga over this class as all he plays are barbarians. He may never play a regular Barbarian again. I also edited my original post keeping uncanny dodge but losing Improved uncanny dodge. We will be playtesting the class as written on Sunday alongside the War Priest.

Consider me on board for making Bloodrage unique and it giving a + to Charisma instead of Constitution. I planned on posting that idea myself but people Beat me to it. Make his caster level equal to class level -3 replace Improved uncanny dodge with an ability to add a metamagic feat to a Bloodrager spell once per rage.

Animal Focus has good flavor and is the coolest most unique thing about the class; but mechanically it falls short. It would be nice if it focused on that ability making it the key ability of the class ala smite evil, spell strike, wildshape, sneak sttack, etc. etc.. it could add additional benefits at later levels. Some Combat others not.

This was my first impression also. Reading a little further some of them stand out as more unique but overall it just feels like two classes crammed into one. The Magus felt like I totally new class with complete new abilities. It might be to late in the design process to make large changes though.

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Honestly though the more I think about it the Ranger is the hunter and this class feels forced. Like they wanted a "magus" for the divine nature types. This class needs a new name and direction all together to fill a theme neither the druid or ranger already does. My 2 copper

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Reading it over I just don't get the feeling of a "hunter" from the class. I understand the flavor they were going for with the companion but when I think Hunter I think someone who stalks their prey. A cool unique ability to this effect that would increase it's Combat potential and keeping the Bond with the Animal companion would work. This would also help define what it is that makes it different from a ranger with lower BAB.

Can you please cancel my subscription to the Pathfinder Campaign setting, tales, and comic book lines. Thank you :(

Hello, it turns out that the original package containing blood of angels and the character folio had arrived. When I asked my roommate if I had received anything lately, I was told no. It was found under a pile of papers :/

in any case, if you would like to charge my debit card, I will happily pay for the second copies. My apologies.

p.s. thanks Paizo for being such a great company with amazing customer service!

I might have screwed up my order when I tried to add rise of the runelords and some other items last minute. I just want to make sure the pending items ship eventually. the shipped portion arrived today! Thank you guys, I'm sorry this last order has been such a pain.

Not to spoil your fun, according to the Advanced Race Guide a goblin could live until 70+.

I unfortunately do not believe my package is coming. I am sure the package is in St. Louis, but with no way to track it through the USPS system I have no clue where.

ok will do. I wasn't sure if PO stood for the Post office. I will maybe try and follow through with them.

My order has shipped but still not arrived. I've waited 2 weeks and tracked them. they arrived at PO in st. Louis on the 16th. Is this the post office? I am just wanting to find where my order is.

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I had an idea for a LN/LE Inquisitor of Irori. The concept came to me while at work one day after dealing with an onslaught of very frustrating interactions with customers. A few of us got into a conversation about how some people shouldn't be allowed to breed/live. Focusing on the self perfection aspect, the character eventually determines through years of helping people try to achieve enlightenment and better themselves that some are beyond help. He eventually snaps and to try and make the world a better place, decides to eliminate those who believes unworthy to exist. By divine mandate of Irori of course. I could never find the right game to incorporate him as he doesn't mesh well with most parties. Plus, I always DM. I've often thought of running a campaign with him as the main antagonist.

This thing is great. Having the conditional modifiers from the skills entries and also for things like concentration checks will save so much time at our table! At first I wasn't sure how happy with this I would be but I'm officially sold on this now that I have it. I should have known Paizo wouldn't let me down!

I just downloaded the new FireFox app and was able to download the Paizo PDF's. I was attempting to use the default browser and dolphin before. I'm not sure what it is about Android's system that FireFox is bypassing but at least there is a solution. Hopefully Paizo can still get to the root of it for the purpose for those who don't use FireFox.

It's nice to see this post get some attention! For the record I also could download the catalog with no issues. It must have something to do with the process in which they personalize the PDF's. I'm a running gingerbread since the ice cream sandwich update has yet to be released for my phone from ATT. Has anyone else tried this with Android 4.04 (ice cream.sandwic)h and had success other than Parody?

Daelen wrote:
I disagree on Iron Man. The best way to portray Iron Man is with the Construct Modification rules and creating the suit as Construct Armor.

What construct modification rules are you speaking of?

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Tequila Sunrise wrote:
If you find it, I'd be interested to hear what overall sort of numbers TB assumes. And if they talk about specific items or feats, even better!

I went ahead and pulled the file on Trailblazer. For the record, at only $5 its worth looking at just for some options and its breakdown of "the spine" of the game. As I don't like posting content for free that is typically charged for I'll give you a snapshot of what it is providing.

very long post:

It breaks down the big 6 magic items that are required to maintain pace with monsters as characters advance. They are Magic Weapons, Magic Armor (including shields), Deflection bonus items (ring of Protection), Natural armor bonus items (Amulet of Natural armor), Stat boosters (Belt of giant strength), And resistance items such as cloak of protection.

It starts by going through a monster statistical analysis of monsters by CR. The designer measured the average of each of the following statistics: AC (avg), AC Trend (since the AC average isn't exactly 100% linear, its close but not exact, the trend table presents a more linear progression to measure the PC's against for benchmark testing), attack bonus, attack trend, Good Saves, Poor Saves, DC for abilities, and HD.

I'll show you where a CR 1, 10, and 20 monster stand:

CR; AC; AC trend; Attack; Attack trend; Poor Save; Good Save; DC; HD
1-- 15-- 14--------- 3------- 4-------------- 1------------- 4------------- 12-- 2
10- 21-- 22-------- 17------ 16------------- 7------------ 12------------ 19-- 13
20- 31-- 31-------- 31------ 29------------- 13----------- 19------------ 27- 22

There are multiple other tables laying out. PC attack vs Monster AC progression, Monster attack vs player character AC, Character spell DC vs monster Saves, and Characters saves vs monster DC.

On the PC tables they assume they assume a couple things about the PC's abilities. This is a snapshot, there are a few other things listed.

PC Level; Base Ability Score; Stat bonus; Total score; Magic Wpn bonus
1----------- 16---------------------- 0----------- 16------------- 0
10---------- 18--------------------- 2----------- 18------------- 3
20---------- 21--------------------- 6----------- 27------------- 5

Here is a page breaking down the designers conclusions and gives you insight to his thought process without giving away any specific changes presented in trailblazer :)

We believe that the data clearly challenges the conventional wisdom that all of the “Big Six” items are required for the PCs to keep pace with level appropriate challenges. We believe that the “optimal” success rate, one that is neither too easy nor too difficult, is somewhere around 70%.
Let’s review the Big Six, one at a time, against the data shown:

Weapon Enhancement
By 9th level, a character that is optimized as a striker will only miss the typical monster AC on a roll of natural 1. Without magical items—including both a magical weapon as well as a stat booster—his success rate drops to 75%. This success rate is still within our desired parameters; however, do note that although the character is still able to hit his foes, he will deal much less damage than the optimized striker. Note that the success rate actually increases as the PCs approach CR20, and does not begin to drop off until a few levels higher. In the absence of magic items, we have addressed this success rate in a couple of different ways.

First and foremost are action points, which can provide a bonus to your attack roll at key times.

Second, we have embraced the concept of the striker combat role. All characters whose primary function is to attack their foes in melee or ranged combat should have the base attack bonus to do so. To this end, both the monk and the rogue gain a bonus to their attack rolls—under certain thematic conditions—that brings their total attack bonus up to the same level as the primary fighting classes (barbarian, fighter, paladin, and ranger).

Third, we expect that all strikers will work much more closely together in a variety of ways. Tactical movement in combat is much easier to accomplish without provoking attacks of opportunity, allowing PCs to get into flanking positions; and the seldom used Aid Another was moved from an action(which required you to spend your own action merely to play second fiddle to another, presumably better, striker) to a combat reaction. As a combat reaction, Aid Another will see much more use. Altogether it should be almost trivial for strikers to find a total of +4 to hit in conditions that require it.

Armor Class
Magical armor and shield, deflection items, and natural armor items make up three of the Big Six (and by far the greatest portion by gold piece value). Note that the monster success rate for hits varies between 15% and 40% all the way through CR20; viewed from the players’ point of view, this gives them a rather satisfying success rate—“success” defined for the players as not getting hit—of about 70%.

Do note, however, that high level play should not really be defined by avoiding hits entirely; it is important that both the DM and the players understand and accept this concept. Rather, as level increases, the ability of monsters to hit the PCs (and vice versa) should be assumed, and the PCs should focus instead on ways to mitigate that assumed damage.

Nevertheless, there are some specific attacks that both the PCs and the DM will want to avoid. To this end, we have added
the Dodge combat reaction. This combat reaction allows the PC (or monster) to gain a dodge bonus to their armor class against
one attack. How is this best used? In the case of the PCs, clever players will save a dodge combat reaction to avoid those
attacks that carry significantly undesirable secondary effects. For example, dodging just one claw attack from a troll may save you from rend damage. Against a purple worm, a PC may decide to dodge either the bite (and swallow whole) or the sting (and the poison). From the DM’s side of the screen, having a dodge in your back pocket may allow your big bad evil guy to unexpectedly dodge an unpleasant ray or touch attack from the party wizard.

Stat Boosters vis-a-vis Player Character Spell DCs
Against a reasonably optimized PC spellcaster with a stat booster, the
monsters’ Good save hovers around 50% to 60% success rate all the way
through CR20. Against their Poor save, their success rate is usually 30%–35%—again, well within the 70% success rate from the PC’s perspective. A spellcaster without a stat booster is going to give up 1–3 points of DC, and so is certainly going to want to be sure of targeting a monster’s Poor saving throw. The party, in general, will also want to work together to decrease monster saves by any means possible. (Have you ever seen the party fighter intimidate an opponent in combat? Are your players aware that a shaken opponent takes a –2 penalty to saving throws?)

Player Character Saving Throws
Perhaps the biggest problem with saving throws is that, although the 65% to 70% success rate shown for Good saves (through CR20) is within our desired success rate, it’s not the saves you make that matter, it’s the saves that you fail. The Worst Case column is where the rubber hits the road for most players: This column assumes your Poor saving throw and, worse, that you don’t have any bonuses to improve it. This column starts at a 40% success rate and gets worse—much worse—from there.

The problem with ‘always on’ resistance bonuses, such as those provided by the ubiquitous cloak of resistance , is twofold. First, you can’t boost the Poor save to reasonable levels of success without also boosting the Good saves to unreasonable levels of success—that is, well above 70%. Second, PCs don’t generally require their saves to be good all the time; they can afford to fail a saving throw now and again. Unfortunately, what is most concerning to players are those times when they can’t afford to fail that one utterly catastrophic save.

Action Points were added to the Trailblazer ruleset first and foremost to shore up this potential for utterly catastrophic saving throws. We assume that saving throws that (a) target the worst
saving throw of (b) unequipped PCs with (c) utterly catastrophic consequences are the exception, not the rule—and that if circumstances prove otherwise, the primary responsibility for fixing this untenable
situation falls to the DM. Beyond that fail-safe, action points suffice.

There are two significant ways that action points aid in this regard. First, you can use an action point at the time of your first saving throw to add a bonus to your roll. Because of the particular mechanics that action points use (i.e. exploding dice) these boosts are significant. Should that saving throw fail, action points allow you to make a second save against many spells and effects.

Ultimately, unless the PC has exhausted his supply of action points, he should be well protected from unexpected, catastrophic saving throws. The DM should not look at such saving throws as a missed opportunity
to “nail” the PC; rather, he should understand that the purpose of such saving throws is to allow the PCs to advance successfully while at the same time depleting them of action points. The slow but inevitable loss of action points ratchets up the tension in exactly the same fashion as dwindling hit points.

They go on to discuss magic treasure allocation, how to allocate treasure if you want a low magic campaign where you eliminate the reliance on the big six. Then their own feats and class rebalancing, remember that this book was written at the same time pathfinder was being developed so they were presented their version of how to fix 3e. I'd suggest buying it. Its cheap, and I think it has all the info your asking for.

I think what your looking for was addressed in trail blazer. At the time 4e was released and Paizo was developing Pathfinder another company was developing trail blazer. I'm not sure if I have the PDF still but I'm pretty positive they broke down the average damage, attack bonuses, armor class, etc. And where characters would have to be to hit a certain percentage of the time and so forth.

"This mount is usually a heavy horse (for a Medium paladin) or a pony (for a Small paladin), although more exotic mounts, such as a boar, camel, or dog are also suitable."

That quote is straight out of the core rulebook under divine bond. There also already exists an entry under Druid Animal companions for Big Cat. As long as the DM in your campaign in ok with it, it should not be a problem. Paizo went through the liberty of relatively balancing all the various animal companions.

I am having issues downloading Paizo PDF's on my Android phone. I'm using an HTC inspire and have tried multiple PDF readers including ezreader.and Adobe. When I click on the PDF it just forever says downloading but never actually makes any progress downloading the file. When I had an iPhone I could use goodreader to link to the URL and would have no problems. Is anyone else having the same issue and if not, what PDF reader are you using?

Just realized I gave myself the heroic array unintentionally. I think I might make myself as an NPC next campaign I run just for fun.

If I had to Stat myself out I'd say this is what I am

I'm 6' and 190 lbs.
If I was allowed to be something other than Human i'd say half-elf since I'm half Korean and the split culture thing rings pretty true, plus I have pointy ears and love the outdoors. It would also explain my keener senses and allow me to take my wisdom to 10 from 12.
Allowed a choice of a character class I'm probably a ranger, but given my stats i'd make a better Magus.

Str. 13 (based off the carrying capacity rules and I work out a lot keeping my body fat around 10%)

Dex. 14. This is just based off my own knowledge of myself. I'm definitely more nimble than I am strong. Plus, Ive surprised myself before with my quick reflexes and hand eye coordination.

Con. 10 Unfortunately there was a day that I could run miles. That day isn't today. I am in relatively fit shape since I actively lift weights and monitor my health. But I tend to never do Cardio. I do however have an amazing immune system. I never get sick.

Int. 15 I consistently score in the 150 range on iq tests which lands me in the top 5%, but I am no Einstein.

Wis. 12 I usually have strong and accurate intuition plus Sharp hearing and sense of smell hence the 12... However I do lack in will power and go against my better judgement often so maybe a 10... Hmmm.

Cha. 8 I'm average when it comes to looks but I am distinctly aware that I can rub people the wrong way when they first meet me. As many of my best friends point out, they thought I was a kind of an ass when they first met me. So an 8 it is.

If I had to do this using the standard array and an NPC class:


Str. 11
Dex. 12
Con. 9
Int. 15
Wis. 10
Cha. 8

Please don't cancel. The card you were attempting to charge no longer exists. I've updated my payment methods and it should work now. Sorry it took me so long to fix!

I'm.sorry I haven't responded sooner but this was a bottom priority for me. I've had a lot of life happen. If you haven't cancelled this order already can you try and ship it now? Please and thank you.

Eleric wrote:

Long list of spells...

These spells sound like they can be really cool so what happened to them?

All the 0-level spells were dropped. The rest, who knows.

Gorbacz wrote:

My designer-sense is tingling, meaning it's likely SKR writing rules. *sigh*

Guy can't be beat when it comes to deities and fluff, but for Desna's sake, somebody keep his bald cap away from rules design!

That seems like a needless jab towards the people that are bringing you the game you play.

Actually all 0-level spells listed are missing. They should be removed (or released as a web article :D)

6 people marked this as FAQ candidate. Answered in the FAQ. 1 person marked this as a favorite.

I was going to hold off but might as well record stuff as people are seeing them.

Page 83 - Under Witch Patron themes. The theme ancestors references a spell called choose fate which doesn't exist.

Page 121 - The Unnamed journal references a 0 level spell called jolt which doesn't exist.

Page 164 - Under Table 4-1. For 9th level spells with 2 effect words it reads 7/7 or 8/5.
It should read 7/7 or 8/6 (Unless this was intentional)

Morgen wrote:
Ummmm.... wrote:


School evocation [electricity]; Level sorcerer/wizard 0

Casting Time 1 standard action

Components V, S

Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)

Effect one spark of electricity

Duration instantaneous

Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance yes

A wave of the hand and a snap of your fingers causes a jolt of lightning to shock the target. You must succeed on a ranged touch attack to hit your target. The jolt deals 1d3 points of electricity damage.


Did you just make that up? It's not in Ultimate Magic...

Dud anyone pay close attention to the hexcrafter archetype? For giving up one (useful) ability it seems like you get a lot. You get an expanded spell list, access to hexes, and an expansion on spellstrike.

E I wrote:
So one thing I noticed is that for the Witch patron Ancestors, the final spell 'Choose Fate' is not described anywhere in UM, the APG or Core. Wondering if this was something taken out at the last minute or not.

Yes. I thought about starting an errata thread but I wasn't sure I wanted to spoil the fun. Most people haven't even gotten the pdf's yet and no one have gotten their hardcovers.

Quandary wrote:

I´m mis-remembering the ability name then...

The playtest has been over for quite some time after all.
THere was some ability that let you cast off-list spells, I don´t know what it was/is called.

Spell blending would allow you to take calcific touch as a 10th level Magus.

Also MTG with the knowledge pool concerns, since it's prepared as if it was in your spellbook I would rule it can't be scribed into the spellbook.

Edit for grammar. Damn iPhone.

A couple months back they said the iPhone version was finished. They originally found a bug right before they released it so they pulled it back to fix it. I believe they fixed said bug and currently they have a completed app but they want to release the iPad version at the same time. So now we wait for the iPad version to be finished. Hopefully soon :)

Quandary wrote:

Probably depends on what specific Bloodlines allow that option,

and what other abilities / spells they offer besides the ability switch.
WIS can also be quite a powerful stat given Will Saves, and Monk / Cleric / Druid / Inquisitor multi-classing.

BUT WHAT ABOUT MY QUESTION? What happened to Broad Study???

Language was clarified but it's basically the same. You would be minimum 13th level before you could pull it off. I dont remember much about the concern that was raised during the playtest but I'm not sure it is such a huge deal. They would be able to cast the spell twice a day? Powerful, but not game breaking.

Patryn of Elvenshae wrote:

How did the Magus change from the playtest version?

We've obviously seen a couple of the abilities from the blog post earlier, but what else sticks out at you as being particularly cool / not cool?

It really didn't. There are some minor language changes but outside of the previewed changes it's basically the same.

Charles Dunwoody wrote:

It is also a swift action to cast so you can use it the round you cast it. Plus it gives elecricity immunity.

Even better. Missed the swift action part. That's what I get for skimming :)

Eric Zylstra wrote:
Any good low-level touch spells for wizards and sorcerors?

Frigid Touch and Force punch. 2nd and 3rd level respectively. Especially Force Punch.

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