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Righty's box of tools
level 1

5 oil
1 alch fire
1 holy water
2 acid
1 whetstone
2 daggers
1 club

add your armor of choice
add your kit of choice

Dark Archive

Repo mission 22 - investigation of Manor House. 1 live catch (category unstable - recommend termination), 1 collection of books (classification blue), 1 collection of notes (classification red), assorted sundries (classification white)

Temporary loss of one Darkive agent in process, revival fees aplit amongst team.

(The wheeled cart contains a humanoid wrapped tightly in a bedsheet with caution tags affixed. The balance of materials are stacked around the rest of the cart.)

The Exchange

If you need new construction think of Mel
If you use lower priced contractors you'll burn in Hel
Before the Goblins and the Orcs
Run you over with Pitchforks
Build your Castle Build it NOW
Build it MEL

Property of Mel Construction Industries Absolom Incorporated
All rights reserved

Dark Archive

A white robed messenger steps up to you holding a shiny stone with a centralized button. After depression a small hole opens in the stone projecting an image on a nearby wall.

A mithril clad halfling seated on an overstuffed leather chair before a large bookshelf. He wears an infernaly stylized smoking jacket over the armor. The Halfling removes his spectacles and speaks.

"Hello, I know there are are many pressing issues at hand these days. Wars, plagues, robberies, and etc. My name is Meridoc and I would like to help you. You see Pathfindering is hard work, and dangerous items might land in the wrong hands. Here at the Darkive we specialize in the location, recovery, and treatment of dangerous texts. But moreso, we CARE the most about our members. Led by the most passionate Faction Leader in Absolom's history, the Darkive has a personal interest in you, your training, and your personal career path. In fact we have just added a specialized wing dedicated to the study and disect.. um well being of our agents. Sure these other guys have a lot of grandious ideas, but here at the Darkive we .. care .. about You. Come join us...

Direct all inquiries at the Darkive to the humanoid resources department, special projects, marketing and information release. Cell 4503269

Message ends, the white robed figure walks down the street 20 yards, and restarts the object

Sovereign Court

I chanced upon a weeping Irisani Monk
Dear Sir why are you in such a funk

My Lord he wept I now truly know
Why not to eat the yellow snow

Dark Archive

I know its not cannon, but this name works for me. As there is a whole area on the northwest side of the grand lodge previously dedicated to dark studies (and very damaged some time ago) I was wondering what people thought about how the Darkive would look and its location.

(Just the looks, nothing else.)

Personally, my mind seems to hinge in the dark gothic architecture of good ole Cheliax. Rows of tables (uncluttered) attended by numerous indentured librarians. The upper gallery playing soft music. While the more delicate tomes are stored in strengthened lower vaults. Hellknight guardians patrol the site and grounds looking to expunge unwanted guests.

But like I said Im wondering about other views.

Dark Archive

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One librarian to rule them all
One librarian to find them
One librarian to bring them all
And in the darkness bind them.

Hi I'm Meridoc you may remember me from "the law offices of Meridoc Esquire" and "New vacations in beautiful lawful Cheliax."

I'm here at an undisclosed location for the grand opening of the Darkive. Yes its one word for those in the know. Its early but the tents are already starting to line up from the faithful. Maybe well get some interviews from those in line of their hopes and dreams of the best little adult bookstore in Absolom.

Dark Archive

An armored halfling riding a shaved war dog painted red and black saunters through the old temple of Aroden, now the chelish embassy. Hmmm, where is everybody these days Hellhound?.

Sovereign Court

So I know you go into bars, yeah don't deny it. You go there and hit up the bartender for the latest news...just like everyone else, every day, every hour, gods he must be the most underpaid overworked information broker ever. But instead of rumor hunting, what is the rumor YOU want to spread?

Mine - I hear vast wealth can be found beneath three blue rocks northwest of Nerosyn. If you happen to find these rocks speak the magic words, "oppa locka knocka who!" and piles of wealth will rain down on you. If you don't happen to get it right the first time, try it again...louder until you get it right. If you happen to encounter demons, just ask them where the treasure is..they're often helpful.

Sovereign Court

One of those messenger boys which you can never find during a mission but are thick as thieves when Drandle Dreng sends out summons skips up to you. Siirrr some crazy laughing elven chap told me to spread these around the lodge. A gold leaf embossed note card bearing a wax seal of a Tankard with the Taldan crown in the center. Upon opening you find the following.

I lived through it! Well Gloriana got me once, but the raise was a blast.
So, Ill Drown the whole of those poor wretches still living in the venture monkey meat grinder. Yes You poor wretch reading this note, I invite you to a day of drunken merriment. At my newly purchased villa in NW Westgate look for the trees...and listen for the bards.

Festivities will include but are not limited to
Opening ceremony, the burning of certain evidence which dear Baron Jaquo Dalsine leveraged me here.
The salute to empty chairs, and moment of silence for all the fallen who drink no more.
The first rum, in commemoration of my ascendency to the nobility.
The opening dance (while we still have the capacity to be upright)
Breakfast prayer given by the right honorable Temple of Calistria
Breakfast - by chef Riallen of Kyonin
The morning games (archery, duels, & non lethal challenges)
Brunch - by chef Thenil of Riddleport
Small games of chance (dice , cards, darts, and other dextrous events)
Lunch - by chef Anthor of Kaer Maga
Races (cart, foot, mount, flight, and mixed terrain)
Tea precisely at 3:30pm
The afternoon games & carnival.
Dinner - jacket and tie required - by chef Merimal of Absolom
Desserts fresh from Tien
After dinner Coffee including fireworks display and assorted sorceries
Convocation by the Marquis Du Ruum
Drinking will continue until morning, unconsciousness, or Battle

...after all when haven't you been attacked at a party?

Sovereign Court

A suggestion or invitation depending on your nature.

As a few of us either by wayward wanderings from Kyonin or errant forlorn congregate within the city of Absolom, it occurs to me an elven enclave seems natural within the society. Although its not present now, perhaps in time (in 10, 100, or 1000 years) it would be possible. So we begin today.

We the long lived few, strong in magic, slow to anger, swift to vengeance, and never deliberate in our ways. I would offer you respite within the walls of the Eben Glade. The glade is a townhouse purchased in Westerhold, and from my map I would place it at the farthest northwest corner of the city. Even well into the trees would be my preference.

The Enclave's purpose
To lend aid, solace, and advice for visiting elves in Absolom.
To secure the release of those elves landing in Misery Row.
To venerate the elven panthenon.
To destroy demonic influences in Kyonin and beyond.

The Membership
Any Elven pathfinder may join (or merely visit the glade).
There is no charge, but donations (in coin, goods, or food) are appreciated.
Senior members are recommended (but not required) to purchase a townhouse near the Enclave to grow its environs.
Operating funds to be mainly through the trade of elven goods from Kyonin to Absolom. Or in the manufacture of such goods in the Glade.

Duties of membership
Honor and respect the Decemverite.
Fulfill your mission.
Guide your fellows to a path of good intent.
Destroy the forces of evil (especially Demons) without remorse.
Liberate Elven hostages whenever possible, but if not then report their location for later retrieval.
Survive - the dead have no place in our halls.
Take the long course - we shall endure.

Dark Archive

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I always have many question, but one of them is...why are the Chelaxian Faction Notices...."Sticky"

Dark Archive

When I am strolling through the park, delving some ruin, or just on a date with that special someone...I tend to think of my favorite Chelaxian tunes.

You've got that infernal healing
Whoa that infernal healin
You've got that infernal healing
And its wrong soooo wrong
But it keeps me going on whoa whoa who

Feel free to add yours

Sovereign Court

A finely engraved invitation to the show pomp and circumstance arrived at noon last week. Though you may have heard of the show, the letter's weight and perhaps the gold lettering took to your vanity. Had not someone mentioned it during tea? No matter the coach brought you safely here. Many a fine carriage was lined with regal guest hopping into the establishment. The lights dimmed the curtain arose....oh my.

A fashionably dressed elf sits behind a wide bar. His coat is of velvet crochet, with by Abadar fine gold buttons each one appearing as a Taldan marker. Oddly enough the Taldan crest also seems to move around slowly across his coat (sometimes cenetered on the back, sometimes on the sleeve, or on the left front pocket. His shirt and pants appear of a silken quality. Both hemmed in gold..or was that silver. A pair of fine shoes likely just purchased today round out the ensemble. He does not appear armed, which is good.

More oddly around the perimeter of the stage (behind the bar). there are a host of chefs turning out a variety of foods. The fellow speaks.

"Forgive my amusement,. We elves are known by race for merriment, so I am oft required to act the part. My invitation was to here we are. It was of course named pomp and circumstance - well we're all Taldan here so that takes care of one and the circumstance is my query to you.

Who wants some Rum! My name is too difficult in the tongues of men, so I've chosen the alias Righty. Many of you know me as the Marquis du Ruum. A merriment of the monarch for services rendered...well lets be honest shipments of Ruum.

Do come up on stage I promise noone will be the wiser. I've spent a few favors to have any unwanted spies and prying eyes disposed off. I daresay the local slave quarter is conveniently placed here in Absolom. And, if such things are beneath your station...there are masks at each seat.

May I also add, the pheasant is divine (the elf samples one with a flourish). I daresay his shirt was gold before, and has turned to silver.