Retirement Party at the Eben Glade.


Sovereign Court

One of those messenger boys which you can never find during a mission but are thick as thieves when Drandle Dreng sends out summons skips up to you. Siirrr some crazy laughing elven chap told me to spread these around the lodge. A gold leaf embossed note card bearing a wax seal of a Tankard with the Taldan crown in the center. Upon opening you find the following.

I lived through it! Well Gloriana got me once, but the raise was a blast.
So, Ill Drown the whole of those poor wretches still living in the venture monkey meat grinder. Yes You poor wretch reading this note, I invite you to a day of drunken merriment. At my newly purchased villa in NW Westgate look for the trees...and listen for the bards.

Festivities will include but are not limited to
Opening ceremony, the burning of certain evidence which dear Baron Jaquo Dalsine leveraged me here.
The salute to empty chairs, and moment of silence for all the fallen who drink no more.
The first rum, in commemoration of my ascendency to the nobility.
The opening dance (while we still have the capacity to be upright)
Breakfast prayer given by the right honorable Temple of Calistria
Breakfast - by chef Riallen of Kyonin
The morning games (archery, duels, & non lethal challenges)
Brunch - by chef Thenil of Riddleport
Small games of chance (dice , cards, darts, and other dextrous events)
Lunch - by chef Anthor of Kaer Maga
Races (cart, foot, mount, flight, and mixed terrain)
Tea precisely at 3:30pm
The afternoon games & carnival.
Dinner - jacket and tie required - by chef Merimal of Absolom
Desserts fresh from Tien
After dinner Coffee including fireworks display and assorted sorceries
Convocation by the Marquis Du Ruum
Drinking will continue until morning, unconsciousness, or Battle

...after all when haven't you been attacked at a party?

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