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Sovereign Court

My My, a fine and may I say appropriate weapon for an aristocrat. My darling father gifted me with a similar weapon before he died.... of unusual circumstances. They say he fell off his horse onto a score of arrows.

I've added a bit of gold to accent it (withdrawing a shoulder holstered pistol). It is also ensorcelled to be merciful to the enemy...rather than merely punching holes in their for heads. I try to avoid killing...with a few exceptions.

I've also found need for a backup (withdrawing a pepperbox from his back.) I add special bullets to the latter, depending on the need.

Sovereign Court

"Whew that was close," mutters a white suited Tiefling fading into view. He brushes some dust .... or is it pine needles off his suit.

"Terribly inconvenient, hope I am not too late?"

Sovereign Court

I didn't kill the eidolon, the bullet passing through his skull did all the work.

Sovereign Court

A lean tiefling in a white suit slides through the door, locking it behind him. The hurried steps of several persons are heard beyond the door.

"Ahh, I inquired with the local lodge and I heard you were .. leaving town. I happen to be very much interested in the mission you are on, you are leaving town soon I guess... In any event, my name is Francisco de la Scaramanga the um... well somewhat of a man with a golden gun. I do hope we can leave soon, or I can meet you outside of town?"

Sovereign Court

"I keep my ownership of certain individuals on a need to know basis, most Andoran "Edgers" just don't need to know.

Sovereign Court

Im glad you elaborated, forceful negotiation to me means me talking and the negotiatee nodding at the end of a loaded pistol. Your methods seem far more pleasent and less damaging to my apparel.

Sovereign Court

A white suited Tiefling saunters into the hall. He taps a fine grey tobacco into a cigarette then rolls it out delicately. Removing a silver box of tindertwigs he lights the cigarette and breathes in the toxic fume. A shoulder holster flashes the tell tale buldge of a pistol, that you would guess is gold plated.

Sorry I missed the required reading. My own venue was to translate from infernal to Taldane for an insurrectionist's would be revolution. My Andoran friends oh yes Liberty's Edge colleagues did not possess the required skills in diplomacy. They being a pair of inquisitors and I a humble rogue (ninja).

Scaramanga's infernal heritage denotes his estrangement from his Taldan family. He does however bear a title to a keep in Fangwood.

Sovereign Court

I usually keep to core races, unless I find someone worth keeping in a scenario. But no one has batted an eye when (not me) I ran across a guy with an Allu herald at a game.

I obviously reprimanded my halfling porter for his lack of exoticness. Next game he wore fake horns, fake wings, and a fake tail.

Sovereign Court

Scaramanga adds, Oz you may wish to be more choosy qith your alcohol as it is a poison. The detection may be invalid. Such was the case with brother Theodore when my eldest switched his whiskey with wood alcohol. The resultant blindness left him wholly indefensible. Sad world we live in.

Sovereign Court

The beautiful, graceful, and unbiased? Chelaxian graces us with her presence. It is not often that I may socialize due to the tragedy of my lineage.

(Scaramanga while dressed in the gentile nature of the aristocracy, also bears a set of eyes seen mostly in the infernal planes.)

I agree on your assessment that courtesy is a form of stealth. However, I have found some obstinance in the "former" followers of Andoran. I can more easily deal with a ghoul, than one who's hunger for an ideal overtakes his mind.

Sovereign Court

Thats fine Oz, I have dozens of signatures on my version of the accords. Its an informal agreement of course, purely for the risk takers and societal adventurers. It's also fun at parties.

As a matter of coincidence during the wake at Fangwood for one of my brothers and his chosen followers, sad really I do warn them of the dangers of Fangwood. Sigh. Anyway during the wake someone asked me about the muddy fields issue. As if one of station would duel on a sodden field with no consideration to apparrel. I set the matter straight of course, the fellow may have been a little simple but he took right away and signed up after I shot him between the eyes, non leathelly of can one learn if they are dead. SPLENDID Party! Wish you could have been there.

Sovereign Court

The white dressed Tiefling smiles, revealing incredibly white teeth.

I am down to 4 siblings after their last foray into the Fangwood. There should be signs preventing such accidents. Dreadful.

I also spent a pleasent evening on the outskirts of Quadira...translating infernal to Taldane for a member of Liberty's Edge. Such excitable people, running about knocking this or that over...very amusing.

Sorry I can't join in on the random little skirmishes, my hope is laid on something larger will be available for my specific skillset.

Sovereign Court

I made a Gunglinger/Mysterious Stranger 1, Ninja X

Different Talents than your version
minor magic - acid splash
major magic - true strike (to be used for combat maneuvers)
dispelling strike at level 10

Nothing says lovin like "where did all your buffs go?"
then turn pressure points back on and remove dex/str whichever you like.

Note: A. main weapon is lucky merciful +x pistol

B. backup is pepperbox loaded with ghost salt (3 barrels) and 3 barrels of whatever I need at the time (adamantine, cold Iron, silver). I'll eventually make this one reliable +1.

Sorry I'm not with you on skills I prefer 10/level or more if I can work it.

Sovereign Court

Its two for one night at the Calistrian Temple. Walk in the front entrance and tell em Aram Zey sent you. If you run into any gold troubles use the phrase, Aram said to add it to his tab. Remember to wink and nod a lot while doing this.

Sovereign Court

Oil of taggit ingested poison, keep feedingit to him until unconscious. Its a low dc but eveyone rolls low eventually.

Sovereign Court

We had an Inquisitor with the right faction, but my Rogue had Diplomacy and we both spoke infernal after a few rounds of "translation" and me improving / changing the inquisitor's story ans ad libbing from Les Miserabes we had the table rolling on the floor.

The DM said wow.

Sovereign Court

Just an update, the original version is a blast at the local gathering, I have half a dozen signatures from Sovereign Court members. I refuse to allow other factions to sign, but the Andorans have a distinct facial expression after reading it. I dare say it causes them to gain a new color...I call it Liberty's Red.

Yes yes my prose is not legal, non binding, scandalous, and ever so amusing for me. Which after all is the main intent of it.

Cheerfully yours
Francisco de la Scaramanga
The Lord of Fangwood

8th in line to the Barony of Scaramanga
(The 8 is crossed out with a note - 7th now my brother Thomas came over for tea, he and his group of killers had an unfortunate and rare case of cold iron poisoning. I'm taking it well thank you for your condolences.)

Sovereign Court

Scaramanga, perception 26, roll 11

That's why my version had a writ for banditry. You just need a legal document to commit crimes, good ole Taldor...I mean Sovereign Court.

Everything I do is purely legal honest and truthful just like the wind driven paladin holding a babe in one arm and a longsword in the other.

Bluff 31, roll 12 - (and if you believe that one, I've got a beautiful bridge to sell you in Egorian.)

Sovereign Court

Sorry dear your phrase is viable but mine rhymes better. (Try singing it to the old pbs song) Ill likely have my version scribed and see how many signatures I get to affirm it. :)

Sovereign Court

Oh certainly, its a rough draft of course feel free to amend as needed.

Preamble: We the privileged, in order to from a more civilized Golarion. Establish justice by affirmign indentured slavery. Provide for our own defense, promote the nobility's welfare and hence demand prosperity to ourselves and our posterity, and thereby establish this constitution of the Sovereign Court of Golarion.

Article 1 - The commons, those nobles wretches who fill our purses with coin, shall have the right to serve their betters. Anyone not smiling and cheering during a noble procession is subject to the lash.

Article 2 - The nobility, gifted by the divine and affirmed by the gods with certain unalienable rights notably property, servants, good wine, and fine horses. It is the right and duty of the local nobility to protect the populace when convenient, and sort out any banditry unapproved by themselves.

Article 3 - The merchants, the riff raff that they are shall pay taxes to their local lieges, based on a formula constructed by same.

Article 4 - The sovereign court does not abide lawlessness, piracy, or poor fashion sense. Unless a writ is granted prior.

Article 5 - The sovereign court hereby deems all powers not covered by this document to be held in trust to the local nobles, who may by their affirmation grant limited powers upon others. That trust is of course temporary (see article 6)

Article 6 - To guarantee the role of interstate trade, any power deemed necessary by a simple majority of the nobility will be rendered to the sovereign court.

Article 7 - The sovereign court does not openly endorse any religion, although it perfectly within the realms of Articles 5 and 6 to do so at leisure.

Article 8 - To ensure the fairness and truthfulness of the commons when in court, all commoners giving testimony will do so under duress and torture.

Article 9 - The right to yield in combat is available solely to those nobles on either sides. It must be adhered to strictly, unless an accident happens.

Article 10 - The right to a trial by combat is given only to those landed nobles accused of a crime. The realm shall choose a champion, the noble may choose a champion if the field is muddy.

Cheerfully Yours,
Francisco de La Scaramanga
Current Lord and Baron of the Fangwood Keep (tm) all rights reserved

Sovereign Court

I hold my liquor just fine. Its the drinking that gets to shmee.

Sovereign Court

Scaramanga - I for one am glad that sordid affair in Mendev and Sarkosis is over. I went through a half dozen good pairs of boots and my wallet strained under the cost of properly outfitting my regiment in the field (51 field uniforms, 51 dress uniforms, and 10 dinner jackets for my valued officers. I almost had to roast my porter as the field rations were such a poor state of affairs.

Knick Knak - I am glad you didn't boss.

Scaramanga - Sacrifices must be made, luckily we won quickly and we need not have you for dinner. Righto on to the next endeavor!

Sovereign Court

M. Scaramanga - As a landholder and noble of Nimrathas it makes me shine to separate myself from the clutching foppery of my Taldan kin. Im sure they are still aghast at my will bequeathing my estate to my manservant.

Knick - Yes when you die good lord its all mine.

M. S. - keep sending the assassins dear lad, I do enjoy the practice.

Sovereign Court

Rogue - ninja gunslinger using extra darkness sla for humanoids. The "man" with a golden gun.
Rogue - Thug two weapon club w sap master. The nightmare
Mystic Theurge - early entry via rakshasa sla & deception domain. Doctor Phil Moore Love, losing known spells is improved by swapping up divine spells.
Arcane trickster - Rake, Rakshasa/infernal dual bloodline - early entry w improved fiendish sorcery for additional cha boost. Considering the alternative of using sgar instead and dumping charisma for intelligence

Sovereign Court

My group spent time discussing the current state of affairs for an hour with "the box" Then as negotiations failed we resorted to showing first hand the life and its glory. We did enact certain provisions and a pledge of honor to hold our claim. I myself dueled him twice, first laying him out in a single round with my pistol. Then rehealing him and dueling via sword which I still nearly killed him, but taking a dive is not the least of the crimes I will commit for the Decemvirate and for Taldor.

Sovereign Court

Scaramanga, "I wonder how dear Taldor will fare in this Knick Knack?"

"Eh boss ole Glory will bring us through. Or we'll join the"

Sovereign Court

Doug Miles wrote:


As for Marek Bogdan, they suspected him from the beginning but had to gather evidence first. Then before the arrest warrant could be served, a single 4th level PC turned out the "Swordlord"'s lights, literally. Fricking tieflings & darkness.

The Ghost of Dorian Grey seems more at peace now.


Francisco de la Scaramanga & his "faithful" follower Knick Knack

Sovereign Court

I think in a sense its is a mistake to make consider a ninja a non rogue, as the ninja is just another archetype of Rogue.

I've noted the objection to ranged Ninja Gunslinger as a non ranged Rogue with a sense of mirth as much of the "better than Rogues" examples are often archetypes of bards, alchemists, rangers, inquisitors, etc.

Yet the source of these half breeds is the developer's blending of rogues with another class to have a skilled (perhaps stealthy) improvement over the Fighter, Cleric, or Wizard. Or perhaps they agree with you, the Rogue needs a boost...easy enough play the mixed bag.

Then I see the tired old "fix" full bab, spells, max skills, feat every level, etc. It clearly shows where that train is headed. If you have no limits, have everyone play the "deity class" and the game becomes dull.

I do agree with several earlier statement that when power gaming you can find easier routes to power via other sources. I don't disagree with that statement. But as a Rogue enthusiast (yes a form of deviancy) I just don't go over the cliff.

My question is what is the minimum damage a character should do to be optimal for the group. I've asked it before without answer. I think it yields where your direction of thought lies. My own answer is 25% of the typical opposition hps at your CR.

Anyway - happy hunting..I've a half dozen relatives in line for the family much to do, so little blackpowder.

Yours Truly

Sovereign Court

To Mystically Inclined - Gunglingers are generally about getting criticals. As long as I hit, I do all the damage I intend. Criticals are simply gravy. At level 4 i'm gunning 3 shots (primary, Ki shot, Rapid Shot) if I hit (flat foot touch) = d8 +1 + 2d6, avg 11.5x3=36.

The old saw is - rogues can't hit, ranged rogues can't ever make more than 1 sneak attack. I've not experienced these two myself as of yet. But when you move into levels 13 to 17 more things have true seeing and can prevent invis. Then I'll have more trouble. Luckily with PFS I really don't have to worry much past 12. I've already promoted one guy to 18, one to 12, one to 13. The balance of my characters are not likely to move up past 12....unless I DM

Sovereign Court

To the OP - Stick a level of gunslinger on the ninja. Target level 11 greater invis self while going for flat footed touch. Double tap for Sap adept / Sap master with a merciful pistol. It takes a while to get there, but anything worthwhile takes investment. Full round attacks without any 3rd party buff all sneak attach.

a. if you can't hit a flat footed touch, just go wizard and stop rolling d20's.
b. prior to level 12 you can still vanish.
c. you may consider going tiefling and using darkness in certain situations (where the enemy doesn't have darkvision).
d. anytime you can unload in surprise rounds / top of the round

So far out of the scenarios I've played with this rogue (in PFS) now level 4
a. I've outdamaged all other characters at the table.
b. I've soloed several encounters, just by getting the drop with initiative.
c. I've dominated several combats simply with darkness. (without putting my party at any disadvantage). Again full round attacks at flat footed touch.

You mentioned survivability.
Rogues have to play smart, think about position, and primarily not soak damage. Its not their role. You're looking for targets putting them down and finding out what the next target will be. Maybe you fire first and take down a key opponent. Another encounter you vanish and study the opposition in round one. Or you'll sneak into encounters, let the loud guys trip the enemy and pop in at the right time.

I will disagree that Rogues are weak and useless. But as I've been informed, I'm simply a Rogue Enthusiast- a type of deviant....and yet another title that I embrace wholeheartedly.

Sovereign Court

My comment was for the dispelling strike rogue. Its similar to my "man" with the golden gun tiefling. To hit at range I use darkness now and eventually deeper darkness.

Your opportunist seems good enough. A capable enforcer.

Sovereign Court

Marthkus wrote:

Ranged rogue?

I've come to terms with the rogues most valid range option being UMD.

Your statement was what is the error in the poorly formatted rogue. I'm not interested in rehashing the rogue bash.

Sovereign Court

Why are you feinting with a ranged rogue?
I'd go for acid splash and true strike.
Combat reflexes is odd.

Switch to tiefling take a level of gunslinger a pair of fiendish sights and see in deeper darkness. Ranged sneak attack except for devils on touch.

Sovereign Court

Ducking behind a barrel as some running ruffians rush rapidly a route. A white clad figure turns oddly towards you. He looks slightly infernal and obviously Taldan by the crown on his lapel.

Um, I see you're crusading. I too share that Mendevian spirit to be far from here. Pray is there gunpowerder about? I've run low this weekend shooting...rats....and you can never be too careful at night.

Is this Tabbard free? Looks nice and fits comfortably. Not too many cuts in the fabric.

Sovereign Court

nah hit him with 100 brownies with 100 level 3 magic missile wands.
200 d4+1's later its all over.

Sovereign Court

Dear me, What a dirty little place you have here. Frogs and whatnot... I guess the decore could grow on me...literally.

My name today is Scaramanga, my history is somewhat infernal. My methods direct. I daresay there are a few bodies in the river which belonged to me. Weighted down of course, its so inconvenient when old friends pop up unexpectedly.

Pathfindering came easily, you see my family disapproves of me. I'm 16th in line for dear ole dad's former title. He got me by dallying with some Erinyes. Mom wasn't the kindest of parents, but who "in hell" is.

I hear "dad" lost his title in a hunting see he fell of his horse into some arrows. Not mine of course, I never had the knack for bows. My preference is an ivory handled 45 caliber Longtooth pistol. Easy on the eyes, a might loud on the discharge...but the effects are most pleasing to the eyes.

One day I may go looking for his title, but for now Absolom is a good haven. I may even buy a hat of disguise and head up to Mendev. Its probably safer than Razmir is for me today. I thought River boat gambling was in fashion, but evidently I was wrong.

Sovereign Court

Digitalelf;Your premise is flawed. You cannot retroactively change existing weapons without seizure. Seizure is where the control crowd wants to go but can't immediately accomplish. So they rely on incremental means. Don't worry the control crowd will eventually win in time. Personal liberty is on its way out.