The Blackwood Swamp Irregulars


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Howdy y'all! This here's gonna be the new hangout for the Blackwood Swamp Irregulars. I'm Annie, and I'm in charge of recruitment for our new rag-tag little band. We're based out of the fine ol' city of Cassomir, conveniently in the middle of this here Blackwood Swamp. The point of our little unit's to fight for the glory of Ol' Taldor in our own particular ways, especially if those ways ain't gonna fit in too well with the reg'lar military structure. Someone's gotta do the wet work though, and I can't promise that any of us are gonna earn our beards. Not like I'd be able to grow one anyway.

So I ain't too good at introductions, but as I said, I'm Annie. My musket here hasn't earned herself a name yet, but by gum she's gonna. So now I guess I'd like to get to know y'all a little better.

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Lee harvey frogswald reporting for duty....

I am currently searching the ruins of thornkeep. But I will report back soon

Sovereign Court

Prig Lil, ready to report as cavalry in the Blackwood Swamp Irregulars! I'm training my giant frog to serve as my trusty steed, and I'm ready to hop into battle!

Sovereign Court

Dear me, What a dirty little place you have here. Frogs and whatnot... I guess the decore could grow on me...literally.

My name today is Scaramanga, my history is somewhat infernal. My methods direct. I daresay there are a few bodies in the river which belonged to me. Weighted down of course, its so inconvenient when old friends pop up unexpectedly.

Pathfindering came easily, you see my family disapproves of me. I'm 16th in line for dear ole dad's former title. He got me by dallying with some Erinyes. Mom wasn't the kindest of parents, but who "in hell" is.

I hear "dad" lost his title in a hunting see he fell of his horse into some arrows. Not mine of course, I never had the knack for bows. My preference is an ivory handled 45 caliber Longtooth pistol. Easy on the eyes, a might loud on the discharge...but the effects are most pleasing to the eyes.

One day I may go looking for his title, but for now Absolom is a good haven. I may even buy a hat of disguise and head up to Mendev. Its probably safer than Razmir is for me today. I thought River boat gambling was in fashion, but evidently I was wrong.

Sovereign Court

Up Taldor!

My dearest Annie, do not hesitate to drop me a line at the Menotherian's Silhouette in Absalom if you would like to schedule training exorcises between the Blackwood Swamp Irregulars and the Taldan-Gebite-Joint-Expeditionary-Regiment before our forces begin making their way north to glory for the Empire.

And, of course, anyone sporting your unit's arms will get half-price admission to my theater... We must all do our part!

The Right Honorable Lady Lillebryst MacFaileas, Visbaronetess of Bordell-on-Jalrune, Corvette Captain of His Majesty's Zimar Corsairs, Colonel of the Taldan–Gebite Joint Expeditionary Regiment, Gythia of the Sacred Sting, Dragonslayer, Husmær of the Ulfen Guard, Member of the Lion Blades, Companion of House Avenstar

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