Gun Rogue Build!


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So you want to be a Gun Rogue...

Let's say you love martial classes and you love a challenge. You've see the Rogue thrashed in the forums every single day, and can't help feel a little bit of pity... but also a kindling of resolve within you that yells "I want to make this class work!"

Well, look no further my friend, because right now I'll introduce you to the Gun Rogue!

Build Rundown
The Gun Rogue is based on these cornerstones:

  • Sneak attack damage on ranged attacks making up for not adding DEX-to-damage.
  • Hitting touch AC, making a Rogue's usually low accuracy a non-issue.
  • Gun-twirling feints to target AC10 while shooting two weapons for high lethality.
  • Evasion and Uncanny Dodge to maintain good physical defenses.
  • High Will saves to be able to refill grit gauge with Resolve of the Rejected, if it's a possibility.
  • Never get Combat Expertise.
  • Rake archetype for higher Bluff (for feinting) and free action Intimidates after feinting (which then become a long list of sneak attacks thanks to Shatter Defenses).

The Build by Level
For purposes of illustration, here's the build at level 1, 4, 8 and 12. 20-point buy, 2 traits, Human. Other races are of course a possibility.

STATS: STR 8, DEX 15 (+2), CON 14, INT 8, WIS 15, CHA 14
Alternate Racial: SIlver Tongued
Traits: Resolve of the Rejected, Indomitable Faith
Favored class bonus: 1/6 of Rogue Talent (until level 18 of course)
Pips: 4th level +1 DEX, 8th level +1 WIS, rest to DEX

1. Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot (use a hand crossbow at this level)
3. Gunsmithing
5. Dazzling Display
7. Rapid Reload
9. Rapid Shot
11. Shatter Defenses
13. Deadly Aim
15. Gunslinger
17. Improved Precise Shot
19. Clustered Shots

2. Firearm Training
4. Weapon Training (Pistol)
6. Combat Trick: Quick Draw // Grit: Amateur Gunslinger (Quick Clear), Grit Feat (Gun Twirling)
8. Ninja Trick -> Combat Trick: Two-Weapon Fighting (this is still a legal choice! Do not believe d20pfsrd's lies.)
10. Feat: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
12. Improved Evasion // Slippery Mind
14. Stealthy Sniper
16. Crippling Strike
18. Defensive Roll // Hunter's Surprise
20. ???

Anyway, I've put this guy on freeze since I'm trying out an Inquisitor right now, don't know if I'll ever get back to him...

I know he's extremely feat hungry but what can I say! The flavor won me over.

I made this guy a goblin ninja and by using guns with the mercy enchantment i used sap adept/Master(bludgeoner is also a option). My first built was TWF but lag of hands med it use a single double barrel pistol.

I made a similar one.. except I went with the quick moving style fellow. Used Scout instead of Rake, so if could move and get a shot in if it's something I want to run away from.
Used a dagger pistol though, so I had options.

Don't forget your sniper goggles!
If you get Mythic Tier 1 there's an ability that lets you multiple a ranged weapon's range increments by like 5 or 10, use a musket and Sniper Goggles and sneak attack from 400 feet away!

My only critique is why wisdom 15? Are you wantin to raise it up for more grit points? Because I'd personally miss having a 10 INT on a rogue who didn't have skilled but that's just my choice. Looks solid otherwise.

I'd take pressure points as my ninja trick instead. Stealthy sniper is kinda worthless.

Also, INT is useless for Rogues, really...

You see a Wizard and you say "Oh, they already get great Will saves, I can dump WIS".

You see a Paladin, and you say "Oh, they already get heavy armor, I can keep DEX on 10".

But people see a Rogue and say... "Oh, they already get a huge amount of skills per level, I WANT INT TO BE HIGHER!!!"

It makes no sense in terms of optimization... the only Rogue skill that requires INT is Master Strike.

LoneKnave wrote:
I'd take pressure points as my ninja trick instead. Stealthy sniper is kinda worthless.

Good idea.

Sovereign Court

I made a Gunglinger/Mysterious Stranger 1, Ninja X

Different Talents than your version
minor magic - acid splash
major magic - true strike (to be used for combat maneuvers)
dispelling strike at level 10

Nothing says lovin like "where did all your buffs go?"
then turn pressure points back on and remove dex/str whichever you like.

Note: A. main weapon is lucky merciful +x pistol

B. backup is pepperbox loaded with ghost salt (3 barrels) and 3 barrels of whatever I need at the time (adamantine, cold Iron, silver). I'll eventually make this one reliable +1.

Sorry I'm not with you on skills I prefer 10/level or more if I can work it.

I like the concept a lot. Did you consider starting with one level of gunslinger? It seems like that would free up three feats (Amateur Gunslinger, Firearm Training, and Gunsmithing) as well as nominally boost saves and HP.

About Gun Twirling: Are you sure that you don't need Improved Feint in order to actually feint with your gun and fire in the same round? I tend to agree with your interpretation, but I've never seen the feat used in a game and I'd be afraid a GM could also reasonably read it as simply allowing you to feint with a gun, as an ordinary standard action. Is there some sort of ruling floating around, or at least a general consensus it works in your favor?

You can also go Human and take racial heritage twice to count as a kobold and ratfolk, then combine the Gulch Gunner and Bushwacker Gunslinger archetypes, then add in the False Opening feat for an alternate sneaky gunner build. Well, not so much "sneaky" as "shooting you point blank in the face and getting sneak attack anyway."

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