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Dark Archive 5/5 5/55/55/5

A petiite tien woman comes around to you, handing out samples of tea. She carries a flag with the Wu Chai Tea logo on it, and has a monkey on her shoulder. "My family make Wu Chai Tea, the tea with the monkey on the box. I'm Jasmine, and this is my body guard, Ryukyo! We wanted to join Lantern Lodge, but the doors were closed. So Miss Zarta, she say, 'Come in, come in!' She call me her 'Scrumptious Tea Cake' and she so nice, we join 'Dark Archive!'"

At this point, the melee guys to whom I'm handing the tea usually look at it dubiously, and ask me if I have any beer. However, by the END of the adventure, they are all happily drinking my tea and proclaiming it the best tea EVER since Jasmine and her monkey give +3 to attack and damage. From then on, when I see them, they shout, "I love your monkey tea!"

Sovereign Court 5/5

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"Where do I park my camel?"

Liberty's Edge 3/5

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Lyric the Singing Paladin wrote:
Out of character, I hand out sheets with Lyric's paladin code and explain that she's an oradin (Paladin / Life Oracle cross.) She fights, she heals and she makes friends with everyone. She's even made friends with trolls, goblins and other monsters. It's the power of music. Everyone loves music, right?

I'm still learning about how to be a paladin. Luckily, my familiar Trill wrote down my paladin code on some fancy stationary printed to look like a scroll! I read it out loud to the table when I need to remind myself (or others) about the values I hold myself to.

"I see beauty in others..."

Silver Crusade

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Lissa Meadowlark wrote:
Lyric the Singing Paladin wrote:
Out of character, I hand out sheets with Lyric's paladin code and explain that she's an oradin (Paladin / Life Oracle cross.) She fights, she heals and she makes friends with everyone. She's even made friends with trolls, goblins and other monsters. It's the power of music. Everyone loves music, right?

I'm still learning about how to be a paladin. Luckily, my familiar Trill wrote down my paladin code on some fancy stationary printed to look like a scroll! I read it out loud to the table when I need to remind myself (or others) about the values I hold myself to.

"I see beauty in others..."

"Eh. I guess I could have told Misaki about our paladin code, but it doesn't really matter. The girl's learning to be a warrior, and she's already a good and honorable person, without knowing about the code. That's why Shizuru chose her, and sent me to guide her along."

"Besides, between you and me, I wouldn't want to confuse the poor girl with too much information. Nice kid, but not the sharpest katana in the sheathe, if you know what I mean."

Grand Lodge 3/5 Venture-Agent, Washington—Bellevue aka Divvox2

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Lyric the Singing Paladin wrote:

A tall pretty red headed half elf in plate armor comes into the room and smiles at everyone. Prominent is a glaive, a holy symbol of Shelyn, and a permanently chipper disposition. "Hello, I'm Lyric, the Singing Paladin! Um, could you look my way when you're talking? I'm deaf, but I read lips."

"I've never been to [adventure Location] before, but I bet we'll make lots of new friends!"

Out of character, I hand out sheets with Lyric's paladin code and explain that she's an oradin (Paladin / Life Oracle cross.) She fights, she heals and she makes friends with everyone. She's even made friends with trolls, goblins and other monsters. It's the power of music. Everyone loves music, right?

I desperately want to play my Suli paladin of Shelyn with this character. Also a singer, but carries a bardiche he thinks is a glaive ("I gave the weapon smith a large bag of gold and told him to give me the finest glaive he had!")

I usually don't have a long intro, something along the lines of, "I'm Galton Ranner, paladin of Shelyn! Skilled with my glaive and song."

I fear he'd drive your paladin insane though. He often does that to people. Periodically through a scenario I'll break out singing some ear-worm. Occasionally, when there is an NPC or player who's having a rough time, I'll try to give them some words of encouragement... "Look, I know you're [horribly blunt description of physical appearance or tragic life events], but you're beautiful on the inside, and Shelyn sees that. Now lets go [do activity that helps them]!"

It's also stunning how often opportunities to use Perform (Sing) comes up in PFS. I have loved playing him so much.

At some point I'm going to diversity in Perform skills and get Perform (Dance) for that sweet soft-shoe shuffle action.

Silver Crusade

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Given that I've now posted in character as Whistles, I ought to follow the theme of the thread and show you how I normally introduce Misaki and Whistles at the table.

A warrior in full plate and a katana on her belt removes her helmet to reveal an angelically beautiful Tien-Min aasimar woman.

"Hello. My name is Misaki. I'm a warrior, these days."

"ISSLES!!!" a small song thrush sitting on her shoulder announces loudly, in almost human sounding speech.

"Oh, right. And this is Whistles, my... err... guide, I guess."

As the other members of the party introduce themselves, Whistles flies up to each one and says "ISSLES!!!" again, as if introducing himself, and waits to see how each reacts to him. Later in the adventure, he's much more likely to cast Guidance and help out those who are nice to him, and don't just treat him as a dumb animal. And given that he speaks common and has higher combined int + wis than his anime girl "companion animal", he's really not a dumb animal. Usually, about halfway through the adventure, he'll start talking to other PCs, and reveal how smart he is.

Silver Crusade 5/5 5/55/55/5

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It would be so much fun to play all our Shelynite paladins together. I was so excited when a recent scenario had another Shelynite paladin in it as an NPC. We should start a glee club!

I can't tell you how many times people have asked me in a game... "What kind of a paladin are YOU?"

"The kind that doesn't have a stick up her ass."


Lyric has:

  • drunk beer with trolls;
  • supervised a poo-flinging contest between a goblin and a barbarian teammate;
  • patted a demonic spider eidolon on the head and said to its summoner: "I see! You're redeeming him! How wonderful!"

    This was made even funnier by the comments that the demonic spider was making at the time of "Aaaagh, she's touching me!! Can I eat her face NOW?" which Lyric could not hear because a) she's deaf and b) the spider didn't have lips.

  • Silver Crusade

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    "I... fol-low... She-lyn... too. ... Not a... pal-a-din, though. ... I... don't... sing. ... I ... just... carve."

    Varg hands Lyric a small wood carving.

    craft: wood carving: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 20

    It's a nicely carved little wooden rose.

    And that +4 is WITH masterwork tools.

    Silver Crusade 5/5 5/55/55/5

    "Oh how perfect!" Lyric looks down with delight at the little wooden rose in her hand, and kisses Varg on the forehead. "Thank you so much! I don't carry much with me, but I'll treasure this!"

    I'm totally adding this to my character sheet. It's adorable!

    Perform Sing: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (18) + 6 = 24

    In return, Lyric sings you a song.

    A rose bloomed in the wood
    A friendship made, we understood
    The blessed music of Shelyn
    Shining from a heart so pure and good
    Giving all the joy he could --
    Love is calling! Let it in!

    Silver Crusade 4/5

    [Disclaimer: I know maybe three people at most read these but eh, what the hecky]

    A short, ebony man's been watching the introductions and silently talking to, what appears to be a small green-hued scorpion. From time to time a boisterous voice can be heard interrupting the Zenji wizard, clattering keenly from a sheath strapped next to a plain longbow. Both the scorpion and the bearded scholar seem to ignore the clatter

    "Salutations, companions. How good to be here at the lodge again. Nothing quite so irritating than spending yet another night in a ditch near the Mendevian frontlines. Hahhah, don't let that look creep any further! Let's talk about the good times! Maybe this mission to come, yes?"

    "Or you can ask me about evil outsiders. Pathfinders always do."

    It's easy to notice his prominent tic everytime such subjects as the Worldwound, the Outer Planes or demons are proached. His fingers reach to his back, as if to draw an arrow, but just before hitting the nonexistent quiver they stop near his neck, annoyedly scratching it instead.

    "What'll it be? The Gates Ajar? Thurl's work? Umbral Leaves maybe?"

    Ekewadu's neck is so very itchy these days.

    Silver Crusade 5/5 5/55/55/5

    Ekewadu wrote:
    [Disclaimer: I know maybe three people at most read these but eh, what the hecky]

    Given the Shelynite convention that just showed up, I think it's evident that more than three people are reading this!

    "Welcome! You've been in Mendev? So have I! For some reason, they keep sending me back there..."

    Liberty's Edge 5/5 5/5

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    What can best be described as a "goblin" sits perched on a stool, idly kicking his legs as he a hums limerick. Haphazard tufts of burnt fur dot his body and his visible skin is littered with scars. Both his left ear and eye are missing, and a metal plate appears to have been grafted over what must have been a gaping headwound. Noticing your stare he turns and speaks.

    Can I help you, a*$hole?

    He turns and listens to your response with his remaining ear

    Oh, you're a Pathfinder too? Cool, cool. I'm Little Rukk. I'll be going on this mission thing too. Don't know what to expect out there, so I bring a little bit of anything. Wands, scrolls, an allosaurus: *$#&ing everything, man.

    He rifles through one of his many satchels and retrieves a strip of dried meat. After a gluttonous bite, he rips it half and extends some toward you.

    Fey jerky? No? Pfft, whatever. More for me. Oh, and if the VC asks, we don't know what happened to his poodle. But between you and me--

    He leans over and whispers:

    Ally might have had herself a bit of a "midnight snack."

    The Exchange 5/5

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    Fey jerky, you say? i've never been one to turn down a new experience.

    A fairly well-dressed tengu walks up, a couple of big weapons strapped to her back, including a really dangerous looking chainsaw. She has a sparkly looking scarab set into her forehead.

    How's it going? The name's Nevakali, I kill people for my cousin Guaril normally, but work for him has been drying up a bit so I've been going on missions with my fellow Pathfinders. My job's to protect the part by killing things before they can kill my friends. And hey, if I get to grab a bite to eat at the same time, all the better, the cookbook I've been working on could use all the research it can get. I'm going to call it, "How to Serve Man: The Casual Cannibal's Guide to the Inner Sea."

    Sovereign Court 5/5 5/55/55/5

    "Great! I thought all those goody-goody Shelynites would never leave!"

    The girl looks a bit pouty, and is accompanied by an owlbear she calls "Hoot". She feeds some of the proffered fey jerky to the owlbear without a second thought.

    "Went on a mission where we dealt with mites and gremlins. Those things are nasty. I'd rather have goblins anyday!" She grins at Rukk, and says in goblin, "I'm Baroness Bobbi, the Sovereign Court's chief goblin expert. I've studied the Licktoad and Birdcruncher tribes. Interesting people. That's how I got Hoot, here."

    She then switches back to common and points to the gnome hiding behind her. "This is my tutor, Basil. He took me in when my dumb family rejected me because Mom had me without getting a big dowry from Dad first. My family has a court order on me, so I can't use the family last name, but I can tell you that their last name starts with a "B", rhymes with "hose" and that they run the creepiest museum in town. Yeah, they have money, but they're nuts."

    She is currently blissfully unaware that Nevakali is an adopted member of that very same noble family...

    Sovereign Court

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    Hired by Prince Stavian III for a 1 year term in his Ulfen Guard, I was exposed to riches beyond imagining and cultures undreamed of. Standing at his side as thousands of diplomats, viziers, courtiers and courtesans paraded in front of the Emperor, I was privy to knowledge on hundreds of topics and secrets of every stripe. This wide array of tidbits has served me well over the years.

    At the end of my term of service, the treasure I chose from his vaults was a copy of the Pathfinder Chronicles, which I took to Absalom and used to secure a place among their ranks. Now I use my strong axe-arm and treasure trove of obscure knowledge in the service of the Pathfinder Society. They send me to the most fascinating places and let me cleave the skulls of the most interesting of foes!

    Silver Crusade

    Growing up on the streets of Oppara and in the temple of Iomedae, I dreamed about the past glories of the Taldan Armies of Exploration and the Shining Crusades against the demons of the Worldwound. To a native son, it seemed to me the only way to end the demonic incursion into Golarion was to see Taldor restored to its past glory and have them lead another Crusade against the Abyssal hordes.

    Joining the Pathfinder Society, I used my position to try to influence that organization to help accomplish just that. When I realized my contact cared more for lining the walls of his many estates with trinkets and blackmailing his peers with secrets I risked my life to uncover, I shed not one tear at the Baron's death and instead joined a new movement of like-minded Silver Crusaders and finally succeeded in bringing the full force of the Society to bear against the resurgent demonic forces in the north.

    Now I have expanded my mission to raise my cold iron sword in the name of Iomedae to strike down the forces of evil wherever the Society sees fit to send me.

    Grand Lodge 5/5 5/5 Venture-Agent, Florida—Melbourne aka trollbill

    In addition to the below, I usually have a printed picture that I found on the internet that I show people to give them a feel for the character.

    • You see a male Halfling in poorly washed and disheveled clothing who stinks vaguely of the sewers. A large Dire Rat sits next to him with a saddle on it. (In a folksy manner)
      "Hi, my name is Samso Carbunkle, but you can call me 'Sewer Sam.' And this here is my trusty steed, 'Scratch.' When I'm not doing Pathfinder stuff, I patrol Absalom's lower frontier to keep folks safe from the dangers below."
      I am an urban ranger archer specializing in killing Aspis agents and undead. My mount has both a climb and swin speed so expect to see me hanging from the walls a lot.

    • You see a male gnome wearing a leather apron covered in stains and smelling of various chemicals. Insect-like wings flitter on his back. (In a high pitched, excited voice.)
      "Hi, I'm Barstag Smithsage, but everyone just calls me 'Boomer.’ Remember, freedom begins with a bang. A big, Big, BIG BANG!" Did I tell you I like explosions?
      I will be your close air support for the evening, and I have a full loadout of Snake & Nape. Also, if you need any buffing, I am overflowing with it. Here, take a handful of infusions.

    • You see an aloof looking Garundi woman dressed in obvious priest regalia. (Spoken in a vaguely Egyptian accent.)
      "Greetings. I am Sarenraehotep. I bring the cleansing fires of Sarenrae to those with evil intent."
      I am a cleric. I am a master of metamagiced fireballs and can cast them spontaneously. I’m not bad at healing or buffing either. Just don’t expect me to melee anything.

    • You see a somewhat scruffy looking man with blond hair and almost other-worldly blue eyes. When you introduce yourself he tips his board-brimmed hat and says: (In a gravelly Clint Eastwood voice)
      Why you’re absolutely right. You didn’t catch his name. I shoot things with a gun.

    • You see a Tengu in a robe bulging in the back like a shifting hunch. He has several eastern style weapons hanging from him. (In a stilted, parrot-like voice)
      “My name is, ‘SKREEEEkaw,’ but you may call me, ‘Crow.’ Do any of you huumans know how to use a wand of mage armor?”
      I’m a monk. I’m fairly good at tanking.

    • You see a human male of obvious Taldan descent. He is dressed immaculately in aristocratic finery and jewels. He has no armor and only a dagger hangs by his side. A small thrush hops about his shoulders. (In a slightly pompous manner)
      “I am Lashorak Craetos of Oppara. I am charmed to meet you and my spells are at your service. Also, if any of you are interested in learning the current court dances popular in Taldor, I am an accomplished instructor.”
      I am a sorcerer with wider that usual selection of spells and a large selection of scrolls.

    • You see an odd looking, gray-skinned goblin or gnome of some kind. He is wearing an overcoat and a large conical hat covers most of his head and face. (In my best Lo Pan voice.)
      “Greetings. I am Mister Lo.”
      I am a Wayang Ninja with a lot of skills and I can kill things if you give me flank. He is an agent for law. I think of him as a less evil version of the Operator from Serenity.

    • You see a tanned female elf in heavy dancing silks. She is beautiful but her expression is cold and aloof. (In a slight Arabic accent)
      “I am Soumral, the Dawn Hammer. And this,” she says while holding up a black-bladed scimitar that radiates a faint rosy light,” is Night Breaker.”
      “May the blessings of Sarenrae be upon you,” says the scimitar.

      I am a Magus. I have a really good AC as long as I have acted in the initiative, which I usually do with a +12. I hit things fairly hard too.

    • You see a human male holding a whip and wearing fancy pirate clothing. (In a pirate accent)
      “I be Fishbone Jack. And who be ye?”
      I am Thunder Caller Bard. I am really good at buffing people and removing conditions and can trip things with my whip, but I am not much of a damage dealer. I carry a large variety of wands and use an Unseen Servant as my wand caddy.

    • You see an unkempt, male dwarf with an enormous hammer. (In a Scottich Brogue)
      “I’m Angus the Ox. And this here is my hammer. I call her, ‘Diplomacy.’ So you just let me know when it’s time for some Diplomacy.”
      Don’t bother buffing me if I am in a rage. I have to make a save against all spells. Channeling is great though. I am willing to stand in the front line even though I barely have triple-digit hit points pre-rage at 7th level.

    • You see what looks like an otherworldly boy of great beauty, perhaps in his early teens. His hands are wrapped in bandages and he walks with a limp. He seems ill suited for an adventuring life, but a great aura of calm and confidence seems to surround him. (In a calm, quite voice)
      “I am Ameretat. My healing powers are at your service.”
      I am an Aasimar Life Oracle. I am really good at healing and buffing, but not so great when it comes to damage. I am a good party face.

    • You see a male humanoid with hair of brilliant fire that is reflected and accentuated by his highly polished armor. He holds a large axe. (In a bold, mildly middle eastern accent)
      “I am Efit the Purifier, Inquisitor of Angradd. My talents are many, and they are at your service.”
      I am an Ifrit. I am a generalist in every sense of the word. I can do almost anything fairly good and nothing really good. In combat I am a fairly adept secondary front liner. Just don’t expect me to carry the weight of the combat.

    • You see a heavily armored figure that you can barely make out as a female tiefling. She has a tower shield and longsword. All of her equipment seems to have a dragon motif on it. (In a firm but mildly meek voice)
      “Greetings, I am Sarvalla Battlefiend. Do not let my appearance frighten you. While I am aware my race has a long history of evil, that is not who I am, and if you heed my words I will do my best to guide you to victory.”
      I am a Holy Tactician Paladin. I am good at helping others kills stuff but not that great myself. I have a REALLY good AC, so put me in the front line.

    • You see a handsome, if somewhat scruffy, male halfling dressed in a gaudy outfit studded with colored glass and mother of pearl beads. Knives and daggers of all sorts hang from various places as if they were additional decoration. (In a Cockney accent)
      “Hello there, Governor. Me name’s, Milo… Milo Mublitypeg. I like knives. Do you like knives?”
      I am a Flying Blade Swashbuckler. I stab things with knives, in case that wasn’t obvious.

    • You see a well-groomed male elf, overdressed for adventuring. A rapier and various strange devices of unknown origin hang from his belt and backpack. (In a soft, somewhat cloying, yet aloof voice.)
      “Greetings. I am Eldui Blackros of house Blackros. Husband of Labellia Blackros and cousin of Nigel Aldain. My mind is the weapon I bring to the table, and it is a keen blade to be sure.”
      I am an Investigator. I am an uber-skill monkey. I am excellent at most skills and am at least descent at every skill except Handle Animal, Survival and Intimidate. I can even do any Profession check untrained. I am a meleer in combat. I am strong defensively, but don’t expect me to be the one killing everything.

    • You see a blond Taldan woman dressed in a style that seems to mix both Taldan and Mwangi sensibilities. She holds a whip in one hand and a large shield in the other. (In a proud and beaming voice).
      “Well met! I am Mist Dancing Over Water, Warpriest of Jalaijatalee. You, of course, may refer to me as Mist, if you so desire.”
      Put me in the first or second rank. I am good either way. That’s jah-LIE-jah-tah-lee, Mwangi goddess of flowing water and natural music. Yes, I said Warpriest. Someone has to protect the natural beauty. Yes, I said I’m Taldan. My mother was a Pathfinder who adventured a lot in the Expanse and fell in love with it.

    • You see an overweight, bald Taldan man wearing the aristocratic style of Brevoy. His eyes are dark and intense. With as low a bow as his girth will allow he says: (In a thick, Russian accent)
      “I am Yuri, Master of the Mind. With but a thought I can bend a spoon, or send a fork hurling into a foes heart.”
      I’m a psychic. Think of me as an occult sorcerer with a lot of mind-effecting stuff.

    • You see a muscular, male half-orc clearly learning towards his more orc side. He is dressed in a heavy coat and a large falchion is strapped to his back. (In a loud, deep, guttural voice)
      “I am Targ Bors…Wizard!”
      I am a conjurer, so I tend to summon stuff and then run into battle with them.

    • You see a fine boned, lightly clad female elf with a bow. (In a pleasant, but slightly condescending voice)
      “I am Silwen Sureshot. I am skilled with both spell and bow. And I am pleased to meet you. By the way, I consider it one of my life’s missions to attempt to elevate the lesser races. So if any of you are interested, please let me know and I will do what I can to make you more like an elf. Don’t be shy about it. I understand you could never truly be as good as an elf, but it is a worthy goal, none-the-less.”
      I am shooting for Eldritch Knight and eventually Arcane Archer.

    • You see what can only be described as a two-foot tall, bright blue and orange tree frog wearing basic adventuring garb. A bird-like dinosaur stands near him, its head bobbing a good six-inches over the frog’s head. (In a slow, halting, croaking voice)
      “Hello, I am Gallub. I hail from the Mwangi Expanse. I have come to aid the Pathfinder Society as they once aided my people. If you are female, please do not try to kiss me. It seems to be a strange custom amongst female mammals that they either treat me with disgust or want to kiss me. I do not understand this custom, but please refrain yourself.”
      I am a Grippli Rogue. I am good at dealing with traps and really good at climbing. I will probably be hanging over the heads of the front rank most of the time.

    • You see what appears to be a heavily tattooed human woman of light complexion. Over time, you begin to notice strange things about her. The first is that she always appears to be in shadow, even in the middle of an open field at noon. Second is that her tattoos seem to slowly move about her body and her complexion slowly changes as well, from dark to light. Finally, you notice that, except when she is speaking, she doesn’t breathe. (In a voice that is both sultry and whimsical)
      ”I am Kaos, Mistress of Entropy. I am here to make things interesting.”
      I’m a Ganzi Chaokineticist. I blast things. If Aasamir are angel-touched, and Tieflings are devil-touched, then Ganzi are chaos-touched.

    Dark Archive

    Towards the back of the group, a humanoid figure stands silently and still with arms crossed exuding an unnatural presence, their hands never straying far from the hilt of a katana. This man (one can only assume) is enshrouded in kikko armor which is very well kept despite many signs of battle. His hands are gloved and his face is hidden behind a grim leering mask, preventing any further identification. His non-reaction to the mission briefing and introductions make you wonder if he is even paying attention at all.

    Perception 20:
    You wonder this until, for a brief moment, you see a gleam from his eyes as they fix on you. Were they ... yellow?? The intensity of his eyes are almost piercing but before you can complete this thought his focus shifts elsewhere like the gaze of a lighthouse, leaving you only with the unsettling feeling that you've just been sized up.

    As the party completes their introductions and turn expectantly towards this man, he sighs, seeming inconvenienced with these social formalities. With what almost borders on a low growl he says only, "Yoshimitsu". In the brief awkward silence that follows, he uncrosses his arms, steps forward, and raises the hilt of his katana such that the guard is level with his eyes. In an almost ceremonious fashion, Yoshimitsu grips the hilt and slowly draws the blade, twisting it slightly causing the metal to scrape along the inside of the scabbard; the katana begins to sing ... almost like a high-pitched gravelly shriek, but distant, like a memory you'd rather not remember. The blade shines seeming both furious and cruel. As the blade's inscription becomes visible and it's song nearly unbearable, Yoshimitsu introduces his katana, "Otomo no kuno", snapping it shut leaving the party in a brief void of silence. It feels as though the effect of the introduction will last far longer than the time it took to give.

    Maiden's Anguish

    Yoshi is an intimidate build tiefling samurai x/ranger 1/bloodrager 1 who has a hatred of humans (favored enemy). Every time I play as him I am sure to ask the races of each party member being sure to scoff at any humans. He has the unnatural presence trait as well as the ability, Deathwatch. Aside from the pre-combat advantage of deathwatch I will often have him use this ability in roleplaying moments to add some creepiness of him standing silently in the back watching how close a person is to death, Shinigami style.

    Dark Archive 2/5

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    You see a human woman in her early twenties. She has brown hair and eyes and is wearing a long-sleeved white blouse over a chain shirt and black skirt. She carries a scythe that's as tall as she is. Visual reference.

    Hello, my name is Samantha Stantz. I'm what some people call a "spiritualist," she says in a soft voice. At least that's what the Pathfinders in Riddleport called me when they caught me running away from the foundling home. They didn't send me back there and well... Here I am.

    Spiritualists are kind of like summoners, only with ghosts instead of eidolons. We can get into more details later.

    A Little Later...

    Venture Captain: Yada yada yada. Any questions?

    In loud "pirate" voice: Yar! When do we stop the gabbin' and start with the murder and pillage?

    Normal voice: Not now, Uncle Albrecht. Sorry about that. That's Uncle Albrecht. He takes some getting used to. Just be glad he's not living in your head.

    Sovereign Court 4/5

    A taldane woman of around 35 or so is escorted in, accompanied by a swordsman with an impressive dueling scar. She is dressed in exquisite fashion of the Imperial court. An Ioun stone adorns her forehead and compliements her well coifed hair and makeup. The scarred man steps forward and announces her.

    "The Baroness of Lower Zimar, the Lady Roasa Annerey Hellena Del Noire. Lion blade, Venture Captain of Lanmass." He said with a mocking bow. "My wife.." He added impishly as she swats him with a folded fan.

    "He's a wicked man isn't he?" Lady Del Noire said with a smile. "My husband the double agent, he's been.. away a bit." She added coyly. "Have any of my relatives arrived yet?

    She's a Priestess of Pharasma/Envoy of Balance. Focused on dual channelling (both types) and buffing

    Liberty's Edge

    You've all seen Raiders of the Lost Ark, right? Well, my character looks just like the guy with the sword - typical loose fitting Arabian style clothing, turban, scimitars on his belt... but half as tall. He's a halfling.

    The halfling draws a finely crafted scimitar and starts swinging it around, tossing it from hand to hand, and spinning impressively to show his swordsmanship ability. He ends with a flourish, bringing the sword to his waist, and bowing low, but keeping his eyes looking up at the assembled Pathfinders.

    He stands back up, and introduces himself.

    *in vaguely Middle Eastern accent*
    "Greetings, noble Pathfinders. I am Qassir, dervish swordsman of Qadira, and servant of the almighty Dawnflower."

    Silver Crusade

    You see a very large greatcoat, patched so many times it is impossible to tell the original colour, with strings of beads and good luck charms dangling off it, and a weasel in each pocket.On top is a battered tricorne hat, also covered in charms.
    Somewhere in the gap between the two a nervous pair of green eyes blinks at you.

    "Hello, I'm Tomas. I'm a sort of scholar... Well, historian-archaeologist-translator specialising in Thassilonian history. Oh, and healer in emergencies. Um, maybe, if there isn't a proper one.
    Mind the weasels, they do get playful sometimes..."

    (The larger of the two weasels gives you a dirty look and giggles).

    "Er, anything else? Oh. I'm really, really bad in a fight. I tried hitting a statue once and missed badly. So I hide at the back and make the bad people feel guilty for attacking us."

    [To the most lightly armoured combatant] "Will you take this lucky charm? It will help keep you safe in a fight."

    The Exchange

    Patches of missing hair from either excessive scratching or alopecia cover his head. Thick lenses magnify his blood shot eyes to silly proportions on his face. Sweating profusely he is shivering murmuring about how cold he is. Covered in filth except strangely his immaculate breastplate bearing the a white robe of Razmir.

    Hey, you know we are like on the same team right? We're supposed to cooperate, explore, and report. So you see I have this sick grandmother, and I could use a few gold pieces for her medicine and you know I am good to pay you back. Once we go out and kill those people and loot that stuff I will pay you back. You know cause my niece is very sick and could use the help.

    The Exchange

    An exceedingly handsome tiefling comes in with a generous and happy smile about his face. Behind him he is dragging a a bag crammed with various this as they strain the edge of the bag. A vacant confused look often passes his eyes when any word greater than two syllables is used

    Hi! I am Ooook. I becamed a pathfinder because I like getting stuff. Us pathfinders go to weird places and meet weird people and then we take this stuff! I like stuff. If you die can I have your stuffs? Ohh yeah the good word of Shax says we should always want other peoples stuffs. Shax is the un-off-is-cal patron of pathfinders. He says kill people and take their stuffs! I like stuff, you should see my keep it is full of stuffs!

    Grand Lodge 3/5 Venture-Agent, Washington—Bellevue aka Divvox2

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    Lyric the Singing Paladin wrote:

    It would be so much fun to play all our Shelynite paladins together. I was so excited when a recent scenario had another Shelynite paladin in it as an NPC. We should start a glee club!

    I can't tell you how many times people have asked me in a game... "What kind of a paladin are YOU?"

    "The kind that doesn't have a stick up her ass."


    Lyric has:
    drunk beer with trolls;
    supervised a poo-flinging contest between a goblin and a barbarian teammate;
    patted a demonic spider eidolon on the head and said to its summoner: "I see! You're redeeming him! How wonderful!"
    This was made even funnier by the comments that the demonic spider was making at the time of "Aaaagh, she's touching me!! Can I eat her face NOW?" which Lyric could not hear because a) she's deaf and b) the spider didn't have lips.


    Let's see. While Galton is pretty much auto-charge/smite with undead (he's had bad experiences), he has made a connection through an old song with a wayward spirit and helped free her, soothed many a savage beast, and kept up the ritual songs in a mighty temple of Abadar. He's usually pretty friendly, and assumes most folks can be too.


    "Oh how perfect!" Lyric looks down with delight at the little wooden rose in her hand, and kisses Varg on the forehead. "Thank you so much! I don't carry much with me, but I'll treasure this!"

    I'm totally adding this to my character sheet. It's adorable!

    Perform Sing: 26

    In return, Lyric sings you a song.

    A rose bloomed in the wood
    A friendship made, we understood
    The blessed music of Shelyn
    Shining from a heart so pure and good
    Giving all the joy he could --
    Love is calling! Let it in!

    Drops a sick supporting baseline

    Perform Sing: 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (3) + 16 = 19

    Grand Lodge 3/5 5/55/5

    You see before you a short halfing with sandy brown hair, dressed in what appears to be the latest fashions of Absolom, but the colors are garishly mismatched. He has a small backpack and long spear propped against the chair he's sitting in while reading a thick tome. He looks up and notices you.
    Oh, hello! My name is Bartok Flynwick. I bet you're hear for the mission briefing too, huh? We always go on the best missions for the society. I wonder where we'll go and who I'll meet this time? This one time, I went to the Oppara for a wedding, and another time to the Bandu Hills where I got chased by a giant lizard, and another time... am I rambling? You've got that look that people get when I start rambling. Anyway, we haven't worked together before, so let me tell you why I'm here. I'm really good at remembering things about places and beasties, and I can pick a lock with the best of them. I've found it's best to leave combat to you tall folks, while I focus on teamwork and making everyone better at it. But don't worry, I'll be right there next to you with my spear to defend us. Also, people seem to like me and usually I get along with even the most foul-tempered folk (points at dwarf in corner). Oh, and I can brew up these little infusions to help everyone on the team out. I'm sorry, I've been talking a lot, what did you say your name was?

    I have a character portrait and custom mini for Bartok. His table tent shows his Aid Another for skills at +4, attack +5, and defense +6. He's built around skill checks and Aid Another with the Bodyguard feat. He's an Investigator (Empiricist) 7 / Ranger (Freebooter) 1 with his next level going into Pathfinder Delver, then back into Investigator for the rest of his career. He's been described as the least annoying kender you've ever met.

    Silver Crusade

    "Nice to meetcha. Vintage Penal, P.F.S. Absalom.

    "You can tell there's something odd about this one. Not just the eleven-ish look to his features, those are obvious. Maybe you can see his brown hair has purple roots. Maybe it's the way he nips at his flask of Quadiran coffe. Or maybe it's that he's talking to himself, describing how he thinks you're looking at him.

    "Sorry about that. Just practicing. To sum up, I get called on to to improve the Society's reputation, to make sure none of you die, or whenever the Decemvirate wants to hurt me some more. I'm used to it. Well, almost."

    OOC stuff:
    He's a half-elf (half-drow, but only cosmetically) Detective Bard who dipped into Lore Warden Fighter. Think High Fantasy/Detective Noir. He's been through a lot.

    Scarab Sages 5/5

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    "Heh-low, my name is Cerulean Monsianta, my father is alive and well, prepare to drink!"

    OOC: Cerulean is swashbuckler,who worships Cayden Caylen, I then usually show the character sheet which has a picture Inigo Montoya as a character reference.

    Might be trite, but I usually get a laugh

    The Exchange 5/5

    Hmm wrote:
    nosig wrote:
    Mostly I try to have nice table tents that introduce my PCs - a picture is worth many words... and the basics listed so the players can reference them all thru the game...
    I really should put together some table tents!

    It's very nice when someone has a table tent....

    Here's a suggestion for table tents...

    I have my PC's in plastic sheet protectors in binders. A lot of people do this... The first page of the binder has a card-stock table tent that I slip about a third out of the binder (up to half, depending on the picture) and fold up to show my PC write-up and picture. I just pull the page partway out of the protector, fold it once to get it to stand up and have an instant table tent.

    Table space used? no more than my PC binder. so effectively zero. If there comes a time I need to pick up my binder, the T-Tent comes up too.

    When we're done with the game, the time to pick it up and put it away? 3 to 5 seconds.

    Chance of getting it separated from my PC? zero.

    Plus, when I open the binder to show someone my PC, it has a character picture and intro on the first page. When I was still using 3 ring binders, it was in the plastic front of the binder so it was the binders cover.

    often on the back of the cardstock sheet I'll have notes to myself - things like "Mention that I have SR" or "Check for Traps!" or "loan out the extra hat of disguise".

    Liberty's Edge 5/5 5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Indiana—Martinsville aka thaX

    You see a woman with tanned skin and bubble gum pink hair.

    "Aye Ya!!! It's me, Evelyn!!!" She has a big grin and her dimples get cuter. "I am gonna be the best Pathfinder evar!!! I have my Wayfinder now, SEE!!!" She hold out her wayfinder, shoving it toward the other characters.

    (The first quote is from Baulder's Gate)

    Grand Lodge 5/5 5/55/55/5 Venture-Captain, Online—PbP aka Hmm

    Nosig --

    I will have to see about getting together some table tents. I have really appreciated them for the people who have supremely odd looking characters like Kapperson's Slammo and Jaws (a shark skinwalker with an anthropomorphic crocodile with a chainsaw...) but I think it would be helpful for other characters, too.

    Hillis --

    Evelyn sounds awesome. I'd love to play with her someday. Meanwhile, let's have some more character introductions, shall we?


    The Exchange 5/5 5/55/55/5

    The door to the smoke-filled jazz hall opens. Two half orcs in black suits, smoke-colored goggles, and black hats stride into the room. One is a tall thin man, and the other is round and slightly dumpy (and not male.) They scan the room for other musicians, and then approach.

    "We're getting the band back together!"

    The Exchange 4/5 5/5

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    "We're on a mission from God."

    Silver Crusade

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    "But which? I've heard of many gods about,
    And if you both say 'Razmir' then I'm out."

    "...I'm, I'm not a musician. I can barely whistle."

    The Exchange 4/5 5/5

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    So, like, the beers. I assume they were free?

    The Exchange 5/5 5/55/55/5

    "Yeah, the lady behind the bar never charged us, so we assumed that the beers for the band were, you know," gestures with hands, appealingly, "gratuitious."

    Sovereign Court

    A lean tiefling in a white suit slides through the door, locking it behind him. The hurried steps of several persons are heard beyond the door.

    "Ahh, I inquired with the local lodge and I heard you were .. leaving town. I happen to be very much interested in the mission you are on, you are leaving town soon I guess... In any event, my name is Francisco de la Scaramanga the um... well somewhat of a man with a golden gun. I do hope we can leave soon, or I can meet you outside of town?"

    Grand Lodge 3/5

    [I have several characters that i play somewhat regularly. So I may just introduce them all.]
    At a table in a corner, sits several persons.
    A tall woman of elven heritage stands, she wears a simple gi and bows. "I'm Dhalys-Rin. Forgive my forthrightness, I was raised in a monastery- they focused more on training than social tact." [#1 Female Half-Elf Monk]
    "Don't worry, friends! That's why I'm here- the life of every party!" shouts a blue-haired gnome as he jumps onto the table. "Spaknir's the name, sorcery's my game! I may not be able to blow s~+& up like the rest of them, but i can certainly carry my weight!" [#2 Male Gnome Sorcerer]
    "Then why are you always riding Woola?!" shouts a voice from the back. A halfling with feathers in his hair tends to an enormous, armored lizard.
    "Um... I'm Thoris," stammers the halfling, "this is Woola. I don't have any 'social tact' because I lived in the Mwangi Expanse until the damn kobolds ran us out." [#4 Male Halfling Druid w/ Ankyolsaurus]
    "Since when was 'social tact' a requirement to join the Society?" grumbles a half-orc, who is busy cleaning some equipment from a nearby alchemist lab, "Gorz-Bhul," he coughs. "My mentor was hoping I'd keen to the passive aspects of alchemy. But explosions are, well, very satisfying." [#3 Male Half-Orc Alchemist.]

    Three females of differing ethnicity laugh as Spaknir and Thoris argue.
    "Don't mind them," speaks a pallor looking female, "they squabble like that to put on a show. I'm Beddi, and this," she motions to a wispy looking fox on her lap, "is Bertrand." [#5 Female Human Shaman]
    "Though, without Spaknir, things around this table would be pretty dull- and Gorz wouldn't like us laughing when his experiments blow up in his face," speaks a Kitsune, "Call me Estelle. My real name is hard enough to pronounce- especially being an obscure Tien dialect known only to my family and kin." [#6 Female Kitsune Swashbuckler/Ranger]
    "Indeed, Desna smiles upon us for the liveliness of our friends," speaks a copper-haired gnome. "Kailenn, Holy Avenger on behalf of our Tender of Dreams." [#7 Female Gnome U.Rogue/Warpriest]

    A surly dwarf grumbles from the nearest edge of the bar closest to the table. "Whaddya lookin' at me fer?" A ghostly female appears, and faces the dwarf who pales when she manifests. He can be heard muttering, 'I know, dear' 'It's been difficult since...' when speaking to the ghost.
    *ahem* "Mah name's Kohrgytt. She-? Her name is Rosalind. It's something I'm not ready to discuss. We'd were together for over 30 years... I don't mean for her to be here." He begins sobbing.
    "He's still trying to overcome my death, and the circumstances behind it," speaks Rosalind. [#9 Male Dwarf Bloodrager/Spiritualist w/Phantom]

    Silver Crusade

    The sound of hoof steps enacts in your ears. You look around and see a centaur coming towards the scene. His black hair flutters together with his tail while his dark turquoise eyes are looking around. His light tanned skin and his bronze buckskin fur are partly covered by a leather armor/barding combo.

    "Hello, I'm Erik; Erik Thunderhoof. I traveled all the way here from Iobaria. About myself:

    I was born as a part of a little Rashalka-Tribe in the Caemorin. My parents died after a group of cyclopses attacked us. I was 11 when this happened. I don't know if any of the Tribe survived because I fled as fast as I could towards the Fangard. I collapsed after a while and woke up in a shed that belonged to a human rangeress called Tyrmir. Since I didn't know where to go, I stayed with her and got taught in the skills of being a ranger.

    One night Tyrmir left the shed with out any weapon. I was concerned so I followed her without let her know. At the top of a cliff she revealed herself as a werewolf. I was shocked, for sure. But I was more shocked when she throw herself off of the cliff.

    From the point I woke up in her shed to her death, 12 years had past. Now I'm 23 and on the search for my place in this world.

    Grand Lodge 5/5 5/5

    The petite woman before you, dressed in an increasingly worn temple guard's uniform, speaks with an obvious Tianjing accent, despite being of anything but celestial extraction.

    Hi, I'm Makoto Wu! Before we start, do you all want to join me in an hour of prayer to the ancestors? The human ones, not the rakshasas.

    Should any accept, I let them know what spirit boon they get from the shared seance.

    5/5 5/55/55/5

    we usually go around the table and give everyone a brief "avengers assemble" moment where we see them doing something at whatever time they were summoned.

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    Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Society Subscriber

    I have a hundred characters, these are just my forty or so mains. These are just background summaries and descriptions cause you said keep it short:

    Petros the Bear-Slayer- A hulking scarred barbarian, with long brown hair and a long brown beard. Dressed in bear pelts and a horned helmet. Wields a large battleaxe and wears a necklace of bear claws. The eldest son of a powerful Kellid tribal chief, Petros helped defeat an army of Orc raiders and was rewarded with the chance to leave his tribe and live a life of adventure in the lands south of the Mammoth Lords.

    Quintus Sol- A half-demon tiefling with red skin, cloven hooves, large ram horns, and a spiked tail. He’s a priest of a dragon god and wears silver armor with stylized dragons on his chest plate. He uses a longspear and a shield. Twin Tieflings who were raised as slaves but were liberated from bondage by an elder silver dragon at a young age. As a gesture of gratitude to their adopted “mother”, they have become clerics in service of Apsu.

    Una Sol- Quintus’ twin sister, she is also a half-demon tiefling with red skin, cloven hooves, small horns, and a spiked tail. She’s also a priest of a dragon god and wears silver armor with stylized dragons on her chest plate. She uses a longspear and a shield. Twin Tieflings who were raised as slaves but were liberated from bondage by an elder silver dragon at a young age. As a gesture of gratitude to their adopted “mother”, they have become clerics in service of Apsu.

    “Blackjack” LaCroix- A handsome young pirate who fights with a flintlock rifle and a cutlass. He has a long black “justaucorps” coat and a scraggly brown goatee. He wears a tricorn hat and a white “ruffled shirt, breeches, and boots. The youngest son of a famous pirate family in the Shackles, he has joined the Pathfinder Society in the hope of getting his brother and sister-in-law released from an Andoran Prison.

    Giovanni D’Amore- An intelligent, handsome nobleman dressed in an expensive looking clothing. He wears an Italian “flat cap” and dresses in the style of a “1500s era Renaissance Gentleman”. He carries a cane and a expensive italian rapier with an expensive looking scabbard on his belt. The beloved but illegitimate son of a Taldoran family. He has joined the Pathfinders to seek out his fortune and to slay his enemies in the Aspis Society.

    Elessa Mithrandir- A very tall female elf, she’s a paladin in golden Elven heavy armor. She fights with a curved sword and a golden shield with the symbol of Sarenrae on it’s face. A disgraced paladin who slew her master to save the lives of plague victims that she had been ordered to kill. She now hopes to die with honor while on a dangerous mission for the Pathfinders.

    Magnus Duloch- An old drunken wizard with a long gray beard and a lanky, skinny body. He wears the colorful but dirty blue robes of a university trained wizard. He carries a large, gnarled staff and has a pet barn owl as his familiar. The Barn Owl is old and grumpy looking. An alcoholic, widowed ex professor of magical studies who seeks to overthrow the government of Razmiran.

    Satine of Oppara and the Ghost of Lady Nelas- A nervous blond teenage psychic, with a dark purple dress and a purple blindfold over her eyes. She carries no weapons, instead she summons a fearsome ectoplasmic ghost of a long dead warrioress to fight for her. Satine’s ghost companion, Lady Nelas, is a lime green translucent phantom made of ectoplasm, she wears armor and carries a spectral longsword, her face is attractive but you can see her skeleton beneath her ectoplasmic “skin”. Inspired by Karlie Kloss. Once a spoiled girl from a wealthy family, she was disowned by her family when her uncontrolled spiritual powers summoned the two hundred year old ghost of Lady Nelas, a famous Pathfinder.

    Tommen Callo and Sloth- A half-elven druid who works as a beekeeper and keeps a pet bear. He has long brown hair and a goatee and wears a feathered cap.His clothing is a well maintained, expensive looking yellow and black robes. He uses a hand scythe as a weapon. Sloth is a giant brown grizzly bear, he’s a young and hearty male bear but he’s lazy and sleepy. Tommen has anointed his beloved bear with an attractive leather collar and protective rune necklaces. The wealthy son of a well heeled farmer, he and his pet bear now wander the world as naturalists and beekeepers while serving the Pathfinders when they seek a good adventure.

    Gaenes Thorgoniell- A muscular half-elf woman with long black hair that has been tied up into cornrows. She wears a pair of simple leather shorts, sandals, and a black leather harness top, she fights hand to hand with large spiked gauntlets. Inspired by Gina Carano She was once an enslaved pit fighter who nearly died fighting for personal glory in the Tymon arenas, then she was liberated by an Andoran privateer and has become a covert operative of the Steel Falcons.

    Vanafiendiel the Ram- A young blond female elf who viciously pursues money and glory in the gladiatorial arena. She wears Roman style”Retiarius” armor and wields a short sword. Inspired by Ronda Rousey. A bloodthirsty champion and hired thug, this elven martial artist lives to make a name for herself among the world’s pit fighters.

    Alaric Stonefinger- A fearsome Dwarf warrior with a long red beard and broad shoulders. He wears viking style armor, fights with a warhammer, and wields a wooden shield. His shield is decorated with ruins and pictures of Clan Stonefinger’s symbols. A heroic miner who saved the lives of his entire clan during a cave in, he seeks to use his membership in the society to protect the Dwarven people from unseen threats.

    Longtooth and Shadow- A tall blond Elven ranger, he’s dressed in the simple green uniform of an Elven Woodsman, leather armor, and hide boots. He fights with a bow and arrow and has a pet gray wolf named Shadow. The wolf is a large silver gray wolf with blue eye and one brown eye, Shadow is highly protective of his master. Inspired by Orlando Bloom. A marksman so deadly that he is called “The Long Teeth” by those he hunts. Now he works as a freelance bounty hunter and bodyguard among the Pathfinder’s Blades Faction.

    The Red Witch and Pitch- She wears an intricate headdress modeled after the head of a demon, she wears long red robes and lavish jewelry and a golden staff. She has a tiny pet demon that usually sits on her shoulder. Pitch the demon is a tiny red humanoid with glowing eyes, horns, hooves, and wings. He likes to whisper secrets into his mistress’s ear. Inspired by Carice Van Houten. A priestess of Asmodeus who is fanatical in her belief that law and order are more important than freedom, she is locked in deadly combat with her sister, the White Witch.

    Martin Sackville- A nervous, dark skinned halfling who works as locksmith when he isn’t freeing slaves. He wears a fine red vest and a light brown suit, bare furry feat, tiny parsnip glasses, and a short black hair. He has a small short sword and a belt with thieves’ tools. Once a household slave in Cheliax, he escaped and travelled to Absalom where he has become the world’s greatest locksmith and uses his skills to unlock the chains of his fellow halflings.

    Wu Xing- He has a short snout and sharp,serpent like teeth. His eyes are yellow and reptilian, his skin is dark green and scaly. He wears the formal robes of a religious official: a simple but beautiful Chinese style Xuanduan robe. He wears no shoes because his large three toed feet are thickly padded talons. He carries a khakkhara staff as his only weapon. A restless Nagaji Monk dedicated to Irori who has traveled West to find enlightenment among the people of the Inner Sea.

    The White Witch- The Red Witch’s sister, a hateful priestess of Lamashtu. Pale skin, pale blond hair, creepy blue eyes, she is beautiful but strange. Metal bikini top, long black loincloth bottom. She carries an ornate dagger. Inspired by Natalie Dormer. A sexy, violent fanatic dedicated to Lamashtu and to killing her older sister, the Red Witch.

    The Last Face- He wears a black balaclava that covers his face and a black jerkin with black sirwal pants. He wears padded slippers on his feet and carries two kukri knives for weapons. His eyes are yellow and snake like, his skin is a light olive color, like the color of sickness. A Vishkanya assassin, he is so deadly they call him the “The Last Face You’ll Ever See”. He betrayed his assassin's guild so he could marry the woman he loved.

    Dracon Thul- A psychopathic bald headed barbarian who worships Dahak the Red Dragon God. He is a gigantic man with suntanned skin, tattoos and ritualistic scarring on his body. His dark brown beard has been braided to look like two fangs sprouting out of his chin. He wears a sleeveless red robe, that he wears unbuttoned at the chest and red breeches for pants. On his feet are a pair of simple leather sandals. For a weapon he uses a war hammer with a long handle and symbols carved on it. After witnessing a red dragon attack his village, he now dedicates his life to spreading the might of Dahak across the world.

    The Revenant- A masked vigilante who prowls the night to punish the guilty. He’s a tall man with a full face mask that’s styled to look like a human skull. He wears a long hooded cloak, black monk’s robes, and black shoes. He carries a fearsome looking scythe as a weapon. Once a kind hearted doctor in Galt, he now seeks to make the world a more just place after seeing his wife and son die at the hands of Galt’s revolutionary council.

    Daphne Kyros “The Evangelist of Kurgess”- A Half-Elven Monk for the God Kurgess. She is a happy, smiling blond woman with muscular arms and legs. She wears a short white chiton and a pair of leather sandals. She uses a pair of brass knuckles on her hands and she wears a crown of laurel leaves on her head. Inspired by Holly Holm. The highly trained wife of famous athlete, she now journeys the world in search of clues to her beloved’s sad fate.

    The Night Mistress- A tall brunette woman with impossibly pale skin and long black hair. Her eyes are solid black and pupiless. Her face is rather sad but determined and she wears the long black gown of a noble woman she is covered in swirling shadows that she controls. One half of a married couple that seeks to establish a church for Sarenrae in Nidal.

    Masha the Butcher- Masha is a muscular brown haired woman with small scars on her chest and face. Just like her arch enemy, she also wears “retiarius” style armor but uses a large mace instead of a sword. Inspired by Miesha Tate. Vanafiendiel’s hated rival and worst enemy, she has travelled South in the hope of finding her oldest foe and killing her.

    The Night Master- The Night Mistress’ husband, he is a dusk paladin of Sarenrae, wearing black armor and a horned helmet that covers his face. His cloak and tabard are also black although his tabard is covered with the design of his knightly order: A golden ring with a circle of black inside of it, a stylized eclipsed sun. He carries a wicked looking long sword. One half of a married couple that seeks to establish a church for Sarenrae in Nidal.

    Rowena Hammer- The younger Hammer sister, Rowena is also a muscular blond but she has larger biceps with more definition. She has dyed blue streaks in her hair and wears the same sleeveless black leather outfit that her sister wears. She has no need for weapons, her fists are enough. Inspired by Dana Brooke (WWE) Two famous bandits who hear they can use their size and strength to find work among the Pathfinders.

    Talia Hammer- The eldest Hammer Sister. She is a large, muscular blond woman with dyed pink streaks through her hair. She wears a sleeveless black leather outfit that shows off her muscular arms. Doesn’t carry weapons. Inspired by Natalya Neidhart (WWE) Two famous bandits who hear they can use their size and strength to find work among the Pathfinders.

    Manwathiel Galadhwen- A black haired half elf from the frozen north. She wears long, flowing medieval gowns in the Kievan Rus style. Her gowns are blue with gold trim with pearls and jewels sewn into them. Over her dress she wears a lavish mink coat, fur lined boots, and a tall fur hat. Inspired by Katy Perry. The scheming daughter of an Ulfen Warlord, she lived in near captivity before orchestrating the death of her father and helped her step brother/lover take the throne.

    Lady Castile- Her hair is golden blond and she wears a lavish red and gold bodice with a rever down the front, long and flowing Elizabethan style skirt, far too much jewelry and a standing lace fan collar around her shoulders. An expensive looking heart shaped coif covers her pretty blond hair. No weapon, just a silk fan. Inspired by Taylor Swift. A beautiful but spoiled half elf opera singer from Cheliax, she seeks to extend her fame and fortune into the lands past the Empire of Devils.

    The Peacock Prince- He is tall man with handsome African features and close cropped hair. He wears silver full plate armor and a helm with feathers on it. He carries a long handled polearm. A handsome paladin who fights for the Goddess of Beauty, he travels the world seeking to spread Shelyn’s grace to all people.

    Selena the Golden Hair and Draco- A dragon druid from a desert nation, she is a petite but beautiful woman wearing a gorgeous flowing white gown and wearing the crown of a princess. Her platinum blond hair is tied into elegant braids that are held into a bun around her head. She wears a silver necklace and bracelets both shaped like dragons. Her companion is Draco an infant red dragon with two legs, two wings, and two yellow eyes that is perched on her shoulder. Despite it’s youth, Draco is an extremely foul tempered little beast and it constantly puff smokes at strangers. Inspired by Emilia Clarke A dangerous woman who seeks to use her connection to the powerful drakes of her native land to get revenge on those who wronged her.

    Lady Azelea of the Petals- A gorgeous, curvy red headed woman dressed in a forest green gown, expensive as befitting the station of a noblewoman. She a nonsense, serious minded person with a withering expression of disdain for the world around her. She carries a small silk fan and a shade umbrella. Inspired by Christina Hendricks. A powerful noblewoman from Absalom’s wealthy elite, she seeks to support the Sovereign Court in her travels.

    Inam Nadir- A male Sylph, Inam wears fine silk clothing and gold slippers. His hair and skin are both pale white but the hair on his head is covered by an expensive looking silk turban. He has a curled white beard on his chin and gold rings on almost every finger. A Sylph from Osirion who takes advantage of his country’s natural love of the Elemental Planes to find his lost father.

    Oret of the Green Mountains- A huge rock man with skin made of granite and eyes made of two jewels set inside the rocks that compose his face. He wears a simple leather loincloth with a thick leather belt and a bronze belt buckle. He has large fur lined boots on his massive feet and he carries a large wooden club with nasty metal beads that have been hammered into it’s surface. Found deep under the earth and raised by Dwarves, he now wants to know more about his mysterious origins.

    Kevan Kallistros- A mostly human Undine that was raised by Gillmen. He has Caucasian skin that seems healthy but not tanned. He has long brown hair that looks wet and eerie blue eyes. He has a sleeveless singlet/unitard made of blue shark and reptile skin with gold jewelry. He has gills on the side of his neck and webbed feet. He carries a golden trident for personal defense. Once a die hard, anti-human racist, he now wishes to explore his half human side and learn about the world beyond Absalom.

    Charlotte the Lioness- A cold hearted blond woman. She wears bronze colored half plate armor and a stylized helmet that looks like a lion’s open mouth. She wears a cape made of lion’s skins and lions manes. She has red fur lined boots and red clothing under her armor. She wields a large mace and a shield with a golden lion on it. Inspired by Charlotte Flair (WWE) She is the daughter of a notorious warlord from Pitax who seeks her own fame and fortune from beyond the River Kingdoms.

    Aranel the Wild One and Kitten- A tall sleek looking half elf woman with pale skin, long black hair and dark eyes. She wears primitive animal skin clothing and carries a primitive bone handled knife. Her constant companion is Kitten, a large black leopard. Kitten is Aranel’s “younger sister” and thus the big cat playfully follows behind her. Inspired by Paige (WWE) Raised in the wilderness by leopards, she was recruited by the Pathfinder society and is slowly relearning how to live in civilization.

    Malia the Shining- A tall, athletic Ifrit woman, Malia’s skin is a dull, almost glowing orange color and her hair is literally made out of hot yellow flames.A pair of twisting horns a growing upward out of her forehead. Malia is happy looking woman, tall and athletic, but she has cruel looking scars running up and down her lower arms and upper chest. It looks like she was tortured at some point in her life. She wears a short white and red tunic and several golden necklaces draped across her chest. Her boots are made of red leather and she carries a scimitar in a sheath on her hip. Inspired by Sasha Banks (WWE) An ex-slave who was bought and sold in the Katapesh Nightstalls, she now seeks to use her kinetic powers to liberate her fellow genie bloods from bondage.

    Agardor of the Southern Forest and Scatha- A drakerider cavalier, Agardor is a tall half-elf with dark hair and a jagged scar down the left side of his face. He wears a large red hood over his head to keep people from seeing his scar. He wears red and gold armor that mimics a dragon’s scales and he carries a golden halbred on a long golden staff as his primary weapon. Scatha is a large red and gold fire dragon with two legs, two wings, and deep red eyes. She has a saddle on her back and a pair of rider’s reigns attached to her neck and snout. An orphaned half elf who has devoted his life to defending the cult of Apsu, he has formed a bond with a soft hearted fire drake that seems to treat him like a son.

    The Hand of Ragathiel- He’s an Ifrit with fire for hair and black obsidian skin, across his skin are glowing cracks that look like magma vents on a volcano. He has a pair of twisted black horns sprouting from his forehead. He wears red and gold plate armor and a cape that looks like a pair of red wings. His weapon is a gleaming longsword with a blade that glows like it’s on fire. Raised in the City of Brass, he was once a slave trader who saw the error of his ways and he has come to this plane of existence to scourge clean the evil that lives in men

    Erin Redbriar- A half elf from Alkenstar, Erin is a tall, athletic woman with long red hair. She wears steampunk style Victorian clothing (corset, shirt, slacks) and has a pair of goggles hanging around her neck. She wears thick leather boots and finger-less gloves. She uses a pair of sharp looking knives, one in each hand. Inspired by Becky Lynch (WWE) A bounty hunting brawler who just wants fun and adventure and maybe a little coin.

    Grand Lodge 4/5

    "I'm Thoradin! I'm here to keep all ye fine folk safe on our trip underground! Pay attention to what I'm doing, listen when I point out a hazard, and we'll be fine. I use an axe and a mithral shield, and I use this helmet as well since me father taught me it's important to always use your head in a fight!"

    (Dwarf ranger, deep walker and guide archetypes, armored with a mithral agile breastplate and mithral heavy shield, dual wielding a dwarven waraxe and a dwarven boulder helmet. Decent perception, stealth, survival, and dungeoneering, trained in climb, swim, knowledge nature, and mining.)

    Sovereign Court 4/5

    One other fun intro to do :

    "I am Baronet Alistair Quinnell, in the service of the honorable Lady Glorianna Morilla. I am a diplomat and a scholar, and when need be, an archer. I sharpen my senses through the use of alchemy, and I carry a variety of wands for when unusual circumstances come up. If we get into a fight and I am in the front line, things have gone terribly wrong."

    (1/2 Elf empiricist investigator, noble title and Lion Blade vanities, uses point blank shot, precise shot, focused shot, quick study, ranged study, studied combat, and studied strike regularly to do entirely unreasonable damage for a shortbow.)

    The Exchange 3/5

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    A golden haired man wearing no shirt carrying a backpack overflowing with flowers, vegetables and various hemp ropes approaches. He activates his spring loaded wrist sheath releasing a flower with some of the most beautiful and vibrant colors you've ever seen. He hands you the flower and gives you a kiss on the cheek and says..

    "Hello my brother/sister would you like to sign a petition for us to have a public garden at the lodge here in Absalom? What are you up to? I was about to burn some flayleaf and listen to this bard in town that plays a really chill pan flute,"

    Sonflower grew up in a cult in the woods when everyone was set to drink the "Elixir of Enlightenment" Sonflower accidentally spilt his resulting in him bing the only member alive from his cult. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer he hasn't pieced together that his cult committed mass suicide so he's put it upon himself to spread the good word of peace preached by his cult using the Pathfinder Society as a means of spreading his message across Golorion.

    Scarab Sages

    You see a Wayang in a jester's outfit (complete with hat), his fce caked with white makeup. He bows and then juggles... poorly. Hello everyone! this ones name is Incident. I hope we all have lots of fun together!

    Liberty's Edge 5/5 5/55/55/5

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    Grr: Absoloms most adorable bundle of fluffy death. He is a fox, and I do not mean the robin hood anthro kitsune, *holds hands about a foot apart* he is a four legged fox. He's gray, white with black tips, and wears a pink bow around his neck that reads "This end towards enemy". He offers you an Elixir of Fox Comprehension

    The Exchange

    You glance at the name list of fellow adventurers assigned for this mission and you notice the name: "Sir Longbeard." He is obviously strong dwarven warrior, maybe paladin even. You notice some one approaching the group. At first glance he appears to be very tall dwarf in heavy armor, as he gets closer you notice that he doesn't look very dwarvish, he doesn't even have a beard and he wears leather armor that seems to be painted in metal color. Besides that he seems to be barely able to carry the weight of this armor and gear.

    Sir Longbeard: "Hi guys! I'm Sir Longbeard. I an alchemist.. oh and really badass dwarf too! Yeah!"

    OOC: Sir Longbeard is a kitsune alchemist who stays in his human form, but he really believes he is a dwarf with a very longbeard. For some odd reason, he can't recall why, he has lost his ability to speak dwarven and somehow he gained ability to turn into a fox. Probably some weird alchemical experiment gone wrong.

    The Exchange 5/5

    A big, tanned Half-Orc stands in the room next to a giraffe who is giving him the evil eye.

    "The name's Uras. I'm a poacher by trade, and this is Septimus. He was supposed to be my seventh quarry, but he turned out to be stronger than I thought. Chased me for an entire day. I liked his spirit, so I adopted him. He's got some anger issues, but I'll beat it out of him, no worry."

    Barbarian/Hunter multiclass. Next level I can share teamwork feats with him and he'll get Amplified Rage. I chose a giraffe mainly because I liked the idea of a pissed-off giraffe. Toyed with Undersized Mount for a bit. It doesn't really fit into my build, but I really liked the idea of a giraffe carrying a Half-Orc in full plate on its spindly legs. I justified the giraffe being able to rage by mistreating him, but not really maliciously. Uras is just kind of a bro who likes to play rough.

    Scarab Sages 5/5 5/55/55/5

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    Uras Okomo wrote:
    , so I adopted him. He's got some anger issues, but I'll beat it out of him, no worry."

    Tap.Tap.Taps Pointy stick as a thundercloud gathers overhead.

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