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With a dragony growl Tahonikepsu strikes Tahari.

"How could I have forgotten about her shield spell!? Sinuhotep, we need your dispelling powers... peridot, did you also have that ability?!", Amenopheus laments.

Torch reaches into his bag, rummaging around, pulling out a handfull of vials, "Ah, yes! I knew these would come in handy!"

12 Vials of protection from evil.

He runs up to right behind Frost and Dihara, holding out the vials "Anyone who needs some extra protection from evil, take one! Understanding most are standing readied for action, so mostly won't be taking them.


Dhiara stands, ready to strike the ghost if seen. "By Torag's beard, don't be a coward Tahari! Show your wretched self! Readied action - Strike ghost if seen


Sinuhotep - Can the Onyx Jewel be moved? If so, he'll grab it and pull it to where Agate can reach it, otherwise, he'll cast invisibility on Agate and move back.

Barring other input Tahonikepsu moves and casts blur on Frost... assuming Peridot got off (though they could ride)

Amenopheus steps to where he has a better line of sight and readies an action to pop the ghost with magic missile if seen.

Tahonikepsu says, "Who wants the benefits of blur..." as she rises up into the air. Frost? Will fly to whoever we pick and cast blur, staying somewhat out of the way.

Moved Dhiara as she would have had to five-foot step to hit after the shrinking.

Ischell took 20 HP of Non-Lethal from Dhiara... but that means you may actually have 5 more NL than we thought?

Waiting on Tahonikepsu and Amenopheus for results of Ischell being unconscious or not.

Actually Amenopheus should probably be moved in the order from last round's delay.

Amenopheus calls forth his powerful force missiles... hitting Ischell with 16 force damage again

Sinuhotep, tries another dispell on Ischell, attempting to reduce his reach.

Dispell: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (12) + 11 = 23

Dhiara steps forward and pummels him again...

stunning strike (deal melee damage and stun the target for 1 round (Fort DC 20 negates stun)... 10 Magic Bludgeoning + 1 Numbus. Non Lethal

Peridot... go ahead and run Torch.

"Frost, what's your plan... I hope to shrink him to his original form, but do not wish to hamper your objectives.", calls Sinuhotep in his unsettling lichy voice.

Amenopheus decides to start weakening the Ischell-suit now... blasting him with force bolts!

Ranged 15 force damage (+1 Nimbus damage if it counts here) to one target within 200 ft.

When Ischell falls to the ground, Dahiara acts! Running forward, she strikes Ischell with a stunning blow!

stunning strike (deal melee damage and stun the target for 1 round [Fort DC 20 negates stun]... 10 Magic Bludgeoning. If she can she'd do Non-lethal, but probably can't and still get the stun.

Amenopheus also holds his action... hopping less lethal means are employed.

Sinuhotep's raspy voice can be heard as he attempts to dispell magic on Ischell...

Dispell: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (10) + 11 = 21

Dhiara yells, "Bring him down... bring Ischell down to the ground!, and holds her action

If Tahonikepsu knows what is up, she'll yell to the lich to deal with it

She flys to save Peridot, picking them up if they agree.

TAHONIKEPSU strikes at the yellow div standing right before her.

18 magic piercing and slashing damage (claw and bite attacks)

Someone else, Frost/Ragnar as at the same time, should run Amenopheus.

Seeing how little damage she did to the Div, the time dragon changes her focus, and flys up to Tahari.

Unless she knows it would do no damage, she lets loose her breath weapon on Tahari... if she knows electricity is no good, she'll strike.

Breath Weapon 35 Electricity (DC24), otherwise, Melee 18 magic piercing and slashing damage

Tahonikepsu scans the battlefield, sees Athum choking on the ground, and bellows...

"Someone summon Sinuhotep from the jewel! He can dispell this magic on Athum... as well as some of the other magics hindering us... Peridot... you're there, go into the jewel and bring him out!"

She then hits the yellow DIV with her breath weapon Looks like she could miss everyone else

35 electricity damage, Reflex DC 24

IF she knows they have an electricity resistance, she just strikes them... I'd role Knowledge Plains, but it just shows the boost she gives us.

While saving members from the undead horde is an excellent goal, she knows she can't get in there, grab someone, and still escape... so, for now, she swoops in, and strikes some undead out of the way, hoping to grab agate and escape when the chance presents itself.

18 Damage - Magic P & S

2 Rounds until breath weapon.

As the undead began to erupt from the sand, Tahonikepsu, The Diamond Sage, transforms into her dragon self.

Round 2

She then swoops over them raising well above the troops and then settling down at 30 feet in the air to stay above their reach, while belching forth a hell-fire of electricity!

Target ALL Troops with 50-foot cone (at 30 feet up, pythagorous gives her 40ft horizontally.

35 electricity damage, Reflex DC 24 half (Next Breath Weapon in 3 Rounds)

Do we get these bonuses from the sage on our checks right now? +3 bonus on Diplomacy and Perception checks +2 bonus on Knowledge (arcana, history, planes, religion) checks

Please post tactics/ideas for the Diamond Sage's next round in the Discussion tab...