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Selvaxri wrote:

Players aren't Mounts, so they can't really "ride" one another. At that point, it's more a case of being "carried".

Where does it say that Players can't be mounts? The Core Book just says this:

Core Rulebook Page 103 wrote:
If you attempt to ride a creature that is ill suited as a mount, you take a –5 penalty on your Ride checks.
Core Rulebook Page 104 wrote:
If you are riding bareback, you take a –5 penalty on Ride checks.

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So, my question is simple, can a player ride another player and attack while riding said player? Someone said they had seen a ruling saying now, but couldn't show me said ruling.

The reason I ask this is due to the Vine Leshy's change shape ability and the leshykineticist archetype. Basically I want to know if I can have a leshy become a vine, 'ride' another pathfinder, and throw blasts while riding.

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Uhm.. Does anyone know if there's a misprint in Champion's Chalice pt1 for the second encounter t4-5? It has the hp of a level 5 rogue as 14 (2d8+2)

I'm assuming that's inaccurate.. but what should it be?

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Arachnofiend wrote:
Chess Pwn wrote:
So I'm curious if people with the PDF can explain how the barbarian archetype is different from our current shifting barb, the Mooncursed?

I don't have the PDF but it's been mentioned that you can shift into different forms, unlike the Mooncursed where you pick one and are stuck with it.

Which is really nice, because the versatility of using non-combat forms for non-combat purposes is one of the reasons wildshape is as good of an ability as it is. Being a wolf barbarian that transforms into a big wolf is pretty cool but being able to choose to turn into a hawk when you need to is cooler still.

Nope, you pick an animal at level one and you're stuck with it. It has a little more variety than Mooncursed, but just like Mooncursed, you only get to be the one thing.

Considering you lose 3 rage powers and fast movement for gaining it, I don't see why this is in any way better than Mooncursed.

To answer your question Chess: Mooncurse effects Rage and improved uncanny dodge and eventually allows you to wield weapons... While Beastkin costs you 3 rage powers and fast movement, and can't use weapons.

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I have been wanting something like this since the early days of 3.5.

I love wild shape and have always wanted a class that was pure wild shape without any of those pesky spells involved.

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Can anyone tell me the range on the Arcanist Twilight Sage's Consume Life ability? I ran into a game yesterday where there was some debate regarding it and I couldn't find anything listing it or clarifying it.

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I'm fairly annoyed at the Paths of the Righteous bans. Simply becasue it pretty much curtails 4 different character concepts I was actually looking forward to playing.

I'd have still purchased the book anyway, as I'd use it in my non PFS games, but it really was annoying to know that things that really jumped out to me like Bladed Brush didn't make it.

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Ventnor wrote:
Fighter/Druid class that focuses exclusively on shapeshifting and smashing face in a variety of different monster forms. No spellcasting or Animal Companions or anything else.

I've wanted a pure shapeshifting class for years. Heck, i'd be fine with an Druid archetype that does it as well.

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Mark Seifter wrote:
Serisan wrote:
Scott Bianchi wrote:

yeah, I thought about a crappy rogue or crappy bard.

But then I thought about the classes out there. With people out there making characters who can fling mountains or oceans and others that can explode monster's brains with a quickened thought, Still others that wander around with ungodly powerful spirits and monsters. I began to wonder what I could do that would let me play a simple traveling cook with no abilities whatsoever.

I'd love to PC an NPC class.

I'd love to see what someone could do to powergame as an Adept. We just have to make due with what we have available in this case. Core rogues and experts are not that far removed from each other.
At one point, four of us in Boston played From Shore to Sea with an Adept (a younger Bokken from Kingmaker), two Experts (Aesop, a shepherd who brought along sheep everywhere and didn't use them in combat, and Captain Jack, a charlatan knight and con artist using a Knights of the Inner Sea trait to be good at pretending to be a knight and a bunch of UMD), and a sorceress with snowball. The NPC class characters were restricted by the GM to not take anything other than feats and traits that boosted skill checks, like Skill Focus and Alertness. The idea was mostly to show that the sorceress (when provided with minimal warm bodies so she isn't the sole target of every attack) could solo a module the GM picked for the cold resistant foes, since he wasn't convinced snowball was that good, but in the end, while that did happen and she also killed the "unkillable thing," Captain Jack and Bokken made a pretty good accounting for themselves; especially Captain Jack, oddly, even though he literally had only skill boosters and no class abilities or spells.

That actually sounds pretty interesting. What about them allowed them to hold their own in your opinion?

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Jared Thaler wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
GM Lamplighter wrote:
It's just not ownership, it's also having them accessible at the table.

Most people seem to use google for that because it's faster.

Except google usually takes you to d20pfsrd, and periodically it is wrong, or lacking context.

It is still a reliable, easy, and searchable source. That last bit is the most important. I almost never reference my stuff via pdf at a table. Either I brought a physical copy because I wanted to, or I search it. It saves a ton of time compared to opening dozens of pdfs.

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I eagerly await Optionmas.

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I take it from the title that this is going to be expanded into a mega dungeon type thing later on via more books? Is that accurate?

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So, I had a big question in my game come up in regards to Psionics and the Metabolism, Minor power in particular.

The rules regarding Psychometabolism state that for the purpose of psionics, psychometabolism powers are equivalent to powers of the transmutation school. What I took this to mean was that the Metabolism, Minor power operated under the same rules as Polymorph spells in regards to what you get and don't get. Is this accurate at all?

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Fromper wrote:

Looked this book over in the local store, but still waiting to see what ends up being PFS legal before buying it.

I have a boon that lets me play a grippli in PFS, and I really like the fluff of the Fiend Keeper Medium archetype. Medium is a class I've been looking at lately, because I like the concept. But it's a poorly designed class, so it's hard to come up with viable adventuring builds, other than strength based Champion builds, and gripplis have -2 strength. I'll have to give that one some thought to come up with a decent build, under the assumption that this archetype will be PFS legal by the end of the year.

Also glanced over the kitsune, tengu, and nagaji options, and found a few things I might want to try out. As long as PFS doesn't reject most of the book, I'm sure I'll pick up a copy in a few weeks.

Even if PFS does reject a lot of stuff, I want to try out a lot of stuff in this book in my non PFS games.

Although I will admit that I am eagerly awaiting what PFS makes legal in here. I have a few builds ready and waiting on this book.

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I just want the GOO and OG to be PFS legal :(

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If a Titan Mauler barbarian were to use an Elven Curved Blade in one hand, would they be able to use the feat Slashing Grace in conjunction with it?

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niconorsk wrote:
I'm not sure I buy it. You're effectively saying you can carry another person without having that affect your movement in any way. Even if that is true, that certainly puts you in the upper margins of strength

And I'm not.. believe you me.

But I routinely have to push 2000 lb equipment around. Now, if you take the PF encumbrance rules into account, you can push 5 times your max load, which would put me at str 23.. and if you consider 'favorable conditions' that would put me at str 18. Either way those are high numbers that don't make sense in regards to reality.

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So I was looking at the Emissary Familiar archetype, and I saw that deity worship was required. Am I required to choose a specific diety or can I choose an entire Pantheon?

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DM Livgin wrote:
Roto wrote:
Nefreet wrote:
You get one for free, cost wise, but still have to count its weight (which apparently a lot of people think is also "free").
Which is kind of stupid IMO. My ability to lift stuff doesn't really change based on my outfit. I mean, My outfit I'm wearing right now weighs around 10-15 pounds and it'd be no different than if I was wearing shorts and a shirt instead or if I was wearing full battle rattle weighing at 50ish lbs.
As a resident of the far north. I found my mobility quite hampered in my 'cold weather outfit', especially when I could not afford a masterwork version. I've noticed it also has a more drastic effect on small characters (less than 3' tall).

Mobility certainly, but that's not really because of the weight of the outfit but instead of the layers. Making it, imo, more of a dex negative than a str one.

Encumberence is broken in general. Looking at what I typically have to push, pull, lift, or carry on a near daily basis and comparing it to the encumberence chart puts my RL str around 18 to 23 which just isn't true.

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Nefreet wrote:
You get one for free, cost wise, but still have to count its weight (which apparently a lot of people think is also "free").

Which is kind of stupid IMO. My ability to lift stuff doesn't really change based on my outfit. I mean, My outfit I'm wearing right now weighs around 10-15 pounds and it'd be no different than if I was wearing shorts and a shirt instead or if I was wearing full battle rattle weighing at 50ish lbs.

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Rennaivx wrote:

Omg otterbeaverducks.

Besides the platypus, a few others that scream strange to me are the wallaby, the sloth, and the leopard slug (although that's probably just from conventional wisdom concerning familiars rather than any inherent thematic-ness). Whatever you end up deciding, I'd consider taking Improved Familiar if it fits into your build - that way, you can end up with an entropic familiar, a study buddy maDe Of pURe cHaOS!!1!

EDIT: I believe you can get basically the equivalent of mobile fishbowls for aquatic familiars.

EDIT THE SECOND: Found it! The Aquarium Ball from Familiar Folio:

SRD wrote:

Price 80 gp; Weight 20 lbs.

This clear, 1-inch-thick glass orb is the size of a large melon and hangs from a thick chain. It can hold up to 2 gallons of freshwater or saltwater, allowing it to house aquatic creatures such as fish or frogs. The cap near the top of the ball can be unscrewed for access. One Tiny creature or two Diminutive creatures can fit comfortably into an aquarium ball. The water within the orb must be changed daily in order to keep the creatures within alive. Otherwise, the inhabitants begin to slowly suffocate.

I definitely plan on getting Improved Familiar eventually. The problem is that this starts at level 1 and I'm fairly limited as it is on gp.

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Quick question. I saw that starting characters get 150gp. Do starting characters also get an outfit worth 10gp or less? Or do I have to buy all outfits?

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Bob Bob Bob wrote:

Platypus. Clearly.

There's also the giant isopod (aquatic pillbug the size of a cat), and possibly the petrifern (tiny tree man).

But really, for "what horrors has nature created", nothing beats the good old platypus. They're otterbeaverducks. They sweat milk. They have a poison stinger. They lay eggs. They sense electrical fields. They're carnivores. The more you learn the less they make sense.

Can an aquatic familiar like the isopod survive out of the water?

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I'm trying to pick a familiar but I'm having issues. I'm not looking at the bonuses they give at all, but instead looking at them for fluff reasons. Basically my character is obsessed with the Outer Gods and the Great Old Ones and is trying to uncover whatever she can about them.

Does anyone have any suggestions for familiars that fit with that kind of theme? She's a gnome if that helps.

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BretI wrote:

It is unlikely that there will be an update to Additional Resources, which is the document that defines what is allowed outside of the Core Rule Book (CRB).

On the other hand, you could get started on the character as a different Shaman. Provided you didn't play so much that he became second level during the convention, you could change the spirit later.

The Role Playing Guild Guide defines the rules for PFS. It specifically allows a player to rework their character until it is played at second level.

** spoiler omitted **

As for Tieflings, you need a special boon to play them now.

The races you can currently create without anything special are all the races from the CRB plus ifrit, kitsune, nagaji, oread, sylph, tengu, undine, and wayang if you have a book that describes that race.

What's the likelihood of leveling up after the first session?

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What about races such as Tiefling? Nethys says I can't use them, but says that they're legal?

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Roto wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:

What book is the Dark tapestry spirit out of?

Horror Realms. Just came out.

Not legal yet. Takes them a little while to take a look at it.

Your character is an infinitely malleable ball of protoplasm until they're played at second level, so you won't miss out on that option unless you level to 2 and then play him.

Do you have any idea if it'll be made legal or illegal? I rather liked it and the con is this coming weekend?

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BigNorseWolf wrote:

What book is the Dark tapestry spirit out of?

Horror Realms. Just came out.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Roto wrote:

Where do I find the full list of banned classes/archetypes/prestige classes etc?

You don't find what's banned you find what's allowed. The doc shows you how to check archives of nethys for legality. Or you can just ask And i'll look for you.

Its annoying to do as a player but maintaining the list from the organized play perspective would be a nightmare.

Is the Dark Tapestry spirit for Shaman legal for PFS play? It's not on the site yet.

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Flutter wrote:

Hi! see if this helps. Flutters guide for newbies

If you make a character you have to play him from level 1 up.

If you play a higher level you'll have to use a pregenerated character.

As another note if it's at all feisible to play at least one game before the con (either in person or online) I would try to do that, as conventions can be a little hectic.

Where do I find the full list of banned classes/archetypes/prestige classes etc?

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So, I'm attending a con where there will be gaming. There are some PFS games going on, and I was wondering how does that work?

Do I make a character at level 1 and work my way up? Can I not join in in any games that are at a higher level than that?

I haven't done PFS before, so I'm kind of floundering?

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So I have the interactive Maps for the Strange Aeons Campaign, and I was wondering if someone could help me. I want to take the images on the map pdf and put them on Roll20 so that my group can game. Is this possible?

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SO this came up in a session I was running yesterday.

The rules for 5-foot step are:
You can move 5 feet in any round when you don't perform any other kind of movement. Taking this 5-foot step never provokes an attack of opportunity. You can't take more than one 5-foot step in a round, and you can't take a 5-foot step in the same round that you move any distance.

What happened was a person was prone and wanted to stand up and take a 5-foot step.

The rules for standing up while prone are:
Standing up is a move-equivalent action that provokes an attack of opportunity.

I interpreted standing up as a move action that a person wouldn't be able to 5-foot step afterwords.. The player disagreed with me. I was wondering who was right?

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Where did you get the Monster Stats by CR table?

Also I was planning on using the bear as a sort of boss monster against a party of 3 level 1s. A natural attack psychic warrior, a gunslinger, and a alchemist. Do you think it too tough?

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So I couldn't find a premade template for what I wanted to do to some animals, so I decided to mess around with them manually, but now I need some help figuring out their new CR and how much xp they should be worth.

First off, the bear:
HP: 42
Init +3
Fort +8, Ref +5, Will +2
Str 15, Dex 13, Con 18, Int 4, Wis 12, Cha 3
AC 16, touch 11, flat footed 15
BAB +3; CMB +5 (+9 grapple); CMD 16
Speed 30ft
Melee 2 claws +5 (1d4+2 plus grab), tentacle tongue +6 (1d4+2 plus grab)
Perecption +6, survival +5, swim +12
This bear has lost their mouth and teeth, and it has become unhinged and a long tongue like tentacle now sprouts from their mouth.

The Wolf:
HP: 13
Init +2
Senses: Blind-Sense, Scent
Fort +5, Ref +5, Will -1
Str 10, Dex 15, Con 15, Int 2, Wis 9, Cha 4
AC 16, touch 12, flat-footed 12 (+2 Dex, +4 natural)
Speed 50ft
Base Atk +1; CMB +1; CMD 13 (17 vs. trip)
Melee bite + 1 (1d6 plus trip)
Perception +6, Stealth +6, Survival +1 (+5 scent tracking)
This creature has lost all fur and is covered in a wiry hide. This hide has covered up their eyes making them completely blind. While this makes them tougher, it also makes them slightly weaker.

The Squirrel:
HP: 3
Init +4
Fort +1, Ref +6, Will +1
Str 2, Dex 19, Con 9, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 8
AC 18, touch 18, flat-footed 14 (+4 Dex, +4 size)
Speed 20ft
Melee bite +8 (1d2–4)
Acrobatics +6, Climb +16, Perception +1
This creature explodes in a cloud of disgusting gasses when When killed, all non psuedonatural creatures in 5ft roll Fort dc10.. if fail than sicken for 1 round.

The Raven:
HP: 3
Init +2
Fort +1, Ref +4, Will +2
Str 2, Dex 15, Con 8, Int 2, Wis 15, Cha 5
AC 14, touch 14, flat-footed 12 (+2 Dex, +2 size)
Base Atk +0; CMB +0; CMD 6
Speed 10 ft., fly 40 ft. (average)
Melee bite +4 (1d6–4)
Fly +6, Perception +6
The body of this raven is dominated by a beak that is far too large for it. (upped damage of the beak)

Thanks for any help provided.

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Does anyone here do or know of someone who does commission work making a campaign world map?

I'm working on a campaign for some friends, but I'm absolute rubbish when it comes to designing a continent/country map.

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I have a question regarding the Slaugrak's Corrupting Bite (Su).

It says it does Con bleed damage. The rules for bleed damage say that Bleeding can be stopped with a DC 15 Heal check. However, Corrupting Bite says the save is Con based..

So my question is. How do the saves for the Con Bleed damagae for this creature work?

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If I have cast Shocking Grasp and am holding the charge, I know that I can deliver the spell via claw attack. My question is if I have multiple claw attacks, and miss via the first one, and hit with the second, will the spell be delivered still?

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Bob Bob Bob wrote:
Enhanced Magical Tattoo replaces the 9th level bloodline power.
Breath Weapon wrote:
At 3rd level, a dragon disciple gains the breath weapon bloodline power, even if his level does not yet grant that power. Once his level is high enough to grant this ability through the bloodline, the dragon disciple gains an additional use of his breath weapon each day. The type and shape of the breath weapon depends on the type of dragon selected by the dragon disciple, as detailed under the Draconic sorcerer bloodline description.

Your level can never grant you the bloodline power. Period. You traded it away.

If you just want a familiar, anyone with a bloodline can do that.

Bloodline Familiar wrote:

Those with an inherent connection to magic often attract creatures who feel a similar instinctive pull toward magical forces. At 1st level, a sorcerer, bloodrager, or any other character with one of the following bloodlines can choose to gain a bloodline familiar. The character gains a familiar (as a wizard's familiar), treating her class level as her wizard level for the purposes of this ability. This familiar has an additional ability listed below based on the master's bloodline.

This replaces the 1st-level bloodline power granted by the character's bloodline; in addition, the character gains bonus spells from her bloodline one level later than she normally would. For example, a sorcerer with the aberrant bloodline who takes a bloodline familiar would not gain the acidic ray bloodline power, and she would gain her first bonus spell at 4th level, her second bonus spell at 6th level, and so on.

I was actually not aware of that. So.. Assuming that I go with that to get a familiar instead of tattooed sorcerer, I still want claws...

Would Eldritch heritage: Ghoul be the best way to go about getting them?

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Bob Bob Bob wrote:

So let me be the first to ask.


You already know this isn't going to be very good. Tattooed does not make it any better since you can't pick a bloodline to complement it (since you have to choose Draconic). Also, in theory you'd lose the breath weapon completely, even when it tries to give it to you in Dragon Disciple. Everything's possible with an accommodating enough GM and a party that doesn't mind, but you're already picking a low-power option... and then downgrading it

How would I lose the breath weapon completely? From what I see all I'd lose is one use per day.

Part of the reason I want to is fluffyness, the other is that I like the options that Tattooed give me in regards to the magic tattoos and the familiar.

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So I'm thinking of trying to make a Tattooed Sorcerer Dragon Disciple. Now, I know that I lose the claws, but I was also thinking of picking up Eldritch Heritage with Ghoul to combat this...

Now I know that this isn't optimal.. But do you guys think it is manageable?

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So, if a person has both the Dervish Dance feat and the Power Attack feat, are you able to use Dex instead of Str in regards to Power Attack?

I ask because Dervish dance allows you to use Dex instead of Str for all attack and damage rolls?

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H.P. Makelovecraft wrote:
I would love a test of the Starstone module, that can be solved with ingenious outside of the box thinking so a lvl 1 character can become a god simply because he had the right items and a positive can do attitude.

That's the problem. It needs to be so that anyone could THEORETICALLY pass the test..

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Is it possible to dismiss your Eidolon from a distance? If you order your eidolon to do something, and them walk away.. Can you decide to dismiss it from a long ways away?

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Can you take the Evolution Reach multiple times? Either on different attacks or have them stack on the same attack?

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I'm sorry for bumping this thread. But I've run into this as a Player, and I really would love an official ruling. Does anyone know if there was one ever given?

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The problem is that Share Spells says "The summoner may cast a spell with a target of “you” on his eidolon (as a spell with a range of touch) instead of on himself"

The problem that my group brought up is that Enlarge Person is "Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)"

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Does anyone know if the spell Enlarge Person effects a Biped Eidolon?