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So I was looking at the Emissary Familiar archetype, and I saw that deity worship was required. Am I required to choose a specific diety or can I choose an entire Pantheon?

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Pathfinder Society requires worshiping a specific deity when there is some sort of mechanical benefit.

In this case, at 3rd level, the familiar gets a domain power associated with one of their deity's domains usable once per day.

So you need to choose the specific deity and choose one of that deity's domains.

The Concordance

I remember that Emissary must share the same deity with its master, but I can not find the literature resource.

“Special Requirement: An emissary familiar can serve only a master who worships a single deity.” This is a quote from the emissary archetype found on AoN so no polytheism is allowed with the emissary archetype.

It isn't a specific deity, but just a deity.

The Concordance

I found it. UW rewrite the Emissary archetype.

The third archetype ability says, Emissary must choose a domain from the deity which its master worship.

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