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When using the Gravity Slime Guardian, do you determine it's HP progression as per Endeca’s gregarious gravity slime on page 9 (example 25 HP for adult) or as hit die as per a normal eidolon?

Basically can weapon finesse work with the plasma blade from Friends Or Foes in Hell's Rebels #4.

Does the Self-Charging weapon quality work with nanite-tech powered weapons like the Death Ray? Would also allow a Rocket Launcher to replenish it's rockets?

Only four at the moment.

1). Eidetic basic trait, should grant +2 trait bonus to Autohypnosis checks, it's listed as a racial bonus.

2). The Prodigy; list Deception & Innuendo as subdomains, neither of which are not associated with the listed domains. The Prodigy is also listed has having both the Psionic and Psychic domains, does she gain both.

3). Page 17 the Elan oracle (lv. 6) is listed with a manifester level of 6 for the power she gained from the Access Psionic Talent and the Unlocked Talent. Normally the manifester level these would be either 1 or that of the manifester level of the psionic class that a character has levels in. But with out levels in a psionic class I'm assuming you are taking liberties with the transparency rules and using her caster levels instead?

4). Regenerating Focus page 7, was this meant to be used with the possibility to allow a character fully recover all of a characters power points.

I was wondering if one was to manifest anchored navigation while on board a moving ship, does the anchored navigation point move along with the ship or the point in space it was manifested?

Reading through the Seventh Path I noticed that the conduit is not listed as having bonus skills for it's discipline like the others dicipline. Is this intentional, or were they just left out?

1) Are the armor and weapons presented in the tech guide default masterwork?

2) Can technological artifacts such as Powered Armor or a Graviton Beam Canon be enchanted like regular equipment.

Could you please try billing my account one more time.

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Two questions...

1) Is it possible to give each cybernetic eye it's own separate veemod implant?

2) I'm assuming veemods installed in cybernetic eyes don't use charges, is that correct?

Has Paizo ever created rules for radiation sickness, as well as ways to defend against it?

In the purchase offers for Ultimate Psionics is it possible to order a mint colored hardcover with out the PDF bundle option? I don't see the option and I have already ordered the PDF separately.

When the Oenopion Researcher use his experimental mutagen on another creature does the creature gain the mental score penalties that are normaly gain when imbibing a mutagen. And if so are the penalties like the bonuses halfed.

Is it possible for an alchemist to learn the unique extraxts from the formulae books of archetype alchemist (like for example the Clone Master (Clone extract at level 16) or Vivisectionist (Anthropomorphic Animal at level 7).

This question has probably already been asked before but I'v been unable to find anything on the forums.

Using a pathfinder conversion of the dorje mastery and dual dorje I was wondering how the feats would interact with the wild surge of artificer wilder. Would the benefits of dorje mastery (+4 ML as if augmented) stack with the augment increace of the artificer wilder, and when using dual dorje could you use the artificer wilder's wild surge with both dorje simultaneously?

From a pure gp. comparison it would seem animate dead is far superior choise when compared to alchemical zombie. Is there some advantage that alchemical zombie has over animate dead that I am missing?

I'm unsure if this is the proper place to post this question sinse indirectly references a third party source. But heres an question that occured to me after seeing the Marksman Gunslinger archetype being developed by Dreamscarred Press.
If a character who obtains grit through a class (other than the UC gunslinger) that grants grit based on wisdom, then dips Gunslinger Mysterious Stranger archetype gunslinger gaining grit based on charisma, would the girt gained from both classes pool.

Has there ever been errata released for Adventuring Classes a Fistful of Denarii from tripod machine.

Do the restrictions in the dervish dance that require the character to keep their off hand free of any weapon or shield also apply if the character is using unarmed attacks with their off hand. (Assuming the use of Improved Unarmed Strike.)

Three Questions:

#1 It states in the description for the class that Swashbuckler gains weapon training (as the fighter) at 5th level, yet this it not listed on the progression table for the class. So do the swashbuckler gain weapon training or is this error?

#2 One the bonus feat list for the Swashbuckler are feats that normally require levels in fighter to qualify for, such as Weapon Specialization & Greater Weapon Specialization. Are Swashbuckler treated as fighters for the purpose of meating the prerequisites for these feats?

#3 Would the Dervish Dance feat allow scimitars to function with the Thrust & Find the Mark class features?

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The trophy hunter archetype: ml from ultimate combat grants the ranger access to some of the abilities of the gunslinger, yet there is no mention of them gaining proficiency with firearms as part of the achetype.
Is this an error or was it intended for them to have take the exotic weapon proficiency feat to gain the use of firearms.

I come across this on Pathfinder wiki.
Does anyone know the location of the rules for the creation of sun orchid elixir.