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Thank you Ssalarn. Dubious design choices or not I'll be looking for it's release soon I hope. A good psionic based science/fantasy game is something I've been looking forward to for a long time. And once again thanks.

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As far as the rules for the astral suit go, the customizations you chose remain the same for each suit type. If customizations you chose are shared by one of the suit types as a free customization, well as stated in the rules...

"If the aegis changes the type of his astral suit and the free customizations would take the suit over the maximum limit (such as switching from an Astral Armor with 3 Nimble customizations to Astral Skin, which grants an additional Nimble customization), the excess customizations go inert until the astral suit is changed to make the selections valid (by reconfiguring the customization points via 8 hours of concentration or Reconfigure ability or switching the astral suit type)."

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I would like to add this Cryptic insight for the Circuitbreaker, not original mind you it's stolen straight form the psi-tech discoveries form Occult Realms.

Patterned Cybernetics : When determining how many cybernetic implants you can have, the total implantation values of all cybertech implanted in you can’t exceed your Intelligence score + 4 (ignoring your Constitution score). The Circuitbreaker must be 4th level to select this insight.

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Also has anyone had any ideals as to using a psi-core psicrystal as a cybernetic implant?

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Oh yeah one more question, when in mainframe mode the psi-core can recharge tech items that are powered by batteries. Shouldn't they also be able to recharge batteries as well?

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To the OP, if your interested in the Elan, Jon Brazer Enterprises will be releasing Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Elan this month I believe.

As to DungeonmasterCal, what problem do see with the Repletion ability?
Or Resistance for that matter?

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Hayato Ken wrote:

Mh i don´t remember it right now, but isn´t it possible to extend mind-affectin powers to constructs/robots somehow?

Enchantment psions (telepaths) have a much broader range than their magic counterparts normally, what makes them one of my favorite options!

I believe it can be done by Tacticians or Vitalist, they ignore the immunities of those in their Collective including a constructs mind - affecting immunity. Though the power still has to be able to affect their creature type.

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Actually the rules for crafting robots appear in The Dungeons of Golarion pg.49, basically the time and gold piece increase by 50%, and access to the appropriate technological gear.
Though those rules maybe revised in the last part of the Iron Gods AP.

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The trophy hunter archetype: ml from ultimate combat grants the ranger access to some of the abilities of the gunslinger, yet there is no mention of them gaining proficiency with firearms as part of the achetype.
Is this an error or was it intended for them to have take the exotic weapon proficiency feat to gain the use of firearms.